Quick Bites and Sweet Treats For BEA-goers!

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Going to BEA (Book Expo of American) this year or planning to visit NYC in general? Estelle from Rather Be Reading has put together an awesome week of tips and recommendations from various bloggers! Check out the rest of the series here! I’m excited that she invited me to participate!

So I’m not a native New Yorker but I’m in Philly and my husband and I come to the city a lot and I come a lot for book signings and such but I was excited to participate in this series with Estelle and the ladies because DAMN I like to eat and that is one of my favorite things about the city. I’m always going and exploring new places to eat in New York because it is so diverse which compliments my eating habits. Whether it’s gourmet, a dive or an ethnic food I’ve never tried before — I’m SO THERE if it’s good. I’m going to mainly focus on quick bites and sweet treats for this but will add a couple of things at the end.


The quick bites I’m featuring today are of the food truck variety! I’m not talking about the hot dog carts or the pretzel stands (though you should totally experience those too just because!) but FOOD TRUCKS! They are the best thing ever and there are so many diverse options and perfect for a quick bite. Before I delve into my favorites I want to explain how they work. The trucks go out to different locations depending on the truck so it’s important to know where to find them if there is a specific one you want to go to because at different days they could be different places. You can google the one you want and they typically have schedule posted on their site, this website  or social media has made it really easy by easily following this account which updates where the trucks are. I’ve also seen several apps for the IPhone that help track.

Korilla BBQ

IMG_0909Picture from my most recent trip to NYC & Korilla – yay new finds!

OMG I think this one is my fave so far. I LOVE KOREAN BBQ. Will and I both devoured what we got. Thinking about it now I’m almost tempted to take the train into the city NOW for it. I got the pork burrito with the Korean BBQ sauce and sticky rice but I forget what kimchi was on it. Will got ribeye with some sauce that was supposed to be spicy I think but we didn’t find it to be that spicy.  I HIGHLY recommend this. So much.

Tribeca Taco Truck

Will and I were shopping on Broadway (Topshop is down there, fashionista friends.  I will go with ANY of you during BEA haha) and were hungry and came upon this truck and OMG NOM. The spicy mango sauce is to die for. I had tacos and Will had a burrito if I remember correctly and I’m pretty sure we shared a quesadilla because we like to eat. haha. I’ve also heard Mexicue is really good and will and I have every intention to try it.

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

YUM! I love dumplings. I got the thai chicken ones and Will got the Pork dumplings and they were both delish. I wish we would have tried some of the sides but next time!

Food Trucks I’m Dying To Try: The Milk Truck (GRILLED CHEEEEESE), Mac Truck (Mac & cheeese)


Sweet Treats!


IMG_1355 Enjoying some Pinkberry at BEA last year!

If you know me…you know I love Pinkberry. There are a lot of frozen yogurt places now around Philly but Pinkberry is my first love. Unlike all of those places, Pinkberry is not a pay per weight place which is good and bad sometimes. There aren’t as many crazy toppings as other places but I love that. There is a Pinkberry pretty much everyyywhere so have no fear. We always have a crew going to Pinkberry after a long day on the floor during BEA or at late at night after we’ve been cocktailing at parties.


photo(57)Red Velvet Cupcakes from Crumbs last month!

There are quite a few cupcake places around the city but Crumbs is the only one I’ve ever been to. SO YUMMY and there are quite a few locations around the city. I’ve also had Sprinkles cupcakes but in their DC location and am dying to try Babycakes because I’ve heard good things.

Bisous Ciao

I love macarons and YUM..I was quite pleased when we went here. I had the salted caramel, lemon and jasmine and I really enjoyed all of them. They are a little pricey but definitely worth trying.  There is another macaron place that everyone raves about but I can’t recall it at the moment.

Sweet Treats I’m Dying To Try: Wafels & Dinges (Belgian waffle truck!!), Cupcake Crew (cupcake food truck!)


Are you staying in Brooklyn or planning on heading over there for something? Go to Bark for some hot dogs in the Park Slope neighborhood — SO SO YUMMY! It’s quick and real close to the Barclay center and the subway.


Bacon Cheddar Dog

Staying a day later or coming earlier and want to get brunch with a small group in Manhattan? PLEASE go to my favorite place that serves delicious Belgian Waffles — Petite Abeille. Their website stinks but I assure you this place is so good. Other bloggers who I’ve taken there can vouch! I always get the strawberry belgian waffles and of course mimosas! THE BEST PART IS: It’s very close to Books of Wonder (which Alexa talked about yesterday) so you can eat and the go to one of the best bookstores in the city!



Looking for a sit down restaurant that is a little nicer but not TOO fancy? Pala Pizza is fabulous! They have some delicious gourmet-ish pizza. They have other things like pasta AND also have gluten free and vegan pizza as well. It can accommodate a decent sized group if you plan ahead. I also have one of my favorite BEA memories here because it was the first time I got to meet so many of my friends during my first year at BEA. Great atmosphere, great pizza. Anna Reads picked it out and it was great for our first meeting!!



Ok, so these are some of my favorite places as a non native NYer. I really hope some NYers will leave some of their quick bites and sweet treats because I want them too! haha.  And if anybody will be at BEA and want to meet up…I’m always up for food!

