Today We’ll Be Talking About My Butt…Yes. My Butt.

You all know I love (am insanely obsessed with) reading. And I love blogging. And I love have an addiction to Twitter. OBVIOUSLY I LOVE ALL OF THESE THINGS.

But from time to time I’ve really struggled (especially recently for some reason) with how much of the things I LOVE LOVE LOVE the most involve SITTING. I know this is a really strange post to write but let’s be know me…a post talking about my ass is probably not the most random post you’ll ever see.

Truly, lately, I’ve been struggling with not wanting to read or blog because I’m so darn sick of sitting to do these things. When I had a job before I got laid off, THAT required 8 hours of sitting with self imposed frequent breaks to make tea or go distract other people. So by the time it’s five o’clock  and I come home to read and blog — I’ve been sitting for FOREVER and my ass is ready to revolt. And then I’m going to sit some more? And more? And then I’ll go to bed and and lie down. I mean, I have other things that don’t require sitting (you know — that time I get off Pinterest to make a receipe) but the  two things I love doing most — reading & blogging — require an awfully lot of sitting. Some days it doesn’t bother me because I’d like nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch and read ALL DAY and just power through how bad my butt hurts. But other days I swear my butt and my legs are just going to get together and the next thing I know I’ll be frolicking around the apartment complex.

I know, as Americans (I’m an may not be lol), we sit probably more than most people in the world (generalizing here) but sometimes it just GETS TO ME and then I have major reading slumps and don’t feel like blogging anymore (or just can’t sit down to comment on your blogs. Sorry. Sorry. I love you) because I think maybe I could find something better to do that doesn’t require sitting (though we all probably know it would end with me finding something else to do that requires sitting).

You all know that I’ve discovered that audiobooks HAVE helped me get more fit with my plan (though since Thanksgiving I’ve fallen off the wagon) but even with audiobooks in the mix while I work out or do household chores I STILL sometimes feel like not reading because I don’t feel like sitting. And I honestly…to add even more audiobooks into my day would be hard because I like reading with my eyes so much better and am wayyy faster than the narrator.

So in short, this ridiculously pointless post is a result of the fact that I sat down to write this post and my ass really hurt. So you get NOTHING of substance (ie: something that takes me longer than 10 minutes to write) from me today. NOTHING.



What about you — do you often feel like you spend a lot of time sitting between reading and blogging? Do you ever feel really antsy about it like I do?  How do you balance all that SITTING with being mobile to still accomplish all of the reading and Interneting you do? And if I’m the only one who feels this way..we are going to pretend this post never happened. Let’s do that anyways. I just needed to express my frustrations!

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Bah ha ha ha — this post just cracked me up! (And since you were talking about butts – no pun intended!) It’s true though, reading and blogging are very sedentary activities, and it is hard to find the balance. I, too, work in an office setting and it can be hard to remember to get up and walk once in a while, just to keep the blood moving (although, these days, it’s getting easier since sitting for too long hurts and I’m hungry all the time so I’m constantly back and forth between the staff room and my desk!) When I was going to the gym, I used to read on the bike or the elliptical, which was great since I wasn’t paying attention to how much time had gone by, AND I was reading more. But now I’m doing yoga for fitness, and I can’t read at the same time. But I feel you — and no, you’re not crazy for posting this, I’m sure that many of us are going to share similar sentiments!

  2. I completely understand! Some days it doesn’t bother me at all, but other days, I can hardly sit for more than an hour before my legs and/or butt are ready to revolt. I actually really like walking around while I’m reading, just a nice, leisurely meandering. I prefer to walk up and down the sidewalk outside, but that’s obviously not really possible in December. I’ll just walk in random paths around my dorm/house sometimes. (Make sure the path is clear first, though. You learn this lesson living with little cousins who love to play with Hot Wheels, Legos, etc., LOL.)

    I know this is a really strange post to write but let’s be know me…a post talking about my ass is probably not the most random post you’ll ever see.

    *gigglesnort* Aaand this is one of the reasons you are awesome.

