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Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist





I don’t want New Adult to be JUST romance. Sure, that is definitely an aspect I WANT to see but I don’t want it to be the only thing. I’d love to see some just general college stories (a la Fangirl) that aren’t SOLEY about the sexytimes. Lots of growth in college. Lots to explore. I’d also like to see some more titles of dystopian or science fiction etc. I don’t just want it to be about the age of the MC but about the huge growth that takes place in your twenties/after high school. (PS. I’m starting my Courting Genres project for the NA “genre” — come vote for what I read!)

I LOVE WWII novels (I even wrote a list of the best novels set during WWII) but MAN I would love to see some historical fiction novels set during other wars. SO many interesting wars. Civil War. Second Congo War. Thirty Years’ War. Well known of wars & obscure ones. I would ALSO totally love something paranormal set during another war too. Like vampires in the Civil War!


I love the idea of a gap year being taken after high school and would love to see that whether it’s travel, Peace Corps, volunteer travel, etc.

I get so frustrated by this. I LOVE reading books set here in the US. I do. BUT I really want to read about other cultures and other places in the world. I love some good armchair travel! BUT I do not want it to be from an American perspective traveling. I just want to be immersed into another culture. I want this in ALL genres! A contemporary set in Japan, a science fiction in Egypt, a fantasy in Iceland! I would also like study abroad novels (I’m fine with the US perspective for this) but I’d love for them to be in countries outside England and France like we see often.

I don’t know if this makes me morbid or not but I’d really love to see a psycho Santa Claus who is a murderer or a Tooth Fairy that steals more than your teeth or Cupid falling in love with a human. ANYTHING.


I really liked Dash & Lily but there are so few novels set around Christmas time. I have to go to the adult romance genre to find Christmas themed books, which is fine with me, but I’d really love some YA novels that are like Love Actually or The Family Stone or just really a cute Christmas romance.


I want a novel that is centered around and takes place all on New Year’s Eve. Either a cute contemporary romance centered around it (how does this not exist..I mean, HELLO kissing someone at midnight) or a murder mystery or some type of “save the world before the new year” type novel. I don’t care! But I want this.


There’s got to be obscure teens/young adults that are interesting/important parts of history — obscure or not. I’d just love to see stories based around them — no genre preference! Teens who fought civil rights issues,  a young assassin who killed Richard the Lionheart , the slave girl who helped Cortes,  teens who were the sons/daughters of huge historical figures, etc.  While I’d prefer them to be obscure but important, I’d love to see Joan of Arc in a YA novel!!

I love me some romance but I love to see stories about sisters as the main focus more than anything. Maybe it’s because my relationship with my sister has been the most important and volatile and craziest in my life and added so much to my own growth as a human being but I WANT MORE. I don’t even want to limit it to just contemporaries. I would love some ass kicking, world saving sisters up in my fantasy or dystopian novels.



Okay this is kind of a specific one but I have had this idea in my head for forever but let’s be honest…I can’t even write the one novel I’ve REALLY wanted to work on. Anywho, I just really want a story about a magical journal. I don’t have specifics but maybe a magical journal that helps solve a crime or one that allows the reader to be transported into that person’s life or a magical journal that tells the future or maybe even a journal that, when written into, a page appears from the past or the future alongside each entry — maybe they can communicate that way??


So tell me…are any of these on YOUR reading wishlist? Are there books that fit the bill for what I’m looking for that you can recommend? CAN YOUR WRITE ANY OF THESE BOOKS FOR MEEEE?? What kinds of things are on YOUR list?

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  1. I would read all these!! I definitely agree about New Adult books, as that’s why I typically don’t read them.. so much on the romance and sexy times. Also YES to the YA Christmas books. I wanted to read a couple back in December and didn’t find any.

  2. Oh I think your idea about a YA being set outside America from a non-American perspective is absolutely brilliant. The only books that I’ve read that fit that category are British books with British characters but I think it would be could to read more stories like that.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts BooksMy TTT

  3. I love your fonts and blog style. I spend some much time loving it that I find myself enthralled with everything you do and say. I’m a fan!

