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 Wedding Wednesday is a feature I created here to chronicle my wedding planning journey until August 17, 2012 when I get married! I’ll also be featuring fun bookish weddings and cute ideas I find around the blogosphere.

OH MAN GUYS. I had sooo many exciting things I wanted to write about for this Wedding Wednesday post…like how we have narrowed down our color scheme or how our Save The Dates are looking amazing! However, Will’s grandfather passed away on Friday and the funeral was yesterday so needless to say I haven’t been around to type up a post about any of that. So, I’ll give you a bookish wedding because after all…this is a book blog so you’ll appreciate it.

I’ve seen so many whimsical and wonderful bookish weddings on wedding blogs. And while they are lovely to look at most of them have been done by professionals and let’s be honest…not all of us have the money to pay professionals to do all the dirty work for us. I came across this on Pinterest (my new obsession thanks to Kristi of The Story Siren…grrr thanks a lot :P) and I thought to myself, “Now this is actually realistic! Something that any book lover could do to incorporate their passion for reading into their wedding. Obviously everyone would be inspired differently from it and do it differently but I was so glad to see just a NORMAL wedding that had incorporated the book theme.

 They used books as their centerpieces and each table was named after a different book for a spin on table numbers.

 What a cute and quirky bookish wedding cake!

And as favors they gave out books! I LOVE this idea. So practical and maybe you can convert some people into readers 😛
So what do you think of this bookish wedding? How would YOU choose what books to give out as favors or use as centerpieces? Would you want them to be ones that are really special to you or just ones that might be conversation starters at tables? 

You can check out more pictures from this book themed wedding over at A Thousand Screaming Rabbits where I found it.

Also, I decided to make a linky for Wedding Wednesday since I had a few people say they were going to do their own posts! 

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  1. Christa @ Hooked on Books says:

    These are such neat ideas. I love the center pieces! I wonder if I can talk by boyfriends into something like that when we get married.

  2. alitareads says:

    That cake topper is so adorable!

  3. Christa — GOOD LUCK! I brought the idea up for discussion and he, being a complete non-reader, said..would you like a sports themed wedding? Touche! lol. But if you both are readers..I say go for it!

    Alita– I know, right? I thought it was super cute!

  4. Miss Tattoo says:

    ooh, I love this idea! I think it could be a mix of books you love and books you think would be a good conversation piece!

  5. KindleObsessed says:

    Oh wow…what great ideas. I LOVE the centerpiece idea…as for which books, pick you and your soon to be hubs favs. This wedding is about y'all & anyone sitting around those tables will get it & most likely start conversations about the books no matter what they are. 🙂

  6. KindleObsessed – Oh I'm not actually doing this. Fiance is SO not bookish so we aren't doing any sort of theme like this but I just ADORED this idea and had to share! I just am curious to see what others would do if they in fact used this idea!I keep trying to think of what books I'd pick!

  7. NOOOO. Convince him to the book tables. THAT IS GENIUS. Tell him he has to do that or else he'll have to wear a kilt or something, hahaha.

    but really. that is a freaking awesome idea. I'd probably go one step further and do like, "Hogwarts" "panem" "the shire" "genovia" etc…. hahaha

  8. Christina / Book Addict says:

    I love the book centerpieces. I think it's brilliant! Good luck with all this planning!

  9. Christina / Book Addict says:

    I love the book centerpieces. I think it's brilliant! Good luck with all this planning!

  10. Sara (of the Page Sage) says:

    That is so cool! The cake is so cute. (: And giving away books as favors? Perfect!!

  11. I debated on a bookish wedding, but had my heart set on a different theme. *sigh* But I have seen some amazing ones done using the beautiful Penguin Classics books – if only I had that much money to buy all the books to use a centerpieces – bc then I would get to own all the pretty books in the end.

    So sorry to hear about your loss. 🙁

  12. i was just thinking about naming my tables after my favorite books, but my fiance isn't a huge reader…

  13. Gah! The books for tables was MY idea!!! STOLEN!!! 🙁

  14. I have a friend who used pages of books that meant something to them as their wedding bouquet. She painted the edges and had them folded into flowers. It was beautiful! I believe if you go and facebook or google absolute love you can see photos. It was sooo gorgeous.

  15. Sara Kankowski DeSabato says:

    This is super cute! I was in a similar boat to you–my husband is not a big reader, so we didn't end up doing a book-themed wedding since it didn't fit both of us. However, my lovely bridesmaids DID throw me a book-themed bridal shower! Each table was a theme, after one of my favorite books–there was a harry potter table, a tamora pierce table, a mo willems table, a willa cather table and a jane austen table. They not only had copies of the books as center pieces, but they also used butcher paper as table cloths and actually drew out designs or scenes that fit, and then had a few other touches to bring the centerpieces together. The Jane Austen table, for example, had a copy of Pride & Prejudice, a teacup and saucer and tea, and a figurine of Jane Austen! Then on the butcher table, they wrote some quotes from the books. Instead of the traditional shower games, we played a game where we had to match up famous literary couples. It was so fun!

  16. A Backwards Story says:

    Here's what Marissa Meyer recently posted that she was doing (she's getting marrier…er…today!!):

  17. Melissa (Avid Reader) says:

    I used stacks of old books as my wedding centerpieces. Then I made a little framed thing giving each table an author's name with a favorite quote from them. I did it all myself and was able to get the books for free or super cheap at goodwill/library book sales.

  18. My husband and I met in a bookstore (I was an employee; he was a customer) and we're both avid readers, so books just HAD to be part of our day. I found old encyclopedias, glued them shut and painted them dark red (one of our wedding colours). We then decorated the covers and turned them into the titles of our favourite books with gold paint pens (our other wedding colour). We stacked them in the center of the tables, grouped by genre, scattered rose petals and added tealights. It looked pretty cool. I made bookmarks as our wedding favours too!