Things I’m Afraid To Tell You – A Book Blogger Confesses ALL!

This post is inspired by this past Tuesday’s Top Ten Tuesday topic in which we all shared our most scandalous bookish confessions & the popular meme that was going around other blogging communities called Things I’m Afraid To Tell You. I saw it here.

I limited my list this Tuesday to more reading/habit based confessions. I left blogging out of it. But then I got to thinking, since I’m all about being open and honest and genuine on my blog, maybe I should do a little confessing of the book blogging variety. It’s easy for us to glance around at the community and see shiny, perfect blogs. It always looks like everyone has it together. Everyone is so confident. Maybe some of them do and are. I certainly don’t. You will see that by the end of this post.

Things I’m Afraid To Tell You About My Blog & Myself As A Blogger


1. I often feel inadequate as a book blogger because I don’t read nearly as many books as my fellow bloggers. It’s a combination of a busy life, being really easily distracted on the internet & sometimes loving to savor what I’m reading. I see book bloggers churn out so many book reviews and see their end of year reading stats and I feel like I’m a horrible book blogger. It’s just hard for me to juggle ALL of the other things I love to do with reading…and seriously my inability to get off the damn internet is also a problem. This always results in me feeling less well read then most bloggers. Conversations go like this:

Blogger: Have you read this book?
Me: No, I haven’t gotten around to that one.
Blogger: WHAT? Surely you’ve read that book. Everyone has. It’s like the holy grail of YA books. How could you have not? I bet you’ve read this book then…
Me: Nope. Haven’t read that author yet.
Blogger: Who are you?

2. I struggle to write reviews. I’m not really a great review writer to be honest. I could talk your ear off all day and tell you what I liked and disliked and all my favorite parts but I really struggle to put pen to paper and organize my thoughts in a coherent manner. I’m all over the place. That’s why most of my reviews tend to be more conversational than anything. Gotta go with what you know, yes? But I do envy some bloggers who write these incredible reviews.  I wish I could.

3. Sometimes I feel like an outsider sitting at the uncool kids table. I know I’ve got my blogging bffs and my amazing readers but sometimes I get all insecure (psh yep I thought that would go away when I got older) about if people like me and if they like my blog. I think it stems from the fact I’ve never really had girl friends before so I’m awkward and insecure about it all.  I think it’s probably pretty natural to want people to like you and appreciate what you do but sometimes, in my head & to Will & some very close blogging friends, I’m a big baby about it. Wahhh..nobody likes me. Wahhh nobody is talking to me. Wahh nobody appreciates or recognizes anything I do.  Wahhh everybody is all bffs and I want to be friends too. Wahh I feel excluded. Seriously, in these moments I am the stupidest person alive. lol. And then logic and sometimes a good kick in the pants from a blogging bff and I’m all back to normal — knowing that I have the support of a good chunk of the blogging community. I know that when my brain isn’t having a Toddlers And Tiara sized meltdown.

4. Related to numero uno on this list, I have stopped reading some chunkster-esque books on my TBR because I feel this insane pressure to pump out reviews. It’s also led me to not read some of the classics I’ve had on my shelves for so long. I am working on this because there is no reason why I shouldn’t read things I really want to read just because they might take me longer.

5. I am never ahead with the blog. The most posts I’ve ever had scheduled ahead of time is 2 or 3. That was a big deal. I know bloggers who are months ahead. I WISH. I am a world class procrastinator and most of the time I am furiously typing away before I go to bed to get a post done. I wish I was more organized but this is how I work apparently. Hey, it worked for me in college. I’d be writing a paper up until the last second and running out the door to hand it in and I’d still get the same A as the girl who had the paper done a week in advance. I don’t get myself.

6. I used to be really fanatical about having posts all the time but I’ve really relaxed in the past year or so. It probably had to do with some blog soul searching & reflecting  I did and creating my blogging manifesto but I do NOT care one bit if my blog goes silent for a week or two. The wedding was the ultimate test of that because my blog was prettyyy silent this summer. I used to feel panicky and my palms would sweat at the thought of not posting every day but now I feel so less stressed about it.

