Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me Instantly Buy Or Pick Up A Book!

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Words/Topics  That Make  Me  Instantly Pick A Book — it’s true. I have these trigger words/topics that make skip any of the rest of the summary if I catch wind of it. I CAN’T HELP IT.


TTT1212Road Trip
Seriously, if there is any hit of a road trip I won’t even read the rest of the summary. I love a good road trip across country with the windows down and the music on. Road trips always equals shenanigans.

I can’t return to Paris anytime soon so anything that makes me relive the city, the accents and the French pastries and such makes me happy. Plus we know there is typically romance when it comes to Paris.

I’m a glutton for punishment apparently. I can’t help it but stories dealing with grief always call out to me — especially that of a MC losing a parent. They are always hard to deal with personally because a lot of things with my mom come surging back but they just always are a bit healing and validate some of the things I felt during that time when I felt crazy. It was grieving.

I am fascinated with the 1920’s and any book that is set in the 20’s is a must for me — double bonus if it mentions flappers in the summary!

Parallel Lives

This is a new addition for me but all these upcoming releases I’ve seen SOO many parallel lives type stories and I KEEP ADDING THEM ALL. It’s always something that I was fascinated with as a child — what if there was another ME out there in a parallel world??

Summer Romance

Whatever. I’m a sucker for a summer romance what can I say! That is one time where you cannot deny insta-love! Summer romances are a whirlwind and they are fun and complicated and I LOVE THEM.

Music Themed
Anything that has a hint of a musical element in it is so up my alley as someone who feels so moved by music. I love talented YA characters playing music, I love playlists integrated into it, an MC who has a connection to music…ANYTHING.

I dream of plopping my butt on the beach all day long in the summer but unfortunately being an adult who has to work STINKS and does not allow for that every day so I’m always excited to read a book set at the beach!

Travel Abroad
Any hint of travel abroad makes me SO EXCITED. Like I say in my about me, I want to be everywhere I’m NOT and would love to be a nomadic wanderer all my life. I love travel stories because travel opens your eyes,  aids in self discovery and awareness of the world, there are always mishaps and adventures and it shows you what you are made of. Sometimes it kills me to be reading it and not experiencing it but WHATEVER. I want them all!

I don’t know but I have this penchant for things that are offbeat and quirky but in the real senses of the words. Sometimes quirky gets used in a way I don’t like but I love a lot of really offbeat and quirky films and other things so I snap those books right up though most of the time it just isn’t quite THERE for me.



I love any sort of survival story — the elements, the apocalypse, surviving a kidnapping, etc. I just love how fierce the human spirit is. I especially like those minimalistic worlds where people don’t have technology and such. Probably why I love The Walking Dead so much. I also love when they get to use swords. Is that weird? haha

“For Fans of Gayle Forman/Stephanie Perkins/John Green

I can’t help it. When you namedrop some of my favorite authors I CANNOT HELP MYSELF. It also works if you compare it to a favorite book EVEN THOUGH I KNOW IT IS A MARKETING PLOY BECAUSE IT NEVER COMPARES. I’ve gotten burned SO BAD but never learn. It’s not so bad when they namedrop an author but when they do it with the book it never works out well for me.

Gothic mysteries, thrillers or romances. YEP. I wants. I love how creepy and dark they can be in atmosphere. I always compare them to Rebecca, which none seem to surpass, but I’ve found  a few good ones!


So tell me…do any of these words or topics make you pick up a book? What things are insta-buys for you when you see it on the summary or blurb?

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  1. OH! Excellent buzz words! You make me want to edit my list!

  2. LOVE the Paris!! And I totally almost did something similar to “anything related the John Green and Gayle Forman.” Geniuses. Seriously. I’m also a total sucker for anything that mentions similarities to The Hunger Games…sorry not sorry 🙂

  3. Totally there with you on music, grief and Road Trip – these are also words that trigger a buy from me 🙂

  4. Road trips are on my list too, and I love parallel lives and 1920s stories (I need to read more of them)! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  5. Kelsey @ The Lost Book Reports says:

    Love this post! It got me thinking about what my buzz words are…

  6. I agree about “For fans of..” It really is a very clever way to encourage people to pick up the book! Great list!

  7. I agree! This is a great list! I have a few of these in mine too! Like the music and the travel! Two of my favorite things aside from books!

    My TTT

  8. Have you read anything by Carlos Ruiz Zaffron? I was in Barcelona a few days ago and was so enthralled by the Gothic architecture that I had to buy one of his mysteries!

  9. I’m seeing Road Trips everywhere, and I love them! It’s that whole mix of travel and freedom and discovery that appeals to everyone I think 🙂

    I didn’t have Parallel Lives on my list, but it’s also a topic that always grabs my attention!

