So Many Loose Ends

Lately I’ve been feeling like I have so many unresolved storylines just swirling around in my head and weighing me down. I posted a long time ago about how I suck at reading series but it’s really becoming an issue for me with all these series I’m in the midst of. I’m in series limbo all the time and I just feel there are all these loose ends just flapping about in my mind. I just feel like I’m in the middle of all these stories and my mind is in too many worlds and waiting on too many cliffs. I feel like I’m playing freeze tag with all these characters and they are just standing there frozen, in mid-run, waiting for me to tag them back in.

I’m BURNT OUT on series, friends.

I’ve been reading YA since August 2010-ish and, as of right now, I have 49 series that I’ve started and not finished (not counting companion novels). And I’m slated to start more in the next two weeks (City of Bones and Harry Potter).


In fact I don’t even want to know how many series I’ve ACTUALLY finished. Ok, I looked, that number is sadly only THREE in that time.


Why I’m In The Middle Of So Many Series:

– All of the books aren’t out yet. Therefore I’m just waiting and waiting and reading a million other things in between the release dates. NOT MY FAULT.
– I get distracted by all the shiny other books and STILL don’t pick up books in a series even if they are all out.
– I get tricked into reading books that I THOUGHT were standalones. SERIOUSLY STOP DOING THAT TO ME.

– I have this weird thing where I don’t like my reviews to be consecutively from the same series so I end up spreading them out.
– I’m not sure if I want to completely give up a series or not. I thought the first book was meh but I’m still curious but can’t decide if it’s worth it to keep going or just ask someone to tell me what happens. I’m the worst at giving up on series!!
– It seems like that’s ALL there is these days. Ok, that’s a dramatic statement but when I go outside of contemporary YA there aren’t as many standalones.
– And not as serious but I get SCARED to move on to the next book in the series. Irrational fears I tell ya!

I think my challenge to myself for the Fall is to DECIDE which series I’m going to get RID of at least 3 series I don’t want to go on with and then pick 3 series to finish by the time Winter starts. I’ll probably go with series I only have one book left in to boost my confidence in my series sucking ways. Maybe that will help me feel like I’m less weighed downΒ  by all these series. Maybe I should vow not to start any new series until I finish one??

Let’s Talk

Do any of you guys feel this way about series? Like you are burnt out or weighed down by all the unfinished stories? I’m curious if you know how many series you have started but not finished vs how many you have actually finished. How do you decide when to quit a series (please help me!) and do you abandon series often? Anybody else get tricked into thinking a book is not a series and then find out it is later or am I just not observant??

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. This is so strange! I was just thinking about how I’m suffering from a similar problem the other day and was thinking of writing a similar post.

    I feel an immense amount of pressure to catch up with all the series I’ve left unfinished, so much so that I’m to the point where I’ve actually begun solely reading standalone novels because the inherent pressure in reading a long-running series is just more than I can bear. I think the most frustrating part is that often times the series that I’ve left unfinished feature some of my favourite novels. For example, I’ve still yet to read Through The Ever Night despite the fact that I declared Under The Never Sky the best book I read last year and I was greatly looking forward to its sequel. Something similar could be said for Scarlet (Sequel to Cinder), Breaking Point (Sequel to Article Five), Boundless (Final book in the Unearthly trilogy), Infinityglass (Final book in the Hourglass trilogy) etc (Trust me when I say that I could go on, and on) I seem to exhibit the same pattern again and again – I adore the first novel in the series, only to loose interest or momentum in the interim when I have to wait for the follow-up novel. By the time the sequel is released, I feel the need to re-read the first novel in order to refresh my memory, and then I feel overwhelmed by this increased workload that I push all books in that series aside until further notice. The amount of hype about a sequel can also be debilitating. This is likely the sole reason I have yet to read Unravel Me – What if I don’t adore it as much as everyone else seems to have!?

    I know what I’m doing wrong, and yet I can’t seem to break the pattern. It’s so frustrating, and surprisingly stressful. Reading is supposed to be fun, and yet I’ve found my inability to finish a series is a serious point of frustration and stress in my life lately. I wish I knew a way that I could fix it. If you figure it out, please let me know πŸ˜‰ I could definitely use the advice.

  2. I think this is a problem for many of us that read so much! Just like you said, its easy to get distracted by a new book and suddenly you have all but forgotten the other series you started a year ago because there is something just a little more awesome now.

