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Fangirl Rainbow Rowell

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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

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What Fangirl Is About:
Cath and her twin sister, Wren, are HUGE fans of the Simon Snow book series — so much so that they even wrote fanfiction that is hugely popular, were super involved in forums, & have gone to every premiere. Wren hasn’t been as into it lately and Cath feels the distance but not entirely until Wren drops the bomb that she doesn’t want to be roommates with Cath when they go off to college together in the Fall. Without her sister by her side, Cath struggles to not isolate herself in a situation that is completely out of her comfort zone. She’s not as outgoing as Wren, struggles to open up and doesn’t adjust as well to the huge life changes happening — a new roommate, cute boys that seem to always be around, difficult professors, being away from her dad who isn’t always stable and has never been alone, etc. Cath isn’t sure she can do all of this without her sister by her side but she knows she is going to have to start learning who she is — apart from the things that made her feel secure before.

Why You Should Be Saving The Date:

1. This book is set in college: Since I was IN COLLEGE (I graduated in 2008) I often whined about there not being enough books set in this oh so HUGE step in my life and NOT UNDERSTANDING WHY. You learn so much about yourself and there is so many potential subjects to tackle in college — I mean KIDS are going off into adulthood — bound to be fun things or very life changing things that forge your way to adulthood. Thank you, Rainbow Rowell!

2. This book is everything I thought the “New Adult” subset of books would be but haven’t really found. Fangirl is considered YA but these were the kinds of things I imagined would be tackled in New Adult — college, how it seems like everything is changing around you, meeting all sorts of new people, figuring out who you are and reconciling that with the person you WERE, venturing into adult relationships, learning to be more independent, etc. Obviously I think NA should tackle many other subjects because our experiences post high school are vast but, what I mean to say is that, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell just seems to FIT the idea of what I thought “New Adult” would be without TRYING to be anything. It didn’t scream “HEY I’M NEW ADULT. I’M JUST MAKING THE AGE OLDER & MAKING IT SUPER SEXY.” Rather it was a real story about someone moving on from high school and having their first taste of adulthood in college. It just naturally satiated those of us looking for post high school stories that deal with issues so many of us can relate to.

3. EMERGENCY KANYE DANCE PARTY: I can’t tell you anything more but it was one of my favorite scenes in this whole book.

4. It was such a complete package for me: I couldn’t put this down. It just seemed to have everything — flawed but awesomely real characters, a story that moved along nicely, a heartwarming story, it made me laugh and just drew me in so completely with a tale of that first taste of adulthood that was such an important time of my own life that shaped me and helped me grow.


Who Should Save The Date: Fans of contemporary YA with really well fleshed out characters, people looking for a story set in college, people who are into the whole fandom/fanfiction thing (totally not a requirement because I’ve never read an ounce of fan fiction in my life and I still wholeheartedly connected and loved this), stories about sisters/twins, fans of Rainbow Rowell’s previous work

A Sneak Peek: “Cath still wasn’t sure what to make of Reagan…On one hand Reagan didn’t seem interested in staying up braiding each other’s hair and becoming best friends forever. That was a relief. On the other hand, Reagan didn’t seem interested in Cath at all. Actually, that was a bit of a relief, too— Reagan was scary.” (this is taken from the advanced copy I received from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review, and could be subject to change)

Be on the lookout for my FULL review closer to the release date where I will flesh out my thoughts a little more!

Have you read this one? Are you excited for it?? Putting it on your TBR list? Have your read any of Rainbow Rowell’s other books?

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  1. Oh. YAY! I’m excited to see your review closer to! Also, love and adore your graphics. Now that is something I REALLY don’t tell you enough! Not even being sarcastic!

  2. Emergency Kanye dance party was my favorite part! I can’t wait until September to post my review!

  3. Emergency Kanye Dance Party is something I desperately want to incorporate into my own life. Omg that was so amazing!

    I agree! I really havent been a fan of the ‘new adult’ genre because it just seems like a lot of girls losing their virginity or toned down erotica. This book is the kind of ‘new adult’ I want to read!

