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Retail Therapy is a feature here at The Perpetual Page-Turner in which I mesh my love for all things book-related and shopping. Each time I’ll showcase bookish accessories, bookish themed items,  bookish goodies or gifts that are perfect for that bookish person in your life. From time to time I might throw in something random that I’m really wanting that might not be book- related…because I have a serious shopping habit and my boyfriend won’t support it like I know you all will 😛

Most of my Retail Therapy posts have been small things – bookish buttons & pins or bookish postcards. This time I’m about to go big. This is more of an IN MY DREAMS Retail Therapy..because every good shopaholic has those “YEAH RIGHT” kind of items that they lust over. Some might fawn over luxury cars, $1.5 million dollar necklaces or one of those really expensive dogs that looks like a rat…but my friends, I am lusting like mad over these as someone who loves love loves to read in the bathub, on a raft in a pool or in a hot tub. Whether or not you are not a fan of reading in water for fear of accidentally murdering a book…I think you still can appreciate these! But leave the Nooks, Kindles and Ipads for dry land, folks!

Seriously! Seriously? Reading in the bathtub is one of my favorite things EVER. EVER!! I get the water hot, the bubbles overflowing, a glass of wine and a gooood book. This would be amazing to have.

There a lot of things you probably associate hottubs with (I instantly think of 10 Things We Did And Probably Shouldn’t Have) and I bet reading isn’t one of them. However, this is my dream come true. Water that stays hot with a click of a button (unlike in a bathtub), jets that feel like an amazing massage on my back and a situation that demands a daiquiri…ok what situation doesn’t? If this was in my house, I’d have Hot Tub Book Clubs if that idea wasn’t so creepy. ..because yeah..I feel creepy just saying it. BUT REALLY THIS IS AMAZING!!

What do you think? Should I find where these are sold and put them on wedding registry? Think Will would be ok with that? Anybody else like reading in the tub or in a pool??

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    I like reading in the bathtub, but I always end up getting my books wet. And I sort of hate that. But that's my own problem.

    Anyway. You should ABSO-EFFING-LUTELY put this on your registry. You never know what people will buy you!

  2. If there was such a thing as a hottub book club, I might actually join a book club. lol. Just saying. Those bathtubs are amazing! I didn't even know they made such things. Now I know where my savings will be going for the next several years…I'm sure they're not cheap!

  3. That looks amazing! Yes, love to read in the tub, but wish that I had that button to keep the water warm. I could read like that for hours and hours if the water stayed like that!

  4. Rebecca Wells says:

    I've always wanted to be able to read in the tub, but (as you mention) am desperately afraid of dropping the book/getting it wet! This makes the whole ordeal uncomfortable, instead of relaxing, so I don't really do it. Do you have any tips for a relaxing bath/reading session?

  5. Jen (Makeshift Bookmark) says:

    i want all of those things. i want one in every room of my house. STAT.

  6. Reading in the bath is my favourite way to read. Seriously. If the bath is also filled with LUSH products, then I'm actually in heaven. That bath/bookcase is too too awesome for words!

  7. OH MY GOSH THAT HOTTUB IS MY DREAM COME TRUE TOO!!!! The only problem with reading in tubs of any kind is that books and water don't really mix well…. But as long as you don't accidentally drop the book in (ugh, its happened to me before…) then you're golden! 😀

  8. melissa @ 1lbr says:

    My sister was just noting she's going to get me a little shelf for reading in the tub. I really would rather have that second bathtub.

  9. Mary @ BookSwarm says:

    WANT! My tub's too short for my 5'10" frame so my knees jut out. I need a big soaking tub so I can lounge for hours and get lost in a fab book.

  10. These would be amazing. I love reading books in the tub too so to have one of these in my future house would be absolutely perfection <3

  11. Sara (of the Page Sage) says:

    Oh, I love reading in the tub! I wish I has a tub like that!

  12. Had* oops!

  13. Cialina at says:

    For me, this would be awesome in theory but I'd be too afraid to get all my books wet. 😛

  14. Oh good gravy! Neat idea, but my books would probably get soaked. Lol

  15. those bathtubs are the bomb… how awesome!

  16. OH MY GOD I'M ADDING THIS TO MY DREAM LIST. I read in the tub way way wayyyyyy too often and I need this in my life.

  17. Addicted to reading says:

    Those are amazing. I want one. I think you should put in on your registry. I need a new bathtub maybe I should tell the bf to save up and buy me one 🙂