Series Suck…Or Is It Just Me?

Yep, it’s just me. I SUCK at reading series. I have SO MANY series that I start (and passionately LOVE the first book) and then I never pick up the next book…not because I don’t LOVE the story or want to read it but because I SUCK at being a good series reader.

This is what happens:


I start reading the first book and I get sucked in by its awesomeness, the world, the characters lives or whatever else I happen to find particularly attractive about said book. I’m a ravenous, reading beast and I can’t get enough of the start to a series.

I finish the book and I FREAK OUT about how I NEEEED to read the next book. I feel like I can’t sleep until I have the next book. I can’t stop talking about it. I have this insatiable need to KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

But then, and this is where I seem to have problems, is the actual act of picking up the second book in the series. Somewhere between finishing the first one and walking over to my bookshelf I get lost. I’m not even talking about sequels that just aren’t out yet. I’m talking about sequels that I HAVE SITTING ON MY SHELVES or can easily go buy or get from the library. I get so amped up about continuing on with the story and then….nothing. It’s like I get so distracted by other shiny things that I just move on and forget about them. WHO DOES THAT?? I mean, I can’t even explain to you how ready I am to read these second books and then suddenly….it’s 10 months later and I’m like “OH YAH. I was dying to read that sequel…and then I don’t know what happened.”

It drives me BATTY because I wait so damn long and then can’t remember what the first one was all about!

Taking a quick glance at my bookshelf, here’s some of my currently abandoned series that I WANT to finish:

  • Jessica Darling series – WHICH I’m currently remedying as we speak. I was MAD about this first book if you read my review of Sloppy First. I wanted to smooch it and hug it and share with it a milkshake with two straws in it. Jessica Darling’s inner monologue and often humerous, poignant observations often made me laugh out loud. And I can say that I’m not normally a laugh-out-loud-while-reading-a-book kind of gal. I’m a big crier when I read books but gut-busting laughter and snark is only reserved for this series. SO WHY WHY WHY am I NOW, 9 months later, reading the Second Helpings??
  • Harry Potter: Errrm. You guys. I totally read the first book a long, long time ago when I was in middle school. All I remember is something about a train and some weird platform and Hogwarts. THAT IS ALL.Ā  What is wrong with me? I LOVED the first book way back when. I need help. I’m probably going to have to re-read the first book.
  • The Shade series by Jeri-Smith Ready – I am really picky when it comes to the paranormal books I read BUT my friends (namely: one of my blogging bffs Jen from Makeshift Bookmark) were OBSESSING over this series. Well, I gave into peer pressure and totally enjoyed Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready. I was SO ready to read Shift, which Jen so lovingly sent to me, but then I had read a review book and then…what? WHAT HAPPENED? How could I dooooo his when I was freaking back flipping with the prospects that Shift would bring?
  • Little Blue Envelopes – I didn’t LOVE 13 Little Blue Envelopes but I truly did want to read the second book!
  • Bumped series: The lovely Pam from Bookalicious sent Thumped to me months ago and I was SOO excited to read it because I really did enjoy reading more of a satirical dystopian novel. Bumped was so different to me and I really enjoyed it!
  • Kingdom of Xia series: I seriously LOVED Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon. I really don’t read much fantasy because I’ve always thought I just wouldn’t like it so I was pleasantly surprised when I flew through this and wanted to continue on with this story.
  • Delirium series: I really enjoyed Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I wasn’t sold at first but I warmed up to it and then devoured. Pandemonium made my top ten YA books I had to read in 2012 and WHY haven’t my grubby paws been all up on this book like an 8th grade boy at a dance??
  • Seeds of America series: I LOVED Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. I typically don’t read Middle Grade Literature but THIS was one of my all time favorite historical fiction books ever. I can see it becoming one of those books that teachers integrate into their curriculum. I bought Forge the day it came out and never read it….I have issues.
  • Percy Jackson series: I read the first two and just stopped…only because I wanted to break up my reading of the series with some adult books. And then I just never got back into it…
  • Millennium series: I really did enjoy The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I just never felt any urgency to pick up the second one but I look at it on my shelf and want to kick some ass with Lisbeth again.
  • Crank series: I read Crank YEARS ago…way before blogging…and that was in 2010 when I started. I thought it was so interesting. I even own Glass but just never have gotten to it.

