Top Ten YA Books To Read When You Need Something Light & Fun!

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Books When You Want Something Light & Fun

I realized, in looking through all the books I’ve read, that I read a lot of dark books apparently. I do think  I’ve gained a better balance lately in the past year or so with reading some light and fun ones to break up some of the heavier ones.  I did notice even in some of my “light and fun” picks they are still dealing with a semi serious life issue but the general feel is more light and fun.  Another interesting thing? Most of my light and fun picks are more romance-y.


1. The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight by Jennifer E.Smith: This was so cute & romantic and I read it in one day.

2. Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway: This was one of the most  fun books I’ve ever read — it made me laugh in a way that only Jessica Daring has succeeded.  Definitely a fun one  when you need something light and cute!

3. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins:  There  is some serious in  the book but overall  the feel is light and fun and romantic. Not complete fluff but it’s definitely one I reread when I need a pick-me-up.

4. Also Known  As by Robin Benway: What is more fun than a teenage spy! I could not stop smirking while reading this one. It made for a perfect gym read besides the fact I looked psychotic all smiley on the treadmill.

5. How My Summer Went Up In Flames by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski: I  LIKED this one but didn’t love it but it was still something that was incredibly light and fun that I would recommend to people. Especially if you like road trip books. Despite some of my problems I can’t deny how absolutely fun this book was!

6. Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt: This was really sweet and fun and I read it in between two heavier books  and it was  PERFECT. Made me smile and I loved  the family aspect of this one!

7. All I Need by Susane Colasanti: This honestly was just a good read for me — not great — but it was light and fun and I wouldn’t hesitate to someone looking for something light and romancey even with some things that might be bothersome about it. It was one of the more lighter and fun reads I’ve read recently.

8. Over You by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus: This one was really fun as a honeymoon read and it was perfect because I needed something just fun and light. There are things about this one that I had to suspend my disbelief but it was just FUN and I didn’t need to think  much of.

9. Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard: This is one of my favorite YA contemporaries and I think  that it has a lot of depth compared to the rest of the ones I’ve listed but it still is really fun and light. Definitely makes you think a bit but still not super heavy.

10.  Ten Things We Did  (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) by Sarah Mlynowski: This was FUN. A pretty outlandish plot, I’ll be honest, and my belief had to be suspended a few times but this was pretty light and fun despite some issues dealt with. The MC will irritate you and make you want to be like GIRL WISE UP! but I really enjoyed this one.

So tell me…what are some books you would recommend when I need something  light and fun?? I honestly never read many light and fun books before the past year or so.

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  1. Oooh, Audrey, Wait! I’ve gotta read this one…you are the contemporary queen so if you love it I’ve gotta read it 🙂 Also, TSPoLaFS ALMOST made my list! LOVE that book, I read it in one day too! And I’m actually reading This Is What Happy Looks Like right now! Going Vintage was a good choice, too! Very fun and funny. 🙂

  2. TEN THINGS has been on everyone’s list I’ve seen so far! I obviously need to read that book. o_0 I love Jen Smith’s book too! Gah, talk about wish fulfillment – how awesome would it be to sit beside Oliver on a plane ride to London? 🙂

  3. I’ve legit been waiting for your list. Because I knew they would be the type of books that I need to read NOW. Thaaaaaanks.

  4. #4 and #5 are on my list, too, and I easily could have put Audrey, Wait! on there as well. I really love Robin Benway’s books!

    My TTT post

  5. Ah Anna and The French Kiss was so wonderful! Such a beautiful book!!
    And this is the second time I see Audrey, wait — I have never heard about this book but now I must check it out :))

    Most light reads are definitely romance, but I just read No Angel (Same author as Fang Girl) and they made me crack up!! Paranormal comendy 🙂 awesome!

  6. Robin Benway writes the funnest books! Going Vintage and Ten Things sound awesome too. Thanks for the light and fun recs 🙂

  7. Audrey, Wait! is tops on my list. It’s one of my favorite books. Also Known As is also fantastic. I would have put Anna and the French Kiss on my list, but I unfortunately don’t have a copy of my own, so I don’t tend to go for it when I need a light read. Ten Things and Wanderlove are both great books. I haven’t read All I Need yet, but it’s by Susane Colasanti so it must be good!

    My TTT

  8. Stephanie Perkins made my list. I’m excited to hear good things about Also Known As I’ve been excited to get to that one

    My Top Ten

  9. Anna and the French Kiss is on my list too. There’s just so much about that book to love, and yet it’s very simple. I want to read Going Vintage and Statistical Probability… hopefully I get to them soon.

    Thank for sharing!

    Janus @ The Blair Book Project

  10. I noticed that the books I read doing usually have a serious issue underlying. I also have The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight on my list too. It’s such a cute read!

  11. This is a great list! I realized when I was making mine that I read a lot of dark books too. So I’m glad we could both come up with some!
    My TTT

  12. Loved your list! There are quite a few on there that I’ve read & loved but forgot about and now really want to reread! I need to gain some balance as well… I have Going Vintage on my Nook and am going to try to read it soon. 🙂

  13. Statistical Probability, Ten Things and Anna and the French Kiss are all some of my favourite lighter reads. There are a few on your list that I’m dying to read this summer because they seem like they’d be perfect to read sitting outside on a sunny day.

