Wedding Cuteness Thanks To Lauren Oliver! (Wedding Wednesday)

So you know Lauren Oliver,  right? Author of Before I Fall, Delirium (and its sequel PANDY!!!) and now Liesel and Po! Well, as you may well know from my recap post of her book signing event, she is also getting married next year! YAY! Anywho, since we had talked some wedding talk she showed me these adorable creations her soon to be mother-in-law makes for weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and baby showers!

Aren’t they adorable? The first one is such a unique idea to give to somebody for a bachelorette party or bridal party. She makes them with fabric and hair accessories and such. This particular one is for a bachelorette party made with lace underwear and adorable champagne-bottle candles. Lauren ALSO told me that she makes some more wild bachelorette party ones made with sexy thongs, naughty lollipops, etc. Sidenote: WHO KNOWS what kind of search traffic I’ll get for writing about naughty lollipops and sexy thongs. The second one is actually a bouquet she made for a baby shower but she does them for weddings and they are super customizable! Look at those cute baby socks in there!!

She also makes these CUPCAKES out of baby socks, onesies, hats and mittens for baby showers. It’s SUCH a cute gift because the mom ends up getting cute things that are later useful for the baby! My sister got one of these for her baby shower made into the shape of a cake.

 Now see, I’ve been looking at alternatives to floral bouquets because they are pretty expensive — I’ve seen buttons, fabric, SEASHELLS…all sorts of things. I’m still undecided if I want pretty florals or something creative like this but I just think they are PERFECT for somebody who wants to steer away from the florals and have something unique and looks perfect for those doing a DIY wedding. Here’s an image that I had seen and bookmarked prior to Lauren sending me the amazing work that her mother in law does! The picture is linked to take you to the Etsy shop where I found it!

SO HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! Seriously..after seeing one of these in person for my sister’s baby shower, I think they are the cutest and most clever gift! What do you guys think about non-floral bouquets? Have you seen any creative ones? Gone that route yourselves?

** This post isn’t sponsored nor was I given any sort of compensation to post about these products. I just thought I’d share them because I really thought they were adorable when Lauren shared them with me! HOWEVER, her mother-in-law is in the process of opening up her own Etsy shop so if you are interested in them you can email Lauren at laurenoliverbooks at gmail dot com.

Pricing Info:

Bouquets and the big cupcake boxes – $35
Mini sock boxes – $18.00.

It’s really a great deal since it is an adorable presentation AND things that are usable!

BUT…if you buy before December 1st, a little birdie told me that she’s giving a 10 percent discount!
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  1. These are really cute! My sister tried to make something like this for our cousin's baby shower. It didn't turn out QUITE this nice but I've seen things like this before and they are so cute for baby showers. Never seen it for weddings though. Interesting idea!

  2. Oh, wow! Those are soooo cute! I wish I was that creative. Not only am I NOT but even if I tried to duplicate it the results would be disastrous.

  3. Jasmine– I know! I thought they were uber adorable when I saw the cake one at my sister's baby shower! And I was amazed at how much stuff was in there — tons of cute onesies and stuff!

    Jenny — I know, right? I think this would be a hot mess if I tried to do them! I'm just hoping I can rave about these enough to my friends and family so maybe I'll get some for my bachelorette/bridal party. NAUGHTY LOLLIPOPS FTW!

  4. I love non flower bouquets. I had a bouquet but didn't carry it down the aisle. I carried my grandmother's clutch instead. But I love these especially if you can reuse the items. Flowers are pretty but they can wilt and I never preserve them.

  5. I love the non-floral bouquet! It looks amazing! And all the baby things are SO CUTE!! One of my friends is pregnant, hmm….

  6. TheBookGirl says:

    These ae adorable! Seems like Lauren is going to have a fun mother-in-law 🙂