This is just what I found on my shelf at a quick glance. I don’t even want to know the ones I missed or that I just don’t even own. It’s PATHETIC.

Am I the only one that has this problem? If you don’t have this problem, how do you tackle your series? Read them one after another so you don’t forget? Or do you space them out? I can’t keep track of them ALLLLL. Maybe that’s the problem…too many series out there!!

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I’m the same way- I almost never finish a series. But, I don’t consider it a problem. I only have but so much reading time. If the first book in a series doesn’t suck me in enough to want to finish the rest of them, I consider it a problem with the book, not with me. I’ve read the first book in the Percy Jackson series, the Millennium series, Game of Thrones, The Name of the Wind. They were just fine, and “fine” isn’t enough to make me commit to reading more.

  2. Well, I’m a middle school librarian and for me to be up to date and knowledgeable on many genres and titles, I dont have time to read the entire series unless I absolutely LOVE it. I think that with some reading the first book is enough to get a good handle on the story an characters do as to be educated enough to tell my students about it. šŸ™‚

  3. im kind on in the middle category on this. there are series i do the same as you and it drives me crazy that i never finish the series. its like you said i get distracted by the shiny stuff. There are so many nee good books that I go to the store totally ready to get the second or third book and I lleave with something else.
    although, there are some books that i get into so passionately that I go and get eat book right away and dont allow myself to touch anything else. I guess you just have to really want to finish it

  4. When I find a series that I love, I can’t put them down. I end up reading them all one right after the other. The worst thing is when all of the books are out except for the last one. Read 6 books in 3 days? Awesome! Wait a year for book 7? Fail.

  5. No, this happens to me, too. I read “Shiver” and loved it but then got distracted by other things, and every time I went to go start the second books I was like “What is this again?” Also, sometimes I like the first book, but I don’t feel like reading about the characters any more. Such was the case for me an Secret Society Girl. PS. You need to read Pandemonium!!!

  6. And here I thought I was all alone in this! I am (for the most part) the exact same way. I dunno why it happens to me but I can’t read a series straight through to save my life. It’s almost a requirement that I go read something else. And if I try to read them sequentially, bad things happen.

    For instance, for a read-a-long, I read Wither and Fever back to back. I will forever love Wither but I was so annoyed and frustrated with Fever that I almost think I gave it a unfair go. I will probably have to go back and read them again because I was really just unhappy while reading it.

    Another instance: A Song of Fire and Ice. I read (and LOOOOVVVVEDDD) A Game of Thrones in February. I could not get enough and ended up having my own personal little read-a-thon overnight to read the last two hundred pages or so. It was splendiferous. Immediately after that, I picked up the second book, A Clash of Kings so that I had enough time to read it before the season premiere. Guess who is STILL reading A Clash of Kings? Almost two months later and I still have some 400 pages left to cover. In all fairness, though, the books are long. I’m reading the big trade paperback versions so about a page and half of content from the mass market paperbacks are crammed onto one page for me. And they’re still over 600 pages apiece. To counteract this and not end up stuck reading this till the end of time, I put Clash down for a little while and read a few other things.

    (Overdone) Long story short, I am the same way and avoid reading series straight through henceforth, if I can help it. I’m glad we’re not alone and it’s okay that you don’t read them straight through. There are sooooooo many series out there you could almost just cycle through them but never have to stick to one storyline.

  7. I have to admit, I don’t always have this problem with series….but I do have it with a lot of them. I think the only reason I finished the Harry Potter series is because my little brother wanted to read them with me. It’s so easy to get distracted these days. I have the same problem with television…I LOVE Buffy and yet it has taken me years and years and years to get to Season 7 which I have yet to watch. I never made it past the first season of Battlestar Galactice…oh my god, Boomer’s a Cylon!

