Picking Out Colors For Your Wedding..AKA The Bane of My Existence At The Moment

I’m back with Wedding Wednesday this week. Last week I was just SO over it and I was planning my sister’s baby shower sooo I was a tad overwhelmed.

Let’s just talk about how picking out colors for your wedding is NOT FUN. You think it’s going to be all fun and inspiring but really…I’m over trying to find the right shades and combinations. I am so sick of wondering if things will match. Everything on these wedding blogs I look at and the magazines I read look so polished and perfect…I NEED MONEY FOR A PROFESSIONAL. While I can match my clothes in the morning and not look like a total slob, I am way out of my league nor do I feel like putting the energy into color palettes and trying to figure out whether tangerine or clementine are the same mothertrucking color!

That being said, we think we narrowed it down…but I keep waffling after I make a decision. Here’s are three options. You let me know what you think, dearest readers, because pretty much I trust you all implicitly forever and always. Clearly we dig the grey.

Grey & Purple

Purple is just so pretty! Also, it was my mom’s favorite color and it might be a good way to honor my mom in a small way that only a few would know. Also, the girls could wear purple and the boys could wear grey and it’s easy peasy. I could probably do purple matching a lot easier. 

Grey & Orange
I love how modern and chic these colors are and it would look great with our venue for sure. Also, this was Will’s palette of choice. That being said, I have two concerns.
1. I don’t want it to look fall-ish. Our wedding is in the summer and I want it to be a bright summery and not look like we should be carving pumpkins. Finding the perfect shade of orange is crucial and that extends to a lot of things — flowers, ties, etc. etc.
2. I don’t want the girls to wear orange. I would want them to wear grey because I prefer it over orange. I like the look of the charcoal grey dresses and bright orange flowers. BUT..Will wants the guys to wear grey so we were thinking that we’d have the guys in a lighter grey. BUT WILL THAT MATCH?! I’ve found some inspiration for this idea but not much!

Grey & Yellow

I’m the girl who is obsessed with yellow. I have more yellow clothing than anyone in their whole entire life will ever have. I AM OBSESSED WITH YELLOW AND SUNFLOWERS. I would want the girls to wear grey because they all HATE yellow.  But I just wonder if this color would look good in our venue and I know it’s Will’s least favorite.

What think you, friends? Somebody needs to make decisions for me! Because I’ve settled and each one of them at least once!

* I do not own any of the photos. The picture is linked to wear I found them.

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  1. Orange and grey is fabulous! (In my opinion)

  2. I am also obsessed with yellow and judging by those pictures, it'd be a gorgeous wedding. Definitely voting for yellow + gray!

  3. I'd go with purple and gray. It's a great combination for summer and I might be a little partial since purple is my favorite color. 🙂 Good luck with the choice. Whatever you choose will be gorgeous I'm sure!

  4. Ashley @ Book Labyrinth says:

    Personally I like the purple. I think the combination with the grey is gorgeous, and there are so many different beautiful shades of it that most everyone will look good in it and everything can be matched well. Plus I love that detail for your mom. =)

  5. I like purple and gray together. It looks quite lovely and elegant together. 🙂

  6. I am a professional wedding photographer by day. (pro book blogger by night…ha!) I have seen a ton of grey and yellow. It's definitely very popular right now, and while my own HOUSE is decorated in that color scheme, I am actually most drawn to the grey and orange. Through texture (fun bow ties, socks for the guys, flowers, place settings) and color variations, you will be able to pull this off SUPER well. I think as long as you get the guys and girls in the same tone of grey, you'll be good. You can't have the guys in a French grey and the girls in a cool grey. I also think if you incorporate a lot of white and keep things light and airy, then it won't feel fallish at all. 🙂

    Hope this helps…

  7. I like purple for you because it reminds you of your mom. my sister had purple as her wedding color and we had nice dresses and pretty flowers. I also love yellow and orange flowers, so really you can't go wrong here (I mean you can, but you'd have to work really hard at it!).

  8. The purple is my favorite but they are all really nice.

  9. All of these options are amazing and you will not go wrong with ANY of them..

    a light grey will match.

    and I am with your girls on hating yellow, but it is your wedding, not theirs and if you LOVE yellow and yellow represents YOU best in YOUR wedding then I think that is your best choice.

    ps. I can be your event planner = )

  10. sugarpeach says:

    I'll go with the grey/purple theme. Purple is a regal color and I think it'll look better if your girls don't wear a grey. Grey looks dull…

    Like what KThomas5 said, this is your wedding. Once in a lifetime, so if yellow is what you want, go for it. You'll have to follow your heart. 🙂

  11. TNBBC Super Mod says:

    Grey and Purple all the way. It's just so elegant and sassy, and you mentioned that it's also a way to honor your mom. I say go for it! You've got a winner.

