BOOK BLOG HOP (in which you learn I’m a big nerd!)

I haven’t done the Hop in a while as I’ve just been trying to do it once a month! I must say I miss meeting new people through it! If you haven’t checked out the Blog Hop, go here!

This week’s topic is:

How do you spread the word about your blog? (e.g. Social Networking sites, Book Blog Directories, comments on other blogs…)

Great topic! When I first started my blogs (this one and The Broke and the Bookish) in June 2010 this was a huge project for me! By profession, I am in the marketing world so this was a big deal to me and I kind of wrote out a very informal marketing plan for myself. Ok, I’m a nerd. I can’t help it. The short of it is– I spread the word about my blogs in a variety of ways!

– Twitter (the BIGGEST help..if you aren’t on Twitter. Get there now! When I see where most of the traffic is coming from, it is hands down from Twitter!)

Book Blogs on Ning (this was good when I FIRST started but my usage of it has dissolved pretty much)

– I also used various social bookmarking sites

– One of the biggest sources of traffic in the beginning was from simply going on other’s blogs. I would spend hours going from blog to blog and leaving MEANINGFUL and genuine comments. I didn’t just say “Great review!” and then put my link. I took the time to read and formulate something interesting to say. I kind of benchmarked it all and I got comments back from over 75% of those blogs I commented on.

– Goodreads: I’m really active on Goodreads so I have my link on my profile and I get a decent amount of traffic that way.

Anyways, that is just me! I’m always experimenting and seeing where my efforts are most efficient and where to concentrate my time. What has worked for you?

This past week, or so, in review:

Author Power Couples
Favorite Fictional Couples
Write up of the National Book Festival
Matrimony review and giveaway

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  1. I love that you wrote yourself out a marketing strategy! Also you might get me to start using my Twitter account to mention my blog. As of right now the 2 are separate worlds.

  2. Red– I PROMISE you that if you use Twitter for your blog it will make a difference. I've found it really helpful just to be myself and meet people. I've met some awesome bloggers and we promote each other's stuff all the time! It's awesome because I find myself always checking the blogs of people that I talk to alot! And the same has happened to me. Also, I use it to plug my blog posts but I balance that with being myself and plugging other people's stuff! It's annoying when people use it just to always promote themselves. I feel talked at and I don't like it! lol

    Good luck!

  3. Kelly McDermott-Bay says:

    Just hopping by to say hi. Bookend Diaries

  4. gautami tripathy says:

    I don't really publicise my blog on any social network site. Happy blog hopping/folowing!

    Here is my post! I am a very serious eclectic reader. I follow blogs I like via google reader too!

  5. Just hopping through your blog! Love what I have seen so far can't wait to see more! Love the title of your blog! I'm a new follower, check out my blog and follow back if you like!

  6. brandiheather says:

    Hello — Brandi from AWriter's Review here. Hope you are having a great day so far! I really dig your blog! I truly think it is important to post meaningful comments on others blogs, because otherwise I tend to consider you somewhat arrogant. I mean I want to read other peoples blogs too, but just signing my comments with "hey great blog — check me out" is kind of rude (in my opinion). Anyway — great minds think alike! 🙂

    Have a good weekend and I look forward to reading more from you!

  7. Stephanie :) (Books Are A Girl's Best Friend) says:

    Hopping by to say hi! Book Blogs Ning is brilliant for discussions and I've just started out on Twiiter (BookPrincess3) so I hope it will work out for me. I'm amazed that you get so much traffic from Twitter!

    If you have time I would love it if you checked out my 150+ followers giveawayhere

    Have a great weekend- I'm a new follower!

  8. Hi there! I too use Twitter a lot! I have facebook and myspace too, but I find hands down the majority of my traffic comes from Twitter. Of course I also use that to market my official book series site and I run a tribute site as well for my fav actor, Matt Lanter, so I had a pretty good base built up before I started my book blog. It's all fun though! I also have good success with doing these memes! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    The Delusional Diaries

  9. tediousandbrief says:

    I tried using twitter just on my own (before I had a blog) over a year or more ago and couldn't get into it. In part, that was because I couldn't just keep up with people's constant tweets and had no idea what to actually tweet myself.

