Current Status: Drowning In Books!!


Will always comments on how he feels like the books in our apartment our slowly encroaching on his space and soon we are going to have to get rid of furniture in order to house all these books. I mean, LOGICALLY, I’ve known that since I started blogging in June 2010 that I’ve acquired books at a more rapid pace. But it wasn’t until recently that I feel like I’m actually drowning in books. I walk in my room and there are just piles that have no homes. I actually feel overwhelmed by them.

I’m running out of room. This month I got rid of many many tote bags filled with books and gave them to a neighbor who teaches high school English and then put a box of books in our mail room with a sign that said “free!” and even after cleaning off my shelves a little bit I’m STILL struggling with where to put them all.

The thing is…I suck at getting rid of books. I also suck at not acquiring them. (And don’t even get me started on the fact that I’m drowning in books and I still have a stack every week from the library). There are a lot of books I bought many, many years ago and I don’t think I’ll ever read them BUT WHAT IF I WANT TO? There’s also books I was sent for review (unsolicited) that I’ll never read for various reasons. I try to pass as many as I can along to local bloggers but without a job currently I can’t afford to be sending THAT many packages to give the remaining ones away.

My general rule that I set up for myself was that I would keep only favorite books that I would reread and that I would pass along the rest to other people I knew or donate them to a library/high school. I’ve done ok with that to some degree but sometimes I can’t bear to part with books I really LIKED but maybe wasn’t a favorite. I also am ruthless with getting rid of ARCS unless they are a signed fave. My strategy is great and all in theory to get rid after I read them if I won’t ever REREAD them but the fact that I acquire them faster than I can read them all is PROBLEMATIC.

And while it’s amazing to have so many books to choose from…it’s actually kind of overwhelming and I suffer from possibility overload. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?? lol


Do you feel like you are drowning in books or are you good at keeping your shelves at bay? Do you keep every book you buy or receive? Are you ruthless about getting rid of books? What do you do with your books/who do you give them to? Tell me your methods, strategies, etc. Or just make me feel better that you are also drowning in books, too!

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I don’t have anywhere near the amount of books you do, but I feel like I’m drowning in them. Moreso because I’ve acquired a lot of books (mostly Kindle) that I haven’t read. That gives me the same feeling, though, obviously, my shelves themselves are fairly bare. I used to suck about getting rid of books, too, but now that I don’t have a bookcase, I’m trying to get better about only keeping my signed or favorite books.

    If you really want to get rid of some b0oks but don’t have a lot of money for shipping, I would offer them to anyone who would be willing to pay their own shipping. I know that I personally would pay shipping for a book I really wanted, and I bet a lot of people would be, too! Even paying just shipping is a lot cheaper than buying most books!

    • Oh my god I didn’t even think of all the books on my Kindle *cries*

      Also, that’s a good idea! I always feel really bad about making people pay for their own shipping but to hear you say that makes me feel better. I love gifting people books but unfortunately the shipping kills that so maybe I will try that! 🙂

  2. I always feel like I’m drowning in books. No matter how many I get rid of or how many I keep it is a constant problem that I have. I will take boxes and boxes to the used bookstore, but still leave with books. Or I keep one because OMG I HAVE TO KEEP THIS, but I know I will never, ever, ever re-read it. I’m still trying to figure out the balance myself. *sigh*

    • They just keep multiplying like bunnies!!! I should try my used bookstore. I used to have one nearby at my old house but since we moved I haven’t explored the ones here.

    First — How adorable is that video!? Oh, Jamie. Love it! 🙂
    But okay. Seriously. I am drowning in books as well. Ever since we moved into our house, I just haven’t had as much time to read so that’s part of it.. But also I waited too long to get started on all those BEA ARCs and now I will never read them before they are published. I have all the books that I already owned and I’m also still buying books and still getting some other ARCs as well. WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining because… you know… BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS <3333 But I want to be able to read them ALL, especially the ARCs and before their pub date (which is totes not happening).
    I'm right there with you! Hopefully I can do SOME catching up this weekend, but let's be honest… It'll take me a WHILE!
    GOOD LUCK! 🙂 🙂

    • Hahah thanks 😛

      Omg the BEA books…I think time went too fast. The summer was a whirlwind and I’m like “yeah totes got so much time to read BEA books” and then OH HAI FALL.

