Catalog Creepin’ –Hachette Spring/Summer 2013

Catalog Creepin’ is a feature here at The Perpetual Page-Turner that was inspired by the “Books to Pine For” feature over at Kristi’s blog and really fueled by my obsession with scouring catalogs from my favorite publishers to see what upcoming books I should be adding to my already-ready-to-topple-over To Be Read list. Each Catalog Creepin’ post will spotlight a different catalog from my favorite publishers and their imprints. I won’t be covering all publishers — just my personal favorites whether they be the big honchos or smaller publishing houses.




Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown (May 21st 2013)

This book sounds fantastic. The MC takes a pic of herself in the nude for her boyfriend who is going off to college — something she thought would be completely innocent between she and him. When the couple breaks up she finds that the picture has gone viral and her whole world changes when everyone she knows starts to give her the cold shoulder. Until she meets Mack.





The Lucy Variations   by Sara Zarr (May 7th 2013)

I’m a newfound Sara Zarr fan (she writes the BEST contemp stories) AND love stories about talented YA’s. I’m curious to know about the betrayal and death and how Lucy finds herself. I love books dealing with music because music is so important, healing and moving to me.





When You Were Here   by Daisy Whitney (June 2013)

I started bawling reading the summary for this one. Some of you know that my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was in high school and passed away a few years later…her one wish was to see both my sister and I graduate — which she passed 2 weeks after my younger sis did. So naturally I bawled. I have to read this because I find these kinds of stories really resonate with me. PLUS travel involved? If those two things don’t make this a Jamie book..I don’t know what else could!




This Is What Happy Looks Like   by Jennifer E. Smith (April 2nd 2013)
Not going to lie — all I read is Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. Two of my all time fave movies. Ok but then I did go back and look at the summary and I’m REALLY excited because this sounds like a wonderful romance and I love characters who are kind of opposites — he being an actor and she being a regular gal.




Rules of Summer   by Joanna Philbin (June 4, 2013)
Rory’s aunt is the housekeeper of a wealthy family and Rory stays in the house and befriends Isabel — the wild daughter of the family — and the two become good friends and find themselves in summer romances. Sounds like a book that will end up in my beach bag for sure!






Truth or Dare  by Jacqueline Green (May 14th 2013)
I always loved Truth or Dare as a teen but this Truth or Dare is dark! A game that leads to secrets become unearthed. Sounds kind of Pretty Little Liars-esque…which I YAY!





Icons   by Margaret Stohl  (May 7th, 2013)
I love me a good post-apocalyptic book and this one sounds SO GOOD. I’m curious about what caused everything to shut down and people to die AND why some people survived. Definitely one of my most anticipated apocalyptic type books for 2013!










 Amity & Sorrow: A Novel   by Peggy Riley (March 28th 2013)

I’m so intrigued by this one. A woman living in a polygamist cult type setting flees with her children until they are in car crash with nowhere to go. They meet a farmer who takes them in and they forge a a new life — with one sister loving her new life and the other who wants to go back. I’m always intrigued by stories having to do with cults and this sounds very excellent.





Beautiful Day: A Novel   by Elin Hilderbrand (June 25th 2013)

Now that I’m done planning my wedding I feel ready to read books about weddings. I was immediately hooked by this summary because, as a daughter who wasn’t able to have her mother at her wedding, I am so intrigued by the idea of the mother leaving a notebook with how her daughter’s wedding should go. Aside from that this sounds like drama-filled beach read with betrayal and scandal and probably pretty touching. Get in my beach bag already!





 The Unknowns by Gabriel  Roth (July 2nd 2013)

I love nerd stories! The MC can’t get a girl so he starts a notebook observing girls and researching them in hopes to find ones at his school who might date him. The notebook is found and pretty much you’d guess that it was social suicide. Then the book fast forwards to Eric as he’s older and filthy rich and doesn’t have a girl problem anymore.





Which ones are you most excited for?? Any other 2013 releases from any of the Hachette imprints that may have flown off my radar?

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  1. I know you’re going to just love This Is What Happy Looks Like and The Lucy Variations. You’re going to fall in love with Graham, I’m telling you right now. Icons and Truth or Dare as well! Such good books!

  2. I’m pretty excited for A Thousand Words, This is What Happy Looks Like and When You Were Here. There’s a lot of great titles coming out next year I’m pretty excited for!

    Also, I’m sorry to hear about your mom. Cancer seems to claim every single member in my family, my dad’s battling it right now 🙁 cancer sucks.

  3. When You Were Here sounds so, so good! I think the cover also fits the book description too!

    Yay first post! 🙂

  4. I’m really excited for Thousand Words as well! The plot is definitely relevant in today’s society.

  5. *adds nearly all the titles to her Goodreads TBR shelf*

    The books you’ve highlighted in this post all sound really good, especially the contemps! I honestly can’t wait to check most of them out 🙂

  6. I’ve literally just added about half of these to my TBR list on Goodreads. I love your Catalog Creepin posts, but they’re lethal!

  7. I kind of hate you because I HATE waiting for books and these posts introduce me to new books that I have to wait for. Boo! I want my hands on This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith and Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown. Only 5 more months, YAY (naaaaay!)

  8. WOW. Those are some truly fab books! I am definitely waiting to read A Thousand Words and TRUTH OR DARE. PLL-esque always does it for me xD

  9. Another great collection of books here… especially liking the sound of some new adult books. Makes me happy! Grown ups!! Yay!

  10. Oooh, so many good looking books! I really ought to start creepin’ myself!

  11. Yes, This is What Happy Looks Like has been on my list for forever now, lol!
    The Lucy Variations sounds good, I have a friend that was a musical prodigy, but no one knew in school knew about it, and the pressure of it all was too much for a young teen and she quite. I believe that she has just now found her love of music again, for herself and her family. I’m really interested in hearing Lucy’s story.
    Thanks for sharing another amazing list!


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