Before & After #2: Anticipating Books

So you guys. Since early 2012 I’ve been working on this post I wanted to do about the differences between myself as a reader before I was a blogger and after I became a blogger because my habits have changed SO MUCH. I kept putting it off because of wedding plans. I wanted to make this cute graphic that was a list but, when I finally started to work on it this year, it was just looking TOO crowded with about 30 different things and overwhelming and not AT ALL what I had in mind. Then I decided…why not make it a series? The more I thought about it — it would lend to a better discussion if I just give you one at a time. I’m kind of glad my original idea didn’t work out because I’m liking this better. Check the end of the post for previous Before & After’s.


 I literally never knew when new books were coming out. I only knew they were NEW if I saw them on a New Release table or shelf at a bookshop. I never had anticipated reads for upcoming seasons. Even if I had a favorite author I never knew when they had new books coming out. I just didn’t follow or even know WHERE to find that information. Even when I got into Goodreads, I really didn’t seek out new releases. I just would track what I was reading and then see what other people were reading.


Now I could tell you books coming out a year from now and have my Catalog Creepin’ posts to indulge in this obsession. I have a whole slew of anticipated reads that I’m excited about. I know about new books from my favorite authors pretty much right when a deal is announced. It’s like this never ending stream of new books to be excited about that it’s almost overwhelming. I do like being in the know though but I will say that I miss not be surprised by what is on the new release shelves in the store.


Let’s Talk: If you are a blogger — were you really aware of books coming out or was I the only one that only knew which was new by the new release shelves at the bookshops? If you were aware of them previous to blogging, how did you find out about them? Do you ever feel overwhelmed with talking about releases a year from now? If you aren’t a blogger, I’m curious if you feel like you are really aware of what is coming out and have huge lists of anticipated releases sometimes a year out?  How do you find out about them? Book blogs (I totally didn’t know that this existed)? Newsletters? Following publishers? I’m so curious!

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I LOVE this post because just recently I’ve been thinking how I kind of miss the surprise of looking at bookshelves in stores now. Prior to blogging, I was like you – I didn’t know of upcoming releases, never sought out that information (hell, it never even occurred to me to look it up!), relied on going into the store and seeing the “New in Teen” shelf. And I was fine with that! I never thought it could be something that changed! But now, after blogging, I know of books way in advance. Sometimes I see a book on the shelves and think “wait…that’s a new release? But people have been talking about/reviewing/discussing it for months!” I will never NOT love book blogging, but it has taken a certain element of surprise out of reading; and while it’s a small price to pay, I do miss it sometimes. I so rarely browse books on a shelf now because I’ve probably heard of 85% of them, if not all. One of the few times I get a little weird about discussing books so far in the future is when I’m talking with non-bloggers/non-usual-readers and they’ve asked me to recommend a book or tell them what I’m reading. I’ll be super into telling a person about the plot or why I’m excited for it…only to finish with “and it comes out in 8 months!” and then they give me that Look. Or another time is when I’m anticipating so many books and I get that heavy-heart feeling knowing I’ll never have enough time in the world to read all I want to read. While most people will give you an “oh boo-hoo, there are starving children in the world” look, I know other book bloggers/avid readers understand that problem and how distressing it really is 🙂

    • YES! I totally feel that way too. There are honestly very little that I’m not at least aware of when I go into the bookstore. Every once in a while I’ll still find a gem that I’ve never heard of but mostly I just KNOW all of the new books. And that is so TRUE..I forget that books are new because many of us have read and talked about them for months..and that DEFINITELY happens when I talk to non-bloggers about stuff. I get so excited and start telling them and I’m like OH have to wait until next year haha.

      *sobs at the thought of all the books I’ll never get a chance to read*

  2. Before I started blogging I only looked after certain authors (most of them series) I wanted to read and kept an eye on release dates for those books and honestly not much has changed.
    It is true that I do notice sooner a book I might want to read is going to be released but my mind usually just registers it that it is available if I want to read it.
    Honestly I am pretty glad I am not really anticipating new titles. If I see what is being released it would drive me crazy and probably make me very nervous.

    • Haha it really is nervewrecking to be SO super aware of new releases and like trying to keep up! I want to find a middle ground somewhere in between my old self and now haha.

