February Most Wanted


New Releases fiction February

I know I always highlight upcoming releases in my Catalog Creepin’ posts but typically those are far off when the catalog just comes out. I wanted to highlight the books I’m excited about/intrigued about that I think you should be looking at, too! I change my categories at random! You can find old Most Wanted posts here.


A Series Ender

Ignite Me Tahereh Mafi

ย OMG. One of my favorite series is ending!! I want my finished copy of this so bad. Be on the lookout for some Ignite Me/Tahereh Mafi things on this blog next week! ๐Ÿ™‚ And if you haven’t checked out the Shatter Me series yet…you must! Unravel Me was one of the best second books in a trilogy/series ever!
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A Debut Author Pick

Something Real Heather Demetrios


ย This book made my list for top ten most anticipated 2014 debut novels! The main character has grown up on a reality tv show with her 12 siblings until a scandal cancels the show. She starts to live a normal life again when suddenly they are bringing the show back and are forcing her to be on it.
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A Contemporary YA Pick

Me Since You by Laura Wiess
This one looks soooo good! Looks like the type to rip your heart out and make you cry. Clearly, this is on my list.
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An Adult Fiction Pick – Contemporary

The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick

New Matthew Quick! YAY! I loved Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and I was very excited to see he was coming out with a new adult fiction novel! I was lucky enough to pick up a finished copy at ALA this past weekend so I’m very excited to start this soon!
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A Dystopian Pick

Landry Park by Bethany Hagen

This one is pitched as Downton Abbey meets The Selection? Neither of which I’ve watched/read but perhaps that might be helpful to you if sometimes you can’t help but be lured by comparisons like me? I’m hoping this one is excellent because it sounds interesting!
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So guys, which ones have you read? Which ones are you excited for? What are some other February releases you are looking forward to or have read that I don’t have on here? And for the love of puppies, please tell me which ones I should read FIRST?

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  1. I’m VERY excited for Kasie West’s Split Second and Marissa Meyer’s Cress (even though I’ve yet to read Scarlet).

    Also looking forward to reading Bethany Hagen’s Landry Park because sci-fi, Ryan Graudin’s All That Glows which is a paranormal, Ilsa J Bick’s White Space because more sci-fi as well as the sequel to Jessica Brody’s Unremembered, Unforgotten.

    I’ve yet to read Shatter Me series and I definitely plan to this year. Very intrigued by all the hate surrounding Warner and Chapter 62. Ha ha.

  2. I just finished Me Since You like two days ago. It tore my soul to shreds. Omg so sad. But so so good. I absolutely loved it and am still thinking about it (and probably will be for a long time). Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

    And obviously Ignite Me. I’m dying. I need that book in my life right now!!!

  3. IGNITE ME! There are so many good series books coming out in February–I’m super excited for Ignite Me, but it would be my THIRD pick for book I must have soon in my hands, between Cress & Split Second!
    I wasn’t originally interested in Something Real when I first heard about it, but it’s gotten so many good reviews lately that I have been quite curious!

  4. I definitely recommend LANDRY PARK and will be posting a review next week! I found it more of a cross between Downton Abbey and For Darkness Shows the Stars.

  5. Dahlia Adler says:

    Very excited for ME SINCE YOU; Laura Wiess is one of my favorites! Super excited for SOMETHING REAL, too! I had no idea Matthew Quick had another book out. I…really have to read something by him at some point.

  6. Oh man…just when I said I couldn’t add any more books to me “To Read” shelf! All of these look so great so thanks for sharing! Never heard of the Shatter Me series so I am super excited to dive into those…they look great!

  7. I’m not always good when it comes to keeping up with new releases, that’s why I enjoy this feature so much.
    Something Real has definitely caught my eye – and I’m not just talking about the cover. I’ll definitely be on the look out for that one in future. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Gah, Jamie, you always have the best picks ever! Downton Abbey meets The Selection? Why hadn’t I heard of this book already?! Landry Park is now on my most wanted list – thank you!

  9. I really need to start the Shatter Me series, particularly as it’s going to end next month. The Good Luck of Right Now sounds incredible, I had no clue Matthew Quick was coming out with another book but this is definitely one I’ll be picking up soon. I’m super excited for Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg and Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor to be released next month, I feel as though I’ve been waiting for forever for them to both release!

  10. I can’t wait for the end of the Shatter Me series, also! I just got into it and I’m going to a Tahereh Mafi event next month and can’t wait! I’m also going to a Matthew Quick event, woo hoo for great February releases!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. “Ignite Me”! I’m so excited for that one. Along with these two series enders “Infinite” by: Jodi Meadows and “Into The Still Blue” by: Veronica Rossi.
    I wish I had money for “Split Second” by: Kasie West, but no such luck ):

  12. Just added Landry Park to my “to-read” list! I was sold as soon as Downton Abbey was mentioned ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Eek, so many of these are on my list too! Can’t wait!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  14. Me Since You was so sad! I got an ARC from NetGalley, and I’m not lying when I say that I cried. It was sosososo sad. You’re right when you say it’s the type of book that rips your heart out and makes you cry.

    And I want to read Ignite Me so bad. Literally. That book is just…on one hand, I’m excited to be finished with the series, but on another hand, I don’t want it to end. It’s just…wow, too good for words, apparently.


  15. I’m also excited for IGNITE ME, even though I only just read SHATTER ME this past month. Luckily I already own UNRAVEL ME. And I agree about ME SINCE YOU! That one is on my iPad so I’m eager to read it soon.

  16. Oh Ignite Me’s cover is just lovely.

  17. Something Real was so good! I seriously couldn’t set it down once I’d started, and I really think you’re going to like it, too. Apart from that, I’m very much looking forward to reading Ignite Me and seeing how it all goes down for Juliette, Adam, Warner, Kenji and everyone else!

  18. Me Since You is probably the saddest book I’ve ever read. So.many.tears. But I loved it. The beginning is a little strange, there’s a few weird POV changes before the becomes exclusively the girl (whose name I can’t remember now) POV for the rest of the book, but it’s worth getting past that. I’ve never read a book where grief is portrayed like it was in Me Since You and I thought it was so powerful. I hope you enjoy it!

  19. I really loved Me Since You, but it’s Oh so sad. Be ready with tissues. ๐Ÿ™‚