  4. I definitely want more diversity with NA, I’m so turned off by the stereotype they have been given! There has to be more just college based books that don’t fit that type! Fangirl is a good example! I also want more war books (Gone with the Wind is set during the Civil and is one of my favorite books definitely recommend!!) , more YA Christmassy books, New Years Eve book and the Gap year one! I want to read a good YA romance novel where someone is studying abroad! – There are so many types of books I would love to read and also a lot of movies I wish were books so I could read the story: Made of Honor, Titanic, You’ve Got Mail, and Definitely, Maybe (and tons more, only ones I could think of) I also love best friend love where the boy and girl grow up together and don’t realize at first they are meant to be together but over time figure it out. Kind of like the movie Love & Basketball. Or they were best friends, one of them moved away and came back and they fell in love. I definitely want a historical fiction vampire book I feel like all the ones I’ve read are set during present day! – Have you read any of Nicholas Sparks books? He’s my favorite author and I recommend Dear John. It fits some of the stuff a little – it has a war aspect, since the main character John is a soldier, the girl Savannah is in college – its set in the summer time mostly and she’s helping build a house for charity during her summer break from college. Wish I had more to recommend to you!

  5. Loving your ideas. I’d definitely like to read more sister stories!

  6. I love all of these ideas. I would love a travel book from a non-American point of view, it would definitely be different. I would even be up for a non-American traveling to the US, just so I can see the different perspective. The childhood figures idea is pure genius in my book, I’m always up for a new spin on old ideas and that’s just amazing. Great list!

  7. I would definitely read most of these! Especially a novel set around New Years….it’s a perfect, and perhaps overlooked, setting!

  8. Hi!

    It’s so great that you chose YA that sets outside US.

    I live in Indonesia and Indonesia has a lot of good YA contemporary books. If only they had been translated into English, I would recommend them to you. Maybe someday..

  9. I love that you brought up gap year stories! That’s a brilliant idea! The rest of your list is equally awesome, but the gap year one stands out for sure!
    My TTT

  10. Stories set around New Year’s Eve or Christmas would be so cool. And I really want to see more sister stories because I’m fed up of books centering around the romance!

  11. Santa claus as a murderer or tooth fairy that takes more than your teeth….. I think I’m going to give myself nightmares. Haha!! I mean, the whole idea of the tooth fairy IS a little creepy to begin with. And as I’ve been cold calling oral surgeons to ask for teeth that i can use in my boards exams, this kind of cracks me up. Just picture: dental student desperate for teeth sneaks into childrens homes… hahaha. Anyway, sister stories was on my list too! After Frozen brought so many sisterly emotions from me, I want to see more of it! It’s definitely because of me having a sister too! It’s such a unique relationship!

  12. I agree that New Adult genre needs more diversity. And I agree also that we need more ya novels set during wars, outside of USA, in a gap year… hell, I agree with all of your points.

    And I love stories about magical journeys !!!! (I forgot to add them to my list)
    Communication via writing with person in a past reminds me of movie Lake House. Did you watch it? It’s a very good drama.
    As for recs for books about magical journeys, my favorite is The Talisman by Stephen King – It’s not very scary, more like urban fantasy about an alternate version of Earth and a boy who travels there to save his mother (or a version of his mother). Beautiful book about family, friendship, sacrifice and, of course, a lot of traveling. 🙂

  13. For contemporary books set in foreign cultures, you could try Banana Yoshimoto. She’s Japanese, and she’s awesome.

  14. YES to Christmas and New Years stories! I was searching for Christmas books last month because I NEEDED it and all I could find were adult contemporaries. Sad. 🙁 I want YA. But I didn’t even think about New Years. And indeed, how does that NOT exist??? 🙁

    NA needs depth, yes yes yes. I honestly am convinced that NA is just a label for sexytimes. And that’s why I’ve read only a couple of books in that genre =/ And books that could be considered NA that do not focus on sexytimes (i.e. Fangirl, Just One Day) are often called YA. Ugh. Stahhhp.