    I think most of it has to do with the relative intensity of an experience for me. If I really, really, really love a book…it does something to me. Changes my perspective, makes me think about new things or just makes me cry. Sometimes, when you’ve entered so deeply in the world of an author…it’s just hard to follow them into the woods again.

    After all, we’ve all got to get up for work, school etc. Got to go the post office and buy stamps, pick up some milk and many other mundane things that are so difficult to do when all you can think about is how soon you can pick up that book again and start reading Chapter Five.

    So I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not making it past the first book in a series…there is so much great literature out there after all. If you really feel like you’re missing out, than you will find yourself picking them up again.

    I made it through Phillip Pullman’s Golden Compass series but not past his first Sally Lockhart book The Ruby in the Smoke, which by the way I loved. Still, life is short. Put them on your “to read” list on Goodreads and go outside and go for a guilt-free romp through the sprinklers. There will always be more books to read after all.

  8. I don’t usually read series, but that’s not because I have a problem with them specifically. I can usually wait for a new book to come out if I have to, and sometimes it’s nice to know what book I want to read next right after finishing something. If I don’t finish a series I don’t usually feel guilty about it (but then I rarely feel guilty about not finishing books). I don’t usually read series simply because most of the books I’m interested in happen to be stand-alone books. I think literary fiction is much more likely to be stand-alone than to be part of a series, and since that’s usually what I read, I don’t read series very often. When I was younger I used to read them all the time, but not so much now. I’ve read a few series in my adult life (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Annals of the Western Shore) but they are the exception rather than the rule, I think.

    If you’re interested in reading a series where all the books can also stand alone, so you don’t have to read all three if you don’t want to, I highly suggest Annals of the Western Shore by Ursula K. LeGuin. It’s only three books long (Gifts, Voices, and Powers) and I think they can even be read out of order if you want, since they are more loosely connected than strictly chronological. They are one of the few YA series that I’ve read in recent years that I really enjoyed.

  9. Dude. I love series. There, I said it. But I am very selective in the series I continue. But the ones I love, I will read till they or I die. But I totally admit I have NOT finished the last JD book. OR Pandemonium, even though I was all over that shiz initially. WHY haven’t I read it?

  10. I LOOOOOOVE a series. SO MUCH. I don’t understand why everyone wants standalones so much. Bonus points if I start the series after it is completed or after there are several of the books out already.

    My problem is (and it’s WEIRD) —> I have a bizarre FEAR of finishing a series. I mean, like, reading the last book. I get overly emotional and cry the UGGLYYY CRY. Why? I don’t know. Well, I do know. I get SOOO ATTACHEDDDD. Which is exactly what the author wants. I totally play into their hands. But I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way…except NOT TO FEAR reading the last book of the series. I haven’t read the final His Dark Materials trilogy book, for example, because I won’t be able to leave my house for DAYS afterward because of my red nose and swollen eyes. I LOVE THOSE BOOKS TOO MUCH.

    So, we’re an odd couple, you and I. You can’t carry on with the series and I just can’t quit them. šŸ™‚

  11. I have this problem too. My memory is so bad that by the time the next book comes out, I have no freaking clue what happened in the previous ones. Either I have to restart the series from scratch or read a summary on the internet or just give up entirely. Such a pain! Especially with epic fantasy.

  12. My problem is that I’ll start reading a series, but after a few books I need to read something else to mix it up a bit. Then later, I want to read the rest of the series, but I’ve forgotten what happened in the first few books, so I need to start over! So I’ll end up with a series (like The Vampire Chronicles) where I’ve read the first few books a whole bunch of times, but never read the last few! It’s kind of absurd. That’s why I’m doing my Anne Rice Challenge this year. I’m hoping that it will make me read them close enough together that I can still remember the last book. šŸ˜›

    • Ooh, side note on this: When the third book in Markus Heitz’s The Dwarves series came out, I didn’t want to take the time to reread the other HUGE books in the series, so I just reread the last chapter of the second book! It worked like a charm! It refreshed my memory on where all the main characters ended up, so I know what’s going on at the beginning of the next one. šŸ™‚

  13. Oh, I feel your pain. How to balance all the new books with all the continuing series…I’ve read the first two Jessica Darlings, the first Vampire Academy, haven’t read Pandemonium, the first two Sophie Jordan’s, the first one in the Gone series, the first Percy Jackson, the first two Millennium, haven’t read the third Maze Runner, only the first two Hunger Games…I could go on! I don’t know what to do except retire so I have more time to read….

