Review: Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

Book Title/Author: Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway
: Razorbill 2008
Genre: YA Contemporary
Series: No.
Other Books From Author: The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June, Also Known As (Out February 2013)

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Ever wondered what it felt like to be Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends? Probably something like this but I would have to say Audrey’s experience is much worse after her boyfriend Evan writes a song about their breakup and out of nowhere becomes an instant hit. Audrey’s world completely changes as she’s suddenly finding herself catapulted into the limelight as the band’s “muse.” At first the attention has it perks but slowly Audrey finds herself stalked by fans and paparazzi, talked about online and suddenly not even able to live her daily life.

This book has inspired me to create a shelf on Goodreads entitled “WTF! Why Is This Not More Popular?” Seriously. This book is FABULOUS and I can’t comprehend why I haven’t heard about it more! I mean, I know it’s “older” and could get lost in the new book shuffle but I’m not understanding why people aren’t still raving and recommending it. IT IS SO GOOD. I was 20 pages into this book and was in major giggle-inducing, palm-sweating, OMG insta-luuuuurve with it. It made me laugh and it was just such addicting fun! I mean, you have to just laugh at some of the situations Audrey finds herself in.

I loved Audrey and her witty demeanor. She’s super fun and somebody I totally would be friends with PLUS love how obsessed she is with music. She reminded me a lot of Jessica Darling if that’s telling you anything but honestly a little bit less angsty (and I say that with love because JD + me = besties for life). I love how Audrey deals with most of the things dealt at her, though like Victoria, I kind of wanted her to embrace more of the perks but I SO could understand why she was feeling the way she was. I can’t imagine some of the things she went through and totally understood where she was it. She didn’t ask for the fame. I just loved Audrey! Definitely a new favorite character!

The characters were just completely endearing and realistic and there were SO many characters that I just loved for various reasons — even small characters like Tizzy and the secretary at school. The writing was very fun and I seriously a transcript of my brain sometimes with the things Audrey thought and said.ย  The writing was definitely very reminiscent of the style of Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling series in that we were in Audrey’s brain and it was that fun, snarky (but not mean) vibe that makes you fall in love with Jessica Darling. Audrey is just as endearing and wonderful and it’s hard not to just fall in love with her! AND JAMES. I LOVE JAMES. Some really cute & swoony moments between them.


Valid yet vagrant thoughts:

1. Some AMAZING songs featured at the beginning of new chapters — Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths, Death Cab, Valencia, The Decemberists.. I could go on.
2. Audrey says amazing words that I use in my daily life like frolic, brouhaha and “what the f*uck ever.
3. YAY FOR PARENTS in the picture!!
4. Warning for younger readers and those who don’t like cussing — swears abound in this book. Just warning you.

This was absolutely one of the most fun romps I’ve had in contemporary YA since I first read Sloppy Firsts. I fell in love with Audrey and all the rest of the characters (minus Sharon – ew!). It was LOL-inducing and I just couldn’t stop reading to find out what more crazy shenanigans Audrey was going to have to endure with her newfound fame. If you are looking for a TRULY fun and happy read with a hilarious plot and some swoony moments, then I’d definitely pick this up. I know many of you are Jessica Darling fans so I’d highly recommend this one as I think Audrey and Jessica are each other’s spirit animals. LOVED LOVED LOVED. It was definitely what I needed after reading so many heavy issue books lately.


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Let’s Talk: Have you read this one? Heard of it? What did you think if you have read it? How would you have dealt with the sudden fame? Would you have enjoyed the fruits of your sudden fame or felt similar to how Audrey did later on? Any suggestions for super fun books similar to this??

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  1. See? Other than seeing advertisement of this book around I wouldn’t have given it another thought! But, it does sound cute and adorable!

  2. I just adore Robin Benway’s writing! I wish more people read her works! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I loved the Taylor Swift comment!!!

  3. I’ve got this one on my shelf and it hasn’t been on there for long, and after your super gushy reivew, I’ll be reading this one super soon; you sure do make me want to read it right away! I’ve heard fab things but I do have to agree with you, if this book is as good as readers say, why isn’t is more popular? Robin Benway has a new book releasing next year as I’m sure you’ve heard and I hope that after Audrey, Wait! I’m an eager fan of hers ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Audrey is one of my go to recommends when anyone is looking for FUN. I love it so much. I wouldn’t mind rereading it. I’m happy you loved it!