7. I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulder once I moved to WordPress and could no longer have the google friend connect widget anymore. While I never let follower counts be a main focus of my blog (I value content and community), I would secretly obsess over the count. I remember I was freaking out that I’d lose all 1,500 of my followers if I switched and about what publishers would think without my follower count. Then I did it and BOOM. I can’t even tell you how much I love not having it anymore. Seriously.

8. I don’t get swag. It just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Neither do a lot of the other things in the blogging community but I don’t want to name them for fear of making someone feel bad.  It’s just me. I’m really kind of simple in terms of my blog and don’t do a lot of the other things. Just a personal preference.

9. I am the worst giveaway host in the world because I take forever to send out giveaways. They always go out but it takes me SO LONG because I can never get to the post office at the times they are open and my Saturdays are never free really.

10. I don’t read a lot of book blogs anymore. I have my favorites in my reader, visit people who leave meaningful comments (when I’m on my game and commenting!) and I’ll click on links when something piques my interest but I have severely cut down on the amount of blogs I follow. I don’t have time to read all the book blogs out there. I wish I could so I could encourage everyone but it became too much. Also, I just found myself to feel like a lot of blogs clumped together in my mind and so I kept the ones that vividly stood out to me either because of their personality, their spot on recommendations, their tastes, etc. There are many reasons that keep me coming back.

11. Sometimes I get jealous. Not so much of because of what people get from publishers (I think I’m blessed that I get anything at all and I’m thankful when I do) but more so I feel like I am so uncreative and not as eloquent as everybody else. I’m jealous of those posts that are genius, that make you think, that make you laugh or that motivate change. It’s not a bitter jealousy but it’s jealousy nonetheless.

12. My blog email is overflowing. I am the worst at managing it. I have like a thousand emails in there. It’s my goal this fall to organize and delete.

13. Since I started this blog (and The Broke and the Bookish) at the end of June 2010 I have almost quit quite a few times. Sometimes it’s when I’m in one of those Blogger Pity Party modes for myself and I get all down on myself about my blog, sometimes it’s when I am super busy and blogging seems like a burden. Sometimes it’s when I feel uninspired or like nobody is listening. Other times it’s because I contemplate whether or not I WANT to read this much and spend so much time online when I could be out doing other things. I really do think about that sometimes. I LOVE reading but I have never read this compulsively or quickly before blogging. And then blogging about it takes even more time. I think about how every moment I’m blogging I’m giving up time to do other things…just like with anything else you spend your time doing. But when I’m RIGHT THERE on the edge of YES I AM QUITTING something pulls me back in. So, until the day I go over the I Quit Blogging Cliff, I’m here. I’ll quit when I’m done and clearly I’m not.

14. I don’t read every day. I try to read every day (and mostly succeed) but sometimes I go for days or even a week without picking up a book. Sometimes I just need to do something else. I get burnt out. Or sometimes I’m just too busy.


Annnd that’s all my blogging confessions for now. It was quite therapeutic. Not that you ever thought I had my crap together but if you did…the veil has been lifted! 😛  Tell me..if you are a blogger…do you have any blogging confessions? If you aren’t a blogger, tell me some of your bookish confessions!

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Wow – you are almost exactly spot on with what I think as well! I’m fortunate enough to be a fast reader, so I do tend to churn out the books – but even so, I always feel pressure to read more/read faster, so that pressure is across the board. I’ve gotten to the point now where I challenge myself, and just don’t pay attention to all those other people talking about this or that book. Instead I smile, and nod and make a note of the title if it interests me.

  2. After reading this I completely fell in love with you. I’m exactly the same way and fir many of these precise reasons (and a few more) I stopped blogging 3 years ago. In the last year I changed my reading from what everyone said I should read to reading what I decide to read. I hate reading book reviews and prefer to read about the lives of readers. Om a pretty prolific book blog reader and blogs that just churn out review after review seem to lack authenticity to me and I stop following.