Here’s the rest of the posts thus far:

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Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. Ok now I’m hungry.. and it’s morning, I’m just having my coffee but seeing your posts makes me really hungry now :))
    Can’t wait to see you at BEA Jamie and those are some fantastic tips. I’ve been to BEA the last 2 years and honestly, often we just found something around the corner beecause we were just too tired and lazy to look for something else. Maybe this year 🙂

  2. OMG YES! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crumbs! There’s another cupcake place that’s sells these little mini cupcakes that are just HEAVENLY and I think it’s like Melinda’s or Melina’s Cupcakes or something like that. It’s along those lines. Maybe Melissa. I’m not really sure where it is though lol. And in Times Square there’s a little patisserie called Pret a Manger or something like that AND OMG HAVE YOU TRIED THEIR NAPOLEONS?

    I don’t even know why I’m ranting about NYC and their desserts because I could literally go on for. EVER.

    This is a fantastic post, Jamie! I’m so going to tackle hug you when I get to BEA (There are so many people I have on my agenda!)

  3. Kayleigh says:

    I’m in Australia so I’m clearly not going to make it to BEA but I am heading to New York at the end of the year so I’m going to make note of all these places because yummmmmm they look amazing!

  4. Avery @ Avery's Book Nook says:

    KORILLA! I’m a Food Network junkie and LOVED them on The Great Food Truck Race! 😉

  5. Great post, I’m so glad you included food trucks! Here’s my eating in NYC post:

  6. grinning big that the Pala photo was taken in my presence! I’m sat at the end of the table getting drunk.

  7. I live an hour outside NYC and I still discover something every time I talk to someone who visited…I’ve only heard about half of the above. (Goes to put them on Twitter feed.)

  8. I will say this – Wafels & Dinges is DELICIOUS. One of my favorite food trucks EVER and I stalk it whenever I can. I also really like Sweetery (which is desserts + coffee)! Hooray for awesome suggestions. Thanks for sharing Jamie! I haven’t even tried some of these myself 🙂

  9. Can we please eat ALL of these at BEA? Please?!!?

  10. OMG I have so many suggestions! First, this fits in with both your categories–the van leeuwen ice cream truck! Their ice cream is so fresh it almost tastes good for you, and they also have good coffee. Another great truck is Calexico – AMAZING mexican food. It’s usually parked in flatiron or soho. That one is so good that I go to their actual restaurant all the time.

    Here are some other favorites people shouldn’t miss!
    -Hill Country Chicken: amazing fried chicken and other southern food near the flatiron. They also have a full bbq restaurant called Hill Country, but that’s more expensive and can add up. HCC is CHEAP. They also serve breakfast.
    -Doughnut Plant: AMAZING doughnuts on 23rd and 7th (you will eat these with me!)
    -Shake Shack: awesome burgers, fries, and custard. The one in Madison Sq Park is the best because it’s outside, but there’s also one on 42nd closer to javits. Often long lines but it’s not too bad.
    -Meatball Shop: There are a couple of these, the closest to javits is in the west village. Best meatballs ever. They also have a cookbook!
    -Jack’s Wife Freda: My favorite place to eat in Soho. Amazing sandwiches and coffee.
    -Parm: My other favorite place to eat in Soho. Amazing Italian. Both of these places are right near McNally Jackson, one of my favorite bookstores.

    I could probably list more but those are a lot of my faves. Also, they’re all very affordable! And if anyone wants to Brooklyn recs, they should send me a message on twitter because that could be a whole other LONG comment!

  11. In terms of food near the convention center, you’re kinda shit out of luck. Not much in that neighborhood, but if you’re looking for good eats in Manhattan that wont break the bank, here’s what I recommend:

    Fried Chicken – Georgia’s East Side BBQ (Lower East Side)
    Korean – Hangawi (K-Town)
    Sandwiches – No. 7 Sub (Various locations)
    Donuts – Doughnut Plant (The Chelsea location is nicer)
    Dumplings – Vanessa’s (go to the original one in Chinatown!)
    Burgers – Corner Bistro (West Village)
    Japanese – Momofuku (East Village)

    Will think of some more!

  12. Love this series of posts! Obvs. I won’t be able to try all of these depending on their options, but I WILL be going to Babycakes, I have their cookbooks and have wanted to visit for so long!

    Can’t wait for BEA 😀

  13. Crumbs is soooo good! I live about an hour from NYC, and my sister’s going to school/living there now, so when she comes home some weekends, she brings cupcakes back from Crumbs and we all pig out. But honestly, I’ve never really explored all of the food options in NYC, which is kind of sad since I’ve been there SO many times. We usually just eat at the big chain restaurants because in a big family (of picky eaters), it’s hard to find a place that has something for everyone. But all of these places you’ve mentioned sound delicious! I want to try them all!

    I cannot wait for BEA! It’s my first time going, and I’m so psyched for it. 🙂

  14. Like Ashling, I go to NY way too many times but I haven’t really gone food exploring yet. Hopefully before BEA, I can explore some of the places that you posted about! So psyched!

    Also, I’ve heard good things about Ippudo (Ramen place) in midtown.

  15. I will have to try the Korean BBQ truck when we leave Korea. I can be the judge about how authentic tasting it is 🙂 mmmmm kimchi

  16. Lol, I clearly fail at NYC as I’ve never been to ANY of these places! Always happy for a good suggestion though. There is actually a Korean taco truck as well, fyi, it’s amazing. Also a huge fan of Criff Dogs for hot dogs in Manhattan (it’s also a fun place as they have a speakeasy that you enter by giving the secret password through an old telephone booth). And clearly I need to get some waffles next time I head to Books of Wonder. I love these posts!

  17. CRUMBS omg NOM. How close is this place to Javits because I WANT! Also, have you ever been to Magnolia Cupcakes? I go to the one in Grand Central and get myself a treat for the train…that I usually eat before the train even pulls out of the station….yeahh…

  18. yum! Looks like very delicious and a lot of fun 🙂


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