Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty
Three Rivers Press 2001
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You know how sometimes you read and liked a book but don’t know what to say about it? NOT THIS BOOK!! This is one of those times where I am furiously putting fingers to keys to implore you to FREAKING READ THIS BOOK. I have to because there is only so many times I can tell my fiance that “I EFFING LOVE THIS BOOK!” before he finds me irritating as hell and before I get annoyed that he isn’t taking any action to read this amazing book.

When I bought this series for my sister back in 2008 IN THE ADULT SECTION, after many many people on Goodreads recommended them for lovers of chick-lit, I never thought I’d read them or find them making my way on my sacred favorites list. EVER. I was pretty did not read anything resembling chick-lit at this stage in my life. My suggestion to you if you haven’t read these books: Forget any label you’ve ever heard about these books — chick-lit, YA or Adult fiction — and read them NOW! Experience the hilarity and awesomeness that is Jessica Darling.

Sloppy Firsts, where do I even begin? I read this book in the course of 24 hours and has been one of the only books that I’ve read that managed to make me giggle OUT LOUD every couple of pages. I couldn’t keep it in and I even let out a loud snort which embarrassed my fiance. Truly, Jessica Darling is hilarious, witty and makes astute observations about high school and adolescence that really is quite humorous.

I remember reading Judy Blume when I was younger and felt as though her books were written based on my inner thoughts and life events. Jessica Darling is certainly a voice that will resonate with most women as she gives an authentic voice to all of our past insecurities, firsts, messy relationships and more. There were so many parts in this book that I could relate to and that is what makes Jessica so special. No matter who you were in high school….you can find her easy to relate to. No doubt, Jessica Darling has become one of my all time favorite characters EVER. She’s not perfect at all but she is still so strong and smart and, even though sometimes she falters, she knows who she is! She comes to her realizations realistically and I love that her life doesn’t involve being a skank or thinking she is nobody without a boyfriend. She is like any normal teen who worries about guys, even obsesses over the slightest thing, but she does not live, breathe, nor find her worth in guys. MY KIND OF GIRL.

Oh and Marcus Flutie. I had to fan myself while reading parts that included him. He’s got that sexy confidence going on and I love it. He’s interesting and not cookie cutter. I love that he’s not the most attractive, god-like guy in Jessica’s mind and I love the quirky way in which their relationship progresses. I was pretty much salivating all over my book towards the end when we get to know him more. My only qualms..MORE I WANT MORE. Do realize how god-like Marcus Flutie has become?! I wanted more of him because what we got to know…he’s an intriguing guy and I have so many picture of drool worthy men in my mind. I never thought dreadlocks would be a sexy factor BUT HOT DAYUM…I can just see him with all his dreadlock hottness. With how this book ends, I can’t wait to see what happens between them!

My Final Thought: Whether you like YA or Adult fiction, read this. I don’t know what is ACTUALLY categorized as I have only ever seen it in the adult section but this shouldn’t matter because this book is THAT good if you appreciate genuine coming of age stories that will make you die laughing from the witty, snarky musings of a teenage girl of whom you’ll vicariously relive high school all over again in all of its embarrassing, awkward, confusing glory! One of the greatest romps through adolescence that I’ve ever had. It’s just so realistic (umm hello PARENTS in the picture rather than teenagers running amok) and I found myself cringing, laughing, rolling my eyes, rejoicing and squeeing right along Jessica.

Review On A Post-It:

And if that doesn’t entice are just a SMALL SMALL percentage of the great passages in this book:

“You can only be in a bad mood for so long before you have to face up to the fact that it isn’t a bad mood at all; it’s just your sucky personality.”

“Am I the only creature with a vagina who thinks that weddings are ridiculous? I’m going to elope. Just me, my hubby, and a minister on a beach in Jamaica.”

“Then a lightning bolt shot straight through my skivvies. Sha-ZAM!”

“This is my new hobby. I watch my life depart minute by minute. I anticipate the end of everything and anything — a conversation, a class, track practice, darkness — only to be left with more clock-watching to take its place. I’m continually waiting for something better that never comes. Maybe it would help if I knew what I wanted.”

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  1. Ok, ok! You convinced me! I will read this book! Hahahahah!