    Yes to foreign settings! I put Italian and Japanese settings in my list. Because yeah, France, UK, we get it. But also a good point to have it not be from an American perspective. Now that I think about it, that bothers me as well. *sigh*

    Basically, awesome list!

  15. These ideas are great! My husband would love a psycho Santa Claus. He’s not exactly a fan of Christmas. And I’m all for YA not set in the US. I loved reading If You Could Be Mine and learning about Iranian culture.

  16. The ‘Novels based on obscure figures in history’ one, I love that idea so much, Jamie! I wish authors would stumbled upon this page and read your wishlist and make it true 😀

  17. You have so many wonderful ideas you should write them all 🙂 There’s a book that you might like called bass akwards and belly up by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain (see #1,3,4 and 9). I read this book before really getting into the YA genre and I don’t think it’s gotten the attention it deserves. It’s marketed as being Young adult but I would say it’s a bit more on the NA side. Your list totally made me think of that book so here’s me sharing 😉

  18. Great list! I’d definitely read many of these. In particular, I think it’d definitely be beneficial if NA was to be more diverse. There are some really great NA books out there, but NA hasn’t been getting the best reputation out there.

  19. Love your list! Yes to all of them, especially the Christmas stories 🙂

  20. I think that there are some stories that would be so much more effective if the character are in another country than the US. Stories about obscure figures from the history would be awesome! And I love books where there is a focus on family, especially sister/sister since it reminds me of myself 😀

  21. You should write the magical journal story! I think it’d be fantastic.

  22. I would LOVE to read a story set around NYE. Books told over the course of 24 hours, or in this case in one night, are some of my favorites! So obviously I am totally on board with this story idea. I’m thinking something like Nick & Norah and how they have a mission at hand while venturing through the city and then it ends with a kiss, of course! Oh Jamie.. you might have just inspired something in me 😉

  23. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your ideas! Now I’m desperate to read a vampire Civil War novel, haha. I’m also more than a little intrigued by the idea of a psychotic Santa Claus, how awesomely creepy is that?! I definitely share your frustration with New Adult – why can’t they mix up the genres a bit?!

  24. Positively Mine by Christine Duval is a GREAT New Adult book that has zero romance. It deals with a young woman who gets pregnant right before her first year of college and then has to deal with the reputations. It was originally an indie read then got picked up by one of the big name publishers.

    In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters is set during WWI and she incorporates amazing historical details and ghostly aspects as well.

  25. If it’s a magical journal you want, you should go read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets if you haven’t already.

  26. I agree with these, especially the one about having more characters and stories that are POC and set in non-US countries. As a POC, it’ll be nice to read about my own culture or someone who has the same culture as me. My one fear is that it can become cliche or stereotypical, using well-known cultural features to create a story that centers around it, focusing only on the well-known feature. (I hope that makes sense…)

  27. Great list! I totally couldn’t come up with ideas like this. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to read that didn’t already exist in some form or another, so I got a bit more specific. Feel free to check it out!

  28. You mention some great ideas for books that I would also like to see. Diversity in New Adult is soemthing I would like to see as well and I it is slowly growing. I recently read the first two book sin the Nogiku series by SJ Pajonas. It’s a science-fiction/post-apocalyptic New Adult book and I loved both books in this series so far!

    I have to say I haven’t read many books that take palce during a war, but I would love to read some books et during the american civil war, I followed an American history course in university and I would love to read soem books that take place during important times in american history.

    I also agree with the setting outside the US, I live in Europe myself and I would love to read more books that take place here. Last year I have read Anywhere by J Meyer which took place in Europe and I really enjoyed it, although that was from an American point of view as the main character came form America and went traveling in Europe.

    I also loved Dash and Lily and the setting and time was great! In Removed, the first book in the Nogiku series by SJ Pajonas new year’s eve plays an important part as the story starts on New Year’s eve and it describes some Japanese traditions on New Years eve.

    When I think about it, it just seems weird there are so many topics like these about which authors don’t seem to write. I hope some authors read this post and write a book about any of these!

  29. It’s not YA but for a magic journal story you could read The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern. About a girl who finds a blank diary and it mysteriously fills the pages with her own thoughts from tomorrow. It’s also set in Ireland and touches on the past.

