I Really Owe You Guys!

Hello there friends! Hope you all have been enjoying summer sunshine and all that goes with it — iced tea, frozen beverages that contain alcohol, cute pedicures for all the world to see, sitting poolside or beach bumming it, reading outside, watermelon dripping down your face, etc. etc. ALL OF THE GOOD THINGS.

I’ve been enjoying those things but I’ve also been in a massive wedding planning  black hole. It’s crunch time with only THIRTY-FREAKING-SIX more days until the wedding day.  Cue massive amounts of freaking out and binge eating. In addition to that, I’m honestly just trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL I want to do with my life. What makes me happy? What am I bored of? What will make me feel satisfied? What am I good at? The company I currently work for is going under/being sold off/ I don’t even know. I just know I’ll only have a job probably through this month. So I’ve been furiously trying to figure out ALL OF THE ANSWERS above and trying to apply for new jobs before the ax hits my neck. To no avail. All I’ve come up with is that I’d like to read and blog and Tweet and drink tea and perfect my smoothie making skills and go on Pinterest and make about 1/100 of the pretty things I find.

ANYWHO. All that being said. My blog has experienced a lot of silence lately. It’s not that I’m not reading. Oh I AM. It’s not that I don’t love you or love doing this. I just need some time to let my brain cells recuperate. They need some deep tissue massaging and some fruity drinks with colorful umbrellas. I start to think about writing a review and my brain just shorts out.

SO..since I love you so much and owe you big time. I’ll show you some things I’ve been up to wedding wise. Drumroll PLEASE….

A sneaky peak from my engagement sesh done by the ever so lovely Morrissey Photo at a local winery:





First Wedding Dress Fitting (Shh..I look like a hot mess bc I came from work!)


Bridal Party Pic at my bridal shower + sistersss!


So..that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to in the past month or so! I promise I’ll be back to a semi-normal (you know I’m not one for daily posting) schedule SOON, my dears.

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. These are the cutest pictures ever!

    I hope you find a new job ASAP, without a ton of hassle. It’s easy to let all the little things build up and ruin any bit of positivity you had, but I know once your wedding comes around you’ll bounce back. Hang in there and enjoy it! 🙂

  2. I love your engagement photos! You look gorgeous and your wedding dress is also stunning. I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see pictures from your wedding. Enjoy this exciting time!

  3. Aww, those pictures are so cute! Congrats in advance! I love your dress; it’s georgous!

    I hope you get a job ASAP!

  4. I miss your face!!

    The pictures in this post are all adorable. Your wedding gown looks gorgeous. I’m excited for you when it comes to the wedding, and I’m sure everything will fall into place and it will be a most AWESOME occasion.

    As for figuring out what to do work-wise, I totally feel you. I’m working at a job that helps with the bills, but it’s not what I would want to do for the rest of my life. I’m in the middle of some reflection myself… but so far, nada on the concrete plan. I do pretty much just want to read and blog and write and sleep and eat and work from home and travel – but how do you fit that all into one job? LOL, we may just have to create our own!

    Good luck with everything! <3

  5. You are gorgeous and I love you xo

  6. I love your engagement photos. You guys are adorable!

  7. Those pictures are wonderful!!! I love, love, love them!

  8. Your engagement photos are gorgeous! As are you =) Hoping that the next 36 days go smoothly for you, and that your big day is all you hoped it would be and more.

    Here’s something that keeps me grounded in moments of panic/stress/life-altering decisions: Deepak Chopra once said that “Everything in this moment is as it should be.” So when it seems like the world is spiralling out of control, and you’re not sure where you should go and what you should do, just remember that you’re meant to be living in this moment for a reason and it’s meant to be, even the craziness. And when you come out the other side, stronger, more successful and with a KICK ASS job, you’ll say, “Oh that? Little job fiasco? Oh that was nothing, look where I am NOW!”

  9. Wow! Your engagement pictures are BEAUTIFUL! And your dress? GORGEOUS!
    I´m sure you´ll figure out something and it might hit you when you less think about it…
    Good luck with the rest of the preparations! I´ve been there last year and people are right when they say: “nobody else really knows what you planned, so no reason to stress TOO much…” oh and they´re also right when they say: “It´s one of the best day!” because you´re surrounded by people you love and who love you and really, nothing can beat that!

  10. I love your yellow dress! And your wedding dress! So awesome.

  11. Jessica says:

    Love your wedding dress! It fits perfectly!

  12. YAY! It’s coming!!! So excited for you!

  13. Lovely, lovely photos!!! I’m so excited for you 🙂 And I hope that your soul-searching / job-hunting goes well for you and you have some good luck soon!

  14. Cheryl Sammons says:

    Take a deep breath. Shut your eyes, lean your head back and take another deep breath. Take all the paperwork you have on the table, open a box and put it in it. Use a marker and label it “Table”. Take another deep breath and then work on your wedding. You are so close to it that anything else doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. The rest will work itself out AFTER the wedding. Post every now and then as the date approaches to let us know how it’s coming along. We’ll be waiting for your return in about 6 weeks. YOUR happiness is what’s important now. Enjoy and congrats!

  15. Hi lady! I absolutely absolutely love the shots you guys too. You are an adorable couple, your dress is perfect, ah! I’m so so so excited for you. I remember how crazy I felt around this time too… I was like crying while watching UP and cutting coffee filter flowers (true story… my living room looked like Big Bird was murdered…without blood.) I really hate that you are dealing with so much at once but I think it might actually help put things into perspective and help you prioritize. Too many people get too antsy nuts before the wedding and lose track of the prize and that REAL LIFE KEEPS GOING. You are a smart lady, and you know all of this. So you are already ahead of the game. Sending you a bunch of hugs and well wishes for the next 36 days and beyond! I’m so excited for you because let’s face it, marriage is pretty effin awesome. And no matter what happens that lovely man will be on your side!

    Longest comment ever, I know. xoxoxoxo

  16. Oh Jamie, you’re going to make such a beautiful bride! Love the engagement pictures (Your dress! Will’s shoes!) and so excited for you!

    PS – you don’t owe anyone anything! 😉

  17. LOVE those engagement photos in the vineyard! And that dress…ZOMG you are gorgeous girl. Enjoy the rest of the wedding whirlwind and I’m sending good job vibes your way 🙂

  18. Hi, friend! Oh, Jamie! You look absolutely stunning – in the engagement pictures, in your wedding dress (!!!) and … well, just always and forever. Amen.

    Just focus on you and your man. That’s all it’s about – have fun with your wedding and remember that it’s you guys that matter. Sometimes, when a bride gets freaked out that I didn’t get 15 shots of straws and peacocks (true story) I have to sit back and wonder if she’s going to be thinking about those things 50 years from now. My guess – probably freakin’ not. Hopefully she’ll look back on how happy they were, what a great first dance they had (as they try to remember the lyrics to there then favorite song), etc.

    Cannot wait to see the wedding photos, but have so much fun bein’ a single lady for the next 36 days. xoxox

  19. You two are just the cutest! You look so amazing together.

  20. Ahhhh this is so exciting!! Your engagement photos are adorbs and you look BEAUTIFUL in your wedding dress. So many congratulations to you x

  21. Those pictures are so adorable! Seriously, you guys are too cute :]

  22. Sarah Handrich says:

    Great photos! Your wedding dress is beautiful! 🙂


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