10 More Series I Want To Read But Haven’t Started Yet


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This week’s topic: Top Ten Tuesday Rewind — I picked the topic of top ten book series I want to read but haven’t yet started (from my initial list I have since started only 3 of those…FAIL). This time I’m going to talk about ones that I OWN and are on my shelf but I STILLL haven’t started.

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1. Vision in White by Nora Roberts
Why I Want To Read It: It’s adult romance (and the cover is so pretty!) and my friend Jen gifted this to me because she loves it so much so I’m sold because we agree on a lot!

2. Defiance by CJ Redwine
Why I Want To Read It: I’ve heard amazing things about this series — it’s a post-apocalyptic fantasy kind of series and it sounds really awesome.

3. Incarnate by Jodi Meadows
Why I Want To Read It: My friend Alexa RAVES about this one and I got the chance to hear Jodi talk about Incarnate and it sounds like a really fun series! Plus I’m super curious about the reincarnation of souls and what the “no souls” are!

4. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
Why I Want To Read It: I don’t read a ton of paranormal but I’ve heard SUCH good things about this one!

5. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Why I Want To Read It: My friends Anna and Carla are obsessed with it so that’s reason enough for me. Plus I really, really love Maggie’s writing in The Scorpio Races and The Raven Boys sooo I just need to read this one (FINALLY).

6. Mrs. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
Why I Want To Read It: I am so fascinated by it and the cover creeps me out! I love the mixed media type of books although I’m hoping the pictures won’t give me nightmares haha. CREEPY KIDS. Orphanage.

7. What’s Left Of Me by Kat Zhang
Why I Want To Read It: I’ve meant to read this for forever and somehow it just has slipped under the radar on my bookshelf (maybe because Z is all the way at the bottom of my shelf?!). Either way I’m intrigued by this one and the idea that everyone is born with two souls and one become dominant and the other fades away — but in the case of the main characters this doesn’t happen and it’s illegal!

8. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
Why I Want To Read It:I don’t read enough fantasy and HOLY CRAP people are obsessed with this series so thus I should probably get on it. Seems like a good series to get hooked on!

9. The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart
Why I Want To Read It: BECAUSE IT’S E. LOCKHART AND I AM EMBARRASSED I HAVEN’T YET READ IT. I loved We Were Liars and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks and I know I will love this fun series!

10. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
Why I Want To Read It: I’ve heard nothing but good things about Patrick Ness! And I’m intrigued by this village of all men and one boy. So intrigued!


So tell me…which ones of these series should I bump up?! Which ones have you read?

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  1. Defiance, Miss Peregrine and Throne of Glass are all excellent. I loved Raven Boys but personally hated Shiver. I could have easily DNF that one. I love the covers for the What’s Left of Me series

  2. Definitely get to Incarnate ASAP! The world building blew me away, and there’s an adorable romance blossoming.

    What’s Left of Me was really interesting. I just finished the sequel, which sadly suffers from Middle Book Syndrome, but I’m still eager to know what happens in the final book.

    I liked Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The plot kind of went in a direction I wasn’t quite expecting, but the photographs actually did give me nightmares. Beware!

    I haven’t read any of the others, but Hex Hall and Shiver are both on my to-read!

  3. Ohhh I like this TTT. I read the Incarnate series for the Read-A-Thon Alexa hosted; it’s a really series. 🙂
    I’m binge reading The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy this week, and hope to do the same with the Sweet trilogy, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Defiance when their final books release. 🙂

  4. I’m awful… there are so many series that I need to start. I definitely want to start the Shiver series and Incarnate as well. I really like the sound of The Boyfriend List too. I’ve started The Chaos Walking Trilogy, so The Knife of Never Letting Go is the only one that I can recommend on your list!

  5. I vote for bumping up Throne of Glass. I was so skeptical about it at first, and only read it because of a book club and it ended up with a lucrative spot in my all time favorites. The sequel is even better! I cannot get enough.

    I’ve also read the Shiver series and the Miss Peregrine series. I haven’t read any of the others but all but 2 of them are on my TBR. I made a list once and I had over 100 new series I want to read. Ahh!