  3. I never knew anything about upcoming releases when I wasn’t a blogger. I rarely went to bookstores, so I would just grab whatever was on the YA shelf at the library. I’m so glad I’m past that! Now I know what to be excited about and I get to look at all the pretty covers for months ahead of the release. 🙂

    • It’s definitely fun to be able to march into the bookstore or library with a purpose because you know all the wonderful books that just came out! It’s fun to wait and countdown the ones I’m MOST excited for! I feel like I have something to look forward to! I think, I personally, need some balance. I’m almost crazy about it. Always way on to next season’s books before this season even hit the shelves haha

  4. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    I didn’t become an avid reader until I started my book blog, so new releases meant nothing to me. I was like you, I saw what was out (or on its way) based on the table displays at the bookstores. I had a few friends who were more a part of the book world & would tell me when things were to be published that I should look out for. I remember being excited for the release of Mockingjay 🙂

    • That’s awesome you had friends who could tell you what to look out for! I never had anybody tell me about new releases! I hope that I am helpful to my friends who like to read (not that I really have any outside of the blogging world and book club but my sister at least haha and my nieces and nephew).

  5. Before I blogged, I knew when some books were coming out. Once in a while, I’d stalk Amazon to find out if my favorite author or series had a new book coming out, and sometimes I’d preorder it. Now, for the most part, I only keep track of upcoming sequels or books that other bloggers or Epic Reads get me excited about. I have so many series and books to catch up on that I’m trying not to add too many new ones yet! lol

    • It’s funny that I never thought to look on Amazon back then because I just didn’t think they would have them up if they weren’t out. And you are smart! Once you start the Catalog Creepin’ you will have ALL THE BOOKS on your list 😛

  6. I never knew what had just come out unless I went to Chapters (which was quite frequently actually). I never ever knew about what was planned to come out, unless it was Harry Potter or if I was reading a series and I wanted to know when the next book came out. Now my TBR list on Goodreads is pages of books that haven’t been published yet. I almost wish I didn’t know that much about them, that way I’m not constantly longing after books that I can’t read yet 😛

    • YES. I’m also always longing for books I’ll have to wait forever ago. It’s a sickness 😛 (the best kind I suppose! haha)

  7. I had the same thing happen to me, before I started blogging I would go to the bookstore and pick up what sounded good but now I hear about 99% of the books read through other bloggers and being more aware of what is coming out.

    • Yes! I think as bloggers we are good sources of info about new releases. I know, if I didn’t find it while creepin’ the catalogs or if it didn’t stand out to me at first, I hear about a lot of books through other bloggers! I would have been way more connected if I knew book blogs existed prior and followed them. I also think the pubs have been good about building buzz for new books.

  8. Before I started blogging I was like you, I really didn’t know what was new and what wasn’t. If I knew something was a new release it was because it was clearly indicated. The only times this wasn’t true were with some series that I was particularly into. Like I knew exactly when the new Harry Potter books would be coming out. Unlike now though, the only reasons I knew when certain books were going to be coming out was because I was borderline obsessed with the books/author.

    This wasn’t something I really had thought about before reading your post, but it’s definitely a way I’ve changed since becoming a blogger.

    • I never got into the HP books (obviously since they are on like every TTT list I ever make of things I’ve never read haha) but it seems like everyone was always up on when they were coming out! It seems like most of us only new about new books if we really followed the author/series!

  9. Before I started blogging, I would just wander the bookstore and explore the “new release table” to see what was new, like you. I had a few authors I would follow but to see when their next book was coming out, I’d have to check the computer system whenever I went into a Chapters. Look up the author, sort by release date, look at what’s coming. That was pretty much all I knew of upcoming releases. I have to admit, I like this a lot better! So much to look forward to and get excited about 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh, YES! I was the same way! I think I had a few authors I really loved, or authors I was curious about, and I would sometimes know when their new books came out, but NOW there are so many books on my list to get — so many new arrivals coming in each week!

    Of course, before I was able to keep up with my reading, but now there are so many new releases that I find it hard to keep up!

    I think I mostly find out about new books through Goodreads, other blogs, Twitter, publisher newsletters, and catalogues — none of these things I knew about before blogging!

  11. I’m going to say it again – this series is FANTASTIC. I love that you’re giving the spotlight to one change per week, because it really is a lot to think about, and I’m sure people will always have a LOT to say in response to the change you mention.

    Anyway, moving on…

    Prior to blogging, I never really knew what new books were coming out. Like you, I based my discoveries on what was on the new releases table at the bookstore! Sometimes, especially when it comes to adult fiction, I still do that today. It’s fun to just go to the bookstore and encounter random books I’ve never even heard of – and discover new gems!