  3. Wow. I love this confession! Almost everything you’ve said here mimics how I feel about blogging/my blog. It’s nice to know others feel the same way! Here’s my 2 cents: If it doesn’t make you happy, it’s probably not worth doing. This applies to most things in life, but I try particularly hard to remember this when it comes to things on the internet. Because the internet (for most of us) is a recreational thing, and our time spent there should be about adding something positive to our lives. So blog the way that makes you happy and read the books that you enjoy! And thanks for reminding me that I should be doing the same… maybe I’ll dust off one of those classics on my shelf and not worry that it’s going to make me behind on my reading goal.

  4. So true! You’ve hit several nails on the head with this post. Thanks for sharing.

    Maybe I should move to wordpress…

  5. We have many of the same confessions. I procrastinate big time and write posts late at night at are due for blog tours at 6AM the next day. I leave reading certain blog tour books til it’s almost too late and I’m scrambling. I surf the internet like it’s an addiction – I spend WAY TOO MUCH time surfing and doing nothing. LOL

    I’ve decided in the new year that I will read the books that I want to read, catch up on my gigantor review pile one book at a time (might take me all year to get through them or longer) and I will do less blog tours to accomplish this. I actually have a new years resolution posts in draft that I am working on based on the things I feel myself going through with my blog. I don’t want my blog to be work like it’s been feeling – so change is coming.

    I think that reading what you want to read and posting as often as you want to post is totally a personal choice and it doesn’t make anyone less of a blogger… if anything it makes you a better blogger because you won’t be filling your posts with fluff. 🙂

    Off to read your manifesto now. 🙂

  6. YES. To all of the above. As you know well from our weekly “wahh no one likes me please slap me out of it” moments…what would I do without you? <3

  7. SWAG! I don’t get it either. Honestly. I like books. To read them. Not things I can’t read that may or may not have book titles on them.

    And yes. Pretty much the rest of this post could have come right out of my own head. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in all of it. 🙂

  8. I agree with pretty much everything on your list! I feel guilty re-reading books as well because I feel like I should be keeping up with the new releases (because there are so many, and not enough time to read them all).

    I do LOVE swag, though. Not the stuff like wristbands or other objects, but the bookmarks! I collect bookmarks and I love to be able to read a book with a bookmark featuring a “matching” title. I love bookmarks almost as much as I love books 🙂

  9. This post made me feel a MILLION times betters. Pretty much everything that I struggle with as a blogger and since you are a blogger I look up to very much. I am glad to hear, that I am not crazy.

  10. First off, I think you’re very brave for sharing these confessions with the blogging community. It takes a lot of self reflection and guts to come to terms with that kind of honesty, so please know, it’s really appreciated and you’re not alone.

    When I first started blogging, I ran a style/inspiration blog and ran across many of the same issues that you did. I constantly compared myself to the more successful bloggers, kept follower counts and it became a chore. I liked blogging but it wasn’t enjoyable anymore. Part of my problem was that I had unrealistic expectations and the other issue was that I wasn’t blogging about a topic that incited passion. It took me several months to come to those conclusions and though there were times I wanted to quit, I knew in my heart that I wasn’t ready. There’s too much good stuff to be had here. Too many great people and too many wonderful opportunities. So keep your chin up, Jamie. We’re here and most of us go through those exact same emotions too. Stay true to yourself and you can’t go wrong.

