Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Turning Into Movies/TV Shows


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This week’s topic: Top Ten Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show

It terrifies me when books become movies because they are so often craptacular and don’t do them justice BUT this is all set in a perfect world where it will do it justice and not make me cry because of how bad it is!



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Code Name Verity by Elizbeth Wein One of my favorite books this year and I think it would make an AMAZING movie. I can’t even imagine how hard I would bawl when KISS ME HARDY was uttered.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins — I see this as an adorable movie with a great setting and really I just want to see St. Clair on the big screen. LET’S BE HONEST.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell — I see Eleanor & Park as a really cool indie flick with a great soundtrack because HELLO THE 80’s!

Going Vintage by Lindsey LeavittI seriously wish this could be a Disney/ABC Family movie because it’s super cute and fun! I can picture it in my head so much! You can also check out my bookish date inspired by this book.

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley – This book is amazing and a favorite and I’d love to see it played out on the big screen. I definitely also see this one as an indie flick with an amazing soundtrack! Because the novel has a lot to do about art I would want the cinematography to be really amazing and beautiful.

Where The Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller I just think this would make an all around great movie and I would love to see Tarpon Springs and its charm on screen. Plus the big Greek family!

Just One Day by Gayle Forman – I JUST NEED THIS TO BE A MOVIE, OK?? It’s a favorite and I need more of it!!

Not A Drop To Drink by Mindy McGinnis —  At first I thought MOVIE but then I was like NO I want this to be a tv show — a la Revolution and Walking Dead — because this world is fascinating and I think there are a lot of possibilities to offshoot from Lynn’s small slice of a story and the potential for a new cast of characters to join her. Also, STEBBS <33

Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg Not going to lie I totally want a teen show based on this book. I love any sorts of performing arts type shows so a show set at a performing arts school would be AWESOME.

Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty– WE NEED TO MAKE THE JESSICA DARLING SERIES A SHOW. HOW IS THIS NOT A THING ALREADY?! She’s got so much personality and would make a fab character to fall in love with on screen. PLUS THEN WE GET TO SEE MARCUS AND JESSICA. But maybe not the dreads? I don’t know…


So tell me…would love to see any of these as a movie/tv show? Tell me which books you would LOVE to see on the big screen/your television.

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  1. Anna and the French Kiss would be such a fun one!

    My Top Ten

  2. I had wondered about adding Eleanor and Park to my list. But there were so many others that I needed to add. I haven’t read Going Vintage yet, but I would like to.

    Thanks for the list!

  3. I LOVE your list! Umm… I haven’t even read Not A Drop To Drink yet and I want it to be a movie! Hahaha. Great list!!

  4. I’ve seen Code Name Verity on so many blogs lately – I don’t even know what it’s about! Is it a teen spy novel? Because I’m really not into those but everyone says it’s so good so is it worth it to go against my rules??

  5. I think craptacular may be my new favorite word. Over craptastic. And we know I adore to use that word.

    Also, if you put it on ABC family, I’ll watch it. JUST SAYING

  6. Ahhhh… Just One Day would make such a great movie! <3
    Pssst… Still haven't read Eleanor and Park. I suck.

  7. Wouldn’t Going Vintage make the cutest romantic comedy? It was such an adorable, heart-felt story and I would love to see all of Mallory’s outfits and vintage accessories on the big screen. I think it would be the perfect film to see with a big group of girlfriends on a Friday night 🙂

    I was this close to putting Sloppy Firsts on my own list this week, but something always prevented me from doing it. I know this would be in a world where an adaptation captured the source material perfectly, but even then I worry that it just couldn’t possibly live up to how much that series meant to me when I was growing up. I grew up reading (and re-reading it) endlessly and I have such a clear image of Jessica and Marcus in my head at this point. It sounds more than a little silly, but my experience with Megan McCafferty’s series feels personal and I’m not sure I would want to share it with 1,000,000+ other people (Even though logically I know I already have) Seeing it on television or as a film would seem like it was cheapening it somehow. I know, I’m not making any sense… *Slinks away*

  8. Great choices 🙂 I haven’t read Code Name Verity yet, although I’m reading it soon, I’m pretty sure I’m going to want a movie out of it. Eleanor and Park would be a cute one too.