  12. the story siren says:

    Oh! I love them all!! I had a yellow wedding… it was the color of my mom's wedding too. I don't really remember debating much about it either. Which is strange now that I look back on it. I think I just new I wanted HUGE YELLOW GERBER DAISIES… so i went with that. I thought it was kinda cool, it was mom's colors too.

  13. Devan @ Book Strings says:

    Why not 3 colors? This would solve the problem with who wears grey. I say purple, yellow and grey.

  14. Librarygal says:

    Purple and Grey…love that combination…vibrant, sophisticated and still fun.

  15. Lianne @ The Towering Pile says:

    I'm not a grey-liking person at all, but I definitely like the grey and purple the best. I feel like purple is the colour that pops the most against the grey. Good luck, and I'm sure everything will look beautiful no matter what!

  16. I like the grey and orange. I think it's always important to keep the guy involved in some way. I was lucky, my husband wanted brown tuxes and I was thinking of brown anyway! Regardless, try incorporating the other colors in other ways. For example, I loved these invitations that were black and green. So, I got them. Maybe make centerpieces in purple, or mix in some purple flowers, or alternate centerpieces in yellow and purple. It's really not that big of a deal, just as long as you're happy! Orange flowers will be really cool!

  17. Donna Gambale says:

    So… it's official. We're wedding twins. I got married in June, and my colors were indigo and peach, and the guys wore gray tuxes. I love peach, but I didn't want to force my girls in peach dresses, and Steve's favorite color is orange (I had the same Fall-ish concern), so I made it an orange-y peach, not a pink-y peach, and used it as an accent color.

    In the end — indigo dresses, peach + violet flowers, gray tuxes w/peach ties, cake w/ indigo ribbon and peach flowers. We stuck with ivory linens to keep it classy, and we did indigo uplighting. Voila! I think gray linens would look beautiful, too!

    I definitely agree that orange or purple look incredible with gray tuxes. Mine were medium gray.

  18. All are beautiful — I recently went to a grey and yellow wedding — it was beautiful, but from looking at your pictures I like the purple. But you should go with your gut — like I said — they are all pretty.

    My daughter is going with apple green and navy blue. Do you KNOW how many different shades of GREEN there are? I think we just have to stop stressing about everything matching PERFECTLY. It will all come together just fine!

    Good luck!

  19. Christa @ Hooked on Books says:

    I personally like the gray and purple. Purple is funky and unique but when combined with the gray also classy and modern. You get the best of both worlds!
    (plus purple is my favourite colour!)

  20. I think purple and grey would work best for you guys in terms of compromising, especially since Will wants the guys to wear the grey no matter what…that way the girls can wear purple AND you can honor your mom. Plus it looks great together! But either way, I think all your options are gorgeous 🙂 Do whatever feels right for you guys…whenever you figure that out, hah!

  21. I'm doing gray and purple at my wedding in June, so I'm a little biased!

    Actually, I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. Gray is super magnificent that way, isn't it?

  22. Jenni Elyse says:

    I love all of the combinations. The grey goes well with them all and makes them really pop. The purple is my favorite, but that's because it's my favorite color.

  23. Steph @ The Caffeinated Reader says:

    The purple is my favorite. Orange is pretty, but it does remind me of a halloween type wedding.

  24. The purple combinatiion is gorgious… however, I have been in 3 weddings, and every single one of them, Purple was a main color. I'm all about being different, but I do love that purple will have special meaning for yours though.

    I think my fav is the orange. I dont think you would need to put the guys in a lighter gray. Just give them Orange accents that will match with the girls flowers.

    I like the yellow too though. Yellow is my favorite color, but I think the orange just stands out. I think it can be done in a way that doesn't seem fall. :0)

    Either way, all three combinations look great. Excited to see what you choose. Gray goes wonderful with everything!

  25. Oh my goodness thank you! I too am having the hardest time ever deciding on a group of colors! Why is this such a ridiculously hard decision?!

    I think the purple will be the easiest to do and holds the most meaning so I would recommend the Purple and Gray.

    Back to my color woes.

  26. I love the purple and grey. There are so many shades of both. I think they all look good together.

  27. Jasmine Rose says:

    I was lame and just stuck with black and white with a blue accent. Purple and Grey would've been fantastic since purple is my fav color and grey is the fiance's.
    For you, though, I'm thinking the grey and yellow. The pictures make it look wonderful and if it's one of your fav colors, go for it!