  3. Oh yeah, my poor butt. AND my poor eyes. I spend most of my day sitting and staring at a computer screen. Now that I have my kindle, even when I’m reading I’m looking at a screen (albeit a milder one). When I’m watching TV (screen!) I’m also usually on the laptop, too.
    I know I need to change my ways and get my butt moving and give my eyes a rest every now and then but… I’m lazy.
    I’ve thought about getting into audio books but I don’t particularly like the sound of them (no pun intended). I guess I should give it a go, I won’t know until I try.

  4. BAHAHAHA! I am in love with this post. 🙂 TOTALLY understand what you’re talking about too. EVERYthing I love doing involves sitting of some kind. :\ At least you’ve got audio books. I can’t do audio books. I’m not an auditory learning at. all. I seriously listen to like a sentence and then I’m like SQUIRREL! And I have no idea what just happened in the book. All of that rambling to say, I’ve been saving up to buy a treadmill that I’m going to convert to use with a standing desk. So, I shall walk (slowly) on my treadmill as I work on my computer. Huzzah! Super excited about this. 🙂

  5. Stumbled across this post in my GoogleReader and was like “this must be Jamie’s weird post she was talking about”, clicked the link and thought “well, let’s talk about her butt then.” I GET it. The things I love doing – reading, blogging, twittering, watching TV – all involve me sitting on my butt. It doesn’t get to me like it does you but I wish that I could do these things without sitting, now that would be GREAT. How about a treadmill desk? Jessica Spotswood has one and loves it! 🙂

    P.S – Let’s back on the wagon! WE CAN DO THIS.

  6. Absolutely. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m thinking I might check out my library’s audiobooks options because I need to get off my ass! I really need to do something fitness-wise, but yes, I do sometimes get tired of sitting around!

  7. *checks content to make sure I can read this at work* Just kidding 🙂
    YES I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been paying each month for the little fitness center at my apartment complex and I NEVER GO. Mostly because I’m lazy and I don’t want to go work out when I have to come home, make dinner, and clean the disaster that is my apartment, but also because I still have to come home and blog and work on my ridiculous WIP book (which has somehow split into two separate ideas and writing takes SO MUCH TIME) and then I have to keep reading because I’ve never been so far behind before. AHH. Then my boyfriend comes over or I go over there and we watch TV because it’s something we can both do together, especially since there’s nothing to do at my apartment.
    So rant aside (sorry!!) I totally feel your pain! I’ve actually brought hardcover books to the gym before (yes, I AM that girl reading while on the elliptical) but I just have a hard time getting my butt to the gym and then staying there long enough to do anything because apparently I have no attention span, and even when I’m reading at the gym, I keeping checking the time to see if I’ve even been working out for fifteen minutes. It’s hard to balance everything! Maybe someday I’ll get it….. But for now, let’s just talk about it and keep on sitting 🙂 hahaha

  8. I totally get it. For me I usually keep my reading sessions short. I still do a lot of reading (I’ll usually finish a book in 2-3 days, I’m almost at 100 for the year), but I break it up. Especially now that we got an elliptical, I’ll read for half an hour, then do 15 minutes on the elliptical, then go back to reading, then do another 15 minutes. (And, yeah, I could read while on the elliptical, in theory, but the book stand is so far that I can’t see real well, and if I try to hold the book closer to my face and just use my legs for the machine, I’m concentrating so hard on maintaining my balance — which, granted, is a good workout too — that I can’t concentrate on reading. So unless I use an ereader and make the font as big as it will go . . . although even that’s a pain because then I’m reaching forward to “flip the page” every other sentence.)

    Also, I’m with Kristin; I cannot do audio books. My mind is too likely to wander. It actually does that while I’m reading sometimes too, but then I can back up and re-read what I spaced out for. That doesn’t work so well with audio books. So I’m totally jealous of those of you who can use that to squeeze more reading time into workouts or commutes.

    tl;dr – You’re not the only one. If the comments so far are any indication, not by a long shot.

