How To Rekindle The Flame When The Blogging Honeymoon Is Over!

tips-to-get-out-of-a-blogging-slump* I apologize to my readers who are not bloggers. Sorry a million times. You know I don’t do a ton of “blogging specific” posts.

I posted a long while ago about When The  Blogging Honeymoon Is Over — I basically just rambled about how I was starting to lose that gusto I had towards blogging — something we can probably all relate to. I started with such gusto and was really into it and then in early 2011 I hit this WALL almost a year into it. Since then, I’ve realized it DOES come and go — that honeymoon feeling. Sometimes I’m on cloud 9 about blogging and internet prancing all around and I LOVE EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING and I just want to read and blog all day long. Then the time comes when the honeymoon is over — the baggy sweatpants come out, the makeup comes off, the annoying things start to make your blood boil and it becomes HARD WORK. A struggle. A challenge. In blogging world, this means  I don’t want to write reviews. I can’t think of anything creative. I feel like NOBODY LIKES ME. Everything is annoying. I hate formatting. It’s SO MUCH WORK. And just like marriage, I always knew things weren’t perfect or easy in marriage or in blogging (you think I actually wore makeup every day for the 5.5 years Will and I were dating or that he held his farts in all the time?). I knew that with the fun came the tedious and the slumps would hit on occasion and I would dread things — but when I get in one of these moods it’s like that initial honeymoon stage has crumbled all over again.

And with every one of these slumps, I pull out of it. I’ve cultivated some ways that I personally find that help me reinvigorate my love for blogging and make me all giddy like a school girl in love. They are just things that end up making me inspired or think and get those creative juices flowing again.



Sometimes honestly the only cure is time before you come crawling back to the blog. Take a day a week (whatever you want) and just get off your blog and do the other things you love to do besides blogging. Sometimes a break is just what you need to refocus. I mean, that’s why we have vacations and mental health days in real life. We need time off from work. Even though we love blogging, it’s natural to get burnt out and get hung up creatively. Nothing like a nice little blogging vacay to renew your mind and spirit. I feel ready to tackle things and get back to blogging. I’m so pro-vacations with blogging. I don’t even schedule anything sometimes. It’s all up to you and your comfort level. Sometimes your break may cause you to realize you want to post less..and that’s ok!


Yes, I’ve had some great posts happen through discussions with other bloggers (Estelle & I have one in the works right now..I promise I’ll work on it sooooon!). There’s so much value in that. Some great posts happen that way. So chat away about things that you care about.  But I will say some of my best discussion posts have come from talking to people who don’t read that much or at all. It’s funny the sort of things that come up when people know you are a reader. Or the ideas or the rants you will get. Talking to my former co-worker spurred two really great conversations on here — about assuming readers are anti-social or about how sometimes people think negatively about my hobby. I’m sure there are more instances when a conversation has spurred me to think of a good post idea but those are the two I think of right off the bat. I find that even conversations unrelated to books or blogging even make me think and apply it in some way to literacy or blogging.


I think the hardest thing for me sometimes is getting so caught up in internetland that I forget OH HELLO are big! New experiences and going outside and frolicking get my brain rolling for some reason and honestly clears my head of all the stuff bothering me. It’s honestly astounding how after a day exploring the city or hiking can just change rejuvenate me. I don’t know why this happens but I know suddenly I start seeing things brighter and the vibrancy of life comes back into my blog. It’s easy to chain yourself to the blog and all that goes with it…but sometimes I just need that pinch of life to help me come back feeling balanced. Maybe that isn’t an issue for you but it’s one that I have struggled with and is the biggest culprit when I’m feeling blocked blogging wise. Maybe it’s a day with playing with your kids or spending time with a friend or scrapbooking. It’s how my Dates Inspired By Books happened (so many more in the works!) because I got that fun feeling of being on a different kind of date with Will that you see in books.  Bonus points for meeting up with bloggers and having great conversations that make you excited to blog again — looking at you Alexa!


Are there posts you wrote years ago that you can bring back up and add to? Maybe you have a new perspective on something? Maybe there has been a development related to what you wrote about. Looking at other things you’ve done can help spark ideas and help you maybe to elaborate or expand on something you previously wrote.


