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book synopsis Sam’s determined to make the most popular boy, Carter, notice her but her real motivation for doing this is to make her long time best friend Nick jealous and hopefully realize that there is something more between them. After she has an encounter with him at his party, rumors that he raped her get started after they see they state in which she leaves his room and it just keeps spreading. Suddenly people who never noticed her are comforting her and telling her stories of Carter being terrible to them and she doesn’t deny these rumors. Everything gets out of control and Sam realizes she needs to put a stop to this but just can’t seem to figure out how to do it without losing Nick and having people think she did this on purpose or that she started the rumor.

good books to readOh how frustrating this story was!! That doesn’t mean I didn’t LIKE this book because I certainly flew through it and thought it was interesting but HOLY FRUSTRATING. So if you read my plot summary, you’ll know this all centers around a LIE. A very damaging lie that the main character perpetuates — that this super popular guy raped her at a party. She didn’t START the rumor but she doesn’t deny it, especially when girls start coming forward with how much of a jerk this guy is and people start comforting her,  so it’s this frustrating situation that you watch play out where you are going OH GOD THIS IS SO WRONG. TELL THE TRUTH!

You understand her predicament in the beginning knowing that she had no intentions of confirming this rumor but it happened and got out of control really quickly so you sympathize with her but then you are like OKAY ..this needs to be stopped. NOW. And it’s frustrating to watch her not do the right thing because of what she has to lose if she does. You GET where her mind is at  and what she has to lose but it’s nonetheless frustrating because it’s so wrong.

The other thread of this is the fact that the whole reason she was even trying to be in the same room as this guy was to make her best GUY friend jealous because she’s in love with him. And turns out the feelings may not all be one-sided there. So as this lie grows and Nick and Sam get closer  she’s feeling guilty about it and keeps wanting to tell him the truth but knows she could lose him. I really liked Nick and thought their relationship was sweet but it was hard to truly get behind it because, as the reader, you know this huge lie and it doesn’t set well with you the longer she keeps it up (well, me at least). My other barrier with the relationship is how it just sort of happens despite them being friends for so long. It just felt off.

I read this in one day because I just HAD to know how bad this rumor was going to get, if she was going to do the right thing and how/if it would change her relationship with Nick. I have to say I was actually really satisfied with the ending because I thought, as this novel played out, it could go really, really wrong for me personally.

book reviewsI thought In Too Deep was a quick, pretty good read. It was definitely different and one of those books where it’s going to be a frustrating ride with the MC — just so you know. You hate her decisions in regards to the rumor that he raped her but you understand how things got out of control and that SHE didn’t start this but, at the same time, you know she could have stopped them and not perpetuated everything. I think this it was an interesting look at rumors and how they happen and how they affect people and the consequences that come from them. You feel so conflicted towards Sam the whole time! Interesting read, kept my attention for sure but not a favorite just because I don’t feel like it will really stick with me.

short book reviewIn Too Deep by Amanda Grace

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for-fans-of-bookrealistic fiction, stories about rumors & their effect, MCs that will frustrate you even though you GET some of their actions

Let’s Talk: Have you read this one? Heard of it? If you’ve read it, what do you think? Did Sam frustrate you or did you understand where she was coming from even though she made some poor choices with how to handle it? Can you think of any other books that are centered around a rumor (false or not).

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  1. What a coincidence! I was sorting my Goodreads shelf yesterday and this title came up. I decided to keep this on my to read list because I reread the blurb and it does good. You make some good points though and it does sound like a rather frustrating/infuriating/interesting book. Still deciding if I’ll read it or not.. Good to know you at least like it, despite flaws.

  2. I follow you on Twitter and saw your tweet about this post. The reason I clicked over was because I wanted to see why the book was frustrating and now that I’ve read your review, I totally get it. I haven’t read the book or one like it recently but I can definitely relate to the sentiment you’re expressing throughout the review. I often have that feeling in real life when people are just doing some questionable things. Lol. Thanks for the review. I am going to try and get an ebook of this. (:

  3. I read this a few weeks after the publication date and I cried a bit. I really connected with the MC even if I’m not content with her decision. And I think this story needed that ending . Tnx for the review Jamie

  4. I read this a couple years ago and was not a big fan. The main character’s decisions were SO frustrating and I was a little worried that it sent the wrong message in a world where there is always doubt cast on women who speak up about being raped.

    • You bring up a really good point that I should have mentioned in my review! I wished that there would have been some sort of conversation about how this devalues rape claims. It’s unfortunate that there wasnt even any exploration of that. :/

  5. Wow, that is kinda a crazy story line, controversial without even reading it. I am really not sure if I would like it or not.

  6. I’d want to read this book for pretty much the same reason you mentioned in your review — I’d want to know how it all ends in terms of the lie, and her relationship with her best friend, and her reputation. That would definitely keep me turning the pages!

  7. I remember reading this book so long ago! I agree with you and thought that it was a really good book on how rumors can fly and how the snowball affect, so to speak, turns a big thing into an even bigger thing and how it affects other people involved in said rumor.

  8. I just finished reading the book about 10 minutes ago. I was frustrated with her decision to not tell the truth, but there are other reasons I didn’t like the book very much. I just felt the writer repeated a lot of things and dragged things on to the point of me skimming paragraphs because it was too boring. It felt as though Grace was trying to elongate the story. I’ll have to admit, I did find it quite difficult to put down. I kept waiting to see whether or not she would tell the truth or something shocking happened. The parts that were supposed to be twists were too predictable. Every time a twist was coming, I could predict it from a mile away. Lastly, I felt that the ending was unfulfilling. Maybe I am just a craved teenager, salivating for a happy ending, but it was disappointing to see Nick leave without even saying goodbye. It was like as if watching Spiderman and having the green goblin kill him and win; having the villain prevail.

    • It’s been a little bit since I read it so I can’t remember if I felt that way too re: the repeating and dragging things out but I do remember feeling like OMG WHY IS THIS GOING ON AND ON ALREADY STOP IT.

      I both admired the ending and also felt like you. So often the happy perfect endings happen so sometimes I like a little dose of reality but like you I just want SOME closure in a way.