  30. I ALSO picked diversity in New Adult! Though I made my heading “New Adult that isn’t all sex and angst” lol. There’s huge potential with this…”genre” (what the heck do I call it? Lol) and I hope things start to change soon. I know you said you didn’t want an American perspective with travel books BUT check out The Space Between Us by Jessica Martinez. The author is originally from Canada and in the book her main characters, from the US, are sent to live with their aunt in Banff, Alberta. It’s a great read! A huge YES to New Year’s Eve novels. Yes yes yes. I feel like I’ve heard of magical journal stories but I can’t really think of them at the moment. All I can think of is The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern and I can’t remember the details of it! You’ve come up with a great wish list!
    I think you might get a kick out of one of the things on my wish list: Stories about girls in their mid to late twenties who still don’t have their shit together. That may or may not be because that’s where I’m at in my life…haha. I also want to see (more) fairy tale retelling stories for adults. I know YA is great but I want to see a 25 year old Ariel or Cinderella or something!

  31. I love your list! So many good ideas!

  32. I love your request for ward other than WWII! I also love WWII books but agree, I’d like to see stuff based around other wars. And actually, the Asian side of WWII – I just read one with that focus and realized I’d not read any others in that particular vein either.

  33. Yes to all of those! Especially the NA one. If I wanted to read a sole romance book, I’d read a romance novel. At the point we are only talking about a few-ten year difference.

  34. OMG, so much “YES” here! I totally agree about NA, and that’s sort of why I’ve been avoiding it up till now – I want to read about characters in that time in their lives, but NA seems to be lots of sexytimes right now, and I just don’t gravitate toward those books where sex is a main focus. NA dystopian/sci-fi?! Yes please!!

    Also, so much NEED for the NYE-set book. That is such a fantastic and fun idea, how has it not been done yet?!

  35. Great list! I agree with several of these! Particularly the diversity in New Adult. So often it seems NA translates to “YA with sex.” Which I’m not against (lol) but it’s period of life that is so full of change it’d be nice to see that explored more. YA set in other countries is another good one. I’ve read plenty of adult novels that are set in another country and told from a “local” perspective. Not so much in YA. And lastly, more sister stories. YES! I have 2 sisters and they’re such complex and ever-changing relationships. And it’s not like an author would need to invent much external drama… there’s plenty of bulit-in conflict as it is! 🙂

  36. Novels set in a gap year would be very cool. A lot of teens would also be informed more about gap years and how they can help so many people through charity or travel. Great idea!
    Check out my TTT list:

  37. Sooo many excellent ideas, Jamie!! LOVE the gap year idea. I’d love to see more stories set in other countries, too. I’d like to read a story set in Ireland or New Zealand, two destionations on top of my travelling wish list:)

  38. Oh I am totally on board with that first point. I even did a little first pump ‘YES’ and everything. There is something so weak about the NA genre as it stands. It’s saturated with sex. And that’s all there is to it. From what I can find, or have read, at least.

    And I would also love some YA in a non-US setting. There’s not enough YA Brit Lit! 😀

  39. I love your Cupid idea! And the obscure figures in history! Absolutely! I would definitely pick those up. And you’re right, most of NA is about shirtless hugging. So now when I come across NA I instantly think of nakedtimes.

  40. Hey! I’m a new follower here. I really enjoy reading your blog, because you are not afraid of truly speaking your mind. Plus, I think it is so pretty.

    The book idea that felt closer to home was to have more sisters stories. I personally have 3 younger sisters, and we are very close, so I can personally attest that sister’s relationships can be very complex and rich. But I can’t really recall reading a book that touched me because of the sisterhood relationship it portrayed. Maybe the Hunger Games, because I really loved Katniss and Prim’s relationship, but that is it!

    Regarding the magical journal, I could recommend YA Fantasy Novel “Lichgates” by S.M. Boyce. It is actually free in every major e-book store, so you can check it out without any compromises. It is not about a magical journal per se…but it is something of the sorts. The Grimoire is a magical book that can teach you magic, it gives you great power, and you can actually communicate through it to its previous dead owner. So, yeah, pretty close. Besides, I thought it is an awesome book, well series actually.

