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I decided to start a little feature every couple of weeks to highlight the insightful, hilarious, wonderful & most discussion starting comments my readers leave (and give a little link love!).  You know I’m a lover of discussion and try as well as I can to make this a place where you feel like you can comment so I want to do this as a little thanks to those who comment — because YOU GUYS…my reader’s brains are the best ever and they bestow pure gold on this here website. You kids say the DARNDEST THINGS.


On my post about Reading In The Car


I can’t do it! I’m going to try these tips someday…maybe…or just keep listening to audiobooks. In related news, I can’t even swing on a swing set anymore without getting nauseous. It’s tough being an adult.  — Em from LOVE YA LIT

It really IS tough being an adult. I never understood why my parents wanted to vom thinking about going on all the spinny/loopy rides at the amusement park. I thought they were just no fun anymore hence why I never wanted to grow up. I think it would have been more acceptable had I known how much your body starts to hate you as an adult. So far I’m still able to do all those rides though I feel it much more than I used to haha.

Another factor is temperature. If I’m hot, I’m almost certainly going to feel nausea. The air conditioning should be on, and my air vents need to be open. If it’s cold out, once the car is a decent temperature, turn the heat off, or turn down the temperature.

Last is scents. Air freshener, perfume, or any other artificial smell will make me more sensitive to nausea, so throw that thing hanging off your mirror out the window, passengers can’t soak in their favorite scent, and the car should be reasonably clean. — Alice at Alice The Writer

YES. Temperature & smell really do affect me & my carsickness while reading as well! Good things to point out!

..By the way, I just pictured you right now with a book in your lap and hands forming blinders on each side of your face <3 hahahah! — Jen from Makeshift Bookmark

LOL! When I read that tip I was trying to imagine myself ACTUALLY doing it. Nerd alert! Nerd alert!

On my Top Ten Bookish Confessions post:

“I used to be a bad patron at the library too. I looked at it this way, with budget cuts and tightened funding belts, I’m actually helping SUPPORT the functions of that esteemed institution. I should have a placarded patron’s shelf in my HONOR for the fines I’ve had.” — Laura at Bunny Tales

OMG YES. I should have a framed picture with my mug at the library. And this is a very good point…I’m just helping them out! Or at least I’ll tell myself that to feel better about my suckiness as a library patron.

A friend’s mother-in-law’s (who is in her late 60s) book club chose 50 Shades for the pure fact that it was a bestseller. I’ve met this woman. I swear she’s going to DIE when she reads it. — Magan from Rather Be Reading

Bahahah! That’s hilarious. I wish I could see her reaction to it as she starts to read it. I know SO many people who will just grab a bestseller without knowing anything about it.

 On my Things I’m Afraid  To Tell You About My Blog & Myself As A Blogger post


 Thank you for this post. Thank you for your honesty. I just took a huge breath after reading this, and gave myself permission not to take myself so seriously. I’m a lifelong reader, but a recent blogger, and I’m still figuring out how to balance everything. But I ALWAYS want to remember that I do this for me, first. And not be so stressed if I can’t churn out reviews fast enough, don’t have tons of followers, or I’m not reading the “hot” books. I’m trying to keep myself away from feeling like I’m in a competition, and half fun. I love that all your commenters are saying the same thing – we all feel insecure at times. Thanks for allowing us to feel that. — Laura from Love Is Not A Triangle

Aw thank you! Squishy hugs all around. ALSO, I think as a new blogger you are WELL ahead in realizing all of this important stuff about not stressing and doing what you want. As a new blogger it took me a little longer to stop trying to keep up with everyone else. Once I began doing what I truly wanted was when I fell in love with my blog.

I haven’t been reading book blogs for that long, but I can say that I don’t understand how some people read 9,681 books in a week AND post reviews. Do these people work? Do they have a husband/boyfriend/friends? Do they do anything besides read, proceed to internets, post review, leave internets, read next book? I really mean that in a non-sarcastic way because I want tips on how to do all of the above and still read over 9,000+ a week.  –Shannon

I am always in awe of some peoples reading superpowers like that as well. I cannot even comprehend how they do it and  I often wonder what  their lives look look like out of curiosity to see how it differs from mine. They are probably SUPER efficient people too and concentrate better than I do. I am very much distracted by ALL OF THE SHINY THINGS IN LIFE.


On my Top Ten Books On My Fall Reading List post:

Wahooo!! Lots of hand clapping and cheering from my direction. It is never too late to read HP. I love HP for so many reasons. 1. because it is an amazing story, 2. because it got so many kids reading and loving it, and 3. because it helped expand YA lit!!!!! — Quinn From Quinn’s Book Nook

I’m loving the enthusiasm everyone has for my rectifying the fact I’ve never read HP. Hoping it lives up to the awesomeness that people describe.