  6. Shiver is really a great book! I hope you get to read it soon! I need to read Throne of Glass too!
    My TTT

  7. Hex Hall was a super easy to read and fun series.

    Ruby Oliver is SO GOOD. I love that series so much.

    The Knife of Never Letting Go is AMAZING. I still haven’t read the 3rd book but the first two were great.

  8. READ THRONE OF GLASS RIGHT THIS MINUTE!! Sorry for all the yelling, but I LOVE that series so much!!! I want to read Miss Peregrine’s House for Peculiar Children too. Except I’m scared. Because I’m a baby and I heard it’s super creepy…

  9. The fact that I haven’t read any of these as well.

  10. I want to read Defiance too! Throne of Glass is super good!

  11. I loved the New Soul Series (Incarnate)! I have to finish the final book, but I found this series after the second book came out and I couldn’t put either of them down! I was upset when I had to wait a year for the third to come out!
    I also loved Hex Hall! Another very addicting series. I also read the one spin-off book which helped with the series hang-over I had, but wasn’t the same as the original series.
    What’s Left of Me was also cute but not as good a book as the other two series. I just picked up book 2 a the library and I’m hoping I enjoy that book a little more (nothing wrong with the first book I just wanted a little more answers).

  12. I haven’t heard much about any of these series, but I really want to check out Mrs. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.

  13. I’m going to have to go with Throne of Glass. Especially so that you can get to the wonderfulness that is Crown of Midnight!!

    Also consider: Incarnate and Defiance.

  14. Great list! I have so many series that I want to read, but haven’t yet! Throne of Glass has sounded interesting to me, and the cover of Incarnate is eye catching. I also just started reading Divergent which has been on my TBR list for a really long time.

  15. Great list! I have so many series that I want to read, but haven’t yet! Throne of Glass has sounded interesting to me, and the cover of Incarnate is eye catching. I also just started reading Divergent which has been on my TBR list for a really long time.
    My TTT

  16. I have to say snap to a few of these! But sometimes I hang off on starting a series in case I NEED the next one straight away and it’s not out for ages. Although I don’t like it when books in a series are too close together.

    I need to make up my mind!

  17. My votes definitely go to Throne of Glass and Defiance! Seriously, read Throne of Glass. Sarah J. Maas is amazing. And I saw C.J. Redwine on tour last year and loved her so I got Defiance and it really surprised me. I also really want to read The Knife of Never Letting Go and Miss Peregrine’s.

  18. I loooooove Nora Roberts tbh! And my friend Angel (Mermaid Vision Books) RAVES about Vision in White. I actually own this series too, but haven’t read it either. Still I vote for it and Throne of Glass. ToG is so much fun!

  19. You must start Shiver and Throne of Glass right away! Everything Maggie Stiefvater writes IT’S AMAZING. Shiver is one of my fave series, and Sam Roth is just ONE OF THE BEST YA MALE CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME. So underrated. And with Throne of Glass, only 2 books are out and both are really good, there’s so much potential for this series!

    I want to start the e.lockhart series too! And I’m still wondering whether or not I should read Miss Peregrine and Hex Hall.

    I read The Knife of Never Letting Go and didn’t like it as much as I hoped. But I do want to finish the series to see what happens.

    Which one are you planning to read first ?

  20. You DEFINITELY need to read Throne of Glass! It’s one of my favs. AND Miss Peregrine!

  21. The knife of never letting go is so good!! It has the greatest ending of any series Ive read.

  22. I have to vote for Throne of Glass!! I love this series!! Great list and topic!! A Lot of these would be on my list as well!!

    Happy Tuesday
    jaime @ Fic Fare

  23. Great list!! I still have Hex Hall, Miss Peregrine’s, and Shiver on my TBR list as well. I hope you find time to read all of them.

    Here is my TTT: http://jacquesbooknook.blogspot.com/2014/02/top-ten-tuesday-books-i-had-to-buy-but.html

  24. I feel your pain on some of these: Throne of Glass and Incarnate espeically. I’ve really got to get to reading them – especially sine one just got picked up for three more books and the other is completed! Yikes! I mean, good – but yikes!

    I really need to go through my TBR list too and figure out which series I need to finish and which I need to get started as well. Now that’s a daunting task!

    My TTT!

