February’s Most Wanted

February 2013 teen releasesI know I always highlight upcoming releases in my Catalog Creepin’ posts but typically those are far off. I wanted to highlight the releases for the month I’m most excited about (and you know..help me actually remember about them).

A Sequel



You know I loved Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (right? You did read my review and saw my flaily hands going up?). I had heard people raving about it but I was super rolly eyes because I was having a MOMENT with the influx of SO MUCH DYSTOPIAN LIT. But I finally read it and oh my stars…it was exactly the refreshing type of dystopian story I needed. Check out my review to learn more! So naturally I’m beyond excited to read Unravel Me but I’m also scared…hence it sitting on my nightstand for the past few months waiting for me to pick it up.

A Debut



A lot of people have been loving this one and it was on all my most anticipated lists so I hope I won’t be disappointed! You know I’m pretty picky about my paranormal so I’ll be outside my comfort zone but I’ve honestly been seeing such good things and for some reason when I received my copy of it and learned more about it..it just seemed SO GOOD and INTERESTING.

A Book From An Author I’ve Read Previously



It’s no secret I loved Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepytus! If you love historical fiction, pick it up! Out of Easy is still historical fiction but rather Europe during WWII, Out of Easy is set during the 1950’s in New Orleans! I’m excited because I’ve heard great things from Tara at Fiction Folio who is huge Ruta fan like I am!

So guys, which ones have you read? Which ones are you excited for? And for the love of puppies, please tell me which ones I should read FIRST?

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I have been so excited for Pivot Point! It looks amazing and I would love to know what you think of it! I’m also looking forward Out of the Easy, not to mention Perfect Scoundrels and Etiquette & Espionage among many others.

  2. I just finished Out of the Easy- it was absolutely awesome! I loved it! It makes me want to pick up Between Shades of Grey immediately, because she’s such a fantastic author. I highly recommend Out of the Easy.

  3. I am trying to decide about Unravel Me. I read Shatter Me when I had really bad morning sickness so I have this memory of being sick that is tied to the book. Isn’t that funny?

    I am most looking forward to Scarlet by Marissa Meyer.

    • NOOOO that totally has happened to me too! For me it was The Scorpio Races. I read it when I was sick and SUPER stressed out because wedding stuff was just going SO BADLY and I just didn’t love it as much as I thought I would.

      I seriously need to get on the Cinder bandwagon! Everyone LOVES it!

  4. I just got a copy of Out of the Easy and can’t wait to dig into it!

  5. I so badly want to read Pivot Point that I have no choice but to push my bookish preference on you. But really, all of these are good picks!

    Happy reading, Jamie! ^_^

  6. Can’t wait fot Pivot Point and Unravel me!

  7. My bank account is dwindling just looking at this list (and subsequently preordering all of them). I’m ashamed that I haven’t read Between Shades of Grey yet but it’s on the docket! And I heard Pivot Point synonymous with “Best Book I Ever Read”. I’m a little sketched out by that but can’t wait to read it, nevertheless! Awesomesacue list.

  8. I think I already told you this, but I adored OUT OF THE EASY. I’m one of the few who didn’t love, love, love BETWEEN SHADES OF GREY, so I was a little bit reluctant to read another of the author’s books. I’m so glad I did, though, because OUT OF THE EASY is wonderful! A definite must-read.

    Happy February!

  9. I just read the description of Pivot Point recently and I am totally looking forward to it. She’s coming to my neck of the woods too so that should be fun!

  10. These are all books I want to read! Though I’ll admit I haven’t read Shatter Me yet. I’ll be going to the Dark Days tour though, so I will definitely be picking up a copy. It sounds like you’re pretty excited for Unravel Me, so I would say read that first!


  12. Jamie, I highly, highly recommend you read the novella Destroy Me before starting Unravel Me! Normally these little e-book adventures have little to nothing to do with the timeline, but this one is from Warner’s perspective and tells us soooooo much. Happy reading! I’m planning to give Shades of Gray a try based on your review–it’s a heavier subject than I generally like to read, but you’ve written such glowing things that I think I must now give it a go!

  13. I scored copies of all three of these at ALA last weekend, and I LOVED the first to! I had to mail myself Out of the Easy so I haven’t read it yet, but great choices to highlight!

  14. Even months after reading it (twice) I still fan-girl every time I see the cover of Out of the Easy. IT. IS. SO. GOOD.

  15. Yes, I am so freakin’ excited for Pivot Point, I’d be starting it in the next couple of days. Yay! It’s definitely a most wanted for me. So go for that one first 😉

  16. I’m definitely not excited for Unravel Me, but I do like the sound of both Pivot Point and Out of the Easy – they’re two I’ve been waiting on!

  17. I literally just finished Unravel Me yesterday, and it is SO GOOD. I had my issues with Juliette, but learning more about Warner and Adam was AWESOME. Also, I am now officially on Team Kenji, because he totally kicks butt in this one!

    I’m looking forward to reading Out of the Easy. It’ll be my first book by her, and I’m curious to see if I’m going to fall in love with her writing style.

  18. Unravel Me!!

    So excited!

    And Out of the Easy sounds incredibly interesting. I haven’t read Between Shades of Grey but I’ve heard non stop good things about her writing