Top Ten Books I Think Would Make Great Movies/Tv Shows

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This is with the assumption they will do the books justice! 😛 I only picked 8 because I only really felt REALLY strongly and could picture these so much in my head!

Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg Book Cover1.Legend by Marie Lu — Any film producer who could mess this up is an idiot. If done right, this could be incredible. The whole June and Day cat and mouse game, the worldbuilding that would translate well, all the action..AH.

2. Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg — I actually see this as more of a tv show that follows these characters through school. A Glee meets Smash meets all the teen dramas we love.

3. Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty — I could see this, despite not having read the rest of the series, being a great tv show. I’d be down with a little Jessica Darling each week for sure. She’d be that snarky, awesomely smart character I always love!

4. Losing Clementine by Ashley Ream — I have this thing for really offbeat movies and I think this could be really great if done well. Definitely an indie flick with unknown cast. I can see it so well. It’s dark and could translate really well into film.

5. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater — I need to do a re-reading of this book because I wasn’t as in LOVE with it as others but mostly it seemed like I just was in the mood for something lighter. I feel that I didn’t enjoy it because of stress..I’m telling you…sometimes it REALLY isn’t the book…it’s me. Anywho, I could see this SO vividly as being a movie. Some of the scenes she described…ahhhh.

6. Ten Things We Did And Shouldn’t Have by Sarah Mylnowski – This would be suuuuch a fun summer movie!!

7. The Body Finder series by Kimberly Derting — I see this as a tv show that’s a cross between Veronica Mars & Medium.

8. Eve by Anna Carey: I haven’t reviewed this (but will soon as I just finished it) yet but I honestly could see it being a very interesting movie. I could picture the havoc of 98% of the population being wiped out and how things would look after that. There would be good action & tension for sure.



Do you agree or disagree with my picks? What are some of yours? What, in your mind, makes a good book to movie transition?

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  1. I picked Take a Bow, too! I just love movies (and books, obvs) with performing arts schools. I mean, how incredible would it be? And also, you just reminded me (unrelated) that I need to read Eve soon. :0)

  2. The Scorpio Races is on my list too. I agree. I heard it’s been optioned so hopefully we’ll see it on the big screen soon.

  3. I debated about The Body Finder, but there are just too many books I would love to have as movies. :o) I haven’t read many of these books so I couldn’t really say, but I will be taking a look at them on Goodreads. My Top Ten Books to Movies!

    Amanda @ Sisters Unedited

  4. I agree with Ten Things we did. I just started it recently and was thinking about how it could be adapted 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

  5. I could see Ten Things We Did and Shouldn’t Have. That book was so over the top with wild adventure/house parties/borderline crime/fun! Your list is great, thanks for sharing.

  6. The Body Finder would be super interesting to watch… I love criminal shows like Criminal Minds and Law and Order, so I’m pretty sure I would enjoy it!!! Great post!

    I would love it if you could check out my TTT!

  7. Oooh… I should have added Legend onto my list. Especially since I just watched Les Mis (sigh) last weekend! That would be an epic movie. I made my list with the same hesitation that you did — movie directors can only touch these books if they cross their hearts hope to die promise that they don’t screw them up!!!

  8. I wouldn’t mind seeing Legend on the screen! Partially because I would love to see a real life Day (haha), but also because it would make a great story onscreen, too. And oh goodness, Ten Things We Did would be the cutest girl movie ever!

    My Top Ten

  9. Ten Things would be such a fun movie! I also think Legend would be amazing! Fantastic choices!
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  10. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    I’m ready for some fun summer movies!

    Here’s my
    Top Ten Books I’d Like to See Made into Movies.
    I’d love to have you stop by!

  11. Legend is on my list, too. I think it will be a great movie! Great list! 😀

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  12. Jenn @ Lost in a Great Book says:

    The Scorpio Races – Yes! That would make for one amazing movie if it was done correctly. Excellent choices!

  13. SLOPPY FIRSTS! That’s all.

  14. OH LOSING CLEMENTINE, great job picking that one Jamie! I missed the mark on that one. You’re so right. It could be awesome, particularly with the PERFECT actress playing Clementine!

    I’m a little jealous that you thought of that one, my dear!

  15. Eve by Anna Carey would make an awesome movie! That’s such a good book 😀 You’ll enjoy it!

  16. I really need to read Legend and you are completely right about The Scorpio Races. I’m almost done listening to the audio version and it has blown me away! I thought it would be just alright and it has been amazing!

  17. Ooh…Jessica Dariling as a TV show. I never thought of that, but you’re right, it could be a good. A bit like Daria, I think, except hopefully not a cartoon. I’d be curious to see who they would cast as Marcus Flutie.

  18. Totally agree with The Jessica Darling series, but I think I’d be kinda scared to see who they cast as Marcus Flutie, because he is my book boyfriend and and I am very possessive of him and have towering expectations as to who could do him justice:) Also, The Body Finder, YES. That would be a perfect creepy suspense-filled movie!

  19. I definitely agree with you on Legend! I’d like to see that.

  20. I absolutely agree! Especially Legend and Take A Bow -they would be top 2 on my list. I then would add something from The River of Time series by Lisa T Bergren. If you haven’t read it, pick up Waterfall (great adventure/romance in medieval Italy).

  21. I have no desire to read Losing Clementine, but from the reviews I’ve read, I can see that being the sort of indie movie I would enjoy! For some reason I think I’d handle the suicide thing better on screen than in a book…

  22. Ah, these look pretty cool. Sloppy Firsts is on a lot of people’s lists; it’s time I read it.

  23. TEN THINGS, JAMIE! YES. Can we be in this movie? I think we could do it other than being practically a decade older than the target audience. Whatevs.

  24. Great list! I haven’t read these, but Anna @ Anna Reads chose Sloppy Firsts to0 🙂

  25. Great list! We only had one in common (Ten Things) but the other ones who mentioned sound good too. A lot of people have been listing Sloppy Firsts which I haven’t read but I should!

  26. Legend also made my list. It’s such an absorbing story with two great lead characters.

  27. I nearly added Sloppy Firsts to my list! I’m surprised it hasn’t been made into a movie yet.

  28. I am one of those people who LOVED The Scorpio Races. (Then again, we are going to have to remember that I’m a Maggie fangirl.) I think it would actually translate well as a movie BUT I’m not sure if there would be enough going on to make it as long as traditional movie. There will probably have to be a lot of artsy shots taken and included in it.