Get To Know Cindy Pon: This Or That?

I’m taking part of the Teen Book Scene book tour for Cindy Pon’s newest release —  Fury of the Phoenix! I just reviewed Silver Phoenix and it was FABULOUS…I think I’m warming up to the fantasy genre.

I am honored to have Cindy here on the blog today to play a little This Or That?

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter!  (Me too, Cindy, me too!)
Beach or Mountains? Beach!
Summer or Winter? Summer!
Reading or Writing? Reading!
King Kong or Godzilla? King Kong!
Night Owl or Early Bird? Definitely Night Owl.
Sneakers or Heels? Sneakers!
West Coast or East Coast? Best Coast…I mean, West Coast! =)
Reality TV or Sitcom? Reality Tele!
Breakfast in bed or eating out? Eating out!!

Thanks Cindy for stopping by!  Minus the sneakers vs. heels…we have very similar taste! 🙂

Check out the trailer for Fury of the Phoenix…it looks AMAZING. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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  1. Chachic says:

    Yep, Twitter is definitely better than Facebook, especially when you get to connect with authors. 🙂