    I decided not to stress about this anymore. When there is a series I truly and completely love I know that when the sequel is out, I will buy it and read – when I do not feel the urge to read it *shrugs* I just don’t and let it go.

    (What a stupid and terrible advise lool!)

    I must also count the series that are unfinished right now! 49 is huge, but I think I will be in the same range!

  3. You know I’m more of a paranormal/dystopian girl.. which means LOTS OF SERIES… and I get it… there is a ton of world building to be done… and when strange creatures are involved it takes along time to describe how badass they are and what exactly they plan to do with all that badassness. I am pretty good at keeping up with them, but there are some…. like Legend and Wither that I’ve had the next book of the series since release day, yet haven’t read. It bothers me, but I’m super distracted by other books.
    I’ve read 80% contemporaries this summer and to be honest, it has been awesome! One book. DONE. HAPPY. END OF STORY. But….. when I loooove the characters sooooo much, a series helps me gradually accept the fact that I have to let them go, rather than BAM- GOODBYE FOREVER.

  4. If I don’t enjoy the first book of a series I refuse to read the second book. Why waste my time if the first one wasn’t to my liking? I am currently following/reading 6 series obsessively (as in my copies are falling apart I read them so much). I take the time between book releases to read other stuff like non-fiction or blogs or fiction genres I wouldn’t normally read like contemporary YA.
    My reading dilemma is until recently I’ve stuck to just a couple of authors and stayed in that comfort zone instead of reading other books. I’m trying to fix that though.

  5. Have you read Morganvilles by Rachel Caine? I started reading it ages ago and it NEVER ENDS. I think there’s about 14 books out now… I gave up around 11.

  6. I don’t know why almost all paranormal books have to be series?! I’m starting to prefer standalones, because then you don’t have to wait and wait and wait fot the next book to come out. I do still like series though, and some of my favorite books are part of a series. But I’ve decided that if the first isn’t that good, or if I wasn’t really excited about or if the reviews for the sequels aren’t, well, very good I don’t read the next book. I recently read The Selection and was a bit meh, but it was okay and I was somewhat interested in what happened next, but then I read the blurb and some reviews for the sequel and decided not to read it. So maybe you should just be a bit harder on the books, so if you didn’t really enjoy the first book then skip the rest. There are a lot of other great books out there πŸ™‚

  7. I completely agree with everything you said. To me, unfinished series seems like loose ends and they’re always swirling in my mind. I always become hesitant when reading a sequel because I keep thinking that I forgot what the previous book was about! It’s a real problem

  8. I’ve given up on quite a few series myself. I just feel like the authors all of a sudden think all the books have to be series in the shadow of The Hunger Games and ,shudder, Twilight. Don’t get me wrong, I love some series and am eagerly awaiting to finish or read the next book, but sometimes a standalone is the way to go.

    Great post.

  9. All I read for years was just series so I don’t really have that many issues with them. Actually, I’ve read more stand-alone novels this year then I probably ever have in this amount of time. All of my favorite books (most of them at least), are from series.

    I was deceived into thinking Born of Illusion was a stand-alone. Of course, when I found out I was like cool, whatever. I get so invested in the stories that I don’t mind series.

    But, just so you know, the best way to read a series is to sit down and binge read it. You should pick a short series, read it over the weekend, then read whatever else you want during the week.

    I’ve finished 14 series, but I’m in the middle or near the end of more than 20. Of course, some of those are ending this year (Ranger’s Apprentice and Divergent, so sad) or the next. Then there are some I’m not planning on finishing at all.

  10. I completely understand. This is exactly why I have been reading more standalones and adult fiction lately.

  11. I have that problem – with books that I’ve left for too long and then I don’t remember what happened. And I don’t have time to re-read the whole series…and i just left off. But I really do want to finish them. Gah!

  12. I know some people like to wait until an entire series is out before they’ll give it a go, but for me I can’t do that. Yes, it’s nice to have that next book waiting for you when there’s that HUGE cliffhanger — but when I read 3+ books set in the same world, back to back, it burns me out. If maybe 2 books are out, I’ll give it a go and read those, then wait for the final book in the series. That seems to work better for me.

    Right now I am struggling to finish The Mortal Instruments series. I read the first 3 way before my blogging days & LOVED them. Then Cassie decided to come back & continue the series. I read book 4 and was “eh” about it. So I haven’t been as inclined to pick up book 5 (even though I preorderd my copy before it came out!). Since the 6th & final book will be out next year, I’m planning to read 5 right before & finish it up with 6.

