Top Ten Characters I’d Like to Be Bff’s With

 I love Tuesday! It’s another edition of Top Ten Tuesday–hosted over at my other blog–The Broke and the Bookish.

This week: Top Ten Characters I’d Like to Be Best Friends With. This was hard. I never really had many girl friends..I was always the girl that was besties with all the guys. Girls just generally infuriate me. I tried to not list all guys and included besties I would have had as a child.

1. Oskar from Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Is it bad that I want to be bff’s with a child? If you’ve read the book than you’ll know why. He’s seriously smarter and has more depth than most people my age! lol

2. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice: She would be such an awesome person to have as a best friend. She’s down to earth, has a mind of her own and seems like fun and the girl is not lacking common sense or wit!  Although I foresee our friendship ultimately ending in a death match for Darcy. I’d win.

3. Vera Dietz from Please Ignore Vera Dietz: I mentioned in my review of this one that I would totally be best friends with her. She seems pretty responsible like I was in high school, yet not perfect as she has her own dumb moments, and has her mind set on making something for herself. I think we would be good friends because sometimes we are almost loyal to a fault. I also loved her humor and the fact that she is kind of sassy in her own way.

4. Jo March from Little Women: I think that we would have been childhood bff’s but maybe not so much all grown up. I loved getting dirty and playing outside and being with all the boys; now I think I’m a little too girly. That aside, she’s smart, loyal and knows who she is. I like that!

5. Elizabeth/Jessica Wakefield from Sweet Valley High: These girls are awesome. I would totally have been besties with each one of them because I have a lot in common with both of them. I’d feel like the DUFF whilst hanging out with them but I’d get over it.

6. Zooey from Franny & Zooey: I feel like I had a handful of friends like Zooey so I can see us being best friends. I was always the girl, until I got in a serious relationship, who was only friends with guys. He’s smart, a deep thinker and seems to have good taste. He also made my crush list on a previous Top Ten Tuesday. Best friends turned love interest? Probably.

7. Dash from Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares: I just started this but pretty much I know that Dash and I would have been best friends in high school. Despite his emo ways, I know that we’d get along and be cynical and what not. I just hope he’d outgrow it sooner or later. But I totally was friends with guys like him in high school.

8.  Dean Moriarty from On the Road: I know a lot of people don’t like him and think he’s an ass but sometimes people are just misunderstood. I wish I could be best friends with him so we could wander the globe together. We would have good conversation I think.

9. Stargirl from Stargirl: I’d love to have a friend as quirky as Stargirl! I’m sure some of the things that she did would make me shake my head but I totally love people who march to a very different drum. I think we’d have fun being weirdos together.

10. Serena from Gossip Girl: This one might make me seem like a bitch but I love this girl. You always need one friend that you are going to have wild and crazy times with..and this girl is my pick! Not to mention, at least in the show, she has fabulous style and taste. I could see my parents hating my friendship with her but I think she’d be a fun friend with a good heart…that would probably get me into some trouble! Fun!

What about you? Which characters do you wish you were best friends with?

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  1. Ha! I also listed The Wakefields… but I was totally an Elizabeth, not a Jessica.

  2. April (BooksandWine) says:

    I wish Jo March could be my BFF too! For serious, that would be fab.

    Also, would much rather have Jessica Wakefield as my BFF. Elizabeth is a funsuccubus.

  3. Serena! Seriously? That is hilarious. I love it though. And agree about the Wakefield girls…love them. Elizabeth especially. Loving that Dash is already on your list. I have to read this STAT.

  4. Our only crossover is Dash, but mostly because I haven't read the others. I've gotta get on reading more of your favorites so I can find out if I'd be friends with them, too!

  5. I took Sal from On the Road…and I can see Zooey as a good friend

  6. Nicole (Linus's Blanket) says:

    I don't know how I could have missed my Elizabeth Bennet. She should have been first on my list. Love her.

  7. Jenni Elyse says:

    Unfortunately, I don't know any of the characters you've mentioned. I recognize Jo and Elizabeth, but I've never read their corresponding books. I'll have to move those further up my TBR list so I can see good of a best friend they'd be! 🙂

  8. JessiKay89 says:

    Oh my gosh, there are so many on this list that I didn't even think to mention! It was hard for me to narrow it down to just ten!

  9. TwoBibliomaniacs says:

    Thanks for commenting and following! Good luck with the death match… Also, Jo was close to being on our list, but didn’t make the finals.

  10. Lu @ Regular Rumination says:

    Ack Dean Moriarty! Nooooooooo! 😉 But definitely some of the others on your list, like Oskar and Jo. I keep hearing about Vera Dietz. I think I need to read that book.

  11. Oskar made my list as well. He's a fantastic character. I almost included Zooey but decided against it.

  12. Carmel @ Rabid Reads says:

    I have the same problem. The majority of my friends have always been guys too. I love that you added Serena to your list. On top of my book addiction, I'm also addicted to Gossip Girl. Great picks!

  13. Short Story Slore says:

    I picked Blair over Serena, but I love their friendship. You have to have a friend that knows you better than you know yourself. Obsessed with that show!

  14. Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield! I probs would only have been friends with Elizabeth- I'm kind of boring haha. Good choice!

  15. Elizabeth and Jo are both awesome choices! I haven't read Please Ignore Vera Dietz yet, but from what I've heard of Vera I think we would get along 🙂

  16. bibliophile brouhaha says:

    Hahaha, oh, I love Sweet Valley Twins! I never would've been cool enough to be a Unicorn! Great picks!

    -Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

  17. bibliophilica says:

    I wanted to include someone from Om the Road too, but couldn't quite pull the trigger. If you're looking for adventure or "kicks" from your best friend, though, Dean would certainly be an excellent choice.

  18. Anne Bennett says:

    I love Oskar! Great pick and I picked Stargirl, too.

  19. The1stdaughter says:

    I just started Dash and Lily as well and I'm already in love! His character is hilarious and the story is so perfect. Fantastic choice!

    I'd definitely have to go with more guys than girls on my own list for the same reason. Although, as I get a bit older girls don't seem to infuriate me as much as they used to. Maybe I'm just getting better at picking my friends? Who knows? Another I'd add to the list…Frank from Jumpstart the World by Catherine Ryan Hyde, he's just incredible!

  20. AngelicNytmare says:

    I havent heard of any of them. Guess I need to get on the ball

  21. Hi I'm a new follower !

    It's a great list ! I'm totally agree with you about Elizabeth Bennett and Joe March :).

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