Five Reasons Why John Green Should Rule The World

Did you know that it’s JOHN GREEN WEEK (hosted by the lovely ladies at I Eat Words)?! Well, it is and I’m here to tell you why John Green, Nerdfighter King, should rule the world. If you don’t know John Green, please consider this an introduction and then remedy the situation immediately. Even if you don’t enjoy YA books, I think you’ll still find John and Hank Green’s vlog channel a riot and appreciate all of his awesome projects too!

1. He writes kickass books and is passionate about literature: It’s no secret that John Green writes amazing books for teens and adults alike — solo and in collaboration with other great authors.  If John Green ruled the world, literacy would abound and people would realize how COOL it would be. And hey, if John Green ruled the world..he’d probably write his own damn memoir and it would 1) be actually interesting and entertaining and 2)  it wouldn’t have a lame-o, serious cover.  Presidential reading I could care about!

2. Press Conferences & Presidential Announcements Would ROCK: John Green (and his partner-in crime & brother Hank) makes the most entertaining, smart and hilarious vlogs ever on their Vlogbrothers channel. EVER. He’d get to the damn point, skip the bull and there would be something actually worth quoting…that people would read.  People would actually walk away smarter and more informed because they actually PAID ATTENTION and could understand what the hell what was going on. Exhibit A — His discussion on the healthcare debate!

3. Nerds Would Get The Recognition They (umm I…we?) Deserve: Let’s be honest, being called a nerd in school was never a GOOD TIME. As nerds we all knew how awesome we were but the rest of the world didn’t. With John Green ruling the world, it would be revenge of the nerds and the world would see how fantastical we are. I mean, the coolest people I meet are self proclaimed Nerdfighters ( a project/website of John Green’s). All the nerdy & awesome things of the world would replace all the generic “cool” things.

4. Awesome Would Increase & World Suck Would Decrease: The whole decree of the Nerdfighters is to “fight to increase AWESOME and decrease suck.” John and Hank are known for doing things that do just that and they highlight people who are doing the same thing. Maybe the news wouldn’t be so damn depressing when all the awesome things were happening and the suckage would be effectively taken care of. Exhibit A: The Project For Awesome to raise awareness for great causes and then raise money for them!

5. Decrease of WORLD Confusion & Miscommunications: Bad grammar would no longer lead to confusion. People would understand the importance of grammar (I’d benefit from this as well). Countries would probably not ever get blown up nor would we think Snooki has 3 hands. YAY GRAMMAR! Maybe people would also stop using the word “conversate”…it’s CONVERSE. I try to tell all the reality stars this.

* John Green’s newest book The Fault in Our Stars comes out January 10th! Check it out along with other great books from John Green — Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns and more!

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  1. Hahahaha, presidential announcements. I could totally see him doing that! And it would most definitely be fabulous and hilarious, yet informative. He has a great presence that holds peoples' attention.

  2. I never even knew who this guy was until recently. I still have yet to check out his vlogs. these are blocked on my work computer, but it's friday and i'm un motivated so I might watch a couple on the phone to pass time. lol

    yay for nerds. I have always been a nerd. it's even one of my fav candies. 🙂

  3. Melissa (Avid Reader) says:

    Yay for John Green! I'm a big fan of both his books and vlog.

  4. Laura @ Bunny Tales says:

    You're number 4 was my number 1 🙂

    Love me some Green brothers!


  5. Christa @ Hooked on Books says:

    I'm totally with you on all these reasons! Especially #5!

  6. Unforgettable says:

    YES YES YES! I completely agree. Especially about World suck decreasing. I can't wait for him to reach my city. I already have my ticket and preordered the Fault in our Stars *grinning from ear to ear*

  7. Sara (of the Page Sage) says:

    YES! Just, yes. I completely agree with all of these points. (:

  8. I have Looking For Alaska wishlisted on Bookmooch because a blogger I like recommended it. However, I wasn't that annoyed by how many people have it wishlisted too because hey, there are so many books I've wanted to read for years and I was only now hearing about this author. I could wait.
    Now I can't.
    Wow. I never read YA (except for the first couple of HP books) and I never read John Green, and I was never that interested in either. After watching these videos I'm pretty sure I'll have to buy them online, budget and international shipping be damned.
    Great post!

  9. Lori M. Lee says:

    I love John Green with a disturbing passion xD THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. I hope you don't mind if I link to it from my own 😀


  10. Ha ha … I didn't even realize this, but I started reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson this morning. Serendipitous? I think so =)