Go Ahead & Make Fun Of Me ALLLL You Want, Non-Reader Friends!

I apparently have this “quirk” that all my non-reader friends (most of the people I know outside of this community) think is really “cute”/like to make fun of me for. You see, it’s something probably TOTALLY normal in this community but, outside of it, people just think it’s kind of ridiculous…and a little bit excessive. Maybe strange?

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What is it, you ask?

I ALWAYS have 1-3 books in my purse (as well as my Kindle along with it typically — depending on the situation) and I ALWAYS keep a spare book in my car. That last one is the one that so often gets made fun of but I can’t tell you the comments I get when I go to grab something from my purse, which can surprisingly act like Mary Poppins’ bag, and have to pull out a couple of books before I can find whatever it is I’m looking for. (I seriously buy purses based on their ability to hold books).


They always ask WHY, because they think it is a bit excessive, and I tell them but I think they don’t GET it because 1) they aren’t a reader and 2) they figure they always have their phone if they have to do any waiting.

BUT let me tell you how many of them laughed a couple of weeks ago…

THIS, friends, is just one of the reasons I always carry a book with me AND in my car. A few weeks ago, because one of the glorious snowstorms that has tortured our area, my 25 minute drive home turned into almost 4.5 hours. GUESS WHO LOOKS SILLY NOW? Not me. I read THE WHOLE TIME when the traffic was at pretty much a standstill. Will, who doesn’t read and was on a road parallel to me for almost the same amount of time, had NOTHING to do except burn through our data on his phone and eventually he ran out of things to do. PLUS…batteries DIE, friends. So…even if my Kindle would have died, I had another book in my purse PLUS the spare book in my backseat! Now that’s just smart…


This is just one of SO many reasons I ALWAYS carry books with me and happily am part of the big ass bag brigade to make sure that happens. I mean, you just never know in your day when you are going to be able to grab a spare minutes of reading or when an appointment waiting time is extra long, you end up waiting in a long line or when you suddenly are going to be stranded somewhere. Seriously, I could come up with a list of situations that could arise in which you could nab some extra reading time.

I’m sure you, my fellow bookworms, are all:


But seriously. My habit is smart..not strange or silly! Okay world? You will see…one day you will end up stranded four hours wishing you had something to do. And I will be smugly reading away.

Do you always carry a book with you? How many? Do you have any “SO GLAD I HAD A BOOK” moments? Or, conversely, any “I WISH I HAD A BOOK” moments? What are some other things that the non-reading people in your life think are “quirky?”

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Yup, I always have a book with me. Depending on the place and how far I am into the first book, I may bring a second just in case. Most of the time, I’ll have my iPad, too, and I have about 20 books on that, so I’m always good to go. A lot of people tend to think I’m crazy, especially when the book(s) I’m carrying may be kind of heavy. But, like you said, I’ll always have something to entertain me, in case the need arises.

    • YES if I’m almost done with one book and think I could finish while I was out I either bring another one or I just leave the other one at home and start a new one. Typically I just bring them both haha

  2. I always have AT LEAST one book on me, generally two. The moment always happens where I don’t bring a book and I regret the heck out of not bringing one. Plus, I have the kindle app on my phone, so I have a handful of ARCs via that way, too.

  3. Yeah, always at least one book!
    Well, Nowadays usually just one because I work in a bookshop so if I finish reding the only book I have then I just buy a new one there πŸ™‚

  4. That is really smart! I was following along on Twitter during your snowstorm fiasco, and thought “at least she has something to read!” No joke.

    I could never do this though. I only carry small purses. As in big enough to fit my iPhone and some essentials. Although my newest bag is actually shaped properly so I can stick my Kindle (or a Mass Market Paperback) in it. Hooray! Plus, I never go anywhere (and don’t drive), so 99% of my reading is done at home. I will take my Kindle with me if I’m taking the bus, since it’s not that strange to miss a transfer and have to wait an hour for the next, or to get stuck in traffic on a two-lane country high way on my way home. My Kindle certainly comes in handy for this.

    Oh, and as a back-up plan, if I remember, I’ll download my current read to my iPhone before leaving the house just in case I can sneak in some reading, but can’t bring my Kindle for whatever reason (usually tiny purse).

    • YES right?! Even though I was suffering (seriously I had to pee sooo bad and was so hungry I was tempted to eat my cold spaghetti) at least I was reading!

      Kindles seriously are such a great thing for the fact you could have a zillion books on there. I only get nervous about when they die bc I ALWAYS forget to charge that thing. And yes I totally use my Kindle & Nook apps on my Iphone!

  5. I also look at bags or purses before I buy them and consider if I could fit books in there. There’s a scene in an episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory is cramming four or five books into her backpack, and explaining how she needs all of them in case she gets bored of one, or she’s in the mood for something different, or in case she finishes one. That’s basically how I feel whenever I go somewhere. I feel an intense need to bring at least a couple of books, especially if I have very little left of one book. I am blessed with kind friends and family who look at me like I’m a bit silly, but also just sort of nod and smile at me. I also bring my Kindle so I have some extra books there. I have been in situations where I’m on the bus or something and I thought I would never finish that book, and suddenly I have nothing to do for the next half hour because I finished my book, so now I bring two. I take the