  41. Great Reading Wishes! and definitely a yes to the Christmas YA books. I have it on my list as well, because I’d like some more of those! I mean, what’s better than curling up with a good Christmas read right before Christmas! Its perfect and there’s a serious shortage 🙂


  42. All of these seem like awesome ideas! I particularly like the one about YA novels set in wars that aren’t WWII and the obscure figures in history.

  43. I am so with you on books that are set outside of the U.S. I mean, it’s even hard to find a YA book set in Canada by any Canadian authors! Maybe authors think they don’t have the knowledge of these other places? Who knows. Hopefully we’ll get some soon!

    And yes! Christmas! New Years! Those would be perfect books!

  44. I love your blog! Your blog design is so cute!
    Also I’ve been really enjoying reading today’s Top Ten Tuesday’s by everyone.. I think that you brought up a look of ideas that I would love to read about!

  45. Your “gap year” and New Year settings ideas…? I love them both. Great post, Jamie. 🙂

  46. More sisters and more unique settings (meaning outside the US) were on my list as well! I have two sisters and I would love to see the sister relationship explored more in YA. And I too want to be immersed in different cultures. I think that’s why I love reading fantasy so much. The culture and the setting is always so different. It’s a nice change of pace. I also love the idea of more novels set during other wars. I love WWII stuff but it would be interesting to see some other wars. And the idea of obscure teen historical figures. I would love that! That’s why I’m really excited for Prisoner of Night and Fog because it’s told from the perspective of Hitler’s niece. I don’t even know if she is based on a real person, but it’s just so interesting to see from someone else’s perspective you know?

  47. I’d probably read all of these.

  48. Um. I was nodding my head to SO MANY TIMES because my book has so many of these attributes. (which is why I wrote it, duh) I just friended you on Twitter and will keep you in mind for an ARC review. For now my book is called, The 52nd, and I can tell you that there is NOTHING out there like mine. It’s expecting to release Feb 2015. I’ll reach out to you again when it’s time. xoxo

  49. I would love a New Year’s Eve novel- make it paranormal or a time travel, maybe? I would also be interested in reading young adult novels set in other countries besides the US & UK- like Madagascar, Russia, North Korea, or oh Macao (the gambling capital of the world). Macao would be great. 🙂

  50. I agree with you on so many of these! I would love to see more Christmas-y novels too especially since I LOVE Christmas and wouldn’t it be great to just lengthen the experience as much as possible? Also agree with you on books set during wars other than WWII. I am really fascinated about WWII but like you, would love to see some other wars being featured in novels. I think the Civil War and WWI so I’d like to see some more books set around then too! Yes to sisters and more historical figures. And for sure, gap year! I think gap years are just so interesting and being a student currently tied down to school, I’m just imagining how sweet having one WHOLE year to yourself to do whatever you please. Ugh, I need that right now. I’m also really with you on more novels set in places other than the US. I find even novels written by non-American authors are set in the US which really bugs me because there are so many places in this world that can be explored through books! I love that you mentioned Iceland because I am actually planning on buying a book set there (Burial Rites) so I’m really excited. And as for study abroad books, there is actually an entire series called Students Across the Seven Seas dedicated to studying abroad. I read a couple last year and they’re a bit juvenile but I love the integration of travel in them!

  51. Have you read either Austentatious or Austensibly Ordinary by Alyssa Goodnight? Not really YA, but books about a magical journal with Jane Austen behind the journal!! I LOVED these books!
    Love your idea bout Gap Year books as well as books set outside (from perspective) of the US

  52. I LOVE YOUR LIST! I also want more diversity in NA and that made my list too. I just feel like they are all about romance, sex, messed up female leads and bad boys! I’d love a New Adult dystopian or something like that, with the same issues you see in New Adult but with a new twist!

    My TTT 🙂

  53. I’m totally with you on the GAP YEAR and YA IN COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE US! Those are two things I’d definitely not be averse to seeing more of in the books I read, particularly as someone who is curious about the gap year AND who’s lived outside of the US for half of my life. Great list, Jamie! I’d love to see any of these novels come to life.