    Reading a series (especially more than 3 books) is a huge commitment. Don’t beat yourself up for not finishing, or even continuing. I’m still slowly making my way through Harry Potter. It happens. ENJOY what you read — that’s part of the experience!

  13. I just went thru GoodReads and counted. I have 16 series that I haven’t finished yet. Honestly, I have zero interest to finish about half of them. Or it has been so long since I read the first/second book that I would need to reread those before continuing on with the series. BUT I am in the middle of the Harry Potter books (started book 6 last night), it’s been the Harry Potter summer for me! Haha

    If you haven’t finished the Jessica Darling series that needs to be one of your book series goals!!!

  14. I’m getting sick of reading the first in a series and then having to wait a year for the second and another year for the third…and so on. It’s driving me a bit crazy! But, being a book review blogger, like yourself, I feel the need to read newer books. So, as much as I would like to just wait for the whole series to come out and then be able to read them all without HUGE gaps (and, therefore, probably forgetting certain things about the book), I feel that I can’t because of my blog. Plus, you’re right in saying that the majority of books being published these days (at least in YA) are part of a series. It sucks and I’ve seriously thought about only reading books from a series that has already been completely published. But, I have yet to actually follow through on that.

  15. I am so effing tired of series – especially trilogies. It’s gotten to the point where people don’t believe me when I say a series has more than or less than three books (seriously, I had a twitter argument with people on Ally Carter’s Heist Society series – which is an ONGOING series – they didn’t believe that it wasn’t over at three). I get that the trilogy is a brilliant set up, but gawd, can no one finish a thought in one book? =p

    I am, and have always been, a huge fan of stand-alones, which is maybe why I read so much contemporary. That said, I can’t deny the need to say “more, more, more” when I read a really good book. I just looked at my GR account and realized I’m mainly a stand-alone girl, although a few books have tricked me and gotten me into series. That’s okay, because they’re only books I really want to read.

    I think the key to getting rid of a series is either a) binge-ing on it (which requires that every book is out already) or b) admitting it to yourself when you don’t enjoy it, and letting go. This is really horrible to suggest, but if you want to get rid of a series that’s already out, just find out what happens in the books you haven’t read. It will give you closure without having to actually invest time in the books.

  16. I love the image of all these series is perpetual freeze tag until we “tag them back.” Very cute.

    I know exactly what you mean about going through series and getting stuck. I myself have a couple series that I’m in the middle of; however, I’m caught up on all of them. I don’t like knowing the next installment is out there and I haven’t read it yet, so if a new book in that series comes out, I usually move it up to the top of my TBR list.

    If I’m starting a new series (and there are PLENTY I have waiting to be started), I either read them all in a row or, depending on how many are out, at least a book or two in between. I just don’t like things not being finished. It makes me feel empty. Weird, no?

    I have abandoned series though. The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series was the first series I finished and abandoned. I hated doing it as I loved the world/characters, but they started getting less about plot and more about how much sex the characters could have. So it’s doable, but it can be a little heartbreaking at the same time.

    I think one of the issues – like you said – is it feels like that’s all there is out there. Series, series, and more series. Yes, I love them and some of them are simply amazing, but every once in a while it’s nice to read a book and that be that.

  17. This post explains my feelings on series exactly!!! I swear I’m in the middle of like 30 series right now, and I just haven’t finished them yet! Like you said, it’s not always our fault because sometimes the last book(s) are nor released yet, but I think I’m in the middle of at least 5 series that have all the books releases, and I just haven’t finished them yet for whatever reason.

    Also, those darn books that disguise themselves as standalones – THEY ARE THE REASON I HAVE TRUST ISSUES!!!! hahaha just kidding, but yeah, that needs to stop.

  18. THANK YOU! I too think series take way to long for people to write.. I mean and all those series should’nt even be series. Some of them should be just one book but to make money it’s a trilogy. sigh. I try so hard to finish all the series I’ve started but it seems impossible!

  19. Although I do not have an exact number, I know there is a huge amount of series I am not up on. I know this for a fact. I should probably write them down and have the number scare me. I tend to not finish series for multiple reasons. I start and they haven’t finished and by the time the next book has come out, I have forgotten about it. (I READ A LOT!) The second book sucked and I’m having problems continuing on. Also, laziness. My TBR pile is giant and what am I REALLY in the mood for? Sometimes, rarely, I just completely give up for various reasons.