  10. Great list! I totally forgot to put Parallel lives (universes) on mine. I think I might even edit to add it!

    My TTT

    Sabina @ Delirious About Books

  11. I love Gothic as well! I can see the perfect book being written for you – a road trip to a Paris beach (does Paris have beaches?) in summer with a music theme… because the main character is getting over the grief of losing her parents and there’s a cute boy, too!

    Sounds like a great book 😛

  12. 1920s! Yeah! Great choices. Offbeat is a good one too.

  13. I love so many of these! Offbeat/Quirky is such a good one – I had heroines who dress quirky (not that that’s a word) which is sort of a symptom of the cause. I also had grief on my list – I think that grief stories very much lend themselves to an exploration of so many important, beautiful, precious things – things like hope and identity and love and family and courage – and who wouldn’t want to read about things like that? And, like you said, they can be a powerful validation of our own experiences too.
    I’m a bit more apprehensive about books-involving-music, just because while I do love music, I don’t actually know that much about it. So in books like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, so many of the references go straight over my head. But I loved how music was used in Saving June, and how I as the reader got to learn along with Harper about all Jake’s favourite bands and songs. So sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn’t.
    And yes for travel abroad. Especially if the author’s good at describing the places the character goes. 🙂

  14. The 1920’s is a great pick. I love reading books from that period.

  15. I really love beach books too, specifically beach books that are taking place on the part of the East Coast near where I live – near the Outer Banks, the North Carolina coast, places like that. And actually, the more I search, I’m actually finding some of those books! BUT I do love any beach book because I LOVE my sand and salt and waves. Totally agree with you on that one, lady!

  16. Awesome list! I also love travel themed books as well, especially if they’re set in Italy. And I can’t believe I forgot Gothic! I love the chills I get reading Gothic romances and thrillers.

    My TTT

  17. Yes yes yes!!!! to 1920’s and music themed! 🙂

  18. Love your list!

  19. Road trips are so fun!! So are travelling abroad stories.

    1920s/flappers was on my list too. Such an interesting time in history!

    Parallel lives are creepy/cool haha!

    YES for offbeat/quirky stories.

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  20. 1920’s? Yes. Grief? Yes. PARALLEL STUFF? YES. And Gothic? *drools* *wipes away drool*

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  21. Gothic, Paris and Road Trip. Three of them I wish I would have picked for my TTT!
    Great list. Happy Tuesday!

    My TTT

  22. I love books set in the 1920s as well! Have you read The Diviners? It was my second-favourite books of 2012 (after Cinder).

  23. I almost put Paris and Road Trip on my list this week! I love anything to do with traveling in books. Awesome choices!

  24. Leticia (@osoordinary) says:

    The ’20s!!!! Ahhhh!!!! I love anything to do with the ’20s!! 🙂 Have you read the Flappers series, Jillian Larkin??! As soon as I found out about these I had to put them in my TBR pile. I just haven’t had a chance to read them. ::SIGH::

  25. The 1920s is a big theme these days! I still haven’t read The Diviners, but it’s high on my list. However, I’m reading Born of Illusion right now, which also takes place during that time. Love travel, beach, music and gothic books. But parallel lives and worlds makes me turn off. I’m actually bummed that it’s the latest trend. BUT maybe I’ll read one that I love and change my mind. Love when that happens.

  26. Paris. For sure. I have been known to purchase books with “Paris” in the title or in the blurb, only to find out it takes place in a town in the US called Paris… whoops…

  27. Your choices for this week are spot on! I’m definitely in agreement when it comes to travel. If a book is set any place that I want to eventually visit one day (like anywhere in Europe, for instance), it’s almost instantly something that will make me want to read it. I also agree with 1920s and road trips!

  28. This list is SO you lol. I love beach books and summer romances. I wish my life was either one of those. Or both. A beachy summer romance. That would be great haha.

  29. 1920s FOR REAL.

    I did my senior thesis in college on a 1920s event and I am in lurve with it as well. NERD ALERT.

  30. I totally agree with the parallel lives, 1920s and survival. I just can’t resist books with those themes 🙂

  31. Yes to summer romances, beaches and grief! One that I realize now that I missed from my list is dance (your music theme one made me think of it!). I will without a doubt, buy a book that is about dancing 🙂

  32. Oh this was such a good Top Ten Tuesday topic! I’m sorry I missed it. I like novels about grief as well, I like authors that can make me ache for the characters. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris so i also enjoy reading novels set there. Have you heard of Laura Florand’s novels? They’re all about hot guys, chocolate and Paris – I have a feeling you’ll enjoy reading them. 🙂

  33. I love several of these too – Paris, 1920s, music themed, and offbeat!

  34. Aw, this was a really good post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to make a really
    good article… but what can I say… I hesitate a lot and never manage to get anything done.

  35. I love to read about road trips and 1920’s as well! Great picks 🙂

  36. Darith L. says:

    I love your picks! Mine also includes: Paris, Travel Abroad, Parallel Universe, and Road Trip. But my personal picks are: Dystopian, Fairytale Retelling, and Paranormal Elements. 😀


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