  54. Great list! I DEFINITELY want to see diversity in New Adult, because as the genre stands now, I’m not interested in it yet. But I do have an interest in reading about college years, because it is an interesting time, but I want the NA genre to be so much more than it is now. I also like the idea of exploring new times in history that are often overlooked.

  55. I would love to read books with all of these ideas! I would especially be interested in YA Christmas fiction (I have a minor obsession with Christmas historical romances) and sister-set stories. I like New Adult for the most part, but would love to see something besides contemporary romance. If you like fantasy, I recommend Samantha Young’s Slumber (NA fantasy) which is a fun twist on Sleeping Beauty. BTW, the magical journal sounds awesome!

  56. Novels that change childhood figures!!! That would be so awesome!!

  57. YES to diversity in New Adult. I love them, but they are all starting to seem the same.

  58. I am so relieved and excited that I am not the only one that wishes to see more YA books about Christmas, other countries, and obscure figures in history! I had wanted to read a bunch of Christmas books in December, but there are really only few which was really disappointing. Books that take place in other countries and allow the reader to be immersed in the unique cultures are one of my favorite kinds of books, so I am always excited to see any new or interesting ones. To be honest, I have a soft spot for both of these as well as historical books. Go figure!

  59. I really love your list. Most of the things you mentioned are also on my mind. I especially like more diversity on the new adult genre. Last year I started reading NA books but this year I am avoiding them because the stories seem predictable and most lacked the originality and diversity that I am looking for.

  60. I want to see… all of these! Great ideas. 🙂

    Have you read North Pole Reform School by Jaimie Admans? It could fit two of the criteria on your wish list: holiday YA and changed childhood figures.

  61. Book Recommendations based on these:
    YA SET DURING WARS OTHER THAN WWII: A Soldier’s Secret: The Incredible True Story of Sarah Edmonds, Civil War Hero by Marissa Moss;
    The Last Silk Dress by Ann Rinaldi (and many other books by her as well)
    YA IN COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE US: The Girl With Borrowed Wings by Rinsai Rossetti;
    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer, Annie Barrows;
    The Sunbird by Elizabeth Wein (pretty brutal violence in this one, be warned)

  62. Okay yes a NYE book would be FANTASTIC. Hello, authors? DO IT.

  63. All of the above. I love the idea of a NYE story, maybe something similar to the movie…

  64. You’ve hit the nail on the head with wanting more variety in New Adult! It frustrates me that the genre is basically erotica watered down for a slightly younger audience, like the only thing that matters once you’ve gone past 16 is sex, sex and more sex. There are so many areas authors could explore within the New Adult age group: college, getting your first job, learning to become independent of your parents. There’s a lot of identity crises going on when you’re 18-21 that authors could monopolise on!

    Instead, we just get more derivatives of the same old, same old. Sigh.

  65. Great list!!! You should check out North Pole Reform School by Jaimie Adman for a fun twist on Santa and the Elves. I think it fits your list perfectly! 🙂

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  66. YES to diversity in New Adult. I mentioned that in my TTT, as well! 🙂

  67. If you want to read YA that is not set in the US then I recommend this series:

    Is a Swedish YA series that is hugely popular in Sweden =). I personally just love it!

  68. I like the idea of ya books based on historical figures!

  69. Love all your ideas. I would definitely like to see more sister stories or even brothers and sisters.

  70. Hey, I’m a lurker but I just finished a book I think ticks at least one and a half of these boxes 🙂 It’s a Brit contemporary romance where the characters are at university! called The Best Thing I Never Had. Really high on the AmazonUK Kindle chart but I’m not sure if it’s really picked up much attention in America. Either way you should check it out. New Adult with no sexy times and not set in the States 🙂

  71. Jasmine Baggenstos says:

    “…maybe a magical journal that helps solve a crime…”

    All I could think when I read that was Death Note. It’s not really the same since that one’s used for murdering other people, but there are still reasons and…yeah.
    (By the way, it’s an anime/manga)


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