    Now I really want to know the number.

  20. I love series books, but I really dislike having to wait so long for the next book if I read them as they’re being released. I forget stuff, like I seriously can’t tell the difference between the Divergent series and the Delirium one. I know, they’re completely different trilogies. I started reading them around the same time, though, and they both start with D. Yeah, I just don’t know what story goes with which series. It gets confusing.

  21. I feel so different towards this than you do! I’m a huge series lover and every series I’ve started i’ve finished (if all the books are out yet) but at the same time i’m pretty picky with which series I start! I maybe have one or two series I haven’t finished for one reason or another. The most likely being I just didn’t connect with the story AT ALL.
    Lily @ Lilysbookblog

  22. It’s true, reading a series can often be a stressful experience. Personally, I prefer reading stand-alones. For me, series come with so many expectations and it seems like you can never approach them with an open mind. There are always preconceived expectations and I’m often disappointed. Too often it feels like reading a series becomes a chore; I dislike the first book, but I’ve heard so many good things from so many people that I feel like I need to keep reading, even though I’m no longer invested in the plot or the characters.

    Also, (embarrassingly) I’m the type of person who reads Wikipedia plot summaries of movies before I go to the cinema, so reading an uncompleted series is torture for me. I kind of hate the unknown.

  23. This post is my life. I look at books on my bookshelf here, and on my Goodreads TBR and I am DROWNING in series – some I’m waiting on to be finished, some, like you, I didn’t KNOW were a series. And those sneaky ones are the worst I think, because you’re loving the first book and then you realize there’s a sequel. Meh.

    I think I’ve only finished three or four series that I’ve started since I began blogging and reading YA – The Eve series, the Goddess Test series, and the Vespertine series, and only then because they ended, and I had the chance to read the final book in ARC format. There may be one more I’m forgetting. GAH. I recently went through and culled a bunch of series from my GR TBR, which should help some but OY VEY.

    Too many series. There needs to be more standalones, period, the end. πŸ™‚

  24. One of the best book-related things I ever did was decide NOT to read Mockingjay and just read the Wikipedia entry for it. I can never remember what happened in previous books of series so I often spend the first few chapters really confused. I like the types of series that are loosely connected (this seems to happen more in adult I think, like with Tana French or Sophie Hannah) with some repeating characters rather than “this should have just been one book instead of three.”

  25. I am also incredibly sick of series! I haven’t taken the time to list them all out but I know there are a lot. And as far as how many I’ve actually finished? Few. Too few. lol I don’t even want to take the time to look because it will no doubt be depressing. I told myself this year that I would catch up in series that I’m in the middle of before starting new ones but that hasn’t happened and… it’s almost September. *high-fives-self*

  26. I TOTALLY feel your pain! This is why I almost can’t even start a series unless it’s all been published and I’ve carved out time for it. My biggest issue is that I forget the details because I read so many other books! For example, I feel like I need to re-read the whole Divergent series before I read the last book in October and that’s so time consuming and one of the reasons I started blogging my reviews, to remember my feeling toward books for a refresh. But I can also relate to wanting to read something else whilst in the middle of a series. I’m currently reading the Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin and at over 5000 pages in 5 books, I am getting pretty burnt out! Even though I love it, I’m happy to be almost done! Sorry for rambling, I’m just so glad I’m not alone hahah! πŸ™‚ Happy reading!

  27. I was SO MAD when I found out Mistborn wasn’t standalone. I wasn’t even planning to read the rest of the trilogy, but then my husband read Mistborn and liked it so much that he bought the other books, plus it turns out there’s another trilogy set a couple hundred years post-Mistborn where it’s all steampunk and stuff, so ARG FINE I will keep reading them.

  28. Ugh, yes. There honestly just seems to be series in YA nowadays and it bugs me. Because A) I have the attention span of a dog and generally get excited by other books and forget about the series I was reading, and B) If one book in the series falls flat, I’m less inclined to want to read the next book.
    But, like you, now there are all these unfinished stories that I feel like I should finish…but really don’t want to.
    Authors need to write more standalone books. Please and thank you.