  5. You’ve made me want to get this and put it away for my daughter named Audrey who is now a little too young to read it (9) and maybe I’ll sneak a read while it waits for her to grow up ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. It’s now on my to-read list! Yay!

  7. I love Audrey, Wait! I actually texted one of my college BFFs while reading to tell her that I am pretty sure I just read a book about her — because she is a HUGE music person.

    Oh man. Just thinking about this book brings back good memories. I’m going to a signing in I think February, it’s a Bloomsbury tour and Robin Benway is going to be one of the authors. I CANNOT WAIT.

    Great review, yo. I am shocked it’s taken you so long to read hahahaha. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. This sounds fabulous!! The cover screams fun and entertaining. Really though, I wouldn’t have given this book a second thought if not for reading your review. It sounds really great! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love this review! Just added it to my to-read shelf. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. How have I never heard of this book? I feel like it’s a MUST HAVE NOW!!! book! And I’m with you – I love when characters use terms that I use in my every day life! (“What the F*ck ever” happens to be a regular of mine as well!)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  11. I actually read this book when it first came out and loved it then! I also never understood how it wasn’t more popular. I love Audrey, and after reading your review, I’m thinking of rereading it. =]

  12. This sounds super cute and adorable.

    Definitely adding it to my TBR list! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. I totally agree with you – I LOVE THIS BOOK. When I finished it, I was THISCLOSE to just flipping back to the beginning and reading it again. Everyone should get to laugh that hard for that long a few times in their life.

    Also: the music. Definitely awesome.

  14. Just, yes, to everything you said. I’ve always thought Audrey, Wait! should be more popular. It’s brilliantly funny and the music choices really are excellent. James is absolutely perfect and Victoria is the best. I love that her parents are present, too- they’re understanding and cool, while still being very realistic.

    I’m so, so glad you liked this book!

  15. Audrey fans unite!!
    LOVE that book ๐Ÿ™‚ I just mentioned it on my blog yesterday. Because on Tuesday I saw that Robin Benway has a new book up on NetGalley and I was beyond excited.

  16. EXAAACTLY! I fell in instalove with this book too and it just made me smile so much! To be honest, books with music in them are iffy to me because there’s at least one band I don’t like in them but NOT IN THIS ONE! I remember thinking, “wow, she has good taste. I like all these bands!” which has never happened before. I can’t wait to read more from the author. This review made me want to re-read it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. This does sound like a really fun book! Although after reading your review I admit I’m a little confused why Audrey would want to pose as the muse for her ex’s band. I do need some fun YA contemporaries in my life – I have yet to read the Jessica Darling or Ruby Oliver series. But I will fix that. And I’ll have to add this book to that TBR list as well.

  18. I have this one – need to read it ASAP!
    I’m reading Just One Day by Gayle For man right now. It’s fun so far and is making my wanderlust worse than usual!

  19. I LOVED Audrey, Wait and your review just made me want to read it all over again!

  20. Oh boy! I never picked this one up because I don’t like the cover! (shallow of me, but I’m honest)
    But after I gave Jessica Darling a chance, I liked it. So maybe I’ll like this one too? I like having books like this on my list for between the heavy or issue books that I tend to pick up sometimes.

    I’ve never even read a summary of this one, I don’t think. Thanks for the heads up Jamie!

  21. I need to read this book. I borrowed it from the library months ago, but ended up returning it before I had a chance to read it. Sometimes those books where a girl gets super famous for some silly reason stress me out. I would absolutely die if that ever happened to be (which it won’t – ever!!) and would not handle it well. It sometimes gives me anxiety.

    I think I will move it up my pile, though.

  22. I am now officially excited to go and find a copy of this book because it sounds FAB. I love that music plays a big part in the novel, and I think that Audrey sounds like a fun character!

  23. I seriously just ordered this on Amazon because of your review! Hopefully coming soon…

  24. This one has been on my TBR list forever! I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t read it yet… but now you have, so I just might be! Lol. Glad to hear it’s as good as it sounds though.

  25. Man, everyone and their brother loves this book and I just didn’t care for it much. I always feel like there must be something wrong with me when that happens…
    Glad you enjoyed it, though :]

  26. I read this a few years back. I picked it up because my daughter’s name is Audrey. I really enjoyed the book, thought it was lots of fun. However, I didn’t like all of the swearing in the book. I don’t like profanity in general and reading it so prolifically in a book for teens is jarring for me. But the book on the whole was great!


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