I don’t mean gank their ideas or anything but it’s interesting that when I read fashion blogs, design blogs, cooking blogs or travel blogs the STRANGEST and SMALLEST things will give me inspiration for posts. It may not even be related at all but their words may have just SPARKED something. Sometimes it IS related to what I’ve seen — I had seen a post about Things I Don’t Want You To Know on another blog and decided to do a Things I Don’t Want You to Know As A Book Blogger (crediting the original post of course) which was so fun to do and was a GREAT conversation starter. I think the other thing is we get so stuck on the Way Things Are in our own community that we don’t see the amazing growth and creativity in other niches. I know this is something that helps me to cleanse my palate a little bit — getting off the book blogs and being inspired by the great things I see elsewhere. I’m telling you I’ll see something and my brain will think of something else which will lead to it spiraling into a new thought and then I’ll connect another dot and then BAM..a new post not at all related to what I just saw but my brain is just a majestical beast sometime and is inspired by the strangest of things. Or if’ll see something that pisses you off and you can rant about it.


What inspires you? Where are your passions? Do you have other hobbies? How can you integrate them? I’ve seen some lovely things done around the blogosphere where I get to see another facet of the blogger’s life. You all are such diverse beings! I’ve done some posts related to my love of music or love of travel but the biggest thing was my wedding. I was knee deep in wedding planning so I just integrated into my blog last year and did a lot of bookish wedding related stuff and stuff that wasn’t even bookish but you guys were SO opinionated about and I LOVED it. It’s not a part of the blog anymore but you can use the things you are experiencing in life to breathe new life into your blog. It’s amazing when you start brainstorming what you can come up with. Even if it is only one post. For example, I was trying to combat my adversity to working out with audiobooks and posted this. And hell, even if you don’t relate it to books. WE LOVE THE PERSONAL STUFF. The different stuff. Trust me.


Sometimes it’s a certain annoyance that I have that is causing me to feel MEH about blogging. Try and fix it. Maybe it’s even re-evaluating things on your blog..maybe you aren’t enjoying a feature you do anymore. Think about a problem you know you could HELP other bloggers with. Great with html and such? Create some helpful posts! Are you a whiz with the new Netgalley? Help the rest of us out and tell us where to find things! I didn’t tackle a problem for other people (I’m just not that helpful haha) but I was finding myself being increasingly FRUSTRATED with reading review books early and not wanting to post a full review super early but WANTING to still get buzz out — to cater to both your average readers and bloggers. Thus began my Save the Date feature. I feel SO less stressed now. My other problem? I admitted to being HORRIBLE about not putting books down and I thought about how I could work on this. So I started a Reconsider or Release feature that lets YOU GUYS who KNOW me let me know what you thought of a book I’m considering putting down. I explain why I couldn’t get into it or want to put it down (sort of like a short DNF review) and let you guys weigh in if I should pick it back up or let it go. It’s a step in helping me know if it’s just a timing issue or if it’s just NOT for me!


At the end of the day…write down every idea. No matter how silly or how boring you think it might be (seriously, I wrote this post because I was in the car all day and had nothing else to write…and I was excited about it). Some ideas won’t be winners but the important thing is to just observe life, listen and process…and bring it to your blog. And know that YOU have an interesting perspective to bring to any subject — whether you specialize in the silly or fun or you can write an AMAZING and thought-provoking post about a serious subject (I stink at that). Just writing stuff down (even if you don’t publish it) or making lists helps and gets your brain working..and sometimes an amazing idea can come from it. Even if you are taking an internet break, use your phone to put thoughts down or have a notebook handy (seriously I have 6 of them).

Fellow Blogger’s Suggestions In The Comments:

* Starting something new — like a feature or a new series. (YES! This so make me feel less in a rut!) (Danny)
* Give your blog a facelift with a redesign (LOVE this idea!) ( Maria)
* Take a notebook and pen and write up a post somewhere else (I do this! Sometimes it’s nice to just not be attached to the computer) (Anny)
* Blogging about things that aren’t books (I love to do this from time to time as well!) (Mary)
* Broadening your horizons by picking new books and finding new blogs to follow and comment on (Good one! I so agree!) (Mary Bookswarm)
* When you are “in the mood/having a good blogging day” write a BUNCH of posts. (THIS IS GOOD!! I need to do this more!) (Paige)


There are a MILLION other things you could probably add to this list but those are my “go-to” things I think about when I’m feeling that slump. Have you done any of these/find them to work? What are some things YOU do that help break you out of a rut? Under my ideas, I’ll start listing the ideas you come up with in the comments!  And I am SO SO super curious if there is anyone who has NOT experienced this “end of blogging honeymoon”/rut?? I bow down to you and need to pick your brain.