  4. Oh man, I am COMPLETELY drowning in books. A lot of them I haven’t read yet and are on my TBR, so I get why those are taking up my space–because they’re reminding me to READ them! (Let’s not even get started on Kindle books, shall we?). But there are books I would like to cull out of my house and I’m having such a HARD time with it.
    I live with three other roommates, so pretty much my books need to stay in my room. I have a TINY three-shelf bookshelf and that’s it. I keep my non-fiction books in a shelf in my second closet(two closets in my room FTW!), but I still have a lot of books that I’m just like I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH! I really can’t afford to ship all of them either. I tried to sell them back to Hastings, since I bought a lot of my books from there for store credit, but they won’t take most of them because they had black marks on the bottom(from their own store, I might add). I might try the use bookstore. I used to donate a lot to goodwill, which I’m okay with, but I feel like if I donate my books, I want them to go to a place I KNOW book lovers like(and preferably don’t have to pay for–like a library). My library doesn’t take donations though. We do have a big booksale coming up in November that they’re always taking donations for, so I may donate a few to that cause(and even though books are sold, I like it because all the money goes straight back to the library).

    • EEE KINDLE BOOKS/EGALLEYS. I didn’t even account for those in my overwhelmed state! That’s the beauty of that damn kindle…I don’t have to seem them all piled up mwahah.

      Ah that’s so hard when you have SUCH limited space but HELL YAH to that closet situation. It’s so hard when you have limited space and we are probably at full capacity right now. Although MAYBE we could fit a shelf in the living room but I think Will would have a stroke if I moved them out here. (I already have some on a shelf for “decoration” even though they are totally books I’ve read/will read. They were just super pretty books I needed on display). I miss my parent’s house bcause I had all the shelf space of my shelves PLUS my stepdad had built in bookshelves in the finished basement and that’s where all my overflow went. I JUST NEED A LIBRARY.

  5. I completely understand this feeling. I feel it crazy amounts right now because I just moved and a lot of my books have not found homes yet so they are just in piles on the floor. I have such a hard time getting rid of them though! I love my stacks when I’m not tripping all over them. They should have a Hoarders: Book Edition!

    • AH I feel your pain. I moved last year and the whole process was just OVERWHELMING. And I think book bloggers would be great candidates for Hoarders! 😛

  6. I definitely have this problem! I live down the street from my local library and they have a friends of the library shop inside, so I’ve been trying to donate books like crazy to them – that way the money goes back to the library. The problem with that though is then I end up checking a million books out of the library since I’m already there, plus I end up buying books from the shop. It’s like taking 2 steps forward, 1 step back – so it’s slow-moving and I’m still overwhelmed! Ah well. The perils of being a book lover, right?

    • Those library sales are DANGEROUS! I got a lot of the books I own from this one used book sale that happened twice a year at our local newspaper. It was MY FAVORITE THING EVER.And yeah…I go to return books to the library and WABAM I come out with more than I brought back even though I told myself I was only RETURNING.

  7. I have five full bookshelves. And that isn’t including the awesome kindle books I have. It’s about limiting your self… If you can…

  8. Nadia Coradin says:

    I’m not exactly drowning in books, but I do feel overwhelmed by how many I have around (and on my kindle) that are unread. It’s driving me crazy, and even more so when I KEEP BORROWING BOOKS FROM FRIENDS WHEN I HAVE MANY BOOKS UNREAD AT HOME. It’s annoying that I feel like I can’t stop acquiring new books, it’s a freaking obsession ugh, and sometimes I don’t know how to control it. I have tried keeping myself from buying MORE but it’s so freaking hard.

    The other day I did try my best to give books away, I picked a ton of books I will never read and had collected over the years and proceeded to give them to a friend (now she’s begging me not to give her more lolol), but then all my efforts when off the board when I came from my vacation and BROUGHT MORE BOOKS. It’s getting crazier -.-

    • Haha WHY DO WE DO THIS?? The library is my problem. I don’t have many friends who read!

      And I’m laughing a lot right now because it seems like we all get so proud of ourselves for getting rid of books and then we just replace them!!

  9. Ha hahahahaha. Yeah, this is why I don’t buy books anymore, I just use the library. We are super blessed with a great public library and there is even a digital kindle library, and I love my kindle. Although I do have moments of sadness when I realize I gave away some of my faves from childhood because I had “outgrown” them.