  9. Oh, I loved Graffiti Moon and I totally agree it would make a great movie!

    I’ve only recently finished reading Code Name Verity too, and I thought it was amazing, but so, so heartwrenching! I’m still processing through my feelings… It would definitely be an intense movie.

  10. I totally put Code on my list too! It would be so good! Also love that Anna and Just One Day made your list too!
    My TTT

  11. Going Vintage looks really fun! I’ve never heard of it before!

    My TTT

  12. Anna almost made my list for movies, and Sloppy Firsts would definitely be a fun TV Show.

    Also, love how pretty and creative you get with your designing and formatting of your posts!!!

  13. I haven’t read Not A Drop To Drink yet but your description of it sounds like it would be really cool!!

  14. I just finished reading Where the Stars Still Shine yesterday and I think it would make a great movie in the right hands. I also would love to see Code Name Verity as a movie though I didn’t put it on my list. I did include Eleanor & Park which I think could be an amazing movie with an amazing soundtrack.

  15. Going Vintage would make a cute movie, but I wish that Mallory was a bit more focused on the aspect of removing technology from her life than on getting a boyfriend.

    Also, I have seen Anna and the French Kiss reviewed on numerous blogs. Do you think that it is worth reading?

    Check out my TTT:

  16. I love how you split your list into movies and TV shows. I would love to see Anna, E&P and Where the Stars Still Shine as movies. Sloppy Firsts is on my TTT today, too. 🙂

    My TTT

  17. Anna and the French Kiss is on my list too! The rest of the books here i haven’t read yet, but most are on my TBR.
    Top Ten Tuesday
    GIVEAWAYS: American Girl on Saturn and Heist

  18. I completely agree about “Anna and the French Kiss” and “Eleanor and Park”. I bet the soundtrack for E&P would be amazing!

  19. GAH! I can’t wait to read what all the fuss is over Not a Drop to Drink. I have it pre-ordered and now I impatiently wait.

    Anna is on my list too. Surprise, surprise. 🙂

    My TTT List

  20. I totally agree that the Jessica Darling series as a TV Show would be like the greatest thing ever. It would be awesome!

  21. I don’t know that I could handle a CODE NAME VERITY movie. GRAFFITI MOON and GOING VINTAGE are great book to movie choices. I love both of them as books and they wouldn’t be hard to get right! (Unlike all of my choices which would be.)

  22. E&P would be fantastic. I mean, yes about the soundtrack, but also the story itself is just so beautiful…
    Great list.
    My TTT

  23. The soundtrack to Eleanor & Park would be EPIC.

    Here’s my TTT 🙂

    – Allie @ Little Birdie Books

  24. Great list, Jamie! I also included Anna (LOVE that book!) and the Jessica Darling series….that would be an awesome TV show! Going Vintage would be a really cute movie and how could I have forgotten Just One Day?! I can’t wait to read the sequel to that one.

  25. Omg, CNV would KILL me. What a movie that would be. I would be bawling non-stop.
    I would LOVE to see Anna as a movie! I absolutely adored that book and it would be so cute.
    E&P is also a great choice as well as Just One Day and Going Vintage!! Awesome list! 🙂

  26. Anna and the French Kiss would make a perfect rom-com! <3

  27. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins!!! *puppy eyes*

  28. Love the picks and your graphics are stunning!

  29. I almost put Just One Day/Year on my list. Yes to Anna and Eleanor & Park!

    My list

  30. Great list!! I can’t agree more about Anna and the French Kiss. I love that book.
    Here is my TTT:

  31. This is a great list. Someone on another blog mentioned The Diviners on the big screen, which would be awesome. Any of Brian Selznick’s books would also translate to the big screen.

  32. Code Name Verity would be so great as a movie. I loved Take a Bow. It would be perfect for a mini series. Great List.