    As a blogger who primarily reviews YA (although I really feel like I want to change that), I get updated fairly often about new releases and release dates because of the bloggers I follow, and the authors and pubs on Twitter. It’s exciting when it’s about a book I love or a book I could possibly love, I’ll admit. But I do miss being surprised by what I find in bookstores, or the gems that I pick up completely unplanned. So generally, I personally don’t keep track of what’s up and coming and when – I just find out through other people.

  12. Before I was blogging I picked out books based on their covers (terrible, I know). If it had an interesting cover I’d pick it up and read the back. Sometimes that method failed me in big ways…haha. I really only had books I was waiting on if they were part of a series that I had started and really liked. I started using Goodreads and it helped me decide which books that were already out sounded like something I would want to read, but I never really thought about checking for future releases, or even how to go about looking for them. Goodreads is how I found out about book blogs, though, and after finding out there was a resource where I could find endless amounts of books to read I decided I could write a blog :0)

    Now my TBR lists are completely overwhelming and while I like knowing when awesome sounding books are coming out, I sometimes feel like I’m always waiting for something that isn’t released yet and don’t have time to be excited about the ones that are. I hate having books from January of last year that I was so excited to read, but still haven’t because of other time commitments…

    This is an awesome series you’ve got going, sometimes I forget there was a time in my life when I wasn’t blogging :0)

  13. Before my blog, I did know about my favorite authors’ new releases. Most of them were very high profile though, so when a new Harry Potter, Diana Gabaldon, or Dan Brown book was coming out, I would find out ahead of time one way or another without too much trouble. Now that I’m blogging and reading blogs on a regular basis, I find out about so many new releases that aren’t so high profile way before I ever would have stumbled across them in a store. I LOVE this, but it also makes my “want to read” list completely and utterly out of control!

  14. Before blogging and before even joining Goodreads I rarely knew when new books were being released. There were a few authors in particular that I loved which I received their e-mail newsletters and only found out that way. I almost miss the ‘surprise’ of seeing a new book at the library or bookstore though. 🙂

  15. Before I was a blogger I picked books by whatever was sitting on the table at the book store and looked good. So many times I read a book without having any inkling that it was popular. This happened with Twilight. I had no idea that it was this big thing. I just saw them at the book store, bought them, and read them in one night. Then later, I was astonished to see that there was a movie coming out and all this other hype. Even now, being a beginner book blogger- I’m still not quite as in the know as I’d like to be, but I do know more than I did before.

  16. I´m not a blogger, so I can´t relate to the ´before I was a blogger´ part. In my case it´s more of a ´before I was a book blog reader´ lol. Before I discovered blogs I would just browse in bookstores to find my next read, but now I love to know all of the books that have yet to be published and anticipating them. I discover new releases via book blogs and GoodReads, but most of all through following the authors themselves by following blogs like The Lucky 13’s and 14KidLit.

  17. I’m the same way! Lord knows I’m ALWAYS on GoodReads looking to see if my favorite authors have anything new coming out, stalking release dates, etc. I should probably calm down a little bit on that end. LOL.

    Before I blogged… I did keep up with a few special authors like Jodi Picoult, Anne Bishop, JR Ward, but I didn’t check on their releases THAT often. Now there’s always something to be excited about, and whereas before I only had one or two close friends who read (and recced stuff to me) now I have this huge community where I pull recs from! It’s awesome, really.

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  18. I pretty much always knew about the release dates of the books I was looking forward to, even before blogging. I’ve been a reader my whole life and a lot of people looked to me for my opinions on new releases (I even had a teacher in hs who would buy YA books and have me read them and tell him whether they were good for use in class or not). I spent a lot of time on the Barnes & Noble website and kept sticky notes on my desk about release dates haha. I think now that I’m a blogger the only difference would be that I know the release dates of LOTS of books, even ones I’ll probably never read.

  19. Oh there were a few authors where I knew exactly when their new book would come out. Like JK Rowling (duuuh), Diana Gabaldon and Rebecca Gablé (German author of epicness). There, I even pre-ordered books to get them instantly:)

    But of course, when I became a blogger it changed drastically, because now I keep track on so many authors and new releases that it’s becoming crazy. Oh .. and I needed to become a Book Blogger to realize books come out Tuesdays.. lol!

  20. I had no idea when books came out and didn’t even start really reading again until a couple of years ago. Now I try my best to stay on top of when my favs or most anticipated come out.