    I use for a while to get rid of books I was bored with, but I have probably 5 books from there unread and setting on my nightstand… it’s a problem!

    • I have DEFINITELY been using the library a lot more to curb the buying habit for a little bit. Ours is pretty great and when they don’t have something the interloan library program is great. I use the audiobooks but I really should checkout the ebooks!

      AHH paperbackswap I used to use that too but then it took too long to the books I reallyyy wanted and I got sick of sending books out lol

  10. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads says:

    I totally have this overwhelming problem. Although my problem is that I buy books that I’m sure I’ll love, which sit unread on my shelves because I ALWAYS have a TBR pile from the library. And because the library books have a deadline, I read those first. And promise myself that as soon as I finish my library books, I’ll read one of those beautiful books on my shelf. But you know what? The library pile NEVER ENDS!!!! And then there’s the e-galley pile with ITS read-by deadlines. When I first started blogging, I marvelled at how amazing it would be to have publishers send out ARCs, but I think I’m actually kind of glad that my blog’s stayed small. Like Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility right? I have a hard enough time keeping up with Netgalley and Edelweiss titles; I don’t know what I’d do if I had more ARCs to plow through!

    In my long-winded way, I guess I’m just trying to say I feel your pain!

    • YES the library kills me. I buy all these books I want but then the library holds add up and I read those and then all those books just SIT. I need to limit my library books!!

  11. I understand this COMPLETELY. It’s funny because I just took some books out from the library and felt like I was cheating on the books I own. But then I’ll read one book I own and buy 10 more. It’s a neverending cycle! I have purged my bookcases a few times and I *always* feel guilty about it … so never again!

    Great post! 🙂

  12. I host giveaways on my blog all the time, but I usually buy those books. I have waaaay too many books out from the library right now (some for a truly obscene amount of time for which I’m ashamed), and I still haven’t culled my collection from TLA this year. My piles are a little crazy right now because I don’t have any shelves, but when I move, that will change. I think you and I both have a problem!

  13. Hahaha, that’s me almost every day, but then I look again at them and I feel proud and happy :p But it’s getting a serious problem, because I’m even making stacks at my boyfriends house now..

  14. I know this feeling. I have books on my nightstand to read,books on my printer table and the a bajillion Kindle books. I’m totally drowning. I know when I didn’t have internet for a week in July I got a TON of reading done.I always tell my boyfriend “Babe, make sure you don’t use all the bookshelf space for your car magazines.”

    What I really need to do is make some sort of reading schedule and stick to it. That will definitely help.

    I do try to give books away. If they are finished copies,they go to the library. If they are ARC’s, they go to fellow bloggers.

  15. I am drowning in books as well! I don’t have as many as you, but I’m pretty sure I keep my local library in business. Every week without fail I bring home another stack of books I don’t know why I keep thinking I will read them before I need to return them. I get so excited about having the books, and wanting to read them but when it comes down to it, I just get burned out because while reading one I’m thinking about how I just want to be done and read the next. I usually only buy books I have already read and know I want to re-read or keep for a collection. At least we are all drowning together!

  16. In general I’m a total packrat when it comes to books. Before this summer it kind of felt like I was drowning in books. Then, at the beginning of this summer, my dad installed new shelves in my room and I got serious about having all my books for comfortably in my room (AKA my slight OCD best out my pack-rat sensibilities). I made myself let go of all my college textbooks and even some of the paperbacks I got from my HS for required reading that I’d been saving. I culled my shelves and got rid of the stuff I read/got as a teen but will never read again/never read at all. (My books have always had the same home – my parents’ house. I’ve lived in the same apartment all my life.)

    In general I take all the books I want to get rid of to The Strand and sell them back. I’ve sold around 40 books and made $40. I still have another 20-30 or so sitting in tote bags in my rooms, waiting to get sold back. The rest (stuff that’s not in as good shape/I don’t think The Strand will want) I take down to Housing Works and donate. I have tote bags in my room to take to them also.

    All in all, since the start of the summer, I think I’ve culled of around 150 books. I’ve never really made myself do it before but I’m glad I did because it was crazy rewarding. I still don’t really know what to do with ARCs tho. I donate to ARCycling for now because I really don’t have that many. But I guess that’s part of the reason my stacks are so manageable – I don’t get very much book mail. (Unless I order it from BN or The Book Depository myself!) That being said I still have like 350 books in my room. So.

