A Random List of Bookish Projects

To say this past weekend or two has been busy would be an understatement. I was not able to pick up Ape House once this weekend. *Major pouty face* I’m not talking  sexy supermodel pouty face either. I’m talking sticky-2-year-old-ready-to-erupt-into-a-tantrum kind of pouty face). After reflecting upon these overly social weekends, I informed my boyfriend that next weekend would be “Lazy Ass Weekend” in which we would sit at my house and do nothing. I would read. He would watch ESPN and nap. Eating would be acceptable. This sounds pleasant and all but don’t get too excited for me. My sweet boyfriend reminds me of the social engagements that we have already committed to. I’m seriously contemplating throwing myself down the stairs so I have a reason to lay on the couch all weekend.

My point in telling you all about my busy life is to justify why I’m writing a random list instead of a compelling book review or a thought provoking discussion on very important bookish matters. I just didn’t have the time to read or plan anything out this weekend. I shouldn’t be trying to justifying making a list..I mean, it’s my blog. I should just do what I want. However, I feel so bad subjecting you all to something as mundane as this list. However, I’m hoping that maybe, if I have this list here mocking me and airing out my procrastination in all of its glory, I’ll be more apt to tackle some of these things on my list and that a few of you will gently remind me to do so.

1. Weed out my “to-read list” on Goodreads: I have almost 800 freaking books on my to-read list. This is absurd. I have this nasty habit just adding a book to my “to-read” list when I see something that looks interesting or that someone mentions with the intention to remind me to check it out when I have more time. However, more often than not, I never end up checking them out to see whether I actually want to read them in the future. Goodreads, you need a list that is separate from the “to-read” list called “to check out” so I can add all the books I’ve heard of so that I don’t forget them. Putting them on my “to-read” list overwhelms me because I feel as though I’ve committed to something. 

2. Recreate my “Master List of Reviews” page on the blog: It used to be under my banner and then yesterday I noticed that it was just gone. As in, POOF! It disappeared. I haven’t the slightest clue as to where it went. I checked everywhere and it appears to be deleted. I have no recollection of removing it. Perhaps somewhere between tailgating and going out for my birthday an evil, drunken Jamie messed with it. I doubt that. I have a strict no-technology policy whilst drinking. Sort of. lol

3. Delete people off my friends list on Goodreads: Let me preface this with– “I’m not bragging.” For reals, I’m not. However, I have about 400 friends on Goodreads. Before you judge me, understand that I’ve been a member since 2008 and created and moderate a pretty large group on there and have been very active in two others. A lot of those people are people that I legitmately talk to and am friendly with. However, some people I don’t talk to anymore or they aren’t active users. I need to make my list smaller. I swear I’m not a friend whore. It doesn’t boost my ego to have that many friends. It actually stresses me out trying to figure out how I’m going to talk to all of them.

4. Create some order among my books: Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I had a bookshelf. This bookshelf was neat and orderly and meticulously maintained. One day I discovered Goodreads and then book blogging. My bookshelves have never been the same. An evil habit called “book hoarding” happened and all these divinely ordered books ended up without any sort of order and put in boxes, drawers and piles. It’s sickening. I need to restore order.

5. Get a professional to re-design this blog: I like clean designs when it comes to layouts. I don’t need the bling or the flashy stuff. I want it to be simple and neat yet have a killer design that stands out. I want it to be purrrdy, too. Since I’m incapable of achieving this on my own, it’s time to hire the professionals. However, seeing that I’m working VERY part time, the funds are limited. I need it to be affordable, too. Would that be really dorky if I asked for that for Christmas? lol

Those are just a few of the projects I have to work on. There are a few others but I’m too lazy to list them out and I’m particularly fond of the number five. 

What bookish projects do you need to tackle??

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Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. I love lists. Never apologize for lists. I firmly believe nothing would ever get done were it not for lists!

  2. lucybirdbooks says:

    You can add extra lists to Goodreads, I have one for a wishlist.

    I need to sort out my blog too so it's easier to find an old review.

  3. IngridLola says:

    Noo! I love your layout already!!

  4. Goodreads, you need a list that is separate from the "to-read" list called "to check out" so I can add all the books I've heard of so that I don't forget them.