  9. You’re definitely not the only one! When I go to school I have to sit down almost the whole day and when I get home and have some projects/deadlines for school you can find me sitting behind my laptop for the rest of the day. Then later on I blog etc. so I’m still sitting. And after that if I choose to read, I’m still sitting.
    Some days I feel like all I do is sit!

    Great post – it reminds me that I need to work out more! Especially now it’s cold outside, I’m much more inclined to just be comfy at home and read. Although what Charleen does (read for 30 min., work out for 15 min.) seems like something I should do too!

  10. Unfortunately, I love sitting. Too much. My bum rarely rebels. 🙁

    I definitely have taken your advice on listening to audiobooks when I do household chores, and I am hoping to get a treadmill, so I can listen AND exercise at the same time.

    But my body just loves sitting. Which is why I need to lose some weight.

  11. Ha! This post is so timely because that’s exactly how I feel. I do so much sitting and blogging takes so much time that sometimes I just can’t be bothered with it all. It’s like, I WANT to read, but I just don’t FEEL like it at the same time. And then to have to devote more time and sitting to commenting… by the end, I’m so wiped out and I haven’t even left my couch. UGH. I haven’t tried audio books yet. I’ll have to check one out someday.

  12. This post cracked me up! It’s interesting though, because, after having considered what you had to say – I find that I can agree a lot of the time. Sitting is basically my default position for more than half of my day, and I find it uncomfortable after a certain number of hours has passed. What helps, for me, is to get up and stretch, walk around or to just simply go outside. Also, if I’m VERY desperate – I stand up and read, even though that might be something strange to do in my own house. Sometimes, I pace back and forth and read…

  13. Jamie, I feel like you’re standing up for butts everywhere.

    This is something I struggle with as well, since I spend a lot of my day sitting. One thing I’ve tried to do is make it a point to get up and move around for at least five minutes every hour. I don’t think this is the best solution (because I’m still doing a lot of sitting), but it definitely helps. The bonus is that I often get a lot of little stuff done (unloading the dishwasher, picking up my room, folding laundry) and that actually makes me feel better, too.

  14. YES!!!! This post is exactly how I feel. My butt is tired, man. I love reading, writing, TV and movies, and after awhile, I really just want to run around.

    My solution is usually to go out and read/write somewhere else. I usually walk there so I can get things flowing. And I also limit myself (mainly because I have to deal with real life) to about an hour or two at a coffee shop, and then I go and buy groceries or browse stores, and then I’ll go home. My other solution is to go hang out at my bff’s house, where she has stairs galore – I’ll read for a bit, then go downstairs, then come back up, etc.

    I so wish I could do audiobooks, but like a couple of other commenters, I’m aurally challenged.

  15. Oh yes! I struggle because I am both an avid reader and a very active person…so those two things don’t always go together real well. Example, sometimes I am soooo into a book that when I workout, I will opt for the elliptical instead of the treadmill (easier to read on the elliptical)…but I kick myself a bit because I know I would get a better workout running. Or, on the weekends when part of me wants to go snowboarding/hiking/whatever, the other part of me wants to curl up on the couch with a book. It’s a hard battle sometimes!! And I can only take audiobooks once in a while…I prefer reading with my eyes vs my ears.

  16. snicker/snicker.

    I sit down at my job all day. When I get home to blog, I will sit in bed and do it. More comfy that way.

  17. lmao I am definitely the complete opposite. I work at a restaurant so I’m on my feet all day so coming home to sit and blog/read is what I look forward to! Its more my eyes that are suffering. When I was little I had 20/20 vision. Now I have glasses AND an astigmatism. Its terrible. As far as staying fit, I just take my book out to the track and walk it a few times. I’ve tried audio books, but I just can’t get into them. I have ADD and whenever my eyes aren’t doing anything I find something to look at and start thinking of that. When the audio book changes volume, I notice only then that I haven’t been listening at all.

    Great post! Although I can’t relate, I can definitely see your point!

  18. Luckily, my job has me on the go a lot, so I don’t feel TOO guilty about sitting when I get home. I do most of my reading while I’m lying in bed or sprawled on the recliner, which isn’t quite the same as sitting.