    But hey, maybe when I make down to Philly I can take some of those books off your hands 😉 Or, more likely, unleash my OCD on your stacks.

  17. Sometimes I do feel like I am drowning in them. I only keep ones I love but, like you, I get more than I can read in a timely manner so that huge stack by my wall? Yeah I still need to read all of these. I recently got rid of 6 boxes of books and it still feels like I have not made a dent. And we shall not discuss the Kindle.

  18. I totally feel you! I’m a bookseller so in addition to my book buying addiction we get ARCs a lot too. Then I went to ALA Midwinter for the first time since it was in my city and now I’ve got tons of ARCs many of which I haven’t read yet (even though the books are out!), plus I too cannot quit the library (although I’ve tried like heck to downsize the amount of books I check out). Then you count in my e-reader which I fill up with daily deals and YA novellas. Sometimes it really does feel like too much and it probably is, but I have a hard time getting rid of anything, especially as I end up liking most of the books I read!

  19. I hear ya. Especially about getting rid of books I bought years ago that I never read. What if I can’t get out of my house for some reason and must depend on the books I have?? I also know I’ll never read everything on my nook, ever. Luckily I’ve managed to stop buying books, so at least there’s that.

  20. I have lots and lots of books. Probably not as many as you, but still… Since I am pretty new to the blogging world, I don’t have the ARC problem that you have. What I do to try and keep my shelves at bay is utilize my library as much as I can. If I read the book and rate it 5 stars, I’ll buy it. Less than 5 stars, I won’t. This system works out well for me so my shelves aren’t too bad… But then I remember I have boxes and boxes of books at my mom’s house in Chicago… So many books!! I like that you donate to the libraries and schools. That’s a great idea. And I saw someone else comment that said you should see who would be willing to pay shipping. I know I would. Free books, only pay shipping? Yes, please!

  21. Totally know what you mean. I’m drowning in books too and I think my husband is very patient because if he collected anything like I collect books…well we would have serious problems.
    I have the same general rules – I only keep things that I will re-read. Sometimes I’ll keep it if it’s signed. I think I just acquire more than I can read.
    The last two months I’ve been on book diet, where I can only buy a book if I’m going to a signing and it’s helped me get through quite a number of unread books and moved them along. I also donate them and at my old work, we used to have a “library box”. We’d all bring in books and leave them there and co-workers could borrow and return and add as needed. Another job we had a book swap.
    It was a lot of fun.
    And don’t get me started on the kindle books… oh the guilt… 🙂

  22. I am 16 and I’m also drowning in books! I’ve kept nearly every book ever received and I’ve stopped going to the library because I would come back with 10 books that I would never have time to read. I just recently went to get The Great Gatsby in the school reading section of the library (you can keep those for however long you need) and came back with 4 books from that section, 2 from adult fiction, and one I bought from the library bookstore. I also get books in the mail all the time to review and my TBR pile is growing larger and larger (if you look at my Goodreads I’m reading 5 books at once now…). My house may not look like my friend’s (nearly every surface in her house is covered with books) but there are still piles in every room. I am running out of shelf room, but the problem is mostly that I take books out all the time to read and never get to them. Nearly every book I have is in my eventual TBR pile. And I really don’t have that kind of time with school going on. But I have several years of my life left to get to them all (:

  23. I’m definitely nowhere near drowning in books but I can see it getting to that. In a dream world I’d say you should just build yourself a library haha but how unlikely is that. At the moment my reasoning for books is: If I rated it a 4 star or higher, I keep it. Any lower and I give it to a friend of mine who is a student at the moment and can’t afford books. If she doesn’t want them I give them to the Op shop my mum volunteers at. So I mostly have it all sorted. Here’s hoping you don’t actually drown in books.

  24. I am drowning in books too. I am planning to go through them this winter and set the ones I want to get rid of aside for the spring book fairs. In my area it seems like there are two or three different organizations that collect books (they put their bins in entryways of grocery stores of all places!) to hold used book fairs to raise money for different things, but they’re always in the spring.