  14. I have the exact same problem! I used to think I was the only one. I haven’t found a solution to it yet except to reread the first book and continue (if it’s been a really long time.) Or just dive into the next and hope I remember enough of the series. šŸ™‚

  15. I am with you with Percy Jackson and Thumped. But girl, I just feel sad reading that you haven’t finished Harry Potter. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? LIKE BEST BOOK SERIES EVA. And you haven’t finished it. I weep on the inside.

    Also? You best get on finishing Jessica Darling. I love those books. I mean, I didn’t love the 3rd book or the 4th, but OMG the 1st, 2nd, and 5th, FAVORITES, yo.

  16. Also? Love the Will Ferrel gif!

  17. While I was reading this, I was like…”I never have that problem.” But then I looked at my bookshelf, which has had a copy of Hallowed sitting on it for some time now, and realized that I do! I don’t think it happens to me as often as it seems to happen to you, and usually it happens with a series I’m not overly fond of – Hush Hush, Michael Grant’s Gone series, The Maze Runner trilogy – but I’m actually interested in seeing how everything plays out in these series; I just can’t be bothered to pick up the next book.

    So strange.

  18. Please finish JD. Please. For me?

  19. Yeah, I have this problem, too. Like Andrea Cremer’s Wolfsbane series–Bloodrose is hanging out on my shelf. Maze Runner–The Death Cure stares at me every time I walk past my bookshelves. The Golden Compass series… Yes. It’s not just you. I’m not sure why the books that I was so very excited about just don’t seem all that appealing when I get them in my hands and on my shelf. Strange.

    But you REALLY need to read Pandemonium–even better than Delirium, IMO.

  20. Love the Elf gif!

    You could always re-read the Wikipedia entry on the book (if there is one) to catch yourself up. That’s what I did before reading the second Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book because I KNEW I wouldn’t remember most of it (it had been about 9 months since I read the first). With Harry Potter, I guess it was never really a problem for me. I loved HP so much that I always remembered most of it and if I didn’t remember something (like who a character was), I’d just google it real quick.

  21. I have such a love/hate relationship with series too. I love them dearly but I get tired of waiting for the next book in a series and when it is released I tend to forget to read it because by then I’ve moved onto other series.

    Jamie – do you mind if I borrow the concept of your post? I’d love to write about my own unfinished series on my blog. I will give you full credit and link up your post of course šŸ™‚

    • Yes!! So many series and it’s easy to move on and start a new one! And totally…feel free to use this concept!! Let me know when you post it…I’d love to stop by! šŸ™‚

  22. I am kind of the opposite. If it is a series, I have to read them all straight through. šŸ˜› I HATE it when the next book is not out yet!
    Happy Friday šŸ™‚

  23. So not alone. I’m more of a “I have the last book on my shelf and I just haven’t gotten to it” kind of reader. If I have to check it out of the library, I’ll get to it, but if I own it, it waits forever. This is true of Demon’s Lexicon series, Wolves of Mercy Falls series, and a number of other ones. I guess we all got it bad šŸ™‚

  24. First of all, love the Elf love. haha. Made my day! Second, HOW DID YOU NOT FINISH HARRY POTTER YET? I know, I know. The first book is kind of… boring and slow but I swear you will be so consumed by the time you get to book 3 and you’ll never want it to be over. Read Thumped!! Um, Jessica Darling. FINISH IT. I agree with April so much. 1 2 and 5 were the best. The best. And then I cried when I finished it.

    In all seriousness, it takes me forever to get into a series. It takes planning, especially because I am most likely taking them OUT of the library. I’m in the middle of the Princess Diaries right now and Kieran Scott’s He Said/She Said (or something like that) and I have to make sure I have time to devote to them (esp. since I’m not writing reviews on them) and that I can find them in time. It’s exhausting!

