April Showers Bring….All SORTS OF CRAZY.

Well, look at that. It’s the end of April. Time For my MONTHLY REWIND post.


Image From April


Ok, so this time it’s not ONE image. It’s ONE minute of craziness with myself & blogger bffs – Anna from Anna Reads, Jen from Makeshift Bookmark & Tara from Fiction Folio. Probs to Anna for her mad skills in getting this to fit in one minute.

April In One Word


5 Things That Happened In April:

1. I finally got to meet my blogging bff/soul sister JEN FROM MAKESHIFT BOOKMARK!!! It was epic. Finally after 2ish years.
2. I flew from PA to Chicago for RT Convention & some girl time with my blogging bffs.
3. I got my engagement ring! 🙂
4. I got 10,000 unique visitors daily for a week due to a pin on Pinterest. HOLY FREAKOUT. Broke my blog.
5. I went to Books Of Wonder in NYC and met STEPHANIE FREAKING PERKINS!!!

5 Songs That Were Most Popular On My Ipod This Month:

1. Eyes Wide Open – Gotye (Was really digging Somebody I Used To Know a few months ago!!)
2. Everything by the Vitamin String Quartet since I’m using them in our wedding processional/recessional. AMAZING STUFF YOU GUYS.
3. Blue Skies Again — Jessica Lea Mayfield
4. Eyeoneye – Andrew Bird ( I used to be OBSESSED with him in college and haven’t listened to him in forever…and then I found out he had a new album!!)
5. Atlas Hands — Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Books I Read This Month:


I didn’t get much reading done this month with all the wedding madness…T-minus 4 months, you guys!!

1. The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting (I had been dying for this 3rd book in the series)
2. The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong
3. Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg
4. Eve by Anna Carey


Most Popular Review This Month


Most Popular Blog Posts Overall This Month

1. A Big, Ol’ Ridiculous Gif  Rant About Bookish Stereotypes
2. Series Suck…Or Is It Just Me?
3. Careless Book Spoilers: Or The  Bane of My Existence

Wtf  is up with me using gifs this month? I NEVER use gifs lol.

3 New Obsessions In April
1. Powerberries from Trader Joe’s (OMG SO GOOD)
2. Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers from Trader Joe’s
3. Sparkly Gold Hello Kitty nail polish (from Sephora)
2 Things I’m Looking Forward To In May

1. SUNSHINE & nice weather!! & driving with the windows down && pretty dresses….they all go together
2. My wedding dress should be in!!
What sort of things were noteworthy for you in April? New obsessions? Best books you read this month? Tell me! 🙂
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  1. I love powerberries and Andrew Bird and you and this video and your engagement ring and everything ever that was Jamie-fied.

  2. Awww… I love the picture montage! I think that I need to make one of these next time my besties are all in one place =) I’ve totally had “Somebody I Used to Know” on repeat for the last month or so and I’m definitely going to check out the song that you’re listening to! And *excited squeal* for engagement ring and wedding dress!!! You must be getting sooooo excited now!

  3. Engagement ring! WOOOOOO! *\o/*

  4. Brittany says:

    I read The Host by Stephanie Meyer this past month. Going into it I just read it because they’re making it a movie, and it sounded ishly interesting. HOLY book. It was amazing. I read it in about 2 days and stayed up until 3am one of the nights. That movie needs to come out ASAP. I would suggest it for sure.

  5. That video is why I love yall.


  6. It sounds like your April was a BLAST! Yesss to Andrew Bird. So funny because I was discussing him and his impeccable whistling with people the other day.

  7. Hahaha. That video is FANTASTIC. I need to meet all of you someday. Even though I’m not sure I could keep up.

    I can’t believe how amazing your April was. Hope May is just as good to you!

  8. Love, love, love that video and don’t even get me started on the Powerberries. Hope you have an amazing May too.

  9. If you love Jessica Lea Mayfield, do you love her brother David Mayfield? His band is awesome and when he dances, my heart melts. David Mayfield Parade. *swoon*

  10. What a great month! I love the video of all the photos, it’s awesome!

  11. I adore the video – because I love every single girl in it. I feel so fortunate to have met Tara and Anna this year at BEA; hopefully, I get to meet you and Jen in person sooner than soon!

    And I am so totally jealous that you got to meet Stephanie Perkins! She’s one of my favorite authors – and I would totally GO NUTS if I met her!


  1. […] I’ve been so fortunate to meet MOST of my favorite authors  (Stephanie Perkins, Gayle Forman, Megan McCafferty, Jonathan Safran Foer, David Levithan, Lauren DeStefano, Veronica Rossi, etc. etc. etc.). Seriously, only a few left I haven’t. And I’m so freaking lucky because I’ve even gotten to meet some of my VERY BEST BLOGGING FRIENDS in the whole wide world and the superstars that are the FYA ladies.  I have even had fun bloggy sleepovers where we make ridiculously awesome videos. […]