  4. FanGirl was FanFreakingTastic with all captial F. It totally blew me away with its awesomeness so this post is much needed as everyone needs to read this book!

  5. Yay! I’m really excited about this one, and have been super envious of all the shiny ARCs I’ve been seeing! I’m so glad it’s good! I’m like you. I was hoping NA would be normal people our age, doing normal things as they move on from one stage of life to another. There’s so many sexytimes in NA that I’m more scared of it than adult romance! This sounds like exactly what I was hoping for as well. 🙂 Can’t wait for it!

  6. I am so excited for this one! I was excited before, but any book that includes ANY kind of emergency dance party sounds like it’s close to my perfect read

  7. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more excited for the release of this book…

    I love the idea of it being set in college as opposed to high school. Like you, I was always looking for books like this when I was enrolled in university, but I can still appreciate it after the fact 😀 “New Adult” often seems to be a designation given to books simply because of a higher sexual content, and I’m happy to hear that Rowell does a little more with that genre designation. Cath really sounds like a protagonist I can relate to. I often find it difficult to put myself out there and try new things and I can definitely understand using something else like an interest in fandom as a coping mechanism or a crutch. I also always found the dynamics between twins interesting, and I think there’s a lot of potential for an interesting examination of that in the relationship between Cath and Wren.

    P.S. I absolutely adore the header graphic you made for this post. Very cute, and it compliments the book’s cover really well!

  8. Oh I love your Save the Date graphic! Adorable!
    Whyyyyy have I not read this yet. Okay. Decided. THIS is the next thing I start. I’ve had it since BEA but I’ve had to read so many other things and wanted to read some books from my shelf before I read more ARCs, but this MUST come next. I LOVE books set in college that don’t get all… “too-much-sexy-times”. I always wanted to read “new adult” when I was in college (before there WAS new adult) but I hate how so much of NA right now is just normal story + lots of sexy times. Of course that’s a natural part of that age range, but still…… I’m excited to read something that doesn’t just sex it up! Haha.

  9. Gahhhhhh, this sounds SO GOOD, and like there’s a lot more going on than just the cover and synopsis teases! Cannot wait to give it a try. I need to put E&P into my “TBR Jar” so I can draw it one of these days (hopefully soon) and read it.

  10. Even though I wasn’t a fan of Eleanor and Park (at all) I think I’ll give this one a go! It sounds like a lot of fun!

  11. This is already on my TBR list! I can’t wait until it comes out! I feel like it’d be something I can totally relate to and umm emergency dance party? YES. haha

  12. I read this a few weeks ago and loved it. It’s definitely one of my favourite books of the year. Rainbow Rowell is one of my favourite authors after reading this!

  13. I need to steal this from someone stat. I need more Rainbow Rowell in my life!

  14. You had me sold at #1 (college? I’m in!), excited at #2, curious and intrigued at #3, and wishing FANGIRL was already out at #4.

    Great post! 🙂

  15. I can not wait for this book ! There is so much I like about the concept.

  16. I was already super excited but you have now completely SOLD me on this book! College protagonists? What New Age should be without the gratuitous sex? YES!!!! I can’t wait to read your full review. 😀

  17. I love this author and can’t wait for this book to be released!

  18. I am with you 900%! I just finished it a little bit ago and am just in awe of EVERYTHING about it. IN AWE.

    It is definitely everything New Adult should be and is not – the protag is in college and going through normal life things, not living out a life made of nothing but terrible pseudo-porn.

    I am so bonded to this book – a big chunk of my college friends and I initially bonded because we were huge Harry Potter nerds. We even spent HOOOOURS one weekend making really elaborate robes for the 4th movie premiere.

    Anyway, I’ll stop talking now 😛 I hope we can convince EVERYONE to read this, because everyone certainly needs to.

  19. I haven’t read this one yet, but I am SO EXCITED. I think it’s the perfect book, mostly because I definitely read (and write) fan fiction for a number of different celebrities and fandoms. And with Rainbow Rowell, I get the feeling that this story is magical! So glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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