  2. Agree with you! I loved this book. It was so entertaining to read. I finished book two and have book three to read. Surprises, surprises for book two. :O


    – Mary [Anxirium]

  3. Wendy — Yes read it! That's what I like to hear! lol. I'm glad you are more responsive than my fiance 😛

    Mary — OH GOODNESS. I cannot wait to get home and read book 2. I'm away at the beach right now and I'm contemplating buying it for my Nook even though I know that would be stupid since I own it.

  4. GREAT BIG TACKLE HUGS!!! welcome to the world after sloppy firsts, it may be full of more sqeeing than the world you just let behind but so what, we have marcus effin flutie.

  5. Ok! I'm convinced! I've just swapped for it on PaperBackSwap! I love your "thoughts" on a post-it, too!

  6. Library Gal says:

    I just finished Sloppy firsts this week, and I couldn't agree more!

  7. You've sold me! This book sounds awesome and I'll definitely pick up a copy soon. I've only read BUMPED by this author, but I can tell she has a good sense of humor. Thanks for the rec!

  8. Jen (Makeshift Bookmark) says:

    ksdf;jsd;fjasfljsdf l YES YES YES YES EYS.

  9. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    I was given some GREAT advice while reading this series for the first time… keep in mind that it's REAL (not like true story real, but real as in everything isn't always tied up nice & neat with a bow). Remember that & you'll love this series even more. Perfect Fifths is THE BEST ENDING TO ALL ENDINGS OF ALL TIME. Seriously. I'm so in love.

  10. Angel @ Mermaid Vision Books says:

    SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE JESSICA DARLING SERIES. I'm so glad that my best friend convinced me to read it. 🙂

  11. Honestly, this wasn't a series I was terribly interested in reading… But now, after seeing how much you love them, and 'listening' to several other bloggers gush like crazy, I think I might have to give it a shot. 🙂

  12. Amy @ bookgoonie says:

    Awesome review. Working on getting them for my school so I can check them out.

  13. One of my favorite series ever! Love Megan Mccafferty.

    And I looove your review! This was exactly how I felt when I first read it, but couldn't seem to find the right words to review/do it justice. Seriously. Your post-it has 100 times more eloquence than my attempt. haha

    Anyway, I hope you like Second Helpings- it's my favorite of the series!

  14. I have heard of this book in the past, but your post here ACTUALLY makes me want to read this series. 🙂 I'll be adding it to be TBR pile now. 🙂

  15. I really need to finish this series. The first two books were amazing and I've had the whole set since last summer, so I really have no excuse not to. I'm hoping to read Charmed Thirds sometime this month. 🙂

  16. YOU KNOW THIS IS MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME. Thrilled you finally listened to me hahahaha

  17. Mickey @ imabookshark says:

    I have been meaning to read this series for a while now. I've heard mixed reviews about these books once you hit the third one, but I'm still very interested after your review!! :o)

    Mickey @ imabookshark

  18. Melissa (Avid Reader) says:

    I read each of the first 4 books in the story as they came out. Their timing corresponding with my high school/college years and I just loved Jessica. I have the final (5th) book on my shelf now and I've been hesitant to read it because I don't want to say goodbye to the characters.

  19. Cialina at says:

    This is one of my favorite books ever and now I feel like I really need to relive the awesomeness of Marcus Flutie. I need to just take a month to reread all of my favorite books!!!

  20. You know this really isn't my kind of thing, I really don't love chick lit, but every review I've read of this says 'even if you don't like chick lit you will love this' so I'm really starting to swing around and am seriously considering reading it 🙂

  21. Freaking FINALLY!!!!

  22. JessiKay89 says:

    Okay…I read this book wayyy back and I remember enjoying it, but for the life of me, I can't really remember what happens. I keep seeing it floating around the blogosphere, but Jamie, your review just convinced me that I need to go out and read it again. Great review, girl!

  23. wereadtoknow says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I almost forgot about this book until I saw your review filter through my feed reader and I have to tell you – this series was one of my favorite EVER when I was in high school. It got passed around my circle of friends like a juicy rumor, and I can't even tell you how many nights my girls and I stayed up swooning over Marcus Flutie! If you liked this one you simply HAVE to read all the other ones (Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings) because they just get better as Jessica matures! Thanks so much for reminding me of a book I loved to pieces!

  24. I still have to get to this one. I've had it on my shelf forever it seems but I never think to pick it up.

  25. Just bought this book based on your recommendation! Cant wait to dig in!

  26. Sorry above post was posted by me, Caitlin Ek @caitlin_m_e


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