  25. I’ve also been acquiring books faster than I can read them, mostly because I have a friend who receives boxes of ARCs and then I steal from her ;-). I’m lucky in that I have a budget that lets me ship plenty of books in the US and I have lots of bookshelves. I haven’t run out of room yet, but it’s getting pretty tight….

  26. OMG THAT VIDEO!! Amazing! I am so horrible at getting rid of books, too! Unless I KNOW I won’t read them I totally hoard. It’s a terrible habit but I love seeing my books and accomplishments in reading right there in front of me!

  27. I am so glad to hear that I am not alone! My TBR pile is ridiculously tall and I just keep guiltily adding to it (except in the case of Fangirl, which FINALLY came in the mail today… a copy of that book is a necessity, so no guilt there). My library also just got a HUGE shipment of brand new YA titles and I can’t resist the shiny covers and

    Getting rid of books is a near impossibility for me, which is why I am currently in need of another bookshelf. I am just hoping that B&N doesn’t send me another 20% off coupon any time soon… those things burn holes in my inbox!

  28. Once upon a time I used to buy all the books I read. I never ever borrowed form the library, and this was before I was blogging so I also wasn’t receiving arcs. I was also reading two, three, sometimes four books a week. It got expensive and I was also running out of room to store them. Once I started blogging and getting arcs things got worse. It was then that I decided to stop buying books that I had not already read. In saying this: I used my library WAY more. I found that it actually stocked current books that were being talked about, and if they weren’t, they were willing to order it in for me. I also started to be more selective with my arcs and requested that I not be sent unsolicited books (this was REALLY hard). This also stopped me from feeling overly guilty when I didn’t get to a certain book.

    I still buy books absolutely, but only books that I absolutely loved and know that I will want to share with friends and reread someday. This has been amazingly helpful, I don’t end up wasting money on a book that I don’t like and gives me space to manage what I do own. However what has worked for me, may not work for you.

    Good luck,

    Sara @ Just Another Story

  29. LOL Seriously you can’t have too many..tell your husband you need him to build you this!

  30. I feel like I’m drowning in books, but actually it’s not the amount of books that’s scaring me. (I think I own about 200 physical books.) I just don’t have enough time to read with all my university- and work stuff going on. 🙁

  31. I am for sure drowning in books, both physically and on my Kindle. I just cleaned off my Kindle, deleting about 100 books that were free but I knew I was never going to read. I have a bag of books I want to pass on, either through sale or donation, but I can’t seem to part with them. Plus, three bookshelves are full, mostly of books I haven’t read yet and I don’t know if I’ll ever read them. it’s really overwhelming and I feel guilty that I can’t get through review books faster. I’m having to turn down reviews because I’m so behind.

  32. I do feel like I’m drowning in books but I love having them everywhere so it’s okay and completely survivable 🙂 Being a bibliophile helps. I just love books, whether unread or read yet or not.

    Plus I’ve found the added bonus that i no longer ever run into the issue of feeling like I have nothing to read. Years ago when it was down to smaller areas, I’d get into ruts like that. Now there’s so many and in so many genres I can always find stuff.

  33. I love drowning in books. I only get rid of the books I really really don’t like. I keep all of the other ones to re-read just in case I like them more when I am in a different mood. Plus how can you get rid of faves, and I have soooo many faves! I just donate them to my local library when I do get rid of them though. A lot of your readers would probably be willing to pay for shipping if you were to giveaway boxes of books (I know I would!), also on the Story Siren she sold a bunch of books for around $3.00 each and gave away 2 ARCs for every book you bought. I’m sure a ton of your readers would love to do that as well. (Also me included. LOL)

  34. This this this. I keep most of my books stored at my parents house because it’s just not logical for me to have them all at school, and so since I never see them, I never realized how many I have. When I got home from NY this summer I unloaded everything I had acquired over the summer and it was glaringly obvious that I have WAY too many books. I’m sure I have less than most people on here, but still. They’re piled everywhere in my room and I’m honestly never going to touch most of them again. But I’m like you, I always think I MIGHT want to read one of them again, so I have to keep them!

  35. LOL Jamie! Bless your heart. I’m somewhat drowning in books, too. I’ve been trying to, as I read from MY TBR, to decide if the book was one I liked enough to keep (rather than it was just okay and I’d normally keep it for the pretty cover.) I’ve culled a few that way, and I always try to donate my ARCs to other bloggers or something. BUT STILL.