  29. I hate it when there’s a book that I love that looked to be a standalone … only to realize that surprise! It’s now going to be a part of a series! I don’t mind it if the series books are about different characters (like Miranda Kenneally’s books or even the Pushing the Limits series) but when series continue on and on with the same characters and no resolution in the last book, I’m usually lost when the new book comes out.

    I have a discussion post about this scheduled for next year (!!) and I gripe about it, too. Why can’t we have more standalone books?

  30. I honestly don’t mind if I don’t finish a series. Usually I’ll be able to read the first in one, and if it’s not something that I’m dying to finish, I’ll leave it alone. As a teen services librarian, I can’t feel like I need to keep up with everything, because it’s just not possible. If I can get a feel for a series, that’s really all I can hope for and move on. Of course, if I do want to know what goes I’ll get the next one, but I am comfortable quitting a series.

  31. ” I have this weird thing where I don’t like my reviews to be consecutively from the same series so I end up spreading them out” Yes! I can’t even read the books consecutively. I honestly get sick of a series if I read the books all together >.>. It’s like I enjoy the catch up that has to happen when you are reading books as they are published. It’s like a little mental challenge of “Can I remember the events of the previous book” and “Ooo, yes, I remember previous events thanks to this reminder dropped in, good times!” I’m so weird D:

  32. This is why I really don’t like picking up new series unless it’s already finished, and then I’ll read them all back-to-back (or maybe with a book or two in between here and there… but I definitely aim to read the whole thing in a pretty short time-frame.

  33. Series stress me out. I especially hate it when I can’t finish them, because the other book(s) is/aren’t published. I’ve finished 3 series this year *yeay me* and I hope to finish some more. It’s getting out of control. I made a list in Words today so I can keep track of it and it made me want to cry, haha. And why do all these new books look so tempting? I keep starting new series every time I pick up a book.


  34. I think you’ve hit upon two majour points for me with regard to series reading:

    #1 – Start the series BEFORE all the books are released. Yeah, not much we can really do about that except maybe wait to start reading the series AFTER all the books have been written. Yeah. Not liking that option because, well, isn’t anticipation part of the fun?! Or maybe that’s masochism… I’m not really sure just yet. Although, there is some degree of satisfaction with binge-reading an entire series all at once so if I know the last book is soon-to-be-released, I tend to try and wait for it first.

    #2 – Not knowing the books are a part of a series. Nothing we can really do about that except maybe researching the book beforehand. I dunno. It feels like EVERYTHING is a part of a series these days and it gets kinda frustrating. There’s definitely something to be said for a standalone novel and an author who is so concise that they only need the one book to tell the tale.

    Like you, it can get a tad overwhelming with all the series out there. I’m a bit OCD and have trouble DNF’ing books, so once I start a series it’s VERY hard for me not to finish it (eventually). I’m trying to get better at passing on those series that just aren’t doing it for me though. It’s a work in progress.

  35. The one that really gets to me is when they wait until I’ve read it to tell me it’s a series. It should be my choice and they’ve taken that away. By which I mean my choice to invest in another series. Just found out about All Our Yesterdays, which was GREAT as a standalone. Second book not needed. Just UGH.

  36. It’s weird because I like series. I specifically look for series and I hardly ever read stand alone novels anymore. But I do have a like ‘million’ unfinished series in my TBR. My two states are either reading the whole series back to back, or reading one or two at a time, with months between the next book. I don’t really feel too much pressure with them, though if I have series I’ve been in the middle of for ages, I get that faint “I better get back to that soon” feeling.

    I did just get caught up with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters yesterday. That was good. πŸ™‚

  37. Series are a bone of contention with me. I tend to read the first and move on to something else, never completing the series. I’ve never even read all of Anne of Green Gables, even though all eight are on the bookshelf. I’ve never read Harry Potter (but own the first three). It seems like everything published is a series and it’s getting old.

  38. I think i’m the opposite. I put off starting series at all because i know once i start i’ll want to READ ALL THE BOOKS. I like to change the books i read each time, rather than reading similar things one after the other. Series i do read are ones that include the same character, but each books is a stand alone (for example i have read, and have plently more to read, Poirot and Sherlock Holmes) rather than having a over-arcing storyline (like The Hunger Games or The Lord of the Rings, which i have been avoiding starting).
    I need to learn to be able to start a series and not have to read the next book straight away!

