When You Were Here (Daisy Whitney) Blog Tour + Giveaway

I LOVED When You Were Here by Daisy Whitney and one of my favorite things about the book was Danny’s relationship with his dog Sandy Koufax. I don’t normally do blog tours like this with character interviews but Sandy Koufax is the exception because I loved her so much and I’m such a sucker for a memorable pet in my books.

1. What is Sandy’s favorite spot in the house to take a nap?

The couch, of course! She usually rearranges a few pillows and tosses one or two off, then curls up in a dog ball.

2. What is Sandy’s most favorite people food treat that Danny sneaks him now and again?

Peanutbutter! He lets her lick the inside of the peanutbutter jar when it’s nearly empty. Sandy Koufax considers this the equivalent of canine bliss.

3. How does Sandy like to wake Danny up in the morning?

By pacing around the bed at 4:30 a.m. until he wakes up and feeds her. She’s a border collie mix, after all! Her internal clock is telling her it’s time to go herd sheep and work the farm, even if there’s no farm for her to work.

4. Where is Sandy’s favorite place to take a walk with Danny?

Anyplace with excellent scents for dogs, which would probably be an alley full of garbage. (He doesn’t take her there, of course!). Otherwise, she loves hikes in the hills.

5. Did Sandy ever have a naughty puppy moment where she did something bad (like chew up a pair of shoes) and Danny couldn’t help but laugh?

She ate his bluetooth headset. He hated that thing anyway.



I have 5 copies of When You Were Here by Daisy Whitney, provided by the publisher, to give away to my readers! GUYS, this is a book you want to read! It was a 5 star book for me! You can check out my Save the Date for it and my review will come next week! US only, sorry! Also no PO boxes.

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Love this interview! And look at that puppy!!! So cute!

  2. I liked THE MOCKINGBIRDS, so I’m interested to see what Whitney’s new book is all about. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love when a book has a great pet relationship involved! As long as said pet is not killed off…

    My favorite pet was a dog I got at age 19. He was with me when I moved out for the first time, when I met my husband, and when we got married. Sadly, he died suddenly at only 5 years old. But I don’t think I’ll ever have another pet as special as he was.

  4. Pets in books are one of my favorite things. My favorite pet was a Golden Retriever I got when she was three, and she died a few years ago at 16. She was an awesome pet.

  5. This was my first Daisy Whitney book and I just loved it so very much. There were a dozen and a half things I loved about the book, and of course Sandy Koufax was one of them. But I just loved Danny’s male POV and his brokenheartedness and how he was able to travel and find some comfort and peace and family in Japan. And at first I wasn’t sure about Holland as a character – I guess I was a little but angry at her because I identified with Danny so much and so hard, but as the book progressed, I found that as little things were revealed, I really began to warm up to her and by the end of the book I just wanted to take them both and just have this massive group hug. And hug the book. Plus that cover, oh so nice, no? What a great, great, positive first experience for Daisy Whitney! And now I am excited to read Starry Night and perhaps her backlisted titles. I know I’m repeating myself and gushing but I just loved this book to pieces.

    FYI this is the book I read on the plane to and from BEA. And while I was reading I just remembered how much you loved it, so it made me happy that I was reading it because I trust your solid likes and recommends.

  6. My favorite pet was a Siamese kitten who I named Molly that I got when I was five after having open heart surgery.She livid until a month before my 18th birthday from lymphoma,

  7. Erin D. says:

    I have a puppy right now named Cash. He’s my first dog I have had on my own (with the BF) and I love him more than I ever imagined possible. He’s like our child…. Spoiled rotten. 🙂

  8. I’ve been wanting to read this SO BADLY!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Hi Jamie, the book looks awesome. Is the giveaway international? I couldn’t see anything about that in the post.

  10. Oh man this was the cutest interview ever! I have a puppy dog named Ringo Starr, he’s awesome!

  11. My dog Ginger is totally my soul mate. She’s hilarious and goofy and always tries to run on hardwood floors but ends up sliding around like Bambi on ice. She’s got a huge grin and is friendly to a fault (if crazy burglar murderers broke into my house in the dead of night, she would run up a greet them with a doggy smile and then lick their knees). She’s very vocal and with groan or paw at you or stare at you if she feels she’s being ignored.

    So clearly, I get Danny’s love of Sandy Koufax! I definitely need to read this book 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway, Jamie!

