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Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Erin Blackwell is an aspiring romance writer is determined to do whatever it takes to work her way through college in NYC and get the coveted publishing internship that would really jumpstart her dream career. She’s even turned against her family’s wishes to major in business and become the heiress to her family racehorse farm in Kentucky….and loses her whole inheritance. As she struggles to get by, her old crush Hunter–the stable boy on her farm– accepts Erin’s inheritance from her grandmother and shows up in Erin’s creative writing class where she has just shared a romance story that fantasizes about her own stable boy. Their rocky past will become even more complicated when Hunter and Erin use their writing assignments to communicate to each other and let those feelings bubble up on the surface. 

I’ve heard from many bloggers that if I want a good romantic YA than Jennifer Echols is the way to go so I was excited to receive a copy of Love Story to review so I could experience the irresistible romances that I’ve heard so much about!

The first thing that struck me about this particular book was that the MC was in college! I am the creator and moderator of the College Students book group on Goodreads and we always talk about how there is a lack of college aged characters and stories in both YA and Adult lit. So, Jennifer Echols gets a big thumbs up for that! 

I have to say my favorite aspect of the book was all the stories that Erin and Hunter wrote back and forth for class. I loved reading them and I thought it was SUCH a nice touch to really see the complicated feelings they had for each other and I loved that it was such an interesting way for them to communicate these in a different way. I really loved reading them!

I think I had mixed feelings about the characters to be honest. I really liked Erin at first but as the story went on she really confused me and I got fed up with some of her actions and her overreactions. However, I cut her some slack because I know as a freshman in college I was the same way and I was really impressed with how she adapted and grew as the story progressed. Hunter also just confused the heck out of me! I couldn’t understand, aside from his handsome nature and the forbidden romance, what the attraction was beyond lust. He seemed like kind of a jerk to me with some of the things he did but then sometimes he was just SO swoonworthy and irresistible. I just couldn’t quite figure him out. I did, however, love how much he cared about Erin even in the face of some of her moronic actions and conclusions she jumped to.

Aside from my constantly changing opinions of Hunter and Erin, I found myself unable to put down the story. I loved both settings — New York and Kentucky — and I felt like the story was pretty unique. I can’t deny that I was completely sucked into the tension of their relationship and found Hunter’s confidence/cockiness to be kiiiinda sexy when mixed with his kindness that he showed at points. I was happy that the story wasn’t JUST about their romance and really found Erin and her grandmother’s relationship to be so interesting and wish it would have been more explored. With how must I really really was invested into the plot and the outcome of their love story/ the story with Erin’s grandmother, the ending left something to be desired. I don’t know, I found it to be a bit rushed and some of the things leading up to it seemed to be very convenient and somewhat predictable.

My final thought: While I don’t think this was my favorite romance because of my mixed feelings for the characters, I really enjoyed it and the plot and the writing class assignments really pulled me in. I’ve heard from other Echol’s fans that this one wasn’t their favorite, so I’ll definitely be trying out another Echol’s novel in the near future because I really enjoyed her writing and her ability to create an interesting love story. I definitely think it’s more suitable for older teens as it IS set in college and does have some of the heavier things you’d expect for that age (some sexy scenes, drinking etc).  

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Thanks to Big Honcho Media and MTV Books I have TWO finished copies to give away.  All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment with a way for me to get in contact with you to get your address should you win!

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    I'm so glad you liked this story. I haven't read that many books where the MC was in college so this should be a refreshing change! thanks for the giveaway too!

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  5. Haven't read any Jennifer Echols yet, but certainly intend to!

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    I keep hearing that this book is not Jennifer Echol's best, but I'm her fangirl through and through. What good fangirl would miss one of her books? Awesome review and thanks for the giveaway!

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    I'm so glad to see some collge aged MCs but that makes me wonder whether you have some recommendations for a handful of other books with similar aged MCs?

    Thanks so much for the giveaway, I'd really love a copy of this one to see for myself! 🙂

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    I've had mixed results with Echols' other books, but I still want to read this one.

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    i love that there's more than one relationship being focused on in the book. i'm excited to give this one a try!

  28. I read this and really couldn't get over all the issues I had with the characters…glad you liked it overall though! You have got to read Going Too Far – definitely the best Echols!

  29. I'm not entering but I just wanted to say I'm glad that I'm not the only one who didn't love this book. I liked their story discussions and that it was set in college because that was different. I really liked Going Too Far. Can you link me to the group that you manage on Goodreads? The one about college book? Is it College books on YA?
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    Mary (mfay2) @ Anxirium

  30. While I've liked the Echols books I've read in the past, I don't know that I can say I loved them (which I feel puts me in the minority…) but I do enjoy them. I've read her other 2 dramas, so I'm kind of excited to see what I think about this one! 😀

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    I'm intrigued because I've been hearing this title a lot lately. I love your Review on a Post-It concept – it's so great as a reader!
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    I read and reviewed this a few weeks ago and had similar issues with the characters. From the reviews I've read, it seems a lot of people haven't cared for the characters.

  37. The book sounds really good 🙂

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    Good review – I literally just read her book Going Too Far yesterday! I've read two of hers now and while I do enjoy them, I think they are nice, more realistic romance stories – I never quite get that swoony feeling from her characters which is a shame.

    I'm interested to read this one because, as you pointed out the characters are a bit older and I definitely think thats something we need to see more of in YA. There seems to be a gap in the market for characters in their 20s! You have 16/17 year olds and then 30-odd year olds.

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  71. I struggled with the romance story at the beginning, I think that derailed the book a bit at the jump. This one definitely wasn't my favorite Echols but I did enjoy it. She's great a romantic tension to be sure!

  72. Romance really isnt my thing but your review sounded like i would i like this book thanks! 🙂