  39. Yes, yes, yes! I’m so burned out on series. I read mostly YA, and the majority of YA is comprised of series. I mean, contemporary books are often standalones, but anything else – there’s always a sequel. There are some series I love – The Mortal Instruments (the first three, because I have read the other ones) and of course Harry Potter (seriously, Jamie, stick with your secret project with Betty, because HP is the BEST SERIES EVER!). But often, I read the first one, and then stop.

  40. I have this EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I have finished a few series’, but only when they’re so hyped up like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games or just a trilogy/2-book series. I am not ashamed to admit I haven’t finished the Lord of the Rings. I got close. Then got bored! πŸ˜€
    The thing is, I get distracted SO EASILY. I will switch between books like nobody’s business, often reading several at once. But it’s helpful when I have a really good memory and even if I don’t read the rest of the series until years later, I can still remember enough of what happened to know what’s going on. And if not, well…I am a shameless re-reader. 70% of the books I read are re-reads.

  41. I don’t think I’m so much burned out on series as I am burned out on reading series that aren’t all out yet. I think I don’t get much out of them because I’ve had to wait almost a year for the next one and it’s like… but I forgot what happened in the previous book! Then I feel like maybe I should read it again, but then there’s other books I want to read, but they’re part of series and then BOOM! Mind explosion. I think you’re smart to just give up on series that aren’t super interesting you. It’s hard, because it’s like “well, what if the next one rocks my socks off?” I sometimes wish I’d just cool it with series until the whole thing is out… but so many of them sound so darn good! However… stick with Harry Potter. I promise, it will be the best series you’ve ever read!!

  42. I don’t have this problem, because.. when I’ve not been reading a series for a while I tend to forget what the series is about and who the characters are. I only remember if I liked the series A LOT. So if I think the series is okay and I want to read the next part, I find myself confused, because I’m not really into the story and I have to read all of the previous books again. That’s also frustrating..

  43. I just got tricked by 5th Wave. GAH. I HATE starting a series that isn’t already all out for me to read. I thought it was a singleton, but the more I read I was like how can it end so soon?! Then I googled it at the same time I realized it was a new release… then the sads hit.

  44. It’s hard for me personally to resist the lure of a new series, especially when its premise or elements sounds like something I would enjoy. However, I totally feel you on the series burnout! It’s sometimes confusing for me to try to remember every single detail of a series that I’m reading… which is probably why I only really remember the ones for the series I love. Honestly, I haven’t been starting too many series these days because I have old ones I want to finish up with first (like the Newsoul series, Fire and Thorn series, The Lunar Chronicles, to name a few). It’s fairly easy for me to set aside series books for future reading, because the sheer bulk of them in terms of pages intimidates me. As for quitting series, I usually just go with my gut. If I’m not particularly enjoying a series, even if others do enjoy it, I just set it down because it’s probably not for me.

  45. I tend to love series, but I agree that it feels like EVERY book is a series these days, and it’s so incredibly frustrating! I’m in the middle of a lot of series, but I’m usually pretty good about finishing series. I’ve never actually calculated started versus finished, but I may have to now! lol

  46. You have inspired me to figure out how many series I’ve started and completed! The post goes live at midnight Eastern time.

  47. Oh my goodness!!
    I’ve had this post saved in my reader so that it would remind me to check on all the series that I have listed on GoodReads right now (I only log books I’ve read since 2011) and I am blown away! I’ve never realized how many I’ve gone through!

    As of today:
    I have finished 15 series
    I have 43 unfinished series (FORTY-THREE!! GAH!!)
    And I have 19 series that I’ve started, but have no desire to finish (for whatever reason).

    I can’t even believe I have so many that I’ve forgotten about! Thanks for such an awesome heads-up!

  48. I thought I had commented on this post already, but it was still marked as unread in my blog reader … so maybe that was my way of making sure I’d come back and comment later! I know we already “OMG-ed” on Twitter about this … but I am feeling the EXACT SAME WAY. Just way, way, WAY too much series overload. And then I decided that I would finish ALL THE SERIES that I started (perhaps just a wee bit too overzealous?) and then got kinda bummed out when I spent a lot of time and energy plowing through the last of the Iron Fey books … which were just “meh.” I think I need to approach this project in the same way that you have. If I’ve read book one, I’ll give book two a shot, and if it doesn’t inspire me to run and grab book three, then I’ll just DNF the series. Will you hold my hand while I do this? I’m pretty good at DNF-ing an individual book … but not sure I can do it to a whole series!


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