  21. I find I’m still surprised every once and awhile, mostly because I don’t think my brain can handle all the info about new releases and I have yet to come up with a system to keep track. That being said, I’m definitely more aware now than I was before I started blogging. I do find that my favourite authors are easier to know about simply because I keep track of them in multiple ways – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, publisher’s social media and newsletters and blogs. I used to work in a bookstore before blogging so I’m thinking that that had an effect on things too…even then I didn’t really have the surprise. Hm. This is proving to be a much more thoughtprovoking comment than I thought it would be… 🙂 The trouble now is remembering who has books coming out when!

  22. I read book blogs long before I started my own, so I had a general idea of the “big releases” that were coming out in upcoming months, but never more than a month or two in advance, and certainly not to the extent I do now. As exciting as it is, it can be a little overwhelming!

  23. I’m really looking forward to Mila 2.0! One of my majorly anticipated reads!

    I’m like you – before blogging, I would find new reads by chance. It would never occur to me to find out about upcoming books, but now, I have a huge list of upcoming releases (and I even mark release dates for books that I really really really want on my calendar!).

  24. Before I started blogging, I was definitely like you, Jamie. I never knew when new books were out or anything. I remember creeping the bookstores quite a bit to see if the next installment in my favorite series was out in paperback yet, which was kind of an aimless pursuit, since I could have saved time by checking online or whatever.

    After I started blogging, I obviously became much more aware of recent releases and when books would become available and whatnot. Honestly, though, I don’t really get excited about upcoming releases—at least not to the degree that a lot of my bloggy friends do. I guess…I don’t know, I’m a less emotional person? The only time I get excited about books is when I love them, usually, and since I haven’t read a book before it’s published (usually), I don’t get crazy excited.

    So basically, I’m a big stick in the mud. It is nice to know definitively when books are coming out so I don’t waste a trip to the bookstore (if there is such a thing).

  25. I really didn’t know what the new books were coming out before I started Goodreads. I used to just know when my favorite authors were releasing a new book. Now I know when a lot of books are coming out.

  26. Jamie you don’t know how true this really is! I completely feel the same I go now every Tuesday to the book store to get the new releases I always have like a calendar in my mind of what’s coming out when!

  27. Same here! I am always updated now! It’s kind of crazy. I love this idea of “Before and After”, it’s really cool!

  28. I had no idea of books coming out until I was a book blogger! Sometimes if it was a series I liked I would Google to see when the next book comes out, or check the authors website. I had no idea about Goodreads until May of last year… what a whole new world! I would just walk into a bookstore and browse the different shelves or tables… sometimes I kind of miss that, now I know almost every book in the YA section and what date it comes out. It’s not much of a surprise to go into the bookstore anymore 🙁 I feel really overwhelmed sometimes when it comes to new releases. I’m constantly thinking about the new ones coming out and when they are going to fit into my TBR… oh the first world problems, lol. This is such a great feature, I can’t wait to see the other topics!

  29. Before I was a blogger I’d just go to the library and pick off random books from the shelves according to whatever sounded good that day. I definitely miss that unburdened freedom sometimes, but I also like knowing about books that I’ll like instead of just happening upon them because I’m much less likely to miss something I’ll love :]

  30. Oh, I completely hear you! I’m still a bit in the dark about new releases a lot of the time since I just don’t pay attention to pub dates in reviews, haha. But it seems like in order to be a legit book blogger, you need to keep up with what is being released (though this is probably me putting too much pressure on myself) 🙁 It’s actually a little stressful these days, ha.

    Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings

  31. I am much more attuned to book releases, but I don’t think it has to do with blogging so much as GoodReads and Twitter. It’s definitely super important for me as a librarian who does her own ordering to keep up (though I work with the children’s section, so I don’t get to order our YA). The thing is that while I get super excited for stuff to get out, it takes me forever to get around to actually reading things once they are out. I don’t mean to fall so behind, yet it happens anyways. Such is life.

  32. I used to be like before blogging—I only knew a book was newly released when I saw it in the “New Releases” section of my favourite bookstores, haha. And even though I’ve been blogging for over a year now, I still have so many books on my to-read list from previous years that I find it hard keeping up to date with new books. Publishers let me know when books are coming out, and some of them—like Jojo Moyes’ “Me Before You”—I get right right away from the publisher and read. I do wish I could be more in the know, though, and get new books as they come out to read. But time isn’t always on my side while I’m still a university student.

  33. I get most of my recommendations from other bookbloggers. I browse catalogs, but I’m still not really sure what I’m looking for when browsing, so the books in there mostly do not wind up on my TBR.
    PS: I love this series!


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