  28. I say the purple and grey. The purple is so summer, it would honor your mother, and there are ways to make it very modern.

  29. Sara (of the Page Sage) says:

    I love the purple and gray. It's still fun, but it's also classic and chic. (:

  30. I would recommend purple and grey, because purple is a timeless color. Also… it's almost a neutral these days, so if you had photos hanging in your home, it would go with your decor. Haha. I think of these things. I also think it's sweet that your mother loved purple. That almost makes me teary! Purple is very classy. 🙂

    The yellow is very springy, and would be hard to match across the board, and orange would look fallish, I'm afraid (unless you lean more towards a peachy orange).

    Just my thoughts! Oh, and you could totally add some silver with the grey to create a little shine!

  31. I LOVE the purple and gray combo… this may be because I am a huge fan of purple, but I think they look lovely together. I'm sure no matter what you decide it will all come together beautifully 🙂

  32. Christina / Book Addict says:

    I love the purple and gray…..definitely two of my favorite colors. I can't wait to hear what you decide. Good luck with it all!

  33. Christina / Book Addict says:

    I love the purple and gray…..definitely two of my favorite colors. I can't wait to hear what you decide. Good luck with it all!

  34. I loved all three color choices. It really is hard to choose!
    I like that the purple/gray makes you think of your mom.
    The orange/gray is so fun.
    And the yellow/gray is so summery and fresh.
    You've got a hard decision!
    I do think the orange and yellow are more summery than the purple. BUT my best friend did purple in June and it was pretty.

    Sorry.. I'm no help.. 😛

  35. purple/gray or yellow/gray. the orange pulls the eye too much. You want people to look at the photos and see you, not go straight to the orange thing.

  36. I love the grey and purple! It looks so elegant.

    I think the grey and yellow would look best for an outdoor wedding in summer or spring.

    And I don't particularly like the color orange so I have no opinion to give on that color choice. 🙂

  37. definitely purple and grey. My friend had an orange and green wedding and not many people liked it. I think she still did, but not many others liked it. Also, shades of orange don't usually look good together, they usually look like you tried to match and didn't get it to work for you. Purple, on the other hand, has a lot of shades that look really nice together. Purple all the way!

  38. I'm a die-hard yellow lover, so my vote HAS to go to yellow + grey!

  39. Wow! Thank you guys for all the input! SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT!!! AHHHH!

  40. I think the Orange looks too fallish and would be hard to match…Plus…..I think purple and grey are the way to go. I would say yellow since it's your favorite , but you said your fiancee hates it….so yes my vote is totally purple and grey!

  41. Purple is my favorite color, BUT I don't know if purple rings true to summer. Maybe I'm wrong. Still I love the purple and gray the best, makes a lovely and elegant combo.

    – Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  42. Eh, don't worry about whether it will match your venue too much. Unless your venue is like bright green or something.

    For the record, my palette is purple and silver. 🙂

    I don't think the orange will look too fall-ish if you get the right color.

  43. I'm in love with the color purple in general, so I'd pick the purple and gray! I think the little picture with the guys in gray suites with purple ties looks very chique! And it's probaby WAY easier to find different pretty shades of purple than orange or yellow 🙂

  44. My favorite is the grey and purple. I agree with everyone who said it looks beautiful and elegant. The grey and yellow is lovely too, and it comes off as a really fun combination.

    I hope it helps!

  45. Reading your own comments I fell like you're made the decision for yourself. In your own words:

    "Purple is just so pretty! Also, it was my mom's favorite color. Also, the girls could wear purple and the boys could wear grey and it's easy peasy."

    Whereas with orange "I have two concerns"
    and with yellow "I know it's Will's least favorite"

    Sounds to me like purple is the only one without any downsides! 🙂

  46. I'm all sbout purple! I think it would look awesome with the grey! But I also like yellow- but I just went to a wedding with yellow and you have to be careful beause a few of the bridesmaids (out of nine) looked super tacky! Best of luck! 🙂

  47. Okay of all your choices above I love the grey and purple because the colours look so pretty together, you mentioned it could honour your Mom (I love that) and your girls can wear purple while the guys wear grey.

    My second choice is the grey and yellow – I love this look. I even considered it, but changed my mind as it didn't really work with our date and venue.

    And the orange just doesn't do it for me mixed with grey. I guess if the right shade of orange is picked it could work.

  48. I love fall colors! The Orange looks fantastic. As long as it's an accent color as opposed to big glaring orange dresses!