  12. I would love to have an Alaskan Husky! So beautiful

  13. What a fun interview! I have had two pets in my almost-22-years, and I couldn’t pick a favorite even if I wanted to. My first dog, Mazzy, will always hold a special place in my heart BECAUSE she was my first pet. (I got her when I was 3-years old. 3!) But my current dog, Cato (yes, from The Hunger Games), has a spunky attitude that results in hilarity. So basically…I can’t choose, lol.

  14. My favorite pet is my dog, Chico (he’s a chihuahua mix lolol). Sadly, he passed away earlier this year 🙁 but I still pretend he’s alive and just on vacation somewhere. Which might sound dumb, but I don’t care. When I was younger and my family would go on vacation, we’d leave him at a dog hotel thing, and I always chose the princess themed room for him. My parents blame me for turning him gay (Chico is gay. I am not even making this up). Also, I love the name Sandy Koufax for a dog because it’s so quirky and original. If I were allowed to name someone’s dog, that’s the name I’d choose.

    I think this is the weirdest comment I have ever left on your blog hahahah.

  15. My family used to have a little West Highland Terrier named Cooper who was the absolute best dog ever 🙂

  16. What a cool idea for an interview! So unique 🙂

  17. I’ve heard a lot about this book! Such a cute dog, too. : )

  18. Awwww. So cute. I had a wonderful dog (a total mutt) when I was a kid. His name was Rusty, he was part beagle, part terrier, and part who knows… totally adorable and playful, frightened witless by thunderstorms. Someday, I’ll have a dog again!

  19. I love Daisy’s dog! My all-time favorite author pet is Robin Benway’s dog Hudson, who I get to meet next week! I’m so excited, it’s going to be like meeting a celebrity.

  20. I can’t list a favorite pet – I’ve loved them all! Our first family pet was a beagle mix named Matilda that we had from when I was 2 until 18. The first pet of my own was my cat, Annie. She was an ornery little thing, and she lived for 16 years. I had to put her to sleep last year after doing everything possible to save her when she had kidney failure. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

    Shortly after Annie died, I adopted two sister kittens who were found as strays with two brothers and their mother living outside an apartment complex during a cold winter spell. Iris and Kova are so sweet, with very different personalities, and unlike Annie, they’ve never bitten or scratched me. 🙂

  21. My favourite pets were my dogs Bruin and Harry. Bruin was a Doberman and Harry was a Cocker Spaniel. Harry was quite deaf too, so when I was a baby and my dad was always yelling his name, I picked up on it and so Harry was my first word! Followed shortly by mama and daddy of course 😛 Sadly, I don’t have either of these amazing dogs anymore, but it is my dream to get another dog as soon as I can!

  22. Tayiba Shah (AndThenTheyDied) says:

    Because I am, of course, a giant nerd and possibly a complete lunatic, I’d really love to have a dragon. 😀

  23. Awww her dog is so cute :). I don’t think my dog has ever had peanut butter specifically, but she’s had butter for sure. When my parents were away I had just finished cooking dinner (with butter of course) and I just popped upstairs for two minutes, when I got down again half a stick of butter was missing…the only thing that remained was the wrappings of butter. So my dog literally ate half a stick of Butter. I’m sure it didn’t do anything to improve her health lol, but at least she wasn’t sick after wards!

  24. Fav pet would be a fish I once had… No, not really! It’d be my dog, Licorice, a small black poodle. She’s curled up in her dog bed right now- that she always flips upside down to sleep on. =/

  25. I have a little cat now that I adore, and I had one before him that was really special to me, but my FAVORITE pet was my black Labrador, Sam. He was such a big old sweetheart, always ready to shake paws/hands, play, or snuggle you when you had a bad day. He’s been gone a few years now and I STILL miss him.

    Cannot WAIT to read this book, Jamie!

  26. I was never really allowed to have pets as a child, but I would have (realistically) wanted a dog! However, if I could have ANY pet, I’d definitely have a white tiger.

    I really can’t wait to read this one! It sounds fantastic.

  27. Krystal M. says:

    That dog is too cute!

    I have 2 dogs, one blue nose pitbull named Rocky Balboa (like the boxer in the movie), and one lab/terrier mix named Sammi. Okay, I’m not going to lie, Sammi is my favorite only because she is my baby. We adopted her at an adopting fair at Petsmart when she was a puppy & she and I just clicked. I even call her Sammi-Baby.

    I would like to, one day when I have a big enough place, own a husky. That’s my dream dog. Oh, and a cat because cats are awesome.

