BING BANG BOOM…This is Jamie Getting Stuff Done!

So if you read my bookish resolution post at the beginning of this year I have officially completed #8 on that list — starting a book club!! I’ve semi-culled my owned books (#5 on the list) but I can’t quite say I’ve completed it yet so this is my OFFICIAL resolution/goal I’ve accomplished! Pop some bottles, y’all!

We’ve had two book club meetings and several “extra-curricular” book club meetups — went to the movie tavern and two Gayle Forman events! We text all the time. It’s official you guys: I LOVE MY BOOK CLUB AND IT WAS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE TO START ONE.

Seeeee..aren’t we adorable and fun and the coolest book club ever and make you want to join?? 🙂

Gayle Forman signing photo photo(54)

How I Started My Book Club:

I checked out the Forever YA book club list and looked for my area. I could have done the Philly one but to get to actual downtown would be hard in the evenings so I emailed and asked if anybody had also emailed them around my area (I gave a few bigger towns/areas that people might have given) and they emailed back and said YES one person (the awesome Book Rock Betty) had emailed in my area about starting a book club. And with that…book club was born..because remember it only takes two to start one! I tweeted and posted about and then Ellie and Katie contacted me about book club and then we were born! Our first meeting was awesome and we immediately clicked!

Want a book club of your own?

* Check Forever YA’s website and see if there is one in your area!
* Check your local bookstore to see if they have any book clubs. Ask if you can start one that meets there or at least see if they would be willing to advertise yours!
* Check your local library. No book club? Ask if you can start one/advertise yours somewhere!
* Put out the feelers on Facebook to see if any of your friends are interested and tell them to ask a friend! Ask work friends!
* Grab a bunch of your friends (even if they don’t like to read) and bribe them into joining book club with lots of wine and treats!
* If you are a blogger, write a little post or tweet it! I totally didn’t know Ellie and Katie were around my area and even read my blog! You never know!


Let’s Talk:

1) Do YOU have a book club? Tell me about it — how long have you been a part of one? How did you start it/find out about it? How many members? If you don’t have a book club, are you wanting to start one or find out? Any tips for getting a book club started?

2) Have you completed any of YOUR book resolutions/goals for the year? Are you currently working on one? What is the hardest one to tackle?  Tell me so I can cheer you on!

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. That sounds fanatstic and I’m excited to see you are having so much fun!
    And nope, I never thought about joining a book club but maybe I should consider this at some point 🙂 What would be better than talking books and drinking wine with people who love the same books!

  2. I’m making a small dent in my to be read shelf… But not my actual books on the shelf. But the year is still young.

  3. Brilliant! It looks like you’ve all clicked really well 😀
    I’m in the UK and a fellow indie author and I have become fast friends. Over New Year she asked me to join her book club with two others and we use a secret Facebook group. It’s AWESOME! We have similar tastes in books and every Sunday we spend a few hours chatting about theories and swoony characters!

  4. Isn’t it wonderful? I have an IMAGINARY Facebook book club full of IMAGINARY YA bloggers (I mean, it’s the internets, they MIGHT not be real). We get up to all kinds of crazy nonsense- mostly casting Richard Armitage to play some part in whatever book we are reading…and occasionally fantasizing about him naked…as a group. Sometimes we even READ!

    So congrats on your book club. They are the most fun. The YAckers have been e-meeting for over a year now and I just adore them. (if you’re curious)

  5. I hate our book club. We never have good snacks. We read crappy books. We never laugh. We don’t understand each other. We always have to meet in public places because you guys are kinda creepy. Not sure why I keep going. Glad you like it though. 😉

  6. Haha you all sound soooooo cool!(also the comment above me kind of proves it!) I want to move to America so I can join! Anyone got a spare room haha ?!
    Well anyways it is so cool that you actually have a book club now congrats!

