Wedding Wednesday (4) – Wedding Videos + Youtube

 Wedding Wednesday is a feature I created so that, for the next year, I can talk about my wedding planning progress, review wedding books, give wedding tips, share bookish wedding ideas, talk about weddings in books, etc. Pretty much whatever I want. It’s going to be a big part of my life so I decided it deserves a place here on my book blog as my life is changing. Find more about it here!

Last week I talked about my struggle with how to honor a mother/father who are no longer with us at your wedding without making it a debbie downer.

So I have this fascination with Youtube. Imagine that? I find the most random stuff on there — laughing babies, horrid singers, hilarious people, people falling and more.

I’ve noticed that recently Youtube has become overrun with things like wedding dances or other wedding surprises. While most of what is on there is touted as “the funniest wedding dance surprise EVAHHH” , most of it is quite lame and boring and just replicates everyone else. However, there are some out there that gave me a chuckle or I thought it was original.

Although it wouldn’t surprise anybody if Will and I did something like this (because we are goofy and fun) we probably would never actually do it because I just kinda think I’ll look back and regret something like that. Minus it being a huge planning nightmare, I just don’t think that my family or bridal party would enjoy it as much as Youtube might lol.

I’ve seen tons of these first dance surprises and while I think it could be’s a bit overdone. I totally think Will and I would have fun with something like this but again…don’t think we’d actually do it. If I hadn’t seen so many other people already do it, I’d probably be all for it.

And then we have the Glee dances popping up all over the place. I’ve seen a ton of bridal party dances at the reception but I’d never make my bridal party do that…knowing their personalities. Although I have this really fantastic one dreamed up in my head.

And then we have the slew of engagements popping up on Youtube….I think the trend now is flash mobs apparently because I’ve seen quite a few.

Or creative save the date videos like this wedding trailer.

I know the only thing we’d do is a cute engagement announcement or a save the date but I do love looking at how creative these people are and how much they have despite some of the stuff not being my style. Have you seen people do anything like these videos at weddings? Do you like these sorts of things or find them tacky? Any favorite wedding related things on Youtube?

* I tried finding this one video for HOURS but couldn’t find it. It was a sort of wedding trailer about their love story. I feel like it was black and white but all I remember is they got a cute old man and woman to be them as they got older.

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  1. That last one was so freaking funny! And the proposal in the park was just so cool with the flash mob there. I am afraid that my creative abilities are no where near that so when I get married one day, it will be just a plain ole' wedding. I am somewhere in the middle though. I love weddings that are just simple and nice but if a couple is surprising with a funny performance, I'd love it too. The only youtube video I remember that has to do with weddings is the movie trailer proposal. It is just so cute!

  2. That last video was epic! lol

  3. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    Jamie, I really think you should consider having your wedding party doing an entrance like the first video 🙂 haha That was awesome.

  4. The 1st one was also recreated on The Office for Pam and Jims Wedding. I have secretly wanted to do something like this but for me there are more cons then pros to this.. but still fun to watch other people do it

  5. Melissa (Avid Reader) says:

    I love the Michael Jackson first dance. They look like they're having so much fun.

  6. Midnyte Reader says:

    These are cute. Did you see the one where they did the Big Butts song? I'll try to find the link.

  7. Oh man, I kept waiting for the bride in the glee dance video to lose the top of her dress! LOL Like you, I don't know that I could ever do the choreography first dance like the one couple doing the Michael Jackson song. So much fun though!!

  8. Brittany says:

    So about the video you couldn’t find. It was actually my friend’s cousin who did it. And because so many people started looking at it, and because of some kind of copy write thing, they had to make it password protected and super hard to find. I know this is really really late, but I just found your blog and didn’t know if you had any closure on not being able to find that video 🙂