In Which Lauren Morrill Stops By My Blog & My Ovaries Explode

I’m so excited to have author Lauren Morrill on my blog today for a mini interview as part of a fantastic blog tour (organized by Paper Lantern Lit) for her upcoming debut Meant To Be (out from Random House on November 13th). It’s a debut I’m super excited about and will be reading next! And I have to say this is my FAVORITE answer to an interview question EVER.

Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill

Just like Meant To Be, all good romantic comedies have a couple that just can’t get along. Who is your favorite opposites attract couple?

Lauren says:

Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls. OMG I could watch THE SCENE (you know the one…) a million times, and would probably still squeal every time. I just love their snarky banter! Logan is my favorite bad-boy-turned-sort-of-good.”


Oh MY GOODNESS! If I wasn’t already planning on reading Meant To Be, I’d be doing it now on the basis that Lauren Morrill answered this question the EXACT same way I would have. My love for Logan runs deep. VERY DEEP. I am seriously just giddy thinking about the amazing and complex relationship that is Veronica and Logan. SERIOUSLY. Two of my fave characters to ever grace the boob tube.Β  I’m ready to rewatch Veronica Mars just thinking about it. If you haven’t watched Veronica Mars ever, please rectify that. If you are a VMars fan, go spend a few moments reliving your top 5 Logan Echolls moments. #2 always makes me clap and squeal and clutch my chest and #5 just makes me giggle.

I think my other favorite opposites attracts couples are Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill, Marissa & Ryan from The OC, Ben & Felicity from Felicity, Beauty & the Beast, and Darcy & Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice.

What are some of your favorite “opposites attract” type couples from tv, books or movies??


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  1. Wow. My ovaries would explode as well if this happened to me. And also, hmmm, I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of Veronica Mars. I am intrigued. I must go off to Netflix and see if it is there. As for me, I love the couples in Revenge, a show on ABC, they intrigue me as well, mainly because the people I want together just won’t get together!

  2. First off Jamie!: You MUST read Meant To Be! It’s soo freaking cute and amazing and funny and adorable! Must!

    And then *hangs head in shame* I have never watched VM, don’t ask me why.. but now? It screams like I’m up for a series marathon the next time hubs is away:)

  3. I <3 Lauren and I <3 VMars

  4. I’m not familiar with all the couples you listed but I do LOVE Beauty and the Beast. They’re just adorable when they’re squabbling.

    I am so excited to read Meant to Be. It sounds like an amazing read

  5. Ahhh, Veronica & Logan forever! I just watched the full series of VM earlier this year, but I’m thinking it’s time for a rewatch. It’s on Soap Network every afternoon. : ) Knowing the author is a VM fan makes me want to read this book even more!

  6. YES! Perfect answer!!! Logan *sigh* Now I really have to read this book if the author is that awesome. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing, Jamie!

  7. I love this! Logan Echolls was so yummy, and I always loved the scenes between him and Veronica! Definitely the best opposite attracts couple. And can I just say how much I love your other mentions too, Nathan and Haley were awesome (though not the biggest Ryan/Marissa fan, I was more Seth/Summer) Can’t wait to read Meant to Be (And you’re right this answer makes me want to read it more πŸ™‚ )

  8. haha, I love this answer. I referenced Logan in my review for MTB since that’s pretty much who Jason reminded me of. Love them both!

  9. So many great couples! Noah and Echo from Pushing the Limits for Sure. On Tv definitely Tim and Lyla, from FNL ; Pacey and Joey; dawsonscreek is prob like an all time fave! And hmmm… Zoe and Wade from Hart of Dixie!

  10. I really want to read Meant To Be! It sounds so good! I’ve never actually seen Veronica Mars before. Maybe I should fix that? I do love Nathan & Haley though. I was more of a Seth & Summer fan than a Ryan & Marissa fan but, I still enjoyed them. Another favorite opposites attract couple of mine is Mark & Lexie from Grey’s Anatomy, especially in season 5 of the show. πŸ™‚

  11. Please don’t kill me, but I’ve never ever watched an episode of Veronica Mars! *hides face in sweater* I think I may just have to remedy that now, considering that the show itself sounds intriguing and I love opposites attract pairings (like Nathan & Haley, for instance).

    Also, I’m SO EXCITED about Meant to Be. It feels like I’ve been waiting for FOREVER for that book to come out, and I can’t wait to read it! I already know I’m going to love it for the sheer fact that it’s set in LONDON.

  12. I only recently added Meant to Be to my TBR list, but I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I freaking love this answer!! I sort of was late to the game to VMars, as I only recently devoured all three seasons this summer while I was doing nothing, and it pretty much became my favorite tv show ever… next to The O.C. !!! So Logan and Veronica and Ryan and Marissa are my choices for opposite attracts couples!