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This was a crazy year as you guys read from this post ! My niece came into the world, I got laid off  (week before the next life  event), I got married,  I moved  closer to the city….and I thought it would totally make the blog suffer. And to some degree it did, in  terms of quantity of posts and number of books read but I felt like the quality remained despite my sporadic posting schedule. 2012  was  a fun year on the blog and I felt like I  connected with my readers even more through reviews, silly discussions and the more serious ones (errr were there any of those? I can’t remember). I felt creative, free and I just plain ol’ had a good time not taking  myself so seriously and talking books with y’all.

So, in case you were late to  the game or  just missed it — I’m going to highlight the best of  my year on the blog! Truly, thank you guys for all the support and love and I’m excited for 2013!

In January I started the year out right and posted about ways to challenge your bookish self in the new year! Then I talked about one of the most terrifying thing in my bookish life and found out that many of you have that same fear too! And I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY read one of John  Green’s solo books after reading collabs he’s done!

In February I shared some lessons my mom taught me that I apply to blogging. I then posed the question of “what makes someone your  favorite author?” And, since I was knee deep in wedding planning, I compiled some great quotes to make a wedding readings from literature list. I also discovered a new favorite series (read the second book later on in the year which sealed the deal).

In March I moved from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress which was CRAZY and I lost some posts so I had to repost them. I did review two of my favorite books from 2012 —  Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard and Legend by Marie Lu.

In April I had some really great discussions because  I wasn’t reading too much because we were  super busy with wedding planning and spent a weekend in Chicago with my blogging besties! I talked about book spoilers, RANTED like a mofo about bookish stereotypes, about how much I SUCK at reading series and admitted to how I  have SUCH a hard time not finishing books and you all pretty much said “YOLO — stop reading books you hate”! That post lead to a new feature.

In May I had some fun and did a  post about book inspired dates and I LOVED sharing my favorite book quotes with you.

In June I didn’t really post all that much because I was moving, my wedding dress came in, my bridal shower happened and wedding planning was CRAZY!
In July I was even more scarce but I did give you a sneak  peek of my engagement photos, talked about some of  the most vivid  worlds & settings I have read and read and reviewed Bunheads by Sophie Flack which was really excellent!

In August…dun dun dun…I GOT MARRIED! I didn’t post much leading up to the wedding (August 17th) but came back full steam after with a sneak peek of my wedding, gave some bookish confessions (like how I’m a horrible library patron & other bookish sins) and got really candid with you all and confessed some things as a book blogger and you made me feel SO MUCH BETTER.

In September it was FULL STEAM AHEAD with blogging! I met John Green & you guys were super excited for me, I confessed a blogging fear that most of you understood, I reviewed For Darkness Shows The Stars (a fave of the year!), talked about how to find out about book events.

October was a great month and I definitely got my mojo back! I talked about how I love books with talented MCs, reviewed some great books (Sweethearts by Sara Zarr, Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi and Every Day by David Levithan), how books are turning me into a super fit person.

November brought an awesome interview with the Epic Reads ladies, my most anticipated 2013 reads (OMG SO MANY GOOD ONES) and a review of the book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on — Just One Day by Gayle Forman!!

In December I slacked off a little bit but had some great discussions with you all — even it took it a liiiiittle too far in my comfort level with you all in this post, talked about a beautiful gift in reading and did lots of Best Of type lists — books, music, beauty, etc.


Now for an easy peasy giveaway to say thank you! Win either a 2012 favorite of mine or a book on my 2013 most anticipated list! It’s international — w herever the Book Depository ships!

Here are the lists to choose from: Top Ten Books of 2012, End of Year Survey, 2013 Most Anticipated Books

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Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. Congrats on the great things that happened in 2012 and don’t worry about the bad ones. One day you’ll probably laugh at them!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Jamie! It’s such a pleasure to have found your blog last year. I’ve really enjoyed all the interactions I’ve had with you on your facebook page. You certainly had quite a year last year 🙂 And I hope 2013 is nothing short of wonderful for you and your husband! I hope you also get to read some fantastic books this year!

  3. Girl you AMAZE me! Congrats on an awesome 2012!!

  4. Nice wrap up! It helped me discover some posts I’d missed. It’s been so fun discovering and following your blog this year. I love your authenticity and eclectic reading habits.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Nice way to wrap up the year! And I’m not sure if I ever posted anything about it, but CONGRATS{!!!!} on your marriage!!

  6. kayla (@kiki85) says:

    Happy new year! I’m so glad I found your blog. Your wrap up posts added so much to my tbr list.

  7. Mackenzie says:

    I think you’ve inspired me to pick up my blog again! If you can do it through all that stuff and still have it remain as fabulous as ever I think it’s worth a shot. And I’m looking forward to many of those 2013 books!

  8. I started following your blog this year, and I’m really enjoying it!

  9. I hope you have a great 2013 🙂 I always enjoy all your posts even if I do not comment very often. But I want to say thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog:)

  10. Haley Miller says:

    Your year sounds a lot like mine: crazy! lol. Anyway, the book I would pick would be Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. Thanks for the amazing giveaway:)

  11. I love your blog, excited for another year of your reviews and book recommendations! 🙂 What a fantastic giveaway!

  12. Oh, Jamie. I love the quality of your posts, and I’m so glad you pointed out some of these posts so I can go back and read them. You really do have a very unique and awesome point-of-view, and I’m so glad you continue to blog and put so much of yourself into your blogs.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. And for the awesome bookish discussions you have.

  13. Woah…a lot of stuff happened this year! WHY DIDN’T I STALK YOUR BLOG SOONER?!?!?
    I always, ALWAYS love your discussion posts. Makes me think. A lot.

  14. Sounds like you’ve had a seriously eventful year! All the best to you in 2013!

  15. I’ve recently just started following you. I LOVE your blog. I’m slightly addicted.

  16. I love that I found you when I entered the blogging world this past September! It’s been great. 🙂

    Just keep rolling with the ups and downs and it will all stay wonderful.

    Brandy @ A Little of the Book Life

  17. wow! great giveaway! thanks so much for the chance:) finally international!

  18. Happy New Year! I love your blog, and I think you are doing a wonderful job. It give me something to aspire to. 🙂

  19. You are incredibly awesome! Whenever I feel like I want to give up on blogging or feel overwhelmed, I come across a post from you that ends up inspiring me and rejuvenating my spirit. I am so very glad we got to meet in person last year, and I’m hoping that we get to hang out again this year! Lots of love xo

  20. I’m so glad I found your blog a few weeks ago. I lurrve talking about books.

  21. I participated in your survey last year and did again this year, I love to look back to the wonderful books that I’ve read. I love your blog and how original it is, keep it up!

  22. This is an awesome giveaway. Happy New Year, Jamie!

  23. Although I think I’m old enough to be your mom, I love your taste in books (I feel like I should read “older” books I guess) and have enjoyed so many of your recommendations. Glad to have found you!

  24. Happy New Year! 🙂 Amazing BLOOOG!

  25. Love this recap! 🙂

  26. Great year! Thanks for hosting all kinds of awesomeness!!

  27. it was a great year for books and this year looks to be pretty great too. thanks for the rundown. you’re a blogging dynamo!

  28. I love your blog because I am also in my twenties and love adult literature as well as YA! I also love love loved your book inspired date post! And I also loved your wedding posts (congrats!). Keep posting great reviews so I can use your judgement to read those books! Haha. 🙂

  29. Loving this highlights post, Jamie! You had such an exciting year with your wedding, and sometimes we find things that sway us into real life, but we come back to blogging when we can!

    Also, my link to the comment I entered in the giveaway:


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