Bookish Baby Showers – This Is For All You Future Baby Mamas

For the past few weeks, my life has been taken over by BABY SHOWER PLANNING for my darling sister. What a daunting task if there ever was one! Last week I was a little MIA from blogging and tweeting leading up to the big partay…and NOW IT’S ALL OVER. I somehow  pulled it off and finally, at the most critical point on Saturday morning, I was able to rally some help. Will gets some major fiance points for doing a LOT of the cooking to help me while I decorated. He’s a regular Betty Crocker…but way hotter.

While I was planning, I was on Pinterest and blogs looking at some major baby shower eye candy and inspiration. I was sad that my sister isn’t all crazy bookish like I am so I couldn’t throw her the most bookish baby shower EVER but I WAS able to to incorporate my love for books in one way.

As part of the invitation, where it said where she was registered, I wrote – “Let’s help build baby’s library. In lieu of a card, please bring a book for baby with a note from you inside.” It was really great! Mostly everyone bought books instead of cards and there was such cute, thoughtful notes that people wrote inside the books. This is step 1 in my diabolical plan to be the crazy aunt who makes her niece obsessed with books 🙂

Anyways, here’s some inspiration for throwing a real book-themed baby shower for that bookworm in your life. Feel free to throw one of these for me when this day comes for me 😛

What cute cupcake toppers!
Cute bookish baby shower game with children’s book titles

Love the bookish decorations!
Now THIS is creative. Although, the green eggs scare me.
 This is the invitation that I “stole” the “help build baby’s library” idea. I only wish I could have had these invitations!
And this baby shower had a whole menu inspired by children’s books!
Which ideas are your favorite? Have you ever been to a book themed baby shower? What ideas would YOU incorporate into a bookish baby shower? Share them below!

** I do not own any of these images. I have linked each image to where I found it.

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  1. LittleRedReads says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!! 😀
    This is what I want my baby shower to be like! I will have to tell my best friend when its time haha. (unfortunately, not for years)

  2. Seriously, this would be my dream baby shower! And building the baby a library already is such an amazing idea! I LOVE it!
    I'm sure some of her aunt's bookishness will rub off 😉

  3. lucybirdbooks says:

    I am also crazy aunt trying to get her niece obsessed with books, seems to be working so far! I love the bring a book instead of a card idea

  4. Dead Trees and Silver Screens says:

    So cute! I would love to have a baby shower like this someday. I really like the books instead of a card idea. Cards are useless and the books will be used, plus you can buy a book for the price of a nice card!

  5. Bahaha totally just sent this to my sister and told her to take notes because in 1-2 years I want it! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Rie Conley says:

    Adore the invites! A bookish baby shower is awesome. I want a book themed nursery.

  7. Rie– I totally, because of all the baby shower stuff going on lately, have a post going up next week about decorating a bookish nursery!

  8. We did a baby shower for my friend and had everyone bring a book too – she really appreciated it! We gave her the baby's first bookcase to hold all the books.

    These ideas are great!

  9. literatechicken says:

    Really cute – and I'd love to know where they got the tiny books for the cupcake toppers! Did they make them? They're so tiny! Too many questions…

  10. My mom actually told me about the book as a card– I've done it for a few showers and I love it. And I want those cupcakes! Too cute!

  11. Melissa (Avid Reader) says:

    This is amazing! I might even be willing to have a kid if I got to have a baby shower like this!

  12. Jessica A. says:

    Martha Stewart has a whole section on her website about a bookish baby shower. It's nothing short of amazing.
    I not so subtly told my mom that was what I wanted when my time came and that if I didn't get it I wasn't responsible for whatever the crazy pregnancy hormones made me do ;D

  13. lol, awwwe, that's cute about Will. Brian is always helping me with cooking when I'm planning something. Infact, he's a much better cook than I am.

    I adore the build babies library idea. If I ever throw another baby shower in my life, I will have to do that. So cute and PRACTICAL!

    I'm sure your niece will be obsessed with books having an aunt like you. My daughter is already obsessed with books and she's only 3. Everytime we stop at the post office she gets excited.. "Momma, maybe there's a book?" lol

    So glad you pulled off the shower well. yay! I've thrown a few for my friends and they are no joke! Very time consuming and stressful.

  14. I LOVE this! I pinned it to my Baby board. Maybe I'll have one soon.. 🙂

  15. Alright, this right here is possibly the cutest thing ever. The cupcake toppers are adorable- and the cupcakes themselves look yummy. I'm sure your sister was thrilled!