I Cannot Believe Who I Have On The Blog Today!



ALSO, I’m curious to know which Sarah Dessen book is your favorite? I’ve read a few and have some catching up to do! Tell me in the comments!

But honestly, there’s no author who says “love” more than Sarah Dessen. And we don’t mean just romantic love (though she’s plenty good at that!). Sarah writes amazing, deep friendships, complex and true familial relationships, and, of course, swoony and wonderful first loves, so who better than Sarah to have a Valentine’s Day blog tour for her upcoming book, THE MOON AND MORE? Check with each blog every day for one of the 10 things you might like to know about THE MOON AND MORE that Sarah wrote herself. I’m so excited to let her take over the blog today and give us some little tidbit about The Moon And More!



Here’s the seventh of Sarah’s “10 Things You Might Like To Know About THE MOON AND MORE”:

There are shrimp burgers mentioned in this story. Because, like one of the characters, I LOVE a good shrimp burger. What is this delicacy, you ask? Simply put, it’s lightly breaded, fried shrimp on a hamburger bun with cole slaw and cocktail sauce. Preferably served with a side of onion rings. Great, now I’m starving. Such is the downside of writing about food you love.

Sidenote from me: UM, I personally have never had a shrimp burger strangely and now I’m adding it to my list of Foods To Try (yeah, I have one..because I like food a lot). BUT WHERE WILL I FIND ONE IN PHILLY?? I’ve had so many different kinds of burgers made from many different things but…shrimp? NEVER. This majestical sounding food needs to find my mouth. Thanks Sarah for giving me a new food to undoubtedly love. I’ll send you the bill for my gym membership.

Thanks for coming on the blog today,  Sarah! I’m so delighted to have you! 🙂

sarah dessenYou can find out more about Sarah’s books on Sarah-Land

Keep up to date with Sarah on Twitter (love following her tweets…seriously! And she’s gotten me into watching GMA!) and her website.

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  1. So you need to join the Sarah Dessen read/re-read challenge hosted by I Eat Words. I’ve read every Sarah Dessen book (some multiple times), but its been awhile. I just finished re-reading Just Listen as part of the challenge, and I was blown away by the depth and complexity of the story – especially the relationship between Annabel and her sisters. Someone Like You is my favorite though!

    • ^^^ THIS! As soon as I read that you haven’t read ALL the Sarah Dessens, I though, “Oh, Jamie needs to join the reading challenge.” I’m starting Just Listen later today, after I finish the resoundingly sad book I’ve been reading for the past week. However, This Lullaby is and always will be my favorite Dessen. And now I’m remembering that I already talked about this on your TTT post. :p

    • YES I totally do need to! I need to read ALL OF THE SD BOOKS! I loved Just Listen!

  2. I love Sarah Dessen’s books!! I haven’t read all of them yet, but I plan to (:
    I just can’t wait for this one to come out!! You’re so lucky to be on the blog tour.
    I love your blog!! The design is really pretty (:

    Please check out mine too. Thank you ^^
    I would love it if you follow back my new blog. Thank you ^^
    Sapir @ Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl

  3. bookrockbetty says:

    hmm…. shrimp burgers?!? haha pretty sure that will be a food to my list of things i will gladly WATCH you eat but never attempt. i am such a ‘get the same thing on the menu every single time’ kinda girl. 🙁

    • OH GIRL. You are going to have a hard time going out to eat with me then 😛 I’m a try something new MOST of the time gal. And I like weird things. lol

  4. My first Sarah Dessen book was This Lullaby and definitely my favorite one. I think I’ve read it four times.you should definitely read that one if you haven’t already. Her books have a lot of strong female main characters and swoon worthy love interests.

  5. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    Oh how I love Sarah Dessen!! I was so excited to receive a copy of The Moon and More!! Shrimp burgers? This sounds a lot like shrimp poboys and you can basically get those anywhere down here in Texas. Another reason why you need to come visit Jamie! 😉

    • I ABOUT DIEDDDD WHEN THE MOON AND MORE CAME HERE! And um yeah…I think I should book my trip NOW because it’s cold here. STOP STEALING ALL THE WARM.

  6. HOORAY FOR NORTH CAROLINA AUTHORS. Also, you can find shrimp burgers everywhere down here. I actually prefer BURGERS on my burgers. But down here, people go NUTS for the shrimp burgers. I digress.