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Ah of course – we all know these days! For me, it’s taking the weekend off. Not completely, I still write my posts but I do not spend hours on the weekend commenting. I miss it, but it’s also time for me to recharge and it helps me a lot!

    One other thing would be to start something new. A Feature you always wanted to get going could help get your spirits up again. It helps me when I’m feeling down to think about a new creative way to spice things up!

  2. So you know I’ve been considering starting my own blog, and the topic of this post is really something I’ve been considering. Of course that comes after the BUT WHAT IF I HAVE NOTHING INTERESTING TO SAY or WHAT IF NO ONE LIKES ME freak outs but it’s still a concern for me.

    I haven’t been reading your blog long enough to know what it was like that first year so I don’t know how often you used to post or how many reviews you churned out, but I have to say I love the balance you have right now. It’s hard to continuously blog, but honestly it’s also hard to keep up with it as a reader, so I actually appreciate features like “Save the Date” a lot. Aaaanyway, unfortunately that’s all I have to add for this post due to lack of personal experience but I think what you’ve written is really helpful 🙂

  3. Great post, Jamie! I’m too new to blogging to claim that my honeymoon is over I think, but my complete and total lack of tech savvy means some days I spend more time trying to do one itty bitty esoteric thing instead of posting. (Fine, I’ll admit it. I spent ages today trying to fix a font color on my new share bar…) And then I think: Does anyone even care that you did this? Will they even notice that you made *two words* the correct shade of olive green?! What’s wrong with you?

    I think getting away from the internet from time to time is probably the best idea. Going for a walk tomorrow for sure!

  4. Yes!, to pretty much everything you said! I go through phases when I want to quit everything and just blog and read blogs and chat with people on Twitter. And then, there are times when my blog is like a deserted street in a western, with tumbleweed tumbling away in the wind, and yet I can’t think of a single thing to write about.
    Something that’s helped me recently was redesigning my blog. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired content-wise but, I had some ideas about giving my blog a new look. And what do you know, practically ten minutes in and I had so many ideas about new posts! So basically I think it was that I doing something creative and that it felt like a fresh start that helped me get back into it again.

  5. This is a really good and useful post for all of us bloggers out here! I find the “Get off the Internet” part to be the most difficult, because often I somehow assume that to blog, I have to be at a computer. That might be partially true (although it’s not at all unusual that I will take a notebook and a pen and write a post down only to type it up later), but maybe internet isn’t the never ending flood of inspiration that I would like it to be. Sometimes getting out of the house and into fresh air will do you real good and inspire you in different ways, for me, seeing as part of my blog consists of photos, I’d say getting out is one of the best ways to inspire me.

    I always try to remember that my blog should document things that are going on, but not necessarily online.

  6. Tackling a problem is my go to solution. There’s usually a reason for feeling the way I do about blogging, so I get to the bottom of it and figure out how to address it. (And sometimes it can be addressed by doing the other things you’ve listed here.)

    As usual, Jamie, you’ve got some great advice. 🙂

  7. This is great advice– I love taking a book-break and blogging about things that aren’t books because it normally gets me out in the world and doing things. It sounds dumb but sometimes I’m like “I should paint my nails so I can blog about it!”

  8. Just like any relationship, once the passion and fire has died down, it takes work to keep it going. I’m approaching my third year blogging and this past year’s been full of ups and downs, blogging-wise. I’ve finally rekindled the flame by broadening my horizons, both on the reading front and on the blogging buddy front. Commenting on people’s blogs and getting comments from those bloggers, new bloggers and readers really keeps me going each and every day. Great post, as always!

  9. These are awesome tips! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I have these days!

    One of the things I do weekly is make sure when I’m in a good mood and actually have the time to write a post, I try to write more than one — that way, if I find myself dragging later in the week, I won’t get behind.

    Great post!

  11. I think this is great advice. Some of these I wouldn’t have thought of, like looking at some old posts and seeing if they need updating. I could do that even if I’m not in a “slump.” Great thoughts. Thanks!

