Review Of Over You by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

Book Title/Author: Over You by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Publisher/Year: : HarperTeen September 2012
Genre: Contemporary YA
Series: No!
Other Books From Author: The Nanny Diaries, Between You And Me, Nanny Returns, Citizen Girl, DedicationThe Real Real

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The Story

A fool proof plan to get over the jerk boyfriend who dumped you? That’s exactly what Max, a seventeen year old girl who survived a nasty break-up herself, offers her clients — a step by step program to get over the guy and get BEYOND it and make him wishing HE could have you back. She’s got the steps down and she customizes them to each girl — she’s even got scientific data to boot to back up what she’s doing. But when the girl who can handle everyone else’s heartbreak is reunited with her ex it become the ultimate test of whether or not SHE has passed her own program.

What I Thought:

When I saw that the authors of The Nanny Diaries were coming out with a YA novel that looked just as fun as The Nanny Diaries I was super excited. When I think of really light and pure fun chick-lit I automatically think of that book when I read it back in the day! I decided I’d save it for my honeymoon because it seemed like the ultimate beach read with it’s premise and totally cute cover!!

So once I found myself at our resort, I began to forget about all my pre-wedding stress and immersed myself into this book (along with many a fruity adult beverage)! I will say that it was the perfect honeymoon read for me — it was pretty light, a quick read and absolute fun! I read it in a whole day lounging poolside. Many drinks later. Exhibit A:

It wasn’t exactly incredible writing (some poorly executed 3rd person actually = confusing at times & a lil’ awkward) nor did I find the characters to be super original or well fleshed out — not going to lie. I didn’t quite understand how a seventeen with no other job actually funded all of the THINGS she did to help the girls get over their exes.  But it was just plain old fun. I can’t deny it. I mean, as a girl who was dumped once by a boy I thought I’d marry some day and who was my best friend, I could completely relate to the crazy stupid things that the girls were doing — crying in bed, smelling a scent of the ex and becoming a blubbering pile of patheticness or trying to call them and ask WHY. I could laugh, I could relate, I felt some girl power in wanting to make your ex wish he never did it. LOOK AT ME NOW, FOOL! I would have DIED for a version of Max’s plan in that fateful senior year when my heart was ripped out.

I think that I DID relate with Max though I wished she had been a better character. I heard many people’s complaints were with her and (SOMEWHAT SPOILERY) how the whole Hugo debacle have happened and she was a hypocrite but I felt like that made her relatable. I don’t know how many times I had given advice about “how to get over a break-up” or something else when I really didn’t have my crap together. You WANT to think that you are over them and past it but sometimes you aren’t. She was throwing herself into other people’s broken hearts rather than dealing with her own — which is so much easier and I could relate and thus didn’t think Max was a horrible character. I understood it. It’s way harder to deal with yourself — which is why tons of people get all up in other people’s BIZ  and give opinions because they don’t want to face their own problems.


My Final Thought

Over You was the ultimate beach read for me on my honeymoon! I devoured it as quickly as I was sucking down those post-wedding margaritas and daiquiris. It was fun and just what I needed after a long year of stress. Was it spectacular writing? No sir. Was it completely earth shattering? No ma’am. But it was one of those fun, quick reads — despite the flaws I mentioned in the review portion —  that didn’t require TOO much thinking but was SO relatable and funny at times…says the girl who swore she would never love again or ever get out of bed or ever smile because of a broken heart in the 12th grade. It’s just fun with touches of serious notes that most ladies can relate to.


For Fans Of: A more light and “fluffy” read, YA chick lit,

Teen Book Review Blog - Over You


Let’s Talky Talk: Have you read this one? Heard of it? What did you think if you have read it? Tell me your worst breakup story!

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Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the next time I need a light, entertaining read. Fabulous review!

    • Thanks Lori! It was definitely one of those books that was made for a beach read. I mean, there were “serious” parts but overall it was light and fluffy and I enjoyed it for what it was!

