Jessi Kirby Stops By For Some Top Ten (Thursday) Fun!

MoonglassI was SO jazzed to be able to have debut author Jessi Kirby, author of Moonglass, on my blog to do a special Top Ten list for a fun blog tour coordinated by the Teen Book Scene! I read Moonglass recently and really LOVED it. You’ll see a review from me in the coming weeks. This past week at my other blog (The Broke and the Bookish) we did Top Ten Books I’d Like To See Made Into A Movie and today Jessi is joining in on that fun!

 So, here’s Jessi’s list:

Top Ten Books I’d Like To See Made Into a Movie

(Only if there was some sort of guarantee that the movie would do the book justice.)

1. Paper Towns—John Green
2. Looking for Alaska—John Green
3. The Giver—Lois Lowry
4. Peeps—Scott Westerfield
5. Sea—Heidi Kling
6. Twenty Boy Summer—Sarah Ockler
7. The Six Rules of Maybe—Deb Caletti
8. The Gone Series—Michael Grant
9. Siren—Tricia Rayburn
10. Moonglass—I can hope, right?

Jessi, you can definitely hope! I think Moonglass would be a fantastic movie! Thanks for stopping by!

What do you all think about Jessi’s choices?

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  1. Sidne,the BCR says:

    stoping by to catch a view of what you reading.

  2. Ahh, Paper Towns! I would love to see that as a well-done movie, but I don't think it will happen. There were plans to do so, but there were what I think were differences in opinion on what would make the movie good. At least that's according to Wikipedia.

  3. Gahh, I have some of these books, but I haven't read them! Bad Lindsi! I need two of me…one to read and one to do the other stuff life requires haha

  4. I would love to learn more about the author, unfortunately there is nothing on her blog :(.

    Just a feedback,

    ~ Sorilla