  28. I have two wonderful cats that I tweet about all the time. They are the BEST. They come and greet me at the door. Rocky is trained to go jump up on the bed for cuddles every time I leave the bathroom. Jackie jumps on my fiance’s chest every night and sits there purring. They are the cuddliest, most wonderful things ever. They love everyone. If you’ve never loved a cat, you will love mine. =)

    I LOVE reading about great pets, and this book has been on my TBR forever. Yay! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I can’t wait to read this book!! I have two wonderful dogs right now, so they are my favorite pets. I have a mini dachshund named Ginger who is so wonderful, and a part- mini dachshund named Otis who is a bit crazy but I love him dearly. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  30. Ah I love books with pets in them! Violet is looking pretty cool there with those sunglasses.

    My favorite pet is my husky Panda. What I love about her? She’s not a guard dog but guards the dog food! I’m sure if burglars came into the house, she’d offer them a beer and tell them where the valuables are, but lord help them if they try to steal the bag. Also every day at 7 pm on the dot, she barks like crazy to be feed. She’s been with me for over 10 years and I have yet to forget to feed her.

  31. It’s hard to choose a fave pet, but my top 2 would be: my FIRST ever dog. Her name was Sprite, she was a little white & tan chihuahua and she was stolen from me a few years ago. *EPIC CRY FACE*
    My current fave is my Akita named Midnight. Gah, I love her so. She’s huge and can knock me over but she’s SO SMART it’s like she’s a person.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. I’ve had so many pets! Right now I’m totally smitten with my daughters guinea pigs! 🙂 They are so much more fun than I ever thought they would be! They squeal, squeak and purr!

    And if you feed the other animals before them (we currently have two cats, two turtles and a dog!) they start squealing at you like hey, don’t forget me!)

  33. WOW! Thanks for the fun interview! So fun to learn more about the character’s pet 🙂 I love, love, love dogs and have 3 of my own. My 4 legged babies! And they are spoiled rotten. My avatar is a pic of my youngest when he was 4 months old. They grow up so fast! LOL…

  34. My chihuahua Zoey is the best pet ever!

  35. We always had dogs while I was growing up. My favorites were Dusty, a golden retriever; Breaker, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever; and GIS, a black lab. GIS would wash his Frisbee when playing fetch by dropping it in a bucket of water then pushing it down with his paw. He knew I didn’t like grabbing a slobbery Frisbee!

  36. Cari S. says:

    I’ve only ever owned dogs and all of them were my favorite! I fought hard to get my first dog when I was a kid and was she worth it!

  37. I’ve always wanted a puppy or a kitten for a pet.

  38. I have 4 cats but my newest/smallest cat is the SWEETEST cat I have ever known. If I’m upset about anything, she’ll cuddle with me and comfort me. If I sneeze, she comes to check on me. She’s even sweet to our other cats. She is just the best.

    I sound 5 but she is a really great pet, ha.

  39. I love this interview! Thank you so much for the giveaway. We currently have a mini dachshund that is a stubborn pain in the butt, but we really love him! Sometimes the cuteness can be too much.

  40. This is easy! I love yorkies! I grew up with them, and they’re such friendly, little creatures! I especially love raising puppies!

  41. I love this! Yay for pets!

    It’s too hard to pick my favorite pet, but can I wish for a chinchilla? SO. CUTE.

  42. I’ve always wanted a dog! My mom refused when I was younger and I’ve been living in apartments that don’t allow dogs. =( But, I get to pet and play with my sister’s dog who is a Samoyed and those dogs are just BEAUTIFUL!

  43. Kayla C says:

    Well, my little mutt is my favorite real pet, for sure. But my favorite literary pet is June’s dog Ollie from Legend by Marie Lu.

  44. Can’t wait to see if I win! This book looks so interesting+sad!

  45. I love pets! I’ve had some great ones. For my 5th birthday my parents got us a golden retriever. I named her Sandy. She was with us until I was 21. She was the best dog ever! She’d get the newspaper in the morning from the end of the driveway for us. She even helped carry in the groceries after we went to the store. :o)

  46. I loved my hamster as a kid, but I really would love to have a panda as a pet.

  47. I’m really excited to read this book! I wanted it since I laid eyes on it. My favorite pet was my dog Rusty. He was craaazy wild a lot of the time, haha.

  48. I love books with characters who are so close to their dogs. I love both of mine and it just makes the book even better. I have to say naming your dog Sandy Koufax is both hilarious and something I will never tell my baseball-loving boyfriend. I know he would try to use that (or Greg Maddux or something) for our next dog.

    This was a pretty cute interview! I never host “character”interviews, but I might have to reconsider. This was a fun read and that dog is stinking cute.

  49. This book looks great!