A Very Swoonworthy Retail Therapy!

Wow! I haven’t done a Retail Therapy post since February when I showcased those beautiful library pulls and cabinets. I came across this Pride & Prejudice themed mug on Pinterest a few months ago but there was no link to where it was from. After a bit of searching I found them on ETSY! Surprise, surprise…all good things come from Etsy!

I have so many favorite lines from Pride & Prejudice (see: my top ten favorite quotes) but I just DIE when I read this part of the book. So when I saw this mug…BING BANG BOOM. Totally buying it. The Etsy shop that sells these, Brookish, is a Jane Austen themed shop that sells some other really great things.  I also thought the Darcy quote onesie was ADORABLE. Pretty sure I’m buying this mug for one of my bridesmaids who loves Pride & Prejudice as much as I do!


Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Brookish. I stumbled upon these on my own and wanted to freely share my find!

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  1. Oh. The last thing I need is another mug, but I am SO TEMPTED right now. ♥

  2. Need it want it have to have it

  3. I think I’ll put the mug on my birthday wishlist 🙂 The onesie is cute too!

  4. Oh my gosh. Those are so great. My cabinets are overflowing with mugs (which is kind of ridiculous, as I’m the only coffee drinker in our house), but I WANT ONE.

  5. Love this! Being incredibly poor atm, I’d probably try to make my own, which should be fairly cheap and doable with plain mugs and a paint pen. Of course, I can’t write that pretty on a curved surface and it wouldn’t look nearly so nice. Perfect gift for bookish bridesmaids!

  6. OMG! those are so cute! 🙂 i must check out this shop! thanks so much!

  7. I luff ALL of her coffee mugs! So adorbs.

    And really, what could be better than reading a declaration of love from Mr. Darcy every morning?

  8. SO SO SO Adorable.. I can’t possibly buy another mug!

  9. Thanks for this! I think I will have to get the slouchy Persuasion sweatshirt, LOVE.

  10. This stuff is made of epicness. I wants the mug 😛 Checking out the shop now.

  11. So thank you for introducing me to this shop. The Captain Wentworth scarf? Swoon!!! That is the exact quote I posted on my blog when I was re-reading “Persuasion” a couple of weeks ago.

  12. I WANT THAT MUG. I love Jane Austen (and I’m due for a reread) and that quote is particularly lovely.


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