    This is a long comment. Love your blog posts. You make me laugh. And good luck!

  25. The Jessica Darling and Harry Potter series are two of my absolute favorites. The HP series really is one that is better if you section off a chunk of time for it; when I was reading them I ended up putting one of them down and just… didn’t get back to the rest until months later. It helps to read them in one go.

    As for the Jessica Darling books, well, they’ve got MARCUS FLUTIE. How could you put them down?! Get reading! ;]

  26. Ah I feel you! In the past I only started reading a series when the whole lot was published because I KNEW that I would just get distracted by other shiny things and never get to the next book.

    In recent years I’ve started more series than you can poke a stick at and even though I lurve them, by the time the next book is released I’ve started to forget why I loved the first/second book so much and just move on to other things.

  27. OMG I FEEL YA! I counted the series on my shelves a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you that I was SHOCKED at the amount (and I was only counting the ones I actually STARTED, let alone the first books in a series I’ve got on there..) It’s not that I get distracted (which I do, admittedly), it’s more that I try to keep up with so many series that I can’t get to all of them.

    There are some series I’m pretty loyal to: Kane Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan and I read those books when they come out.. But besides that, I’m kinda failing. Hard. Series I should get to ASAP: The Iron Fey (man, I loved the first book! The second a little less, but gaaaaahh need to know what happens!), The Maze Runner, Paranormalcy, Perfect Chemistry (I’ve had the second book for ages! It’s just.. sitting there) and The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. There’s tons more but these are just calling my name.. Yet I don’t pick them up. WHY

    On a slightly different note, I just started a new series tonight. Yup. #fail

  28. I definitely have the same problem. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose track of a book between the release of books 1 and 2, and so on.

    I read a lot of long, epic fantasy, and I made it a rule with those to not start the series until the author had finished them. Case in point? Robert Jordan and Wheel of Time. I fear GRRM and Game of Thrones will turn out the same way.

    I wish Goodreads had an easier way to keep track of books, rather than requiring you to put them on one of the three mandatory shelves. It would probably be easier to keep track of series that way. I use Amazon sometimes, adding upcoming books to my wishlist when they are listed on Amazon. But sometimes they aren’t.

  29. Oh I know exactly what you mean – and yes, I definitely have this problem too. I have all these good intentions of wanting to continue the next book in the series, but then get distracted by standalone novels. I think the main problem here is that, even though I do want to read the next book in the series, part of me just feels exhausted by all the series that are out there, that even looking at the second and third in a book series sitting on my shelf, just exhaust me.

  30. I do this! ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME! You are totally not alone! See my problem is I get so many of my books from the library that by the time I remember to order the next one (because my library is a little lame and rarely has the full series [and I say that with all the love I possibly can, because I seriously take waaaaaaaay too much advantage of their inter-library loan program]) I can hardly remember what the first was. I tend to be very “oooh shiny!” about my TBR pile. The book in front of me is the one I want to read next, even if there is a sequel to a super amazing gotta read it NOW series in there. I’m still trying to figure out a way to overcome that – maybe we need to found a support group? One where we all poke each other to get back to those series’ we couldn’t stand to live without just a few weeks before!

  31. I am only that way if the next book in the series isn’t out yet… but you crack me up! That is one long list of not continued series…

  32. I suck at being a series reader too. The only series I’ve ever read from start to finish is the Harry Potter series. Actually, I’ve read it about four or five times.

    I’ve started so many other series, and many of the books left me wanting…no, needing more! Sometimes I’ll move on to the next book and then the book after that. But, a lot of times I usually get burned out after a while. Usually I intend to return to the series at some point, but then I get distracted by all the other great books in the world.

    The next series I plan to finish is the Twilight series. I’m so close to finishing it! I’m half way through the last book. It’s within arms reach from my reading nook. But…I haven’t stretched my arm out to pick it up in about a year. It’s just been sitting there collecting dust. I kind of have a like/hate relationship with the series which is why I’m having a hard time finishing it.

