Top Ten Favorite Kickass Heroines

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I had some confusing thoughts about what makes a kickass/strong heroine on Saturday and came to the conclusion that, for myself, it’s a very broad definition as to what I consider to be a kickass/strong heroine! Some are of the literal variety while some are more silently strong but kick ass nonetheless.

1. Katniss from The Hunger Games: This is probably going to be on a lot of lists so I’m sure I don’t need to explain why she is on here but I truly did admire how strong she was for her family, how she sacrificed herself for the people she loved, how she was still very human despite being in such a horrible situation (Rue!) plus girl has brains and wit. Sure she has flaws but she is overall one of my faves! (My review  of The Hunger Games)

2. Puck from The Scorpio Races — I loved how Puck wasn’t afraid to do something that women never did by riding those killer horses. She was strong and courageous even if it could get her killed. Sometimes I think she was being reckless but I think her intentions were good! (My review of The Scorpio Races)

3. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice — Do I really need to explain? Honestly? Elizabeth may have not been fighting dragons or anything but she’s kickass in so many ways. What an endearing heroine!  She is intelligent, playful and is not afraid to go against the mainstream way of thinking–even if it means offending her family by not marrying a certain fellow. She knows what she’s about and she doesn’t care what society thinks when it comes to things she believes in.

4. Lisbeth Sanders from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Lisbeth Sanders was just one of those unexpected heroines when I started reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She’s smart and strong and isn’t afraid to be herself. Conformity be damned! She’s got her own notions of femininity! I wanted to slow clap for her by the end of the novel.

5. Jo March from Little Women: How can you not love Jo? She certainly marched to a different tune. I loved her because she has strong mind and is independent. She, like Elizabeth Bennet, chooses to sometimes go against what society would have of her. I like that she trounced  upon the model of what a woman should look like and what she should do.

6. Ai Ling from Silver Phoenix: This was one of my first fantasy books and I just loved how fierce she was and she didn’t rely on a man to do things always! (My review of Silver Phoenix)

7. Elisa from The Girl Of Fire & Thorns: Elisa went from lacking confidence and being complacent to this really fierce girl who seemed more at home in her skin! I really loved seeing her transformation!

8. Frankie Landau Banks from The Disreputable History of Frankie-Landau Banks: I freaking loved Frankie! She wasn’t ok with being left out of the boys club just because she had a vagina. She wanted to prove that she could be just as smart and scheme-y as them. I loved how she explored what feminism was and what it meant to her and I think that’s important for girls to think about — what feminism looks like. I think she made mistakes but ultimately she learned a lot about herself. PLUS let’s be honest. Her plans were AWESOME. Snaps for Frankie!

9. Eva from The Lost Girl: Eva is a recent addition to this list for me. I think she tried really hard to do what she was supposed to do in her situation but she couldn’t fight who SHE was. I loved the ways she fought for her own independence yet still tried to think of others. She had courage even though she knew what could happen and wasn’t afraid to save others instead of herself. (My review of The Lost Girl)

10. Matilda from, well, Matilda: I wanted to BE Matilda when I was younger. She and Harriet from Harriet the Spy were my bookish besties back then. Matilda had a lot against her but she wasn’t afraid of being too small or just one little voice when it came to changing the world!


Who are some of your favorite kickass heroines both of the literal and the more subtle variety? Do you agree or disagree with any of the ones I chose? I can handle it if you did!

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  1. Love that you selected Lisbeth and Jo! I really need to read my copy of The Scorpio Races and get acquainted with Puck. Great picks!

  2. Woot! It seems like I’d need to read Lost Girl hu?? And I need to add Silver Phoenix to my list too 🙂

  3. I wanted to be Matilda and Harriet the Spy too! =D I’m so glad you’ve included her on this list – great choices =)

  4. Matilda! Awesome! Yes, she is totally kick-butt. I feel like I need to watch my language around Matilda. 🙂

    Elizabeth Bennet is on my list, too. Another reason I think Elizabeth is kickbutt is that she admits when she is wrong. She judged Mr. Darcy too harshly in the beginning (I mean, Mr. Darcy was an ass too, but Elizabeth was set against him early on), but then she realized that and could admit it. I love that about her. Admitting one is wrong can be painful.

  5. Frankie is on my list, too! Love, love, love her!

  6. EEP! MATILDA!!! Yes, she was totally kick-ass and I SOOO wanted to be her when I was younger! I’m really digging your list this week.

  7. Elizabeth Bennet also made my list this week, she’s such a great character =) If I had more space or thought about doing an honourable mentions section, I definitely would’ve added Jo March, I love how she never gave up wanting to be a writer =)

  8. I’ve been staring at Lost Girl on a bedside table for weeks! Very excited to read it. And Matilda…such a sweet pick! And she was totally strong. Loved her in elementary school 😉

  9. I can’t wait to read The Lost Girl! It’s on my shelf just waiting for me 🙁 So many neglected books!
    I really need to read The Scorpio Races too!
    Great list! I love the variety.

  10. Puck. For real. Love that girl. Great list 🙂

  11. I was so tempted to put Matilda or her teacher (what was her name again? Miss Honey?) on my list. I should have. I’m struggling to finish reading Pride and Prejudice, but Elizabeth is definitely something special.

  12. check out my list. I loved yours. Maltida Why didn’t I think of her ?! awesome list 🙂

  13. Jo and Lizzie- what classics!

    I’m especially fond of the romantic plot in Little Women. It’s a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.

  14. Love your list! Matilda was one of my favs when I was younger too.

    I have The Scorpio Races in ebook, but I just couldn’t get into. So many people have loved it though, so I think I need to give it another chance!

  15. Oh man, I love your list! I think the only selections I can’t ‘second’ are the ones from books I haven’t read yet. Adore your choices – so many different types of ‘strong women!’

  16. I love how you chose Matilda because she’s such an unconventional heroine! I think we could also nominate Miss Honey because without her, Matilda wouldn’t be so amazing!

    And now, when put on the spot to think of others, I totally can’t!!! 🙂

  17. I had several of these ladies on my list a couple of weeks ago for the rewind when I did favorite heroines. I almost–ALMOST–put Frankie on my list this week, but I have mixed feelings about her. She is super smart, and strong, and awesome at beating the boys–but I think I over analyzed her in my lit class and found her to be very contradictory to feminist theories. She’s definitely a mixed heroine for me!
    Great list!

  18. Oh, Puck is a fab choice! I love that book and the two MCs so, so much!

    Glad to see Frankie on another list. She is absolutely one of my faves!

    My List

  19. I am absurdly happy that Matilda is on this list. She’s one of my favorite book heroines EVER and I would totally want to be her too!

  20. Yay, someone else put Elizabeth Bennet and Jo March! I really need to reread The Disreputable History. I remember really liking Frankie, but besides that, my memory of the book is shaky. Awesome list and happy Halloween!

  21. So happy to see Elizabeth Bennet on here! She’s one of my all time favorite heroines. When I was younger, I thought Matilda was awesome-sauce (probably not in those exactly words…) Also, Lisbeth is totally kick-ass… I mean… just look at what she can do.

  22. Love your list! I so agree that Puck is a kick ass heroine. I don’t think most people would list her but I definitely think she is a perfect choice for kick ass! Awesome post Jamie! 😀