  25. Hex Hall is so fun and such a quick read! I ALSO need to read Throne of Glass – I feel so behind on this one!!

  26. I love the pictures. The Incarnate series is great. I just started it this year. I also want to start Throne of Glass.

  27. I mean, obviously I’m going to say Throne of Glass! But I’m glad all these people who aren’t paid to do so said it too 🙂

  28. I was working at a bookstore when the Bride Quartet series was released and I could not stop obsessing about the covers. I adore them. It’s also a really sweet and fun series! I like that Roberts has pretty realistic romances (considering they’re true “romance” books) with a touch of steaminess. If you end up liking that series, the Inn Boonsboro series is really good too!

  29. Shiver is such a great book, but the rest of the series didn’t wow me as the first one did. I really hope you get to it soon. I think you’d really gravitate towards Maggie’s lyrical tone of it. Also, YOU MUST READ THE BOYFRIEND LIST. Oh how I adore Ruby Oliver!!!

  30. The Knife of Never Letting Go, and the entire Chaos Walking trilogy, is so so so good! They had me on the edge of my seat.

  31. Definitely read Throne of Glass! This series is amazing. Crown of Midnight is even better and I’m still thinking about it months after finishing it.

  32. YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH #10. You know I am a massive Ness fangirl!

  33. Miss Peregrine was not at all what I expected but it was fantastic! I still don’t know if it’s really my type of book, but I still enjoyed it for what it was, especially being so different with the use of old photographs. I met Ransom Riggs last night and was happy I could gush to him about how great it was to be outside my comfort zone! I just started Hollow City and hope you get to this series soon! 🙂

  34. Oh my gosh, you will love The Boyfriend List. That series is seriously cute!! Also, The Chaos Walking triology (Knife of Never Letting Go) is fantastic, but be ready for lots of feels. LOTS.

  35. I subscribe to your blog…but I don’t think I have ever commented… you have GOT to read the bride quartet series by nora roberts. such a sweet series!! loved it!!

  36. You NEED to read Throne of Glass! I just reviewed Crown of Midnight a whopping 5 stars! Get on it, Miss Jamie!

  37. At first I was all….oh that’s not that bad, these are good series but not great. And then I saw Throne of Glass and now I am extremely disappointed/sad for you you. READ IT NOW. NOW I TELL YOU.

  38. For Chaos Walking, I highly recommend listening to it in audio. There’s a heavy accent, and the narrator did a fantastic job. I think I enjoyed it more because of the narration. Also, I named my dog Manchee in honor of the dog in the book! Talk about a memorable character!

  39. I hope you get round to reading Miss Peregrine’s soon, especially now the second book has been released. I’m kind of nervous to read the second one though – I don’t want it to ruin the first which proved to be quite the unique reading experience.
    The Shiver series is one I heard so many good things about for such a long time that I’m worried about reading them for fear of the ‘hype’ ruining them.
    Good luck with getting round to completing your list!

  40. You should definitely bump up the Incarnate trilogy! I’ve only read the first book so far, but I have the other two books waiting for me to read them. Such a good series!
    I’ve read the entirety of the Shiver trilogy and loved the first two books. But the ending of the third book is a really open ending and kind of crap!
    I’ve had “What’s Left Of Me” sitting in my Kindle for AGES, but haven’t picked it up. I should do that, but haven’t gotten around to it yet! SO many books!
    I’m hoping to finish the Harry Potter series soon. I only have the last book left to read!

  41. You definitely need to read Defiance! I love that series.

  42. Cool list. I actually started Throne of Grass a year or two ago and stopped reading it. The writing is really wonderful, but the story was draggy in the opening chapters and it was hard for me to get into it.

  43. So many good looking choices!!

  44. I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned… Apparently I need to read a lot more! I’ve been told I need to try the Shiver series often! And my Mom loves the Nora Roberts series A LOT! 🙂

  45. If you don’t read much Paranormal, I think you will like Hex Hall! It’s very humours and Sophie is one of my best bookish friends 🙂 She is hilarious. Throne of glass is one of my all time favorite series. The feelings <3 The romance, the characters, the plot! It has everything 😀 I also liked What's left of me and Defiance.