  12. I am waaay too new to blogging to have my “blogging honeymoon” be over, but ever since I started I’ve always been afraid of the days when it’s a struggle. This hasn’t really happened yet, but I’m realistic enough to know that it will eventually, which is one reason it took me a few months to start a blog after first considering it–I wanted to give it the proper time and attention and make sure this was something I really wanted to do. I’m definitely still learning as I go, but I think one of the best things I did starting out was having at least a week and a half’s worth of post scheduled before I officially started, and having that head start and maintaining it has been super helpful as classes started and life got hectic again. I love all your tips but I think the one that’s most helpful to me is life outside of books–sometimes I forget I’m “allowed” to post things that aren’t strictly book reviews or book discussion posts–which is silly, since my blog is my space and I’m “allowed” to write about any topic.

  13. This is a great post, Jamie. I’ve been at this for…almost two and a half years, and I’ve definitely had my ups and downs. Sometimes I feel super pressured to get reviews done because I was asked to review a book and then I remind myself, hey, I’ll get to it when I get to it. I’ve also had a few significant changes (surgery, moving, starting two new jobs) since I started so there have been some major speedbumps and readjustments. I’m going to keep these tips in mind because I have a feeling I could use a couple of them in the next little while 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

  14. This is totally helpful! I haven’t posted in forever on my blog, because I don’t have very many followers (most are family, or publishers/authors who followed to see their book post, and don’t read regularly), and it is starting to feel like a chore. No one comments, and I feel like I am doing all this work for no reason at all. But, I will take your tips to heart and remember why I started my blog in the first place, which is because I love reading, and wanted to share my opinions on all things books. Who cares if I don’t have followers? I shouldn’t.

  15. The honeymoon period is absolutely over with my blog. I’ve hit this kind of wall a few times though, and somehow, I’ve always managed to come back, sometimes by just continuing to write. This time though? I’m in a unique spot (that maybe someday I’ll write about in) that the niche I was in is no longer a passion, potentially no longer even an interest! It’s a different sort of challenge but, hmm… perhaps these tips will apply anyway?

    (PS. New follower. From a different niche. Hi!)

  16. “Sometimes I’m on cloud 9 about blogging and internet prancing all around and I LOVE EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING and I just want to read and blog all day long. Then the time comes when the honeymoon is over — the baggy sweatpants come out, the makeup comes off, the annoying things start to make your blood boil and it becomes HARD WORK.”

    So freaking true. Although I don’t usually have long periods one way or the other. It just depends how much work a particular post is or if someone was mean to me or something. Then I’m depressed for a while and not into it.

    I’ve never taken a real blogging break, though there have been times where I was getting less reading done, so I was around less, especially before I discovered scheduling.

    Having conversations with my girls on Twitter, especially the ones most people can’t see in the DMs but also the crazy shit we say in open convos really keeps me around. I would not want to lose this network, and it helps me remember that even if authors or publishers don’t like what I’m doing or I’m not a big fan of it myself at the moment, there are people who like what I do. You need friends to remind you of how awesome you are sometimes.


    Oooh, reinvigorating discussion posts. You do this so well!

    Hmm, I don’t really read any other blogs, because I’m not all that interested, though maybe I should start reading some about kdrama, because man am I obsessed with that.

    This is only sort of relevant, but the new NetGalley is freaking confusing. It may be down less, but I still think it was a backwards step.

    Just Keep Writing: that’s the key. The reason I don’t have insane slumps is because I require myself to review everything I read, and I sit down and write it as soon as I finish the book. If I gave myself leeway, I would have dropped out ages ago. Which is not to say that other people can necessarily function that way, but that’s how I have to be.

  17. This is such a great topic to post on, Jamie, because I think all bloggers regardless of their niche experience blogging burnout. It’s hard to constantly feel on top of it and keep things fresh all the time. And I agree with you, a good hard time out is sometimes what’s needed in order to reboot.

    Personally, there are so many ways to boost creativity, you just have to think outside the box. For me, it’s all about stepping away from the technology for awhile . I like to write things down in a notebook, paint, draw and use unconventional tools to do my writing (i.e. – crayons, markers, coloured pencils, etc). I’ll write sideways, on craft paper, doodle in the margins or make notes in all kinds of swirly shapes. Just something different. Doing something that comes naturally, like writing, but doing it in a unique way is enough to spark a new facet of creativity while livening up my enthusiasm for the craft. I am also all about getting fresh air. I like to people watch and generally fantasize about who I see as if it’s a movie playing out in front of me. You can really get a lot of great ideas that way.