    Actually, you can do this. This is what Goodreads says on the subject:

    "Exclusive shelves: All members have three default shelves (read, currently-reading, and to-read), which are mutually exclusive, meaning a book can only be on one of them. Members can create as many additional shelves as they like, and books can be on as many non-exclusive shelves as you like. This may be useful for shelves like "reference" or "i-own-it-but-wont-read-it"."

    Do this: Go to My books and click "edit" beside Bookshelves (top left side of the page). You will then get a list of all your bookshelves. Got to Add a shelf at the bottom of the page and give your new shelf a name, like "to-check-out". Click add. Your new shelf will then appear in the list. Click "make exclusive" beside the shelf you just added, and there you go!

    Hope this made sense, and that it was what you were looking for! 🙂

  5. Lucybird and Hilde– Thank you for making me aware of this!! And Hilde, I so very much appreciate you explaining how to do this!! You are making this project easier for me! lol

  6. There is nothing wrong with lists!

    My TBR list is a spreadsheet, so that I have to physically type out the info about a book I want to add. It sounds silly, but it's really made me more selective about what I mark TBR now that I can't just click a button!

    As for the professional redesign for Christmas, good idea! Way to work around the lack of funds!

    Good luck with all your projects. And with your the lazy-ass-est weekend you can manage to pull off!

  7. I like the idea of having a 'to check out' shelf on Goodreads. It's so easy just to click 'to read' on books…and sometimes I don't know if I really want to read a book so I add it thinking I'll look into the book more one day…and then forget to.

  8. Oooh I love lists. Live for lists. So I completely understand your need to make one. And, I'm a weirdo, so I like seeing other people's lists 🙂 Sounds like a reasonable list to tackle, but just be sure to keep me in your friends list on GR! 😉 Haha!

    A blog redesign is a good idea, too. Nothing against the current layout, but change is always good. Do you have anything specific in mind on what you want it to look like? I'll keep my eyes open for blog layouts/designers I come across & forward the good ones over to you.

  9. Like you, I add books to my TBR List and then I won't remember what they are about or why I added them. So I started adding comments to my spreadsheet and the next thing I knew, my list grew to be over 600 books! I love your "To Check Out" idea. Right now my TBR list is in Excel and I'm debating if I want to keep it there or on Goodreads. I also thought about creating a 2nd list for books that I may want to read down the road. So that may be my shelf on Goodreads. Decisions, decisions…

    Good luck with your projects! Remember have fun and don't allow them to stress you out!

  10. TNBBC Super Mod says:

    I used to weed out goodread friends that were just taking up space and contributed nothing to me, TNBBC, or my to read list – then i just gave up and decided what the heck.. everyone who attempts to friend me can have me 🙂

    I think you are undertaking a HUGE task list and I wish you the best of luck with it! Be sure to keep us updated!!

  11. ConnieGirl says:

    I also love lists, but your list is reminding me of all my mental lists. We both know that when you run a book blog, the list never ends!!!

    Probably my biggest project, though, is to buy a bookshelf. When we moved cross-country, we got rid of all of our furniture, and now all of my lovely books are still hidden away in boxes. Very difficult to find. Makes me pouty, and also not in the sexy supermodel way. 🙁

  12. Becky (Page Turners) says:

    I really need to update my excel spreadsheet Book Catalogue. I have so many books that I haven't read, I keep an excel preadsheet of them all, just to keep up to date. Since the Angus and Robertson $5 per book outlet opened right near work (and in Australia books are more like $30 each so this is fabulous) I have gone book buying crazy and my spreadsheet needs updating.

    Yes, I am a dag.

  13. I'm thinking of getting a professional blog redesign too. Have you come across any designers that look good to you?

  14. You've won an award!


    Kate @ Literary Explorations

  15. Great list of bookish projects. Organizing books would be one for me, as is the blog redesign, and weeding out my 1500+ book wishlist on BookMooch, which is where I just keep adding books that sound interesting!

  16. I think I might need to do all these too. Except weed out my GR friends haha. I want to redesign my site too, I feel like it's impersonal, but I have no tech know-how.