Top Ten Books That Made Me Emote In A Variety Of Ways

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 Made Me Ugly Cry

1. If I Stay by Gayle Forman — THIS BOOK SLAYED ME. Let’s talk about the part where he brings the music for her and he pleads with her…SOBFEST.

2. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close — I was just so emotional after reading this and just BAWLED during certain parts of it. I seriously teared up so much just seeing the trailer for this movie that is upcoming!

3. Night by Elie Wiesel — This book really hit me the hardest. While I might not have bawled while reading this like I do during some fictional books, I just had this overwhelming feeling of sadness and I don’t think crying could have sufficiently released the immense feeling of heartbreak that came with this book. It hit me hard as real life stories always do. 

4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusack — OMG. Seriously. This book was so heart wrenching and made me cry until 4am. I had bloodshot eyes and went through so many tissues but this book is one that is so genuine and such a beautiful and sad story. It made me feel so human…if that makes sense.

Made Me Giggly 

I guess technically giggling is a reaction to an emotion but just roll with it.
5. Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty – I seriously giggled all the way through this book. It was one of those books that just made me in such a good mood while reading it.  JESSICA DARLING FOREVER!
6. Lolita by Vladmir Nabokov: This book was one that elicited so much emotion in me..although boredom in some parts for sure. This book made me want to vomit, punch people and just THROW THINGS.
7. Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyers — While I will be the first to admit that these books were addicting as hell and I flew threw them, I seriously wanted to throw them soooo many times. I had so much rage towards Bella and a lot of other things about this book. Especially Meyer’s overusage of the word VELVET and all of its other forms. She should be banned from using that word.
8. Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez — I loved this book like WOAH as you’ll learn when I post my review but I seriously wanted to KILL THE MOM in this book. I wanted to seriously just lay her out. I just..AHHHH.
 (emotions I can’t articulate – a mixture of shock, confusion and utter surprise ) 
9. The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin — If you’ve read my review of Mara Dyer you’ll know that it could have also been called “In Which I say WTF Alot”. My emotions were so scattered with this book — both good and bad!
10. Delirium by Lauren Oliver — My WTF feelings come towards the ending!! I couldn’t contain myself. I was REELING and crying and shocked and WHAHHHAH.
What books made you emote? Tell me, tell me, tell me! Also, for some reason, the word emote makes me giggle.
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  1. LuuuuUUUUUUUUcyyyyyyyyyy!

    So, I love your list. Funny thing: I have basically the same thoughts about Lolita and I haven't even read it (nor do I want to. EVER)

    I also agree with your thoughts about Stephenie Meyer and her velvety writing. (she has a MASSIVE adjective overuse problem)

    happy emoting 🙂

  2. I think your emotions were perfectly depicted. I agree with what you said about The Book Thief. I cried like a week later when I was think about that book. Great post 🙂

  3. Jasmine Rose says:

    I totally cried at the end of Delirium. It was all so sad. I was sitting there reading going "No. NO! This can't happen. Make it all be okay!!" out loud. I'm glad I was the only one home 😛

  4. Great list!! I really want to read the Jessica Darling books – they look amazing.

  5. Hannah Lorraine says:

    Great list =) I had the same reactions to Mara Dyer and Delirium.

  6. 1girl2manybooks says:

    If I Stay made my list for exactly the same reason – so much crying and I do not cry pretty! I keep seeing you talk up the Jessica Darling books so I -really- have to try them!

  7. If I Stay and Delirium are on my list too. I had totally the same reaction to the ending of Delirium.

    Oh and Lolita. Same here. Ugh.

    I have got to read The Book Thief. Everyone says it's amazing.

    Great list!

  8. Passion for Novels says:

    Great list!! Haha I know what you mean about Bella!!! I hated her at times. I'm also looking forward to the Book Thief which is on my tbr pile!
    New follower here 🙂
    Heres mine if you want to take a look

  9. Jan von Harz says:

    Lol love your emotional images, and your list. I didn't have The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer on my list but it definitely was a major surprise.

  10. When he brought her his music in If I Stay…oh geez, I'm tearing up! Awesome list!

    My Top Ten List

  11. Library Gal says:

    OMG, How did I not put down If I Stay? for me it was the part where her grandfather said it was ok to let go….. ahhh, can't believe I didn't list it-I was destroyed….
    great list! I love the ugly cry pic… 🙂

  12. Your sobfest list is exactly what I would have written (though I'm sure I could have added a few – I'm a major cry baby). Did you read the whole Night Trilogy? Dawn really got to me. And it stayed with me long after because of the reading context (on the train ride to Manhattan on September 11th as the planes struck the towers).

    Life of Pi would have to make my shock list. I don't want to give anything away, but the ending kind of hurt my brain (in an interesting way).

  13. Grrrr I hated the mom in Virtuosity. I don't think I have ever felt such hatred for a character before. But I of course forgot to add that to my list. I also have Delirium on mine. That ending completely destroyed me. I'm going to be reading Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close soon. Now I will be expecting the tears for sure.

  14. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with your feelings toward the mom in Virtuosity. She is quite possibly my most hated parent in YA lit. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh.

  15. YA Bibliophile says:

    If I Stay and Night could also have went on my list! It was hard to narrow down! Great choices!

  16. Jen (Makeshift Bookmark) says:

    YES to Jessica Darling. LOL-factory, ahoy. And YES, to Virtuosity. That mom sucked big huge ass. And you already know my feelings on Mara Dyer 🙂

  17. Ah, Sloppy Firsts. A book I've been meaning to read ever since I read your review and I can't find anywhere. Seriously, I've searched everywhere. Every freaking bookstore in two or three cities. Not a single one of them had the damn book.
    Anyway, love the list and particularly the division in sections. They made me laugh out loud.

  18. Lillie (AliseOnLife) says:

    I'm going to pull out my copy of Virtuosity RIGHT NOW, everyone has me so interested about the mother.

    I have confused emotions about The Book Thief because I didn't connect the same way that everyone who's read it seems to have. I'll have to re-read it over the winter when I can spend some time on it.

  19. Anne Bennett says:

    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, YES. Why didn't I think of that book? Good call.

    My Head is Full of Books

  20. Melissa (Avid Reader) says:

    Yay for Sloppy Firsts and The Book Thief!

  21. Christina / Book Addict says:

    I felt the same way about If I Stay- I was definitely crying like a baby. I can't believe I forgot about The Book Thief. I finished it on a plane ride home from Chicago and I was sobbing —people probably thought I was crazy! Great list, Jamie!

  22. Christina / Book Addict says:

    I felt the same way about If I Stay- I was definitely crying like a baby. I can't believe I forgot about The Book Thief. I finished it on a plane ride home from Chicago and I was sobbing —people probably thought I was crazy! Great list, Jamie!

  23. Jenni Elyse says:

    Ha ha ha! I love how your paint a picture with your words. Night really affected me too. It was so heart wrenching and really made me think for a long time after I had finished it.

  24. lisa [the nerd] says:

    Velvet and Smolder can go ahead and retire now, thanks to Stephanie.

  25. Your last category made me laugh when I was reading your comments! Haha, great list 🙂

  26. The Book Thief made me cry, too!

  27. nea barabea says:

    Jamie! I finished yesterday If I Stay, and now I get it why you love it so much! 🙂

  28. The Budget Diet says:

    I love top 10 lists thanks for sharing! stumbled!

  29. One of the best things I can say about a book is that it's got the kind of awesome emotional angsty pull that drops my heart into my stomach. In a good way. And that is exactly what Where She Went did for me. Man there were so many plaes where I was just all sorts of ready to cry or throw my book or shake something. It was awesome.