Top Ten Books I Read Because Of The Cover Or Title

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I will admit it. Sometimes I’m browsing in a bookstore or on the interwebs (likely Goodreads or blogs) and I see certain cover and I’m like BLAM..I need to read this. It could be a book about toe fungus and I’d probably still buy it if the cover was amazing. I LIKE SHINY THINGS. Also, sometimes I’ll see a very intriguing title of a book and just HAVE to read it. It’s like a good email subject line. It’s got a few words to pique your interest so you’ll open it and some of them just really do it well!

1. Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have): So here I was, Catalog Creepin the HarperTeen catalog as per usual, and I come across this title. I was immediately adding this to my wishlist for the sake of the title. WHAT DID THEY DO? I had to know all the shenanigans that went on and WHY they shouldn’t have done them! For some reason I knew it was going ot be funny…and it darn well was…as evidenced in my review of Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have). PS. I ignored the cover on this one. No up close kissing for me. *shudders*

2. Wither by Lauren DeStefano:

I remember seeing this pop up all over the blogosphere and the first thing I did was lust over that pretty dress. There was just something about this cover that intrigued me more than normal “girl in a pretty dress” covers. I think it was also the interesting birdcage next to her. I HAD to know what this one was about…and it turned out to be one of my faves and it was dystopian! HOLLA!

3.  The Boys in the Trees by Mary Swan:

So I’m at a used book sale. I see this cover and for some reason I really like it…it just stands out amongst the Danielle Steele paperbacks and 10 copies of The DaVinci Code. So I bought it. That was a year ago and I still haven’t read it but darnit I like that cover.

4. The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search For The Happiest Places in the World by Eric Weiner: So as you all may no if you have been a reader of this blog for a while…I LOVE TRAVELOGUES. So while I’m browsing the travelogue section this one jumps out at me. It made me chuckle but also.. I HAZ TO KNOW THE HAPPY PLACES!

5. Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist’s Quest to Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, or Why Pie is Not the Answer by Jen Lancaster: If your book can make me snort while I’m browsing in the bookstore..then I will probably buy you. But seriously Jen, PIE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER.

6. The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

I honestly only bought this book after seeing the cover all over the blogosphere. IT FREAKED ME OUT. So naturally I had to buy it. I haven’t read it yet but I mean…all sorts of scary children horror movies start popping into my head when I look at this. Seriously, creepy children in horror movies scare me more than anything! I don’t even have a CLUE if children have anything to do with that but this cover honestly made me buy it!

7. Hereafter by Tara Hudson:

I feel really bad about this one. I really wanted to like it. I did. I saw the cover. Lusted over how prettyful it was and then about peed myself when I saw that it was on NetGalley and then I couldn’t even finish it for some reason. I know lots of people loved it but it just wasn’t doing it for me.

8. Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell

So I’m browsing at Borders during the first wave of closings before we knew all of them were going to close…RIP Borders..and I’m in the YA section and I see this book. In this case both the cover and the title did it for me. I’m like, “All right. Carpe Diem. I can jive with that mantra.” and then I see the cover and I’m just intrigued. It’s so simple yet I totally gravitated to it. Have yet to read this one and I’ve honestly never even HEARD of it ever but so it sits because of it’s title and cover. Has anyone ever read this?!

9. Another Bullshit Night In Suck City by Nick Flynn — Seriously. I only bough this for the title. It sounds like it was the name of one of my journal posts are something on a PMSy day.

10. Across The Universe by Beth Revis:

Sometimes my thought processes make me giggle. I had seen this on someone’s IMM post and at first thought “Ooh Across the Universe. Reminds me of the Beatles. Score.” and then I see the cover and think “Ooh pretty. Shiny.” AND THEN said person whom I can’t remember reveals that when you take the cover off the other side is a cool map and shiz. I immediately got all in a tizzy and typed it in on Amazon and then bought it. NO LIE.

What about you? What covers did you drool over so much they MADE you buy it? 😛 What titles stood out amongst the boring ones? I WANT TO KNOW!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great picks! The boob kinda makes me laugh on Carpe Diem. It's just THERE.

  2. confessionsofacommonreader says:

    I loved The replacement cover! It made me really want to buy it too, then I read a bunch of dissapointing reviews and didn't. I'm still torn about it. let me know how you like it!

  3. Anne Bennett says:

    Oh yes. I totally bought Wither for the cover. I forgot.

  4. Kathy Ann Coleman says:

    You have some interesting choices there. 🙂 Wither was on my list, too. The cover for The Replacement looks very eerie and creepy. And Across the Universe … What a wonderful book title and a pretty cover to boot. I still need to check that one out. Did you enjoy it?

  5. The1stdaughter says:

    Oh you HAVE to read The Replacement! I love love loved it! Especially if you're looking for a good creepy book at Halloween. I'm bummed I didn't put it on my list this week because that's the very reason I picked up the book too. Love that cover!