    I just picked up a new hobby, though, which has me on my duff even MORE. A friend taught me how to knit. It helps that I can do it while I’m watching TV, but somehow, that’s translated to my watching TV even more. :/

  19. I’m training for a half marathon and audiobooks have been a life saver, for sure! I’ve run through six books already! (I’m a big fan of sitting, though.)

  20. I love audiobooks! I can read much faster than the narrator as well, which bothered me at first. However, I learned to love them for what they are. They are an entirely different experience for me. I know the narrators I like and the ones that really transport me into the world through their voices. It’s rather like savoring the sound. Don’t think about how much faster you could read the book, and just enjoy it. (Imagine me saying that in a dramatic voice, and not a patronizing one)

    I listen to audiobooks while I clean, take a shower, commute into work, pretty much whenever I get a chance. My husband and I also listened to audiobooks while we remodeled our house. Definitely helped pass the time.

  21. Hahaha! This post is perfectly timed for me… I’m pregnant and sitting has become ridiculously uncomfortable and my butt has been hurting a lot lately due to the fact that I sit all day at work and go home and sit in front of the TV or with a book or with the computer. I know the answer is “get off your butt, dummy!” but that is so much harder to put into practice when I can’t tear myself away from blog posts about butt pain 😉

  22. HAHAHAHHAH I was right! Entertaining! And I actually do agree with you! Thats why whenever I DO have time I try to go out and do what I love which is taking pictures [scenic basically, only]. At least THAT hobby means I have to be out and about and not sitting on my butt! But, I feel ya girl!

  23. I feel the same as you about the sitting thing. I realize that the things I love, reading and blogging, all require sitting. I think I need to add in some mandatory active time in my day. I do a lot of walking, but I should be a little more active if my favorite things all require sitting!

  24. I’m glad that my job is an on my feet, running around all day type of job. When I get home, I usually do some household things and then I’m beat and all I want to do is sit on my ass and read, blog, or read blogs! I try to get my butt into the gym at least three nights a week[sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t].
    In the way of audio books, I’ve never tried to listen to them. Do you have any suggestions for a first timer? I wouldn’t mind listening to books when I go to the gym. It might make me go more often!

  25. Oh man, I sit way too much. My job is sitting. My activities are sitting. My sleeping is, well, not sitting. Sometimes I’ll pace and read. Sometimes I’ll do stretches and read, but mostly I just sit. 🙁 E-readers can be nice for stationary exercise. Maybe I’ll be able to get myself off my butt and back to the gym when I get my Nook for Christmas.

  26. This post reminded me of the time my dad randomly told me to stop sitting so much (while I was in the middle of doing homework…I was still in high school at the time) because it would make my butt too big. But this is also the dad who thought Big Macs was the reason why Americans had such big mouths.

    I figured out that I’m just not too compatible with Audiobooks…it often has something to do with the narrator too. But I think audiobooks make doing mundane activities like chores…or doing art projects for my design classes to be more enjoyable. And other time, especially if I’m on the bus..I fall asleep, then I get too lazy to find my place by rewinding…

    Or sometimes I get confused, and it’s harder to “re-read” an audiobook. I was like that with The Raven Boys. I had to get a physical copy and read some passages.

    I go to school..which requires a lot of sitting. I LOVE SITTING. Or maybe I could go walk in a bookstore. I could probably be in there for an hour. I could walk and read with a Kindle (when I was younger, I would read and walk at the same time…how nerdy) but then I’d probably bump into a pole.

  27. Hahaha wow. I love the “pointless” tag. But I can so relate to this… I spend a lot of time sitting and it really bothers me sometimes, and then I have to go for a walk. But recently I’ve made a habit of walking around my living room while reading – waaay easier!

  28. This. Then add in the fact that I work 60 -70 hours/week mostly in front of a computer (and who am I kidding? I billed 100 hours last week!) and it gets ridiculous. I need some new hobbies!~

  29. Oh totally! All I do everyday includes sitting from taking classes to working on my laptop to eating and what not. Frankly, I get what you’re trying to say and my butt is going to revolt soon as well. If only there was a way to walk and read at the same time as I’m not a big fan of audiobooks…Sigh.