    A lot of my problem is like yours – I have so many I may never read but I MIGHT and I keep them. I need to get better. I’ve probably donated about 300 books in the last year, which is a HUGE HUGE step for me but I still have too many. Add in finished copies I receive for review, ARCs, and books I win and oy VEY.

  36. I always feel like this! After moving, I put all of my books back on their shelves. I still have about 5 boxes of books that are packed up and need shelf space. I love owning books–I love the way they look on a shelf and I love the fact that they can make a room feel totally complete, so to a certain extent, I think I’ll always have this problem.

    I’m fairly ruthless getting rid of books. If I buy a hardcopy of something and wind up not liking it, I get rid of it. I also don’t hang on to ARCs unless they are signed or have a different and better cover than what wound up on the finished copy. It’s a little hard to be that ruthless sometimes, but I wind up keeping stuff I really *want* to keep.

  37. Oh goodness! I admit, I do have a pile of books outside of my bookshelf because they won’t all fit. I also have a large bookshelf at my parents’ and then my own smaller bookshelf at my place that are both fairly full. But in the past year, I’ve done really well with giving away a lot of books. Unless they are autographed personally or it was a favorite, or part of my ‘series I collect’ category, they’re gone. Most of the copies I own aren’t like hardback pretty editions anyways, so if I really want to collect them later, I’ll get those copies vs. the ones I have now. It takes multiple studying and reassessing which ones I want to get rid of. Each time a new book gets cut that before I had been unwilling to part with.

  38. This is totally me. Recently my husband looked around the room and looked at me and said “Sweetie, the books. They’re everywhere.” and he seemed scared to say this, almost whispering, as if the books might hear him and come to life to overtake him.

  39. Jamie, I agree you can’t beat a really good book, but for those that can’t part company with their literary favourites I would say seriously talk to a local storage firm nearby to keep your books for you.

    Sure they’ll charge but you should find rates are lower than you might have thought plus you’ll get the space back in your home you desperately need.

    One thing I’d also mention is to make sure any depot you do choose is close by and open 24 hours for you to gain access to books for those emergency late night reads 😉

    BTW I loved your video!

  40. Girl, me too. I only keep like 5 books out of the thirty or so I read per month, and the others make their way to somewhere else, but the ones I’m keeping are generally new to the collection and I’m not reading many books I’d owned from ages ago, so, even if the build up is slower than it would be if I kept everything, I’m still bailing out a sinking ship. I need a new bookshelf, even though I got two or three last year. O_O

  41. If I have a book I don’t think I am interested in reading anymore I will put it in my giveaway bag and when I have a bag to go to the Salvation Army then I will re look at them and if I still don’t feel the urge to read them they go. If I leave them on the shelf I would be drowning in books 🙂

  42. YES! This is me EXACTLY! I have loads of books and a lot of them I haven’t yet read yet (hence me being called a hoarder by my family -_-) and I have also actually felt like I am drowning in books lately, I have filled my bookcase in my room and the rest are still in boxes in the garage AND of course there are also all the ebooks and galleys on my Kindle! I suck at getting rid of books, but one of my talents is buying books ;D

    Cute video and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! <3

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic

  43. Oh, I think I’m definitely not up to the drowning in books stage, but I’m approaching it. I hate the thought of getting rid of a single book, and there’s always more books I want to buy. I think my book buying habits are pretty reasonable, I don’t go too overboard, resorting to going to the library to get my additional fix (even if I have about 30 books sitting on my shelves unread that I have bought already). I don’t think I could get rid of books, unless I hated them, what if I want to reread, or what about in the future, maybe my kids (if I have any) will want to read them, so I should ‘pass on’ those books. And I’ll admit, I really, really, want a library at home, so I guess I’m starting now!!

  44. I definitely feel overwhelmed by my random stacks of books too, but I don’t think it’s because I have an unreasonable amount. Rather, it’s because all of my books have no home and I like things to be pretty and organized! What I really need is a giant bookshelf, or maybe one of those big wrap around shelves near the ceiling that go all the way around a room.

    • YES I think that is some of my anxiety with it all…the lack of space. Maybe I wouldn’t feel like I was drowning so much if I had more shelf space. The piles and the books everywhere just make it seem like OMG BOOKS EVERYWHERE HALP


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