    Great choices! :o)

  6. Hannah Lorraine says:

    Never heard of Carpe Diem – but you're right – the cover is pretty awesome. I'm intrigued…

  7. Ten Things We Did is a great choice for a title pick. I totally bought that because I wanted to know what ten things they did and what they probably shouldn't have!

    Wither was my #2 choice also. That cover is amazing and I wanted that book solely because of the cover. Hereafter was on my list too!

    I like that cover for The Replacement. Seriously creepy. Great top ten!

  8. Yes, I agree with the boob comment about Carpe Diem there. Though it makes me feel crass to admit it, my first thought was, "Exactly WHAT are we 'seizing'/grabbing here?!"
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  9. Great choices! I did the same thing with Ten Things We Did! I had to know what they did. I ended up loving the book too. I also love the cover of The Replacement. That is one awesome cover. Oh and I wanted to read Hereafter based on the pretty pretty cover, but I didn't like it either.

  10. Boys in Trees is indeed a beautiful cover. No wonder it came home with you. Hopefully the story will be good too.

  11. SweetestLittleBookworm says:

    Wither is on my list too!!!
    I ALMOST put Across the Universe on there.
    Great minds, I suppose???


  12. I would be very skeptical of a book that claims pie is not the answer 😉

    Those are some excellent cover and title choices, not that I'm surprised!

  13. Yay for Wither! That cover is so ridiculously gorgeous! And the Replacement's cover is eery! But I'm always scared of the little kids in horror movies. They should not be evil, it creeps me out!
    And I'm also a fan of shiny things 😉

  14. SweetMarie83 says:

    I chose Across the Universe for the title and cover too…sooo pretty. I got it from the library though so I couldn't take the cover off…good thing I didn't know about the map at the time, or I probably would have found a way to pry it off! lol I added Wither and Hereafter to my TBR list awhile back because of the covers, and I'll have to check out the others you mention.
    PS – your Jamie's Getting Married….post made me giggle. Love the pics. And congrats on finding the guy who makes you all aflutter! Your epic giveaway makes me wish I had a US address to enter giveaways lol

  15. I don't know about everyone else, but I buy books sometimes not only for the cover, but the feel of the cover. You know those paperback ones that are kinda scratchy? My copy of Thirst by Christopher Pike is like that and I love it. Also when the pages aren't all one size, like my copy of Anna and the French Kiss. I love that.

  16. Jasmine Rose says:

    I totally forgot about The Replacement. Is it bad that I read it because there were scary pointy things above a baby stroller?

  17. Leah @ So Says the Whale says:

    Oh my goodness. The Boys in the Trees is GORGEOUS.

  18. Jenni Elyse says:

    I'm one of the few who doesn't like the cover for Across the Universe. It seems so fake to me, especially when you see it on the book. But, I'm glad I still bought it because I really liked the story.

  19. I agree with the title of Ten Things We Did. I'm reading that one as soon as I get done with my October reads. 🙂 Also, the covers for Wither, Hereafter (it's even more amazing in person) and Across the Universe are gorgeous. I definitely would have added those to the list, but I won them instead of buying them, so I don't think that counts. 😛

  20. Emma B. @ Novel Minded says:

    I loved the Replacement cover, it's so creepy. And I like the Across the Universe cover because it reminds me of those silhouettes that say "candle stick or two people?" Here's my TTT

  21. Christina / Book Addict says:

    Great picks! I love the Across the Universe cover and Hereafter. One of my favorites is Wither- gorgeous! I can't wait to read the follow-up to it.

  22. Christina / Book Addict says:

    Great picks! I love the Across the Universe cover and Hereafter. One of my favorites is Wither- gorgeous! I can't wait to read the follow-up to it.

  23. Kailia Sage says:

    I finished Hereafter but I didn't love it like I loved the cover! Great list!

  24. Nice picks! I have The Replacements and Across the Universe on mine too :).

    New follower!

  25. The Replacement cover is amazing and creepy I love it, great list. Here's my Top Ten

  26. The Replacement's cover really creeps me out! I've seen it all over the blogosphere and am highly intrigued by it. The same goes for Across the Universe, although in the case of that cover, I personally think it's pretty.

  27. Just a Lil Lost says:

    Wither and The Replacement are great choices.. if I had read/bought them, I would've put those on my list too 🙂 Such striking covers!

    Top 10 Tues | 2 Giveaways

  28. Sara (of the Page Sage) says:

    Ten Things is on my list, too! Still need to read Wither.

  29. Betty Everygirl says:

    Ditto on Across the Universe (reversible cover, what?) and The Replacement. I haven't had the opportunity to read the latter, but I own it and it never fails to creep me out.

  30. I love the AtU cover, though I sadly don't own my own copy. And Wither is GORGEOUS! Great picks, Jamie!

  31. A book that I’ve bought for the cover was Rant by Chuck Palahniuk