  33. Ahh… Anna & the French Kiss would be SUCH A beautiful movie! All the Paris beautiful-ness. *sigh*

    And Jessica Darling would be such a fantastic TV show … her wittiness would be hilarious in “real” life!

  34. I would love it if Just One Day because a movie! It is one of my favorites as well.

  35. Definitely agree about Sloppy Firsts being a movie! LOVED that series. Found it so funny!

  36. I totally agree with you, just one day should most definitely be made into a movie!! Check out mine list here:

  37. Great list! ELEANOR & PARK is on mine, too; I almost put down ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. I still need to finish NOT A DROP TO DRINK and read all the others, especially JUST ONE DAY and CODE NAME VERITY.

  38. I would LOVE there to be a movie version of Eleanor and Park..that book was amazing..I keep hearing Code Name Verity is awesome!

  39. Totally with you on Just One Day. It involves Europe and cute boys, so someone needs to get on that already!

  40. I totally debated putting Code Name Verity on my list, because a lot of it seemed like it would only work with the literary devices it employed. I’d be curious as to how it would be adapted. Also, darn it you made me tear up with KISS ME HARDY!!!

    I can see Eleanor & Park being a super cute indie flick!!!

    I haven’t read the rest but they seem like they would translate to screens wonderfully.

    My TTT list!

  41. I adore the whole Jessica Darling series! It would make a great show, but I’d like it rooted in the time period it was set. Late 90s, early 00s. So maybe in a few years. And Eleanor & Park would make an excellent film of the John Hughes cult variety. It would have some pretty sweet music and costumes too!

  42. Eleanor & Park would be the perfect movie. I want to buy it already! Anna and the French Kiss would be super cute too. The rest, alas, I haven’t read. I will have to check them out though if they are movie good.

  43. I haven’t read most of these books, but I may have to check some of them out to see if I see what you see! Here’s mine:

  44. Code Name Verity as a movie would destroy my soul in the best way.

    YES TO ANNA. It’s been on all the lists today. It would be such a cute movie.

    Graffiti Moon and Just One Day would make great movies too.

  45. JESSICA DARLING! Whyyyy did I not think of this? Oh, that’d be a wicked tv show. I had also thought about including Anna and the French Kiss and Eleanor&Park but went with others instead. Nice list!

  46. I think I would die from joy if E and P was turned into a movie, but casting would be really important. It would destroy me if a really skinny girl got Eleanor’s part. My TTT

  47. Ahhh! Jessica Darling! I just love her, and I love the whole series to death. I think that would make an interesting movie, but definitely a watchable TV show. Unfortunately the book is so old now that I doubt anyone is going to pick it up. 🙁 Who knows, maybe.

    I’d love to see Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus turned into a movie. I’d be curious to see how they create the Circus, and make it look.

  48. Code Name Verity and Eleanor and Park would make excellent movies – even though I would bawl my eyes out through the whole thing. Even during the happy parts I would just be crying because I know what was coming.

  49. Ditto on Eleanor & Park! I would also LOVE to see Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour as a movie. If they used the playlists in the book, that soundtrack would be amazing too!

  50. Love your list 🙂 Many greats books I want to read sometime, have many on my wish list 🙂

  51. Great list! I haven’t read any of these books yet… Code Name Verity and Not a Drop to Drink are high on my list though! I need to check out some of these books for sure. 🙂

  52. NGL, I would like CNV to be a BBC miniseries, but I approve of the idea. OMG, ELEANOR AND PARK. Although they’d probably cast some waifish girl as Eleanor, which would give me the rages. WHERE THE STARS STILL SHINE! YES YES YES.

    OMG, the Sloppy Firsts TV Show. PLEASE.

  53. Just found your blog and must say I love it!!

    Also, I have been in love with he Jessica darling series for so many years I just thought of rereading the series!

    • Hi!! Nice to meet you! 🙂

      I feel like I’m due for a reread of the JD series!! Especially with all the ick of the world right now…I need something happymaking!