    Less than a year ago when I started reading contemporary, I decided that I needed to read some Sarah Dessen because I want to support NC authors because that’s the thing to do, right? She lives not terribly far from here and she vacations just down the road (I’m not a stalker – she broadcasts this stuff in her video blogs.). SO, I’ve read two of her books, and they just ripped my heart open. I’ve always heard all of the swoony things about Dessen’s books, so I think that perhaps 1) I chose the wrong books to start with and 2) my expectations for the swoons didn’t match those books. SO…as I am actively planning my Contemporary Month for this year, I’m throwing some Sarah Dessen in there again, but I’m going to try and put some *happier* books in there – not just the first ones that I come across. I don’t mind issues-heavy books, but I need the Dessen books that I read to be the ones I always hear people talk about. I’ve only read Lock and Key and Just Listen, and I’ve been afraid to pick up more until time for Contemp Month because they’re so heavy. Now, I’ll admit that the gal can write the hell out of a story, but she broke my heart in a thousand pieces in the process. There is more Dessen is coming for me very soon as I am reading more and more contemporary. I just need to research a little before I randomly pick up titles. So feel free to suggest something happy-swoony for me, Jamie!

    • Yay! We’ll have to read the Dessen’s I haven’t read together!! And I guess this means I need to come visit you, yes? You can have a burger burger and I’ll have a shrimp burger!

  7. Shrimp Burgers? HUH. I’ve never considered it, but now I’m adding it to my list of foods to try as well. Don’t worry Jamie, I’ve got one too. (:

    And I need to finish reading all of the Sarah Dessen books before I start this one! Thankfully I’ve got a few months to go – and well… my favorite would have to be Along for the Ride!

    Have you read that one?

  8. Would you believe I haven’t read any of her books yet? But I recommend her to others at the library all the time, based on reputation alone.

  9. I lovelovelove Sarah Dessen. I’m not so sure about shrimp burgers, though. The one and only time I ate shrimp I cried because it reminded me of the singing fish in The Little Mermaid and I felt awful. I’m not even making that up lol. But anyways, back to Dessen. My favorite of her books are Just Listen and Along for the Ride. I don’t know if you’ve read those two, but I would definitely recommend them!

    • Hahhaah omg I love you. (I love shrimp though) but that is traumatizing! haha

      I’ve read Just Listen! But not Along for the Ride! Def getting to that one then!

  10. Emily Piperni says:

    Am I the only one that clicks I Am A Reader Not A Writer and ends up on BibleStudies.org?

  11. In Louisiana, that is a poboy. If you have Popeyes near you, you can get a shrimp poboy from them. Though if you could find an actual New Orleans food type of place around there, that’d be better. If they exist in that part of the country. And if they aren’t liars.

    I love Sarah Dessen, even if she eats her shrimp poboys on a hamburger bun and calls it a shrimp burger. 😉

  12. I don’t know if you’ve read it yet, but absolute favorite Sarah Dessen book is The Truth About Forever! It is AMAZING.

    Thanks for this post!

  13. You need to read every single one. Immediately. I second the vote for joining the I Eat Words challenge. I’ve only ever read each book once and I’m loving this already. I can’t wait to read the new one! Wheeeeeee!!!!

  14. I’m between Lock and Key and Someone Like You. I have yet to read Just Listen and This Lullaby and of course her new one. I’m excited.

  15. I love Sarah’s books! I’m actually hosting a Sarah Dessen reading challenge from March – June. 🙂 My favourite book of hers is Someone Like You. I read it when I was 15 or 16 and it felt like it was meant for me. Her books are just like that, you know?
    I’ve never heard of a shrimp burger, but my curiosity is piqued!
    PS – really excited to see you’re reading The Princesses of Iowa. I read an ARC of it and loved it but hardly anyone I know has read it. I’ll be curious to see what you think. 🙂

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer

    • Ooh fun! YES. So many of her books I read forever ago and I’m curious to know what they are going to be like for me now upon a reread.

  16. eeee so exciting! I can’t wait to read this one. And how have I never heard of shrimp burger before seriously I need to find myself one that sounds right up my alley.

    • Right? I’m craving a shrimp burger and I have never even have one. THANKS SARAH. (How did she know I loved food so much?)

  17. A shrimp burger sounds DELICIOUS. Perhaps I shall endeavor to find one for us to try in NYC? Also, you MUST read more of Sarah Dessen. Right now, my favorites from her are Along for the Ride and The Truth About Forever 🙂

  18. Hey! I love Sarah Dessen and I am also from the Philly area (20 minutes out in South Jersey, to be more exact.) I am currently living in South Korea with my husband right now, he is in the Army, and missing Philly foods to the max (we do have steakums here at our commissary[supermarket] though, which is shocking!) I’m excited for Sarah’s new book to come out in June. Love the blog and will be visiting on a regular basis!

  19. I hate seafood, but I like burgers. SO there’s the temptation to try shrimp burgers, but at the same time, seafood. Gross. Ahhh.