  2. I found this on my Kindle the other day and wondered what the heck it was. Thanks for the reminder! I had really wanted to read this one! It totally sounds like a fun beach read; wish I had remembered it over the weekend when I was at the beach! Also, totally jealous of that sweet-looking adult beverage you have; I would love one right now! 🙂

    • It would have really been great for when you were at the beach!! Haha I believe that was a banana daiquiri or else a mango margarita. I WANT TO GO BACK!!

  3. First off, Jamie dearest… EXCELLENCE! I’m so excited I get to go there with my lady friend Andrea, you have no idea. It looks like a dream and I’m so happy you had a blast on your honeymoon!!!

    Okay, now on to the book. I’m not typically a fan of these types of stories, but I do like that some of the premise is relatable. I think we have all been there with the one, the only who broke our hearts and got away. It’s amazing how easy it is to offer advise to others but NOT to take said advice ourselves. I’ve been in that boat much more than I’d like to admit. So there’s definitely something to this story that makes me want to take it all in. For a beach read, something that’s light and not too much of a thinker like is sounds absolutely ideal.

    • You guys are going to have so much fun!! I still need to email her all my tips haha. But seriously…get the Miami Vice (but don’t drink them all day and then go dancing and take a tequila shot because YOU WILL BECOME THE PORCELAIN QUEEN AND YOUR HUSBAND WILL HAVE TO HOLD YOUR HAIR. Oh wait that was me…)

      I think that was the really strong point of this novel — we all could relate to heartbreaks and trying to get over them. I could laugh along with the girls doing crazy things after a breakup. And seriously…I’ve tried dealing with other people’s problems instead of my own. So I enjoyed how relatable it was!

      • AGGGH! I drank Miami Vices on my honeymoon (in Costa Rica) last year and had a very similar experience, although, I think my hubby’s takes the cake. Let’s just say, drinking one too many of those had him passing out by the pool and a certain type of native critter practically sitting on his chair drinking the remnants out of his cup whilst he slumbered. MUAHAHA! It was so seriously funny.

        But I digress… I think it’ll be nice reading a book with a perspective I can relate too (and vent out all of my secret self-frustrations on). Great review!

  4. Sometimes, it’s just good to set down all the books with the heavier subject matter and go for something that’s a little more light and fun like this! I’m currently in the middle of an (adult) chick lit book at the moment, and I’m enjoying it for all that it’s worth.

    And I think, if I did read this, that I’d totally be able to relate to Max’s apparent need to busy herself with other people’s problems instead of focusing on fixing her own. I’m like that sometimes, though someone usually snaps me out of it pretty quick!

    Plus, your honeymoon looks amazing! I bet you and Will had a fabulous time.

  5. That’s pretty much what I would expect from this book too! Just fun, nothing ground breaking or terrible but easy to pass the time with. I’ve seen this at my library before and wavered on checking it out but definitely will next time I want a breezy read. I think this really is the perfect book to read poolside! Your honeymoon looks AMAZING. 🙂

  6. Great review! I have this on hold at the library, but it hasn’t come in yet. I didn’t realize that it was YA, and was kind of surprised that the authors had a second book published in one year, since Between You & Me just came out earlier this year. I’ve enjoyed most of their books, although, as you so eloquently pointed out, they’re not earthshatteringly good writing or anything epic. And sometimes we need some light fluff, especially when enjoying the beach on a honeymoon!

    P.S. I think it’s quite cute that you and Magan @ Rather Be Reading (two of my ALL TIME favourite bloggers) just posted reviews of the same book on the same day =)

  7. Review twins! (I am behind on my google reader so when Melissa told me we reviewed the same book I HAD to know what you thought.) So, so glad I don’t feel like I completely missed the awesomeness of this book. I loved Max in the beginning but completely disconnected from her. While I do think it would suck to be confronted with an ex, I feel like her immaturity came through and I lost the girl I loved. The poor third person & confusing plot lines really screwed with me too. I WISH I loved this more. Alas, it was just not a hit for me. A good beach read? Sure thing. A fave? Nope. 🙁


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