  11. Oh my gosh! Thank you! I feel so much better after reading this…it’s like you were in my head! I worry all the time that no one likes my blog, comments enough, that my reviews are not written well enough and that my blog is a waste of my time and my readers. After all…I could read twice as much if I didn’t blog too! *And then I take a deep breath*

    I have been trying so hard to at the least spend every Sunday getting that weeks posts done and scheduled so I will have time after work to comment on a few blogs rather than writing up my posts but it is so hard to keep up. so I am usually only a day or two ahead of the game. And I worry that I don’t review enough…because I do have so much trouble writing reviews so I only review about 1/2 of what I read so it’s 1-2 a week at best…and I see other blogs that review 4-6 books a week…who has the time to read a book a day? OMG! LOL

    Good for you for getting all of this off your chest and allowing us to do the same. Love your blog ! ♥

  12. I’ve only been book blogging since the start of March and the past couple weeks have been tough for me with 15-hour work days and trying to keep my blog fresh. I really appreciate this post because it helped me remember a few things (especially goals I’ve had for a long time) about my blog that make me proud of having been good at writing regularly for the last few months.

    Reading comes easily to me, but building an online network of bloggers and friends does not. That in itself is something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about lately. Thanks for the post and for sharing your thoughts, it was incredibly uplifting for me this morning.

  13. This is a great post! I could have written it myself with the exception of about two or three of the points. You’re not by yourself in your thoughts!! At all. My exceptions are that I do read everyday, because I HAVE to. You know my life because we’ve talked a little bit about it, so you know that my blog and my reading are my relief from it. That is the one thing that at this point, I hate to have to give up. Even if it is just a few stolen moments here and there, I HAVE to read to keep my head clear.

    I read a lot of book blogs and try to comment on as many as I can as often as I can. A good chunk of my “loyal” commenters have either stopped blogging or have taken the summer off so I’ve felt really odd this summer because at times I felt like nobody cared about my blog, which is so so dumb. So very dumb. BAHHHH. Views are up, comments are down, and why do I care? Because I don’t know.

    The manifesto thing. The only time I’ve ever almost quit blogging, I think, was over someone else’s manifesto when they were going around not long after you did yours.

    And I seriously detest blogging email. I’m SO behind it’s almost embarrassing. I *wish* I could disable it but I do get some that I need and want. For every one that is a good one, I get a bazillion that I HATE. And ignore. So my inbox probably looks like yours sounds. Basically my inbox hates me, haha.

    Great post, Jamie. I love your blog. However you want to do it, I love it. 🙂

  14. I feel the same way on a lot of these! I’ve partly gotten over my blogger insecurity issues, but still when I read my favourite book blogs I can’t help but feel that their reviews are SO well-written and witty and have the perfect gifs, and mine are just like BLAH here are my feelings in a totally unstructured way. And I know what you mean about not reading longer books because they put you behind in reviews. What I sometimes do is read a long book right after a bunch of really short ones, so I can get a little bit ahead in my posts first.

  15. One of the things that I love most about you is how you’re completely and unabashedly honest about everything. It felt like you read my mind and pretty much took out everything I’ve been mulling over for a few weeks now.

    I love book blogging, I do. I wouldn’t trade it or the community or anything for the world – because I’ve met some incredible people, read a ton of amazing books and just generally started feeling like I have people who totally GET me. But there are days lately where I find myself easily frustrated with keeping to schedule or posting what I want or even writing decent reviews, and I am very, very tempted to just desert the blog and jump ship. Plus, insecurity definitely abounds – a lot of what you mentioned, I feel that way too.

    I love that you posted this because it makes me feel less alone in my woes and thoughts and insecurities when it comes to books and blogging about that. Thanks for sharing! <3

  16. Thank you for this post. Thank you for your honesty. I just took a huge breath after reading this, and gave myself permission not to take myself so seriously. I’m a lifelong reader, but a recent blogger, and I’m still figuring out how to balance everything. But I ALWAYS want to remember that I do this for me, first. And not be so stressed if I can’t churn out reviews fast enough, don’t have tons of followers, or I’m not reading the “hot” books. I’m trying to keep myself away from feeling like I’m in a competition, and half fun. I love that all your commenters are saying the same thing – we all feel insecure at times. Thanks for allowing us to feel that.