    Aw my resolutions are going okayish having trouble with finishing my classics 😉
    But they are good I just never get around to read them (want to read at least two this year. Stick in number one haha) xx

  7. My book club has yet to meet after three months. Sigh. All my little friendlies aren’t able to come!! They must be busy bookworms 🙂
    I KNOW there are more people out here!!! I sent an email to the local bookstore but they never replied so I think I may drop in and drop off a flyer or something!! Maybe while Shane is gone this weekend on his little vacation I’ll do some library hopping and drop off info. I want people to come!!! It’s just so hard to get them all together LOL.

  8. Congrats. I have always wanted to be in a bookclub, but our community lacks people that would actually read.

  9. Yay for book clubs! Or as ours is know, Book and Wine Club 😉

  10. Yay! Love these book clubs; they’re so fun! Glad you’ve been enjoying yours so much!

  11. I wish I could join your book club, it looks so fun!! Too bad I’m on the Pittsburgh side of PA 🙁 Maybe someday I will find a group of ppl who like to read YA and want to hang out… I hope so!

  12. I just joined a book club this year as well! The situation was kind of the same as yours, where someone in my area was looking for a ForeverYA club and I also happened to be looking for one and we were born! The first time it was just the two of us, but we had our second meeting last Sunday and we’re slowly growing. I’ve never really had bookish friends IRL until now so I’m kind of like OMG THIS IS THE BEST. I would totally second the twitter thing. I mean, just this week you matched me up with another Milwaukee peep and we’re grabbing coffee today! You never know who follows you/reads your blog.

  13. All your tweets about your bookclub was actually what inspired me to look into Forever Young Adult. I got in contact with the person who runs the Toronto chapter and I’m going to my first meeting later this month! Can’t wait!

    • Ahem, Christa. That person is me. Yes. Me. =) <– see what I did there?

      FYA Book Clubs rock, don't they, Jamie?! I'm so glad that people are finding the Toronto one. I haven't posted about it because I think we're a bit shyer than you guys. Maybe I'll take a picture this month now that we have a few more definite members.

  14. Ahh, I would LOVE to do this. I’m in this itty bitty town where we don’t even have a bookstore, and getting people to read is…um, let’s say “difficult.” Still though, I might put out a call on my FB page and see if anyone local is interested, even if it’s informal! I LOVE talking books with people. So happy you started yours, girl!

  15. I want to have a book club! I’m sure there are plenty in the city, but I have yet to find one, so perhaps I should get on that…. I would also want to visit your book club because you guys sound AWESOME!

  16. If there are girls in the Columbus, OH area who are looking to start a similar book club (beers and books? heck yes) please let me know!!

  17. I have been part of a book club for a few months, found out of it through mutual friends. Every other book we choose if fiction or non-fiction, which creates a nice variety. Though I think the non-fiction can give us a lot more to talk about. It helps that we have 15+ people on the mailing list, so at least 8 people show up each time we meet. And we all bring food, which entices us all to come:)

  18. What a great idea! I should totally join a book club! I checked out the Forever Young Adult list of book clubs and there’s one in my area! YAY! I think I’ll try to join soon.

  19. I started a YA for Adults book club where I work and it has been really great. Since I work at a big government facility I used the email newsletter to advertise the first meeting and got a really good response. Everyone in it comes from different areas and has different backgrounds, so it’s been a good way to get new perspectives on books.

    As far as my book goals go, I have read more “adult” books this year and I have been trying to comment more. 2013 has been great, so far!

  20. Yay for book club!

  21. Aww I love it and you looks so cute that polka dot dress is the bomb! I do NOT have a bookclub but I’d love it! Coming from such a small town though I don’t know very many people who read the same types of books who would do it. Even my bookkish friends around here have such different taste. Though I think it could make for a good time to disagree on books all the time. Food for thought! 😉 Plus, they can so easily be bribed! Muahaha. I’m going for that idea! Ha!

  22. Book clubs are so much fun. I started one in the hospital lab where I’m a tech. There are seven of us and we meet every couple months and take a turn picking the book, theme of the meeting and hostessing. We’ve had wine and cheese parties, brunches, and our next meeting is march 17 so it’s a saint Patrick’s day theme. I’m the unofficial leader since I started it, and with our shift work it can be hard to find a time, but I usually manage every two months which is plenty often enough.