  14. Great list! I’ve basically been wanting to read all of them, especially 1, 3, 5, and 7 🙂

    My Top Ten

  15. I will have to add some of these onto my TBR list, and try something a bit different, thanks 🙂

  16. I just read Anna and the French Kiss this past week and LOOOOOOVED it! Such a cute little read.

  17. I’m definitely going to bookmark this page for when I need a pick me up. I’ve been recommending The Rosie Project to everyone I know since finishing it. If you need another light and fun book this is definitely the one to go for, and if you’re not tempted then hopefully my review will win you over! X

  18. I’ve only read Anna but I do really want to read Wanderlove. The others… I’ll maybe read, at some point. I don’t do to well with light books, it took me forever to do my list!

  19. I have to agree with 3! And I really want to read 2, 5, and 6!

  20. It is clear I need to visit this blog when I need a light and fun read!

  21. I love so many of your choices! Ten Things was such a fun read. And Audrey! <3 <3

  22. Anna, Audrey, and Ten Things made my list this week too!!! I really want to read How My Summer Went Up in Flames and Also Known As. They are definitely high on my to-read list!!

  23. Tons of great choices listed! Who doesn’t love St. Clair!!!

  24. Yay, cute list! I’ve seen Also Known As on SEVERAL lists this morning; makes me want to read it even more!

  25. These are some brilliant picks Jamie, I always reading light and fun books over the summer, so some of these will be perfect! Thanks for sharing a great list with us! 🙂

  26. I loved #s 2 & 10, so will have to check out the others!

  27. Awesome list!! I loved Anna. Ten Things We Did, Also Known As, and Statistical Prbability are all on my TBR list. I really need to get to those. I’m pretty sure I added Also Known as when you recommended it in a comment for another Top Ten list.

    Here is my TTT:

  28. Awesome list Jamie! I haven’t read any of these books but I’ve been meaning to read The Statistical Probability of Falling in Love and Going Vintage, been hearing wonderful things about them 😀

  29. I can’t believe I forgot to put Jennifer E. Smith on my list! I love her. I also really liked 10 Things We Did and Probably Shouldn’t Have, but I didn’t really care for the other two books I read by Sarah Mlynowski.

  30. Just seeing Wanderlove on this list made me smile. I do adore that book! I need more travel-based or travel-inspired YA books in my life, since it’s always fun to explore a new place or to travel right alongside the characters. Great picks overall though Jamie!

  31. I have Audrey,Wait! and Anna and the French Kiss on my list as well, and pretty much all the other books on yours are on my TBR/wish list pile.
    Great blog btw! 🙂

  32. Anna and the French Kiss is also included in my list! 🙂 I had fun reading Wanderlove as well. And this is the second post that I’ve seen featuring Going Vintage so I probably have to read that book as soon as I grab a copy.

  33. Oh good, I just finished How My Summer Went Up in Flames, and I agree with you. I did like it, and it was a light, fun read, but couldn’t love it because Rosie needed to be punched in the face. Haha. The only other one I’ve read is The Statistical Probability, which was fun, but a bit too rushed for me, though I should have known from the title. Oh, Sarah Strohmeyer writes fun, fluffy YA!

  34. Aw, I definitely agree on Statistical Probability and Wanderlove—I did like Going Vintage, too. I’m going to have to look up some of these other ones. I REALLY want to read something by Susane Colasanti, especially.

  35. The couple on your list that I’ve read I definitely agree with! The ones that I haven’t are ones I’ll definitely be checking out really soon, especially Wanderlove, as I’ve heard it’s an incredible book.

  36. Statistical Probability is always my go to feel good book. I’ve heard good things thought about !0 Things We Did and Wanderlove so maybe I’ll check them out this summer!

  37. I completely forgot about TSPoLaFS! I can’t believe it because it’s perfect for this topic! Arrrggghhh. I really do want to read Going Vintage and How My Summer Went Up in Flames too! 🙂

  38. DEFINTELY WANDERLOVE!!! Oh my, if I could read that book forever, I would… It’s just so sweet and homey, cozy and lovely. Simply the best book to read on a rainy day with a nice, soft blanket and a mug of cocoa. Yum!

  39. Great List. I haven’t read any of those books yet, but I plan to read Anna.

  40. I had a hard time with my list, too, mostly thanks to my affinity for fantasy and dystopian/post-apocalyptic. Anything that doesn’t involve dynastic conflict, teenagers, or zombies is light and fun for me, I guess…

  41. I loved Audrey Wait!. It was one of those that surprised me with how much there was to love about it. Going Vintage made my list too.

  42. I definitely need to read Also Known As!! I’m seeing it everywhere, and it looks awesome. Awesome list 🙂

  43. Great list. I have to say that I don’t really read many light & fun reads either. I found looking through my list that I enjoy drama filled books.