  33. UM, YES?! I like to wait until a series is finished so I can barrel through them at once because I know I won’t finish them otherwise. However, since I picked YA back up again and they have a thing for trilogies with a year gap in between, it’s so much more likely for me to forget a series! There are so many of them! If there are more than 3 books in a series, I tend to put off that series. I totally get I LOVE THIS BOOK! NEXT ONE PLEASE! and yet don’t immediately get to it. I remember really liking Jessica Darling too but still haven’t finished the series, sigh.

  34. What an interesting problem! I wouldn’t have thought that it would be a common issue (mostly because it’s so foreign to me), but looking at the comments, I appear to be wrong! I guess it’s just hard for me to relate because I LOVE series!

    I start out the same as you.. I LOVE the first book and go ZOMG OMG OMG NEED MOAR! So then I just grab the next book and immediately continue, totally consumed in the story. I whip through series quickly and over and over again. I’ve read the entire His Dark Materials series multiple times, Harry Potter multiple times, Percy Jackson multiple times, etc. I just can’t get enough! If I love the first book, I want more of the story, so that’s why I devour the rest.

    Maybe you have like a subconscious desire to just constantly have something new? Who knows!

  35. Wow. I didn’t expect to see this many people who don’t finish series. I don’t think I’ve ever not kept up with a series I liked. I’m just dorky enough to write release dates on my calendar, so I don’t forget them! I have 14 release dates on my calendar this year for series that I am reading. I’m pretty much a series whore. Although I do read quite a few stand alone books as well. I love being able to follow the story beyond the first book. I love to sit around and think about what may happen next.

    And how could you NOT have finished the HP books?! O.o

  36. I go back and fourth – It took me almost a year to read Jessica Darling – Although I really did love the series. And I quit Vampire Academy after book 3, took a four month break and then quickly read the last half. (But VA was spoiled for me by a reader who left a HUGE spoiler in my review of the third book. I was devastated.)

    But othertimes? I can sit down and read pretty well non-stop. (I did that with Stephanie Plum an Sookie Stackhouse when I first found them – until I got sick of them *lol* )

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  37. You are not alone. (I am here with youuuu). But seriously I do have a serious series problem. I even blogged about it once.

    In other news, HARRY and PERCY need you! THEY NEED YOU JAMIE.

  38. yea, no, not the only one!! jajajajaja

    I try to read series all at once, even it it turns into a month-long read. ‘Cause any book sitting for any length of time is in danger of remaining sitting… and Next-In-Series are the saddest. I’ve got Pandemonium, too. Waiting. Echoes of Betrayal. Waiting. I’m not admitting to The Iron Daughter waiting, yet… I’ve got a chance to dive in if i’m FAST!!

    Great thoughts.

  39. See, I only usually have this problem when the sequels have yet to come out. I read the first book, love it to death, and then by the time the sequel comes out I’ve forgotten plot and possibly characters. Then I have to re-read the whole series in order to remember what happened. This was a big problem when I was reading the Private series by Kate Brian, but I just ignored my memory problems and kept reading every time a new one came out because there were what felt like a million books in that series. Also the Wolves of Mercy Falls series I really enjoyed, but have yet to pick up the last book. Oy. I think a part of the problem is after waiting a little bit for a book I have added SO MANY new titles to my to-read list that I have to figure out a way to work in the old series again.

  40. Hahaha, it’s not just you, really, it’s not. I’m probably not quite so bad, but I do have my moments (I am also for some reason NOT reading Second Helpings though I LOVED Sloppy Firsts with a passion). I find if I read a series back to back, I get burned out, so I try to space books in between, but sometimes one or two books turns into like…10, and then you know how it goes. One of the best solutions I’ve found is I don’t start a lot of series until they’re all published, this increases the chances that I’ll read them by about ten fold.

    Glad to see you’re finally reading Second Helpings though!