  23. Lindsey says:

    Hey! I wrote you back on Goodreads after you commented but I’m not sure if you got it 🙂 a book club sounds fantastic! I’m down–I want in on the fun haha!

  24. Jamie, I love that you did this! I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous that it’s working. A girl in my area tried to start a FYA book club, but it fell apart so quickly. She was so stressed about getting LOTS of people to come, that there wasn’t a lot of love for the few of us who were happy just showing up, no matter how many there were. Instead of having a stable schedule, she tried to schedule around everyone, and that really didn’t work. I’m bummed, I love the FYA book selections, and think they’re a fantastic venue to run a book club through, but after the mess we went through last year I don’t even have it in me to try again myself. =(

    You girls look so freaking fun and awesome though!

  25. Fantastic!
    I also created my own book club, for my block, when I realized we had so many readers right here. we just celebrated our 1st anniversary.
    we meet once a month, actually the next meeting is tonight! Our format is special, it’s a potluck book club, meaning we each bring and share about our most favorite book since our last meeting. We love it! it is so enriching, as all genres are represented, from classics to thrillers, nonfiction, historical fiction. and we discuss, ask questions, and compare our impressions when we happen to have read the book presented.
    it is not unusual that a member then reads a book presented by someone else.
    we are usually between 7-12 members (lots of busy people, or people fleeing to Florida when it’s too cold in Chicago!!), average age, hmm 50? men and women. here is for instance what we shared last month:

  26. I thought about trying to get a book club together, especially in the past few months I’ve met more friends who love to read in real life, but since I’m a college senior, I’m probably only going to be in my college town for a few more months. Seemed like a bit ineffective, though I would love to join a book club wherever I eventually end up!

    You know, now would probably be a really good time to review some of my bookish goals for the year. I know I’ve read at least one book that I resolved to read in 2013(I read my first John Green book–yay! I loved it as much as everyone said I would), and I’ve definitely been blogging, but I don’t remember my other goals off the top of my head(which, I’ve discovered, is normally a sign that I probably haven’t made strides towards them). I have actually kept my non-bookish New Year’s Resolutions though, which has been quite an accomplishment.

  27. I used to attend a book club, but the genre they read really didn’t suit me. I found a lot of the books to be really boring and drab. They weren’t classics or even bestsellers, but just books that some people have deemed book club worthy. I wish I had a club in my area that focused more on the books I liked reading, like YA, but I think I might have to start my own if I want to attend one. My problem is that when I’m told to read a book by a certain date, I wait until the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE and sometimes never get around to it. Maybe I’ll stick to Goodreads for my bookclubs for now, until I can be more dedicated.

    I’m happy to see you love your new book club — looks like you guys have a lot of fun! 🙂

  28. Maybe a book club will be my next big venture after I get my blog up on its feet!! The only thing holding me back though is that I would hate to join a book club, and then have to leave in september for school! 🙁

  29. I haven’t been in a real book club since High School, I’ll be moving to a new city this fall and hoping to get involved with one there, seems like a great way to meet new people!

  30. I was involved in a book club at school last year. It was okay because lots of the people didn’t have the same taste in books as me so we couldn’t gush together.
    Right now I don’t have a club, I just have friends that recommend books to me and I recommend some back and we have discussions about them.

  31. Your book club seems so lovely and perfect and makes me wish I live closer to join. Because I don’t already send you creepy messages on twitter. WHY NOT HERE.

    I was part of a book club, but then I changed jobs and it never worked out anymore. I do miss it.

  32. I just started a book club by using called A Novel Idea, and we read young adult books too. Only one other girl shows up, but even so I really enjoy it. I wish we had a few more people though to get the discussion really moving! We are in the Clear Lake/Pasadena, Tx area which is too far from our closest major city (Houston) to make it feasible to join one of the downtown book clubs. I am going to take your idea about putting up flyers at our local libraries though!


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