Review Of The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting

Book Cover Of The Last Echo Kimberly DertingBook/Author: The Last Echo: A Body Finder Novel by Kimberly Derting
Part Of A Series: Yes – The Body Finder (Bk 1) & Desires Of The Dead (Bk 2)
Genre: YA mystery (supernatural elements but  it’s not paranormal)
Publisher/Year: HarperTeen – April 17, 2012
I received this from the publisher for an honest review & it did not sway my opinions on this book or series.
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The Last Echo, the third installment of The Body Finders series by Kimberly Derting was by far the CREEPIEST & most thrilling (and my personal fave) of the three books. In the first two books, Violet has used her ability to hear echos from the dead to solve murders on her own. But in this book, she’s working with a team – an underground government agency if you will – with special abilities similar to her own that we were introduced to at the end of Desires of the Dead. Working on these cases with this group seem to get her into even more trouble!

As in The Body Finder & Desires of the Dead, every few chapters we get inside the head of who Violet is tracking down. This time around was THE creepiest ever. I honestly kept shuddering while reading the killer’s perspective in this one because it was just psycho killer movie type creepy to me as he hunts down girls from a local college. I wasn’t frightened but I definitely got the heebie jeebies for sure by being in his delusional mind. Though I thought one of the big things that happened to Violet was a little predictable (but then again I’m always guessing what’s going to happen in movies and tv shows), I compulsively had to read to figure out how this killer would be caught. I felt like a crazed detective that can’t eat or sleep until the case is cracked.

I loved learning more about Rafe and Sara and the rest of the gang. Although, my biggest issue with how this storyline was done  is that I wish we could have learned more about them and their abilities but hopefully we’ll get to learn more in the next book. I thought this storyline was interesting and made for some ultra tense moments that were eluded to at the end of Desires of The Dead… although I was a little distraught at the lack of Jay in parts of the book. I LOVE ME SOME JAY! But the parts he was in were worth it..especially a sexy little scene.

Let me just say the ending – SHOCKING. Cannot wait for the next book to see how THAT all plays out!

The Final Thought: If you want thrilling mysteries that involve supernatural elements & a tinge of romance, this is a great YA series for that! These books are always very quick reads and always keep my attention. The Last Echo did NOT disappoint for me as it upped the thrills and creepiness factor. I flew through it and couldn’t put it down until the very end…which left me with my mouth open and anxiously awaiting book 4! My crime drama show loving heart can’t help but love this series because they are a cross between Criminal Minds, Medium & a dash of Veronica Mars for good measure.

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PS. I’m looking to find even more YA mysteries that are either contemporary or have some supernatural elements (I already know a ton of paranormal mysteries). Recommendations??

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  1. Wait, what?! I thought this one was the last in the series?! Argh! Well, now I’m not sure I should bother rushing to get to it.

    • I thought the SAME thing as did someone else on Twitter! It was phenomenal but I can understand why you might want to wait! lol

  2. Oh, I’m thrilled to hear that this is your favorite of the series so far! These books have a knack for keeping me glued to the pages because of the pacing, mysteries, and creep factor, so I am super eager to jump into this book.

    • It was SO good!! Yes..that is exactly what it is that keeps me flying through these books! Desires of the Dead was my least fave but even that I couldn’t stop reading. This one was just AWESOME.

  3. Great review! I have wondered about this series, the covers always jump out at me on Goodreads/blogs and now you have me wanting to bump them up my to-read list!

    • Thanks for the comment! This is definitely a good series if you like mystery with a little supernatural elements! And I really love Violet and Jay! This series was a pleasant surprise for me!

  4. Charlotte says:

    I’ve always assumed this book is paranormal and I’m not a HUGE fan of paranormal so I’m really happy to hear that it’s not! Going to check out the first one from the library!

    • Yeah I’ve always seen it labeled as paranormal as well but I don’t really find it to be truly paranormal…there isn’t that paranormal world really. I always try to describe it as a mystery with supernatural elements — she can hear the dead as a special ability and others she finds also have different psychic types of abilities.

      Hope you enjoy it!

  5. I’m a little nervous about the lack of Jayness in this book, because, HULLO, he is my FAVORITE besides Violet, and I’m not digging the implication of a love triangle. HOWEVER, the creepiness factor is wearing away at my wariness because that’s one of the best parts of the body finder series… the killer psycho’s perspective in between. It makes you feel more anxious to witness him/her get caught.

  6. Cali W. says:

    Great review. I love the Pledge series by Kimberly Derting too. <3


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