  17. This was such a great post and why you’re one of my favorite book bloggers. I like authenticity in people, just like I do in the books I read. I haven’t been reading book blogs for that long, but I can say that I don’t understand how some people read 9,681 books in a week AND post reviews. Do these people work? Do they have a husband/boyfriend/friends? Do they do anything besides read, proceed to internets, post review, leave internets, read next book? I really mean that in a non-sarcastic way because I want tips on how to do all of the above and still read over 9,000+ a week. Another thing, I really don’t like reading book recaps which is what it seems like most book bloggers do. I’ll go to Goodreads and get the four sentence blurb for that. I like reading conversational reviews about why a person did/didn’t like the book which is why I like your blog (LOVE the post its).

    And since I’m writing a novel in the comment section, I’ll just say that I know what you mean on *not* reading certain types of blogs. I became obsessed with food/fitness blogs, and found myself becoming increasingly discontent with myself because my life wasn’t exactly like these people’s lives on my computer screen. Anyway, now I read zero food blogs and instead read book blogs, but I keep that to a minimum since too much of a good thing can actually be…too much. Anyway, I’m glad we’re friends on Goodreads so that if you stop your blog ever, then I can still see what you’re reading. 🙂

  18. And I’m pretty sure we’ve discussed EACH of these at length. Especially the pity parties. I feel like everyone hates me, too. ALL THE TIME. EVERYDAY. That’s why I have you, and vice versa. So we can tell each other how dumb we’re being and then make a Jersey Shore reference! <3

  19. Um, hi, we’ve never officially met, but I’m your long lost twin! Seriously, thank you so much for writing this. I have been thinking about almost ALL of these things for the past few weeks now. In the case of numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, & 11 I have been near obsessive in agonizing over things. It’s so easy to feel alone in the vast ocean of book blogs. So, thank you, for letting me know I’m not alone. 🙂

  20. I am sure that most bloggers have felt the same way about at least a few, if not all, of these points, Jamie! I think that blogging about books does add more pressure but you don’t always have to give in to it, so read those classics if that’s what *you* want to do and don’t feel bad about having a other things in your life other than your blog, because that’s a good thing!

  21. 4, 5, 6, 8, 11. And a whole bunch of other I won’t get into. Hang in there. It’s all OK.

  22. I know how you feel with this whole entire post. You’re not alone (:

  23. Yes to all of the above. I feel so much the same way a lot of the time. But I must say that as a blogger, I look up to you. Your blog is one of the reasons that I started my own. Also, don’t worry about not reading what everyone else is reading/has read. If everyone posts about the same books at the time, it would get boring.

  24. I feel you. I agreed with everything you said here. But when I see 15 posts about the same book in one week, I’m glad I didn’t get that review book. If I was like everyone else why would anyone read my blog?
    I struggle with not having something everyday weekday. I give myself a pass on the weekends but I like to have a post M-F.
    Having the courage to post these confessions is one reason I follow your blog. You lay it all out, good and bad. I give you props for being who you are.

  25. I feel like I should say a big THANK YOU to you for writing this because SO MANY of these things apply to me that it makes me feel a little bit of solidarity in the blogosphere! Because honestly, even though you’ve been blogging for way longer than I have, I worry so much about posting every day and reading enough books and writing my reviews. I haven’t ever wanted to quit (yet, lol) but I do feel the stress sometimes. And I agonize over how my stats are down now that I can’t post every day like I could when I was unemployed and how I will probably never have more than 200 followers on Twitter. But truly, so little of it is important because you have your blogging bffs who are fabulous, and I have made some wonderful friends through my blog who understand me better than people I know in my everyday life, and that’s really special. 🙂
    But I have to say a big, huge OMG YES THIS to number 5 in particular. Jamie, I read the books. I have thoughts on the books. I want to write down my thoughts on the books. But I am also lazy, and have excelled at procrastinating for most of my adult life. So the furthest I have ever scheduled ahead was maybe 2 posts. NEVER a week’s worth. In fact, 99% of what I post was written up the night before, or the morning of the day. I’m not sure I could do it differently.
    Basically, in a nutshell, in the wise words of Pauly D, you do you. It’s working! Because lots of people love you and think your blog is the bees knees.

