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So I started my informal Re-Readathon last night and I’m just going to use this post to keep you updated. I just really wanted to dedicate a weekend to find my love for rereading again. I hope this weekend will remind me how much I LOVE rereading.  I was worried about potentially rereading fave books and not loving them again so we will see how that goes!

So even if you can only dedicate 1 or 2 hours to rereading..the point of this informal ReReadathon is to just remind yourself how important rereading is and make it a point to do it more often! I have a few questions that you can feel free to answer on your blog or just here in the comments for each day..if you feel so inclined.


Question For Friday: What books are you planning on rereading? Why did you pick those?

My hope is to do a variety of books this weekend– childhood favorites (The Giver), a YA favorite (Delirium..since Carla from The Crooked Shelf just sent me PANDY!!) and an adult fiction favorite — Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close! If I can finish those three I’ll be reading On The Road but I don’t think that will happen! I’m picking those because they are all different. I want to see if I still love favorites like The Giver, EL&IC and On the Road. I read Delirium before it came out and LOVED it. It’s more fresh in my mind then the others but i really want to remember what happened for Pandy!


Question: How are your general feelings towards rereading? Are you finding yourself remembering things about these books than you thought you would? Are you feeling like you are moving quickly through the books because you’ve already read them. Are you enjoying them as much as you did the first time you read them?

Answer: I’m feeling pretty good about rereading. A lot of the details are coming back to me…things I forgot about and was like OH MY GOSH YES..that’s why I loved this book. I haven’t felt disappointed yet but anything I’ve been reading although I really feared that I wouldn’t love them as much anymore upon rereading. I guess because I’m always growing and my tastes are always changing.


Question: Overall, how was your experience rereading? Do you feel like it’s something you want to do more or do you feel like you’d rather read new books?

Answer: I definitely want to make it a point to reread more. I think it’s such an important part of reading that I’ve neglected since blogging. Why NOT cozy up to a favorite book? Rereading was just familiar and nice. Glad I took on this personal rereadathon this weekend.


(Friday) I finished The Giver (one of my all time favorite books as a child/teen) and started EL&IC

(Saturday) Finished Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close….STILL LOVE IT. Although this time I  didn’t cry already knowing what to expect. Started On the Road.

(Sunday) Slogging through On the Road..I think because I’m distracted today and haven’t gotten a chance to read much today. Kind of disappointed in that. I’ll finish it up..or I won’t. I just LOVE Jack Kerouac so much though. So many amazing quotes out of this book.

Thanks for the few who decided to devote some time to rereading with me this weekend! Nice to know that a few others were too! I have realized that I’m NO good at weekend readathons…which is why I probably don’t ever do them. I love the 24 Hour Dewey readathon because it is structured and the goal, for me, is to read as long as I possibly can until I pass out. I think the 24 hour readathon works best for me.

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  1. lisa [the nerd] says:

    GO GO GO!

  2. Good luck! I have lots of studying to do this weekend, but I'll try to get a reread done.

  3. Good luck! I won't be able to read as much as I wanted to, but hopefully I'll be able to finish one book.

  4. nea barabea says:

    And the sunday question?? :))

  5. Burgandy Ice says:

    I posted two re-read reviews linking back to your Re-readathon 'cause I love the idea.

    I didn't actually read them this weekend, but I did reread them earlier this year. The last couple days turned into rather crazy birthday parties with visitors.

    I reviewed The Last Unicorn & Sunshine.


  6. Yay for re-reading! I love THE GIVER too. So good.