  41. You’re totally not alone! When I worked in the kids section of a bookstore, I was terrible for reading the first book in a series, but never reading further. I wanted to get a taste of what the series was like so that I could recommend it to customers, but there were just too many books out there to keep reading one series. So I’d “sample” each one, and then move on. And I TOTALLY agree with you that I always feel that I need to reread the first book when I go back, since so much time has passed. Now, I try to keep reading the series once I start, but I get frustrated with a series that just goes on and on. With the exception of the Harry Potter series (which you MUST keep reading, that’s non-negotiable), the perfect series should be a trilogy. Three books is the perfect time to develop a story, without committing to reading a story that just keeps going and going and going. Even the Jessica Darling series, in my opinion, should have ended at book 3. Five was a tad too long (although I did enjoy books 4 and 5 as well).

  42. I have the opposite problem. If I start a series I HAVE to finish it, even if I don’t like it! (Hence I have read most of the Twilight series despite throwing every one across the room at least once, and most of the Shopaholic Series despite wanting to hit Becky across the head)

  43. You MUST read the next book in the Percy Jackson series! It’ll probably take all of a day as it’s super short and it’s fantastic!

  44. OMG you didn’t loooove 13LBE either? HIGH FIVE. I did not like that book. The sequel.. I liked it less. And I totally need to read the third JD and the fifth Vampire Academy book. URGH. And Pandemonium. But you need to finish Percy Jackson, like, yesterday. Best.

  45. Why is HP on this list? I..I..I can’t even speak to you right now! *runs off to cry*

    Seriously, girl! Get with it! HP is da bomb dot com šŸ™‚ xo

  46. You are definitely not alone in this series suck! I’m the same way, although I’m still very passionate about the series that I really love (*ehem* Harry Potter should be read *ehem*).

    If I could propose a theory about why this happens to most of us, it’s this – we get distracted by even MORE series which are all FANTASTIC and we get caught up and excited, rinse and repeat. It’s a crazy cycle (and I love it because of all the series I discover) but I should work on catching up on my series.

    P.S. I haven’t read the Jessica Darling series though so many of my favorite bloggers, including you, have given it rave reviews. I should get on that!

  47. Me too. You are NOT alone. I completely agree with you on your points. I’m considering starting a list of series I’m in the middle of but I wouldn’t remember all of them…HAH! I start out the first, finish that, and then…. It’s rare I will ever get past the second or third. I’ve decided to make a New Year’s resolution to only read a series if I know I have enough time to finish reading all the rest of the books. But then there’s the problem of ones that are not completely finished yet and still being written. :3

  48. Totally agree. šŸ™‚ Had a big, long, comment but I lost it….

  49. I’m the same way! It’s like I build it up so much in my head that I somehow no longer want to pick up the book for fear of ruining it….OR I always think books 2+ will give me ALL THE FEELINGS like book 1 did and it never does!

  50. It’s funny because with me, it’s the exact opposite. I HAVE TO finish a series, even if I don’t really want to, because I’d feel guilty. It’s only recently that I’ve learned it’s okay to not finish a series.

  51. I know I’m late to this party, but this resonated so much I had to say something:

    I am the sort of person who collects [certain kinds of] series, always completed (or at least each book is self-contained), from used-book stores. Because, in theory, if I fall in love with characters, I’d like to spend more time with them.

    But then I don’t read the books I HAVE ON MY SHELVES because I’m so afraid the characters I love will change enough I won’t love them anymore, and I don’t know if I could bear that.

    And I fall in love with books in a 6 or 10 book series, and the idea of plowing through without reading anything else (your comment about Percy Jackson), well, that just seems unbalanced, so… yeah. This is my random internet confession for the day.


  52. I don’t tend to have this problem with series because I tend to read series by a select group of authors and then whilst I’m waiting for the next book in the series to come out, I’ll read other books (for instance at the moment, I’m only reading The Throne of Glass series, The Raven Boys Series, HIVE and Young Sherlock Holmes, so I will read the newest books in these series each year and then spend the rest of my time reading standalones. I guess it’s best to buy an already completed series and then crash read them all at once? Although I can’t say I’ve ever done that.


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