  46. Defiance! You really ought to start Defiance!!!

  47. The Hex Hall series is fine if you want something fairly light. It does try to go darker as it progresses, but I found the tone very mismatched with the events, especially in the 3rd book. I actually enjoyed the 4th/spin-off, School Spirits, more than book 3.

    Miss Peregrine is a fantastic book/series, but has almost the opposite problem in that it’s written very journal-like in tone. There’s not much emotion in the narration, which made the budding romance hard for me to latch onto. Haven’t read Hollow City yet, so I hope it’s a little more accessible there. Still, a fascinating premise to be sure – plus there’s the graphic novel which is simply gorgeous.

  48. Read The Knife of Never Letting Go! It was so good. At first when I started reading it, I was a bit ehhh about the writing and the characters but then it just gets SO GOOD and chilling. I still have to read the other books so I might reread this one soon but definitely, definitely bump this one up! So good! And ahh, I must read the Throne of Glass series too! People have been raving about Crown of Midnight and loving the characters and I do need some more fantasy so I might be picking that one up soon too!

  49. The Knife of Never Letting Go! I love this series so hard! Though be warned, keep the tissues handy.

  50. Great pick. I have so many series that I need to start… but I have read the Chaos Walking trilogy and I absolutely loved it. Nice list 🙂 My TTT.

  51. Incarnet!! IN FREAKING CARNATE!!!!!! 🙂 … Can you tell I like that series ? 🙂 I have also read Hex Hall and really enjoyed it, same with Shiver. but not quite on the same level as Incarnate. AS for the rest… ya. They are on my TBR as well haha

    Brittany and I shared our Top Ten Childhood Favorites 😀

  52. I definitely need to read the Incarnate series as well as the Miss Peregine series & Throne of Glass. Ooooh and the Defiance series. I DNF’ed the What’s Left Of Me series by Kat Zhang. I tried SO darn hard to enjoy the series but it’s just not for me.Maybe you’ll have better luck with it.

  53. The Knife of Never Letting Go and its sequels are fantastic! I love Throne of Glass, too.

  54. The Nora Robert’s series is pretty good. The series is connected but each book focuses on one of the women they each get their own book.

  55. I’m determined to try Throne of Glass this year, since I keep hearing amazing things, but I’m not a super big fantasy reader either. Maybe we could read it together? Just a thought.

    The Boyfriend List is AWESOME! Magan got me into reading that one (she reviewed the whole series last year I think?) She wrote her whole review in lists, like Ruby does in the books, and I loved the review so, so much. I gobbled up the series — she’s a really fun, memorable character. I hope that you like them too!

  56. I would say Throne of Glass followed by Vision in White. Nora Roberts books are always a good follow-up, and since the whole series is out you can binge and finish them

  57. I just started the Throne of Glass series last week! The first book is great. Celaena is my sort of protagonist! I can’t wait to read Crown of Midnight now. I own the Chaos Walking trilogy (in both paperback and ebook…) but I still can’t bring myself to read them! I’ve heard so much about them. I don’t think my heart can handle it…

  58. OHMYGOD. I just read The Knife of Never Letting Go last month and it’s fantastic. Like the last dystopian novel I was so excited about was The Hunger Games. And it’s pretty much my favorite series after HP of course. Definitely give it a read. Miss Peregrine’s is pretty good too but not as good as Chaos Walking.

  59. The only books on your list that I have started are the Shiver and Throne of Glass series. I really want to read Defiance and The Knife of Never Letting Go. I feel like I need more time in the day to read even a small fraction of what I want to read.

  60. The only one of these that I’ve read is Hex Hall, but I definitely recommend it. Rachel Hawkins has a very different view of YA paranormals and I think that comes out in her writing. I have had my eye on Throne of Glass and Miss Peregrine for awhile. Thanks for sharing!

  61. Because I’m your friend and I love you, you know I only yell about books at you in jest, yes? Because YOU SERIOUSLY MUST READ INCARNATE. AND THRONE OF GLASS. Two of my favorite series EVER and I want you to experience the amazing stories within each book! DO IT. DO IT NOW.

  62. Hex Hall is wonderfully fun and surprising! Throne of Glass was a good story, but the sequel (Crown of Midnight) was outstanding!

    Great top ten 🙂