  26. Are you psychic? If not, how did you manage to read my mind and then pull my thoughts and qualms out and articulate them? There are so many point you made here that I feel exactly…and I can see you made tons of people feel better, including me! I was actually going to write a post about number 10. Plus I want to give you a big hug. This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Jamie, this post almost made me cry. I’m not kidding. I just started blogging about six months ago, and there have been so many moments when I’ve felt inadequate about the number of books I’ve read (not enough, never enough, how can I keep up with this blogger or this new release?), that I’m never ahead with my posts (when I get a few done for the week, I am SO excited), do my reviews suck, am I saying anything that no one else is saying…I struggle with writing posts sometimes (I don’t want to talk about the review that took me a week to write), and I’m totally insecure about being the uncool kid, and not having read certain books or reviews. There’s so much of your post that is making me feel better right now, because you seem to have it so together. Your blog is beautifully laid out, and I find your reviews hilarious in a very Jessica Darling way. I wish I could write like you do!

    Thank you for writing this. Thank you for sharing. I’m bookmarking so that I can read this when I’m going through some of the rough stuff.

  28. Hi,

    I love your confessions! :P… It feels as if I’m reading about myself… Glad I’m not the only one out there ;)…

  29. This post is amazing! Thank you for un-archiving it! I feel so many of the same things you are talking about. I feel like a bumbling idiot in most all my reviews like I have no idea what I’m talking about. (But PS-I think your reviews are very interesting and well-written) I also feel immense pressure to read so many blogs and see what everyone else is up to but to quote Jessie Spano there’s no time! I feel like I’m so out of the loop of everything and being so new I just want to be included in this amazing world of book blogging love. Thank you so much for this post. It is so honest and real, I just love it! I love your blog Jamie and you are so awesome and have been ever so welcoming to me 🙂 Thank you!

  30. I am exactly the same way with procrastination. I always feel so accomplished when I schedule anything, but it rarely happens anymore. and then school (I’m still in high school but tstill), I’ll do a project the night before and get 100, then talk with my friend who spent large amounts of weekend time on it, and we got the same grade. Procrastination just works for me.

    I get jealous ALL THE TIME. And I totally feel like no one likes me. I get whiny. Incredibly whiny. And I want to be friends with everyone! But life doesn’t always work that way, and a big thing to remember is that a lot of the time, it’s not personal. It’s not personal, it’s not oersonal, it’s NOT PERSONAL. I have to remind myself of this all the time, but it’s so true. Especially with blogging. Everyone can’t know everyone and talk to everyone and be bffs forevah. As much as I wish that could be so. What counts most, though, is that we’re friendly when we DO interact. (You do an AMAZING job on that, by the way.)



  31. Ah your confessions really hit home and even more so now that I’ve struck out on my own (I was part of a blog that had a good following and was growing, but I just wasn’t a good fit). In terms of reviews-I struggle to write them. I also don’t get swag-a lot of my ex-blog members would get signed copies, etc from authors, but I was never offered anything. I use to get annoyed with that, but in the end I’m okay with it because I’m not sure what I would do with some of the swag offered (temp tattoos, arm bands, etc) other than placing them in a box. LOL

    I’m new to your blog, but have already poked around and like what I see.

  32. I can relate to pretty much all of this! I had a book blog before, and quit for the reasons you describe. All I could think about, however, was starting another blog. I changed topics a million times, but then I realized I needed to come back to where I belong, in the book blogging world. I love it and I’m starting all over from scratch. If you ever quit you might be relieved, or you might have an itch that is not being scratched like what happened to me! Great post!

  33. I have to agree so much. I don’t read everyday anymore, and just SUCK at reviewing books. And scheduling ahead? Can’t do it. *huggles* It’s alright. You’re not the only one. 😀

  34. You linked to this on Twitter and I couldn’t resist checking it out.

    1. I actually read more than most bloggers, I think, though some blow me out of the water. Even with that being the case, I constantly have people asking me “how have you not read that yet?” I never feel like I’m reading enough.