    It’s all about having fun and living life and at the end of the day, not stressing so much. Everyone deserves a break every once in awhile!

  18. Hello there!

    Oh man .. the burnout. You know last year after working furiously to pull ahead and have content almost every day, Magan and I took a major break during the holiday season and tried to focus on more fun things. It really really helped. I actually think it showed us that we should change up our content more and can be more creative and people would still read us. We also realized there are so many ways to talk about our own interests that don’t include books on the blog. Because reading is personal and our reviews take a personal tone, I think it’s okay for us to sort of go off the deep end when it comes to writing about something “off topic”.

    Life cannot just be about blogging and about reading or going to Disney and writing posts. (The other half of my life.) I think the more we spend time outdoors, with other people, talking about OTHER THINGS and not just books, the more we can bring to the blog and the less we will get burnt out.

    The thing about reviews and books is that it’s a lot of the same. Even when the book is different, we are still sitting down to pour out our hearts about the book and that can get exhausting. I think, like with anything, people need to know their limits and not try to outdue others but do their best to be satisfied with their work. Once I feel like things are sucking for me, I take a step back. I don’t write, I still read and I read for fun. That was another thing we did during the break. I read about 10 books that I had pushed to the side all year long. I’m hoping I’m smarter with my book money this year, and this problem doesn’t happen… but just reading for fun or re-reading your favorites is the best way to sort of cleanse your brain and get back into a happy place.

    This is a long post. But I’m glad you brought these things up for sure. I can’t wait for our joint post together! 🙂 xo

  19. Oh my word, Jamie, this post could not have been more timely for me. As I’m sure you noticed, I’ve been super blah (and potentially emo) lately in regards to blogging. And it wasn’t that reading and blogging became work so much as I got discouraged because, like I said, I was feeling inadequate. And I think that probably, or at least hopefully, I’m not the only one who gets that way sometimes. There have been a lot of blogger jealousy posts going around that are really right on. In my case it’s not jealousy so much as this “bottom-of-the-totem-pole” feeling. Which is whiny and emo and really does not make me seem approachable or fun to interact with. This, in my opinion, is the downside of the fact that most of my close friends are fairly well-established bloggers who aren’t at the same place as I am. Which is fine, but it’s hard not to compare.

    I feel like getting off the Internet and stepping away from it all is what’s helped me. If the awesomeness of my friends isn’t quite so in my face, it’s easier to remember all the good things I have going for me. I’m definitely attempting to stay away from Twitter during certain moods because that a road to bad things sometimes. Otherwise, I stay away from books and blogs and watch a movie or make food or something, then come back and try again.

    Also, I just try to do different things and not keep on doing the same-old, same-old. I’m always ALWAYS snooping/stalking the blogosphere and looking for new friends. I try to read books that may be older or that no other bloggers are reading. And if I don’t feel like writing a review or a post, I force myself to do it—that probably doesn’t work for anyone else, but it works for me. Because then, after I get stuff done, I can pat myself on the back.

    And this has been a mopey confession of sad, sad Renae, which I’m sorry you had to listen to, Jamie. I really liked this post and the suggestions you brought up. 🙂

    (And I try to stay a lot more positive than this, so you know…)

  20. You are always SO ON POINT with your posts!! I agree about reading non-bookish blogs because it’s definitely helped sparked some ideas for my blogs before. I don’t check the blogs as often as book blogs but I love seeing them. My folder is even named “get inspired”! Blogging can get so overwhelming so a break is almost always needed at some point. I also really need to keep your advice about thinking of life outside books in mind. I feel like I get so caught up in blogging! I seriously need other hobbies or do something else, haha.

    Love this post! Thank you!

  21. I SO needed this one! Falling into a blogging slump is inevitable & these tips are perfect for when the time hits. I’ll be keeping these in mind for the future, especially the “read outside your genre” and “read through archives” ones. Thanks!

  22. Kelsey @ The Lost Book Reports says:

    So Helpful! Thank you Jamie, I have been on the clasp of a blogging slump and definitely needed to read this.

  23. I agree on the suggestion about blogging about non-bookish things. I want to start incorporating my slightly obsessive love of music into my blog somehow!

    Your tips are good ones, Jamie! Sometimes taking a break, even just a few days is a GOOD thing. Stepping back from blogging can make you appreciate it more. Keeping up the devotion to your blog is hard work once like you said, the honeymoon period wears off. I’m almost two years in and it’s definitely more time-consuming now that I’m more into it, but still worth it.