  30. haha you’re the only one who can do a post like this and I love you for it! I totally get what you mean about sitting. I sit a lot as a student and then I go home and SIT SOME MORE! I mean, I don’t mind it most of the times but sometimes I’m like “gah, I must be active.”

  31. Oh Jamie I love those random posts of yours. I spend most of my day sitting as well and sometimes I just have to walk. My dog usually forces me to go for walks regularly but when I have a really packed day – working, being on public transport (which means sitting and reading), reading, blogging, etc – I skip taking the tram to the underground, I turn on my music and walk there.

  32. Of course I think audiobooks are a great solution to the butt spread problem 😉
    There is so much available now in audio that I truly think there is something for everyone. And if you ever have technical issues, I highly recommend the Audiobooks Group at Goodreads. The members are so helpful.
    Since I sit a lot to record books, my antidote is to walk or bike whenever I can to do errands. I get fresh air and am helping the environment too!
    Fun post!

  33. Melissa @Harley Bear Book Blog says:

    I used to read on the elliptical which took lots of coordination that I don’t have lol. But I agree with you on everything. It’s hard to get motivated to sit for a long time after work.

  34. Yes, I was thinking this just the other day! I seem to spend the majority of my time reading, blogging, writing job applications, writing in general, or watching tv on the laptop, and the room I rent just seems to get smaller as the week goes on. Its not just sitting down all the time, but, for me, the problem is sitting in the same few places all the time. At university, if me or my flatmate called “Cabin Fever” while revising, we would leave the house to get lunch or a coffee, or go and revise/read/do other stationary activities somewhere else, like in a cafe or the park near where we lived. If I cant do that, I take a few minutes out to dance like a loon to some good (loud) music, and get back to it. I’ve not tried audio books, but I’ve asked for a gift card for some for Christmas, so I might have to add those into my routine.
    Great post- totally random, but totally valid!

  35. I’ve been having this same problem. ESPECIALLY LATELY. I don’t know if it is the holidays or what. I just can’t stand to sit around. So there’s been less reading, less internet. I went an entire day a couple of days ago without logging on to Goodreads ONCE.

    I love reading – it’s my favorite. I just hate sitting around like some kind of a sloth. And I’m like you in that I like audiobooks for the convenience they offer, but I prefer actual reading so it’s difficult to focus on audio. Maybe it’s the season. Around here, in winter, it’s dreary and gray and rainy most days. So being forced indoors is probably amplifying these feelings.

  36. I have a standing desk! At work though, but still. My desk at work is adjustable, so I put it all the way up, so that I stand while I’m at work on the computer, and I elliptical at the gym and read with my Kindle, so that when I get home and sit on the couch to blog, I don’t really feel so bad since my butt is pretty good to go and my legs are all tired ;-). I realize this isn’t an option for a lot of people at work, but constructing a standing desk at home might be doable to do some blogging while standing? I’m also a big fan of lying down while blogging on my laptop since my back is all crabby about the sitting position 😉

  37. Same here! Running is my only hobby that doesn’t involve sitting.
    Totally weird but kind of related, my fiance lost around 200 pounds, and now he complains that his butt hurts when he sits too long because he lost all his butt padding. 🙁 Hahaha.

  38. Guilty. Audiobooks help, but not by much. What’s worse is I never get in a reading slump. I want to READ ALL the books. I’d rather read than listen. Books also don’t care if my BUTT is big. I vow (and hedge) to do better in 2013.

  39. Hi there i take my books to the gym with me. Like you i was laid off so i have plenty of time on my hands and when i was sat reading all day my butt hurt also and i was putting weight on so i decided to start the gym just to get out the house i think. At first people looked at me crazy reading a book while on the bike thingy i didn’t care i was reading and getting exercise, it don’t so much work on the rowing machine but it works well on the running machine. Goo luck x

  40. Haha, just read your 3 year blogiversary post and had to check out the post where you talk about your butt. I didn’t believe it actually was about your butt. Too funny. Great post, and congrats on 3 years!


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