I am so in the same boat as you with #1. Not reading Harry Potter has become a defining characteristic for me at this point. I need to follow your lead with that one. — Lucy from The Reading Date

It really IS such a defining characteristic. Especially in the book community. We are like the unicorns or Big Foot of the blogging community — people wonder if such people ACTUALLY exist!


 On my review of Twenty Boy Summer:

Wow, this book is totally not what I thought it was about. I admit it, I judged the book on it’s title and cover and never bothered to find out what the story actually was. I thought it was gonna be just another one of those light and fluffy contemp reads, which is fine when I’m in the right mood (I’m not very often… hehe), but this sounds fantastic, in a completely heartwrenching sort of way.–Kristen Evey

I totally judged this one, too. I thought it also would be light and fluffy but I also thought it would be way more promiscuous than it actually was. And then especially with when Scroggins was trying to get it banned, I was expecting something very racy. I really couldn’t understand why he was so strongly opposed to it. I really do wonder how many people wouldn’t let their kids read it or didn’t read it themselves because of similar preconceived notions. That’s the beauty of blogs — we can help people to discern a little better!

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  1. actually I saw an article about how to review a book without reading it.. I didnt read the article but maybe a lot of people do that

  2. Aw, I love this feature! What a great way to highlight your blog’s readers 🙂

  3. My new goal is to get in this post. Just Saying.

  4. What a great new feature. I’ll be checking back often to see what you share. 😉 LOVE IT!

  5. Great idea! 🙂

  6. This is such a great idea! So clever, and especially interactive with your readers!

  7. LOL, I totally agree with the library fine comment. In fact, whenever I pay my fine, I actually round up and let them keep the change, in an effort to be all cool and seem like I kept those books an extra week to HELP the library. (Even worse…my MOM is a librarian! [hangs head in shame])

  8. This is a great idea for a post! Will you include comments from these posts on future posts? (Commentception haha)

  9. Great post idea, it was fun to read!

  10. Confession: I too have never read the Harry Potter books. I have seen all 8 of the movies (I know, I’m one of THOSE people!), and have heard from everyone in the world that the books are amazing. But have you seen those things? They’re super thick, especially the later ones, and there are seven! I don’t know if I have the time to invest in them 🙁

    • I thought that too and back when I wasnt a real avid reader i read them.. I read 6 of them (along with the catcher in the rye) in the month of April before the 7th one came out. they are a fast read

  11. Aw, I love this! (And not just ‘cuz you quoted me… heh.) The comments on a lot of blogs are one of my favorite parts. LOVE hearing what other people have to say. It opens up a new way of thinking that I never would have thought of. Looking forward to more.

  12. I actually had a horrible period of time in which I barely read at all. Like, I went from being a pre-teen who read CONSTANTLY to being a teenager who barely read at all, even though I still loved reading. Now, at 21, I feel like I just have to catch up on all my lost time and hbrthrbhedr yeah, I know what you mean about feeling inadequate for not having read as many books/not being able to crank out as many as others. And it’s really hard to juggle real life with any sort of hobby, whether it’s blogging or something else.

    I loooove this little feature you’re doing; it’s always just so interesting to hear people’s stories.

  13. Aw! I love this idea! It put a smile on my face to read all the funny things that people wrote in comments!

  14. How fun 🙂

  15. OH JAMIE. Do you even realize how much I adore you? Probably not. It’s okay.

    I haven’t made it through the entire HP series. I tried to do them straight-thru, but that was when I realized that I can’t read series books back-to-back because a few pages into book five I got burnt out. BAD. That was a few years ago. Since then, I’ve re-read book one once and then listened to book one’s audio once after that. But I need to start back up with book two because Layla, Greta, and even Jack are ALL on book four. MOM FAIL. Well, not really. But when you’re a mom that’s also a book blogger…you kinda need to be up on your HP, ya know? Anyway…

    Reading in the car. How did I miss your post about that? If I even glance down at words, I will VOMIT. BUT…when I read at night with a booklight, I can do it. OR I can read at anytime of day with my Kindle. So…print books in the dark with a light or Kindle at any time of the day. Why? WHO KNOWS, JAMIE? I’m a weirdo. But that’s what works for me. Also, because I’m quirky, if I read in the car, I ALWAYS listen to All The Bright Lights on my iPod because it is excellent music that doesn’t distract me from reading, but drowns out all of the noise in the car: Mike’s music, the kids’ movies, etc.

    Please keep doing this feature!! You have such fun ideas. I’m LOVING what you’re doing with your blog lately, lady!

  16. This is a great idea for a feature and I’m glad you started it! It’s fun to see what people have been saying on your posts, and it’s awesome that you get to respond!