    2. Reviews are hard. There are some of mine I super hate but can’t make better. Rarely do I write one and think it’s awesome.

    3. I don’t feel this too much anymore, but it was pretty bad at BEA last year. I didn’t really know anyone, and I’d hear about people getting invited to these swank events when I didn’t. That made me all frowny face, but it was still a great time.

    4. This is a big issue for me. I also pretty much only read review books now.

    5. THANK YOU. I once had like seven posts ahead, so like four or five days, but, somehow, that went away and I was immediately at the last minute again. I suck at getting things scheduled more than a day or two in advance.

    6. I am still fanatical. I didn’t post a review yesterday or the day before and it really upsets me.

    7. I’ll probably try to move my GFC widget, but, if I can’t, this is comforting to know. I’ve learned to try not to look at other people’s, because then I am struck by inferiority. There are so many bloggers who have been blogging for a third the time with twice the followers. I can’t let that get to me.

    8. Me either. Sometimes I win it by accident because I see a fun contest, and enter because I wanted to do the challenge. Then I’m like, well, I should take it, because it would be rude not to. The swag arrives and I stare at it. I have no idea what to do with it.

    9. Me too. I hate going to the P.O. And I feel like I’m always running out of mailers or tape or can’t find my sharpies.

    11. Dude, you are INSANELY creative. I don’t know how you come up with so many amazing discussion posts.

    13. Awww, I would hate to see you go, but obvi if it’s impacting your enjoyment of life, you need to do what’s right for you.

  35. I feel you on so many of those things. I feel like an inadequate blogger sometimes because I can’t read as fast & turn out reviews like other bloggers. They post 2,3 & sometimes 4 reviews a week and I have to spend so much time reading a book just to get 1 review a week.
    When it comes to giveaways, I don’t even do them. I feel like I don’t have a copy of anything people would want to win & I never want to spend $20 on a book just to give it to someone. I’m a college student so $20 is a lot to just give away.
    My blog’s been around for almost 2 years now but I still feel like I’m the new nobody in the community.
    Great post!

  36. Oh my god. How did you get inside my head??? Seriously though. I haven’t been ‘properly’ blogging for all that long, and there is some sort of weird pressure from some dark little part of my brain to have all of the followers and the popularity and the success of people who have been doing this longer than me, but right now! I enjoying sharing my thoughts on books, and when I started (last year) I intended for it to simply be somewhere I could put down my thoughts about what I’d been reading. Then life got itself in the way and I didn’t do any reviews or other posts for 6 months. (Also I am a little bit lazy.) It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who feels like you need to read 5 books in a week to be a proper book reviewer and all that other nonsense. Thanks for sharing!

  37. I think numer 1 is true for all bloggers, but I’ve recently seen this and helped a lot not only with reading:

    We don’t know what’s really going on behind closed doors at other bloggers’ lives. For much they tell us, for much they insist on how their blog is really faithfull to their life, it’s not. People have different timings, different necessities, anxieties and families and inbetween all that, we’re luck to fit some reading 🙂

  38. #4 hit home especially since I chose my current read based solely on page count. For GFC I WANT to be all about the numbers, but I”m really not that good at it so I try not to look. Like someone else mentioned, it does really eat me up to see a newcomer with scads of followers and I’m all like.. wth????

    I do, very much, still enjoy reading book blogs… especially yours 🙂

  39. So um I know I said Friday in my blog post that we are practically twins and this post cemented it for me totally. I don’t really get swag (unless it’s from a book that I adored) then I’ll try to get it. I am a fast reader. As for scheduling posts I try to schedule them in advance but sometimes I do procrastinate and I really hate that about me.When I schedule posts in advance it lifts any review related stress totally off of me.Oh the uncool kids table feeling.I get that so much. I wonder if anyone is reading my blog and if they are,why aren’t they commenting.Then that leads to second guessing myself and wondering why am I even doing this blogging thing.

  40. Wow, I was reading this, and I was like, “Did she read my mind?” Because I have a lot of the same worries – For different reasons, but still. I agree with #1 – I’m usually a fast reader, but I’ve been in kind of a slump the last few days, and not reading as fast. It feels so weird. I also agree with #2 – I’ve been writing in some way, shape, or form for years and I could talk someone’s ear off if they wanted to discuss a book I’ve read. But when I go to write reviews, there’s so much pressure. Do I add spoilers? Do I not? By not having spoilers, does my review sound to vague and all “Something happens and it’s shocking, but then something else happens and it’s horrible.” I also agree with #3 – I’m still new, so there’s definitely that “new kid” feel for me, of trying to fit in but feeling like I don’t belong, although I do have some AMAZING blogger friends already.

    Seriously agree with #5. Maybe it’s a newbie thing, or maybe it’s just how I work, but I’m never ahead. In fact, most of the time I’m doing my Top Ten Tuesday or WoW at 10:30pm or later the day it should be posted. And I post reviews as I finish reading. Also, I still haven’t done a Throwback Thursday, Flashback (or FlashReview, as I want to name it) Friday, a Stacking the Shelves, or a Sunday Wrap-Up. Haven’t done them at all, and I want to, but I’m scrambling to keep up with the blog in general so far.

    I agree with #8, #10, #11 and #14, but for the sake of length, I’ll leave off explanations. Finally, #7 intrigues me. I only have 3 GFC followers and now I’m switching to WordPress already, and I know there are ways to keep GFC even with WordPress, but #7 has me wondering if I really need to.

    All in all, I’m still new to blogging and I don’t have a lot of expertise in it yet, but I think you’re doing an awesome job. Keep it up! 🙂

  41. Are you kidding? You ROCK as a book blogger. I am totally jealous of how much you read and how inspired you are to write about it. Besides being a middle school English teacher, I’m a sucker for YA, and your blog has never steered me wrong. I only wish I had enough time to read all of your recommendations. Btw, do you still have a local YA book club? I’m in Montco.

  42. #1, 4, 6, 8 & 10. YES!
    Loved this post.. 🙂

  43. The Perpetual Page-Turner is my absolute favourite blog, and it’s for posts like this, I think. You’re so HONEST when you write and I just love love LOVE it. It feels like there’s never a veil between you and your readers, and in that way, even if I don’t comment or you don’t have the time to reply, I feel like I connected with you even on just a tiny level.

    I love reading book reviews, and I love reading books. But what I love more is reading what people have to say about them – not necessarily reviewing them, but just talking about the impact that reading had on their lives, or whatever! I think, as long as the content appeals to me, it doesn’t matter what it is. And that applies with this blog so much. I honestly love it. I’ll click on one post, and before I know it, I’ve read ten and it’s 11:10pm and I have an English essay due tomorrow but SCREW IT.

    This is the post that convinced me to comment more often on your posts. I only discovered this blog recently, but I already adore it enough to rank it as my absolute favourite. Just keep doing what you’re doing, Jamie. It’s totally working for you. 🙂

  44. So I’ve been stalking your blog today, really enjoying some of the posts you’ve put out there in the world, including this one. My blog is only two months old, but I definitely share some of your feelings. I honestly thought you were a Blogger blogger, versus WordPress, because you don’t have any wordpress buttons!!! Or did I just miss them? Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    • Aww thanks for the kind words! <3

      Maybe it's because I pay to self host and that's why there aren't any WP buttons of any sort? I'm not sure actually! I switched from Blogger to self hosted WP so I don't know much about the non selfhosted WP sites!

  45. This so much. I just started a book blog over the summer and I really struggle with keeping up with it. I currently have 15 books I have yet to review. I make excuses for myself because I’m in school and really busy, but I also feel disheartened because I feel like nobody reads it but me and my humble herd of tumblr followers.


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