    I'm really surprised by seeing so many bloggers, yourself included, mention Twitter. I never would have thought of it being useful as a blogger. Maybe I should try it? IDK….but then how do you promote yourself on twitter is a whole another question!

  10. thebookfairyhaven says:

    I am also big on using Twitter and actively try to comment on many of the blogs I follow as possible. Like you, I also prefer spending time on the blog to try and formulate a proper response, and have found that when I do this, I get the same in return. I don't often get around to all the blogs as much as I'd like to, but I do try. Aside from Twitter and commenting, I also make use of Goodreads as well!

    Love that you worked out a marketing plan for yourself. And I'm geeky enough to want to do one for myself now too – even though I'm not in the profession.

  11. Coffee and a Book Chick says:

    I think it's fabulous that you wrote up a marketing plan — what a great idea! I'm always a big fan of leaving meaningful comments, versus what I call "drive-by" comments. I read an entire review and I only comment if something jumped out at me and I want to get into the discussion about it. As far as Twitter…I know that I need to get on there, but I think it's just my fear of not really understanding it that keeps me from jumping over that wall and just trying it out! Argh! :0

    Here's my Hop: Coffee and a Book Chick — Blog Hop…

  12. Great advice! It's kind and generous of you to share! I have had my blog and used it occasionally for the past two years, but it's only been in the past month that I've really been trying to be an active presence. It's nice to hear from people who have kind of figured things out.

    I found your blog through the GoodReads College Students group and totally didn't realize you started The Broke and the Bookish too! I found that one during Book Blogger Appreciation Week and have been reading since then. I've added this one to my Reader as well.

  13. This is the second blog to mention Ning, I am definitely going to check it out. I use twitter as well, which is really fun during the readathons, in fact that's how I found most of the people I follow on twitter. Are you planning to do readathon? I'm hosting a mini-challenge on banned books during the 24 hours of reading, plus I'm doing an hour of cheerleading for the first time, although I was an unofficial cheerleader last time.

  14. I am now a follower from Book blogger hop, and I agree with how you really have to work to get your word out, but its all so worthwhile!

  15. Anne Bennett says:

    I am beginning to understand that doing promotions like Book Blogger Hops isn't really effective in gaining loyal followers. Yes, one gains followers but not ones who actually read the blogs, they only read the blogger hop post. That is very frustrating to me.

  16. Hi there. I am a new follower from the hop. I recently started twitter. But is there more I should be doing other than tweeting about my new posts and giveaways? I'm not sure I am using twitter as I should be. I think perhaps I will do more on Goodreads like you do. Come and visit me at

  17. Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

    I totally agree about commenting – it's the only way to really make friends in the community – memes can get you traffic but they're mostly people who'll never come back. That said, I've made some great new friends through the Hop, but for every blogger I've found that I "connect" with, there've been an easy 20 that I haven't. But that's okay too yeah – just like real life?! 😉

    Anyway, wanted to say I don't intend this to be the last time I leave a comment and chat with you! 🙂

    Giraffe Days

  18. Yeah, I think meaningful comments are important… and quite a few people have talked about that on this blog hop… and it's been cracking me up the number of replies to a post that says "I really appreciate meaningful comments" that are still just "Great Post, come see mine at…" Ahh… love it.

    Now, I think I've been using twitter… well… for lack of a better word… wrong! How many times a day do you tweet? What do you tweet?


    Check out my Blog Hop, Follow Friday and Giveaway HERE!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Stopping back for a visit

  20. That was a really helpful post! I just joined twitter not too long ago, but I keep forgetting to log on and follow more people so I don't get as much usage out of it as I could. Apparently there's a big network of bookies out there and I'm just kind of standing at the fence looking for the gate! Don't know what Ning is but I'll look into it.

    Anyways, love your blog. New follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have an awesome week!