    Having conversations is a GREAT idea. One of my BFF’s is not a huge reader, although she has enjoyed everything I’ve given her to read, so it’s so fun seeing her reactions to my blogging stories, and my book-ish rants. I may do a post about that, because when we went out to dinner last night it really struck me, how patient she is with me going on and on (and on) about authors and books and blog-things, amongst our shows, life, work, and gossiping!

    Love your posts as always, Jamie girl!

  24. Very sound advice, I especially like the one about reading blogs in other niches. It’s so easy to get used to just reading blogs on other subjects without thinking about it, treating them completely differently to book blogs.

  25. I LOVE THIS POST. Let it be known that it is permanently bookmarked so that I can refer to it when I’m feeling all “meh” about blogging in general.

    It’s realistic to acknowledge that you won’t always want to blog. Sure, it’s fun most of the time and it’s definitely a great way to share your personal passion – but it’s still work, and it’s great that you acknowledged that. Thinking that way allows us to give ourselves “breaks” from the work and not feel too bad – or at least that’s how it works for me!

    Your suggestions are all so fabulous, and I absolutely agree with most of them. In general, getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things or just encountering new people are definitely ways to get the creative juices flowing and to fall in love with your blog all over again!

    I think, surprisingly, what makes me feel re-energized and ready to go when it comes to blogging again is really your first suggestion – stepping away from it and taking a break. While I always love the book blogging community and my blog, taking a break is a good way for me to gain fresh perspective, new ideas and just generate the feeling of “missing” this outlet I’ve fallen in love with.

    Other suggestions for rekindling the flame?
    – Try to integrate another creative outlet into the blog, like videos or music. It usually helps to be surrounded by creativity in all its forms, and that might jumpstart something entirely new for you on the blog!
    – TRAVEL. I will always consider this the best suggestion because it opens your eyes to new things all the time, whether big things or little ones.

    (We need to set another Jamie/Alexa hangout soon, because I’m in dire need of a nice long discussion that will get me raring to go again! <3)

  26. Love this! I think I’m in one of those slumps right now. I still love my blog and tweeting and all that comes with it, I just feel meh about the work. I don’t really want to take a time out because I’m not burnt out, I just need a spark. Like something I’m just SO EXCITED TO TALK ABOUT I CAN’T STAND IT! Right now, I’m not feeling that.

    Perhaps I should try some of your ideas. Go do something fun, rekindle sparks in life and hope that they run onto my blog! With spring just around the corner, I think there will be times a plenty to do this! Yay for this post! 🙂

  27. Allison did a post about having the winter blues the other day, and someone told her to check this post out. I agree it’s a good one.

    For me, I am about to hit a wall/slump mode and it always, always happens around this time of year especially because for my career it’s our busy time – I’m running group, a night class (hello 13 hour work days), weekly orientations for at risk kids, and overseeing interns, not to mention regular school visits. So like, when I come home blogging is like the last thing I want to do and I get so depressed that everyone else seems to have all this time and energy and I am just so zapped.
    I like the idea about taking a notebook, I may have to do that during my guest speakers this week, as I can pretend like I am taking notes but am really doing blog things.
    I also like the idea about leaving the house. Granted, I leave the house to go to bookish things – like the signing today, but that just now put the idea into my head about doing a post on how not to be that awkward weird creeper at book signings – maybe I’ll title it how not to be a creeper 101. haha. OH and I did leave last week to see friends from home who read books (fantasy and adult) and go bowling and eat diner food and drink. It was awesome and reminds me that needs to happen more (and it will — I have a Christening and a baby birthday party to hit up in the next 2 weeks.).
    Ah, my flame isn’t quite out, but really it could use some gasoline, so I’ll keep these tips in mind.

    • Ah, and I forgot to mention also part of busy time? Planning this huge march where we want at least 200 participants and being the one person in charge of that. EF ME. OH OH and and because I keep mentioning work — my boss left, one of my coworkers leaves at the end of the month and our CFO took a new job. So pretty much just shoot me, ha ha.

  28. Thank you so much for this! I often get tired of blogging and reviewing and I’m sure these tips will help! Your posts are super amazing and always unique, which is partly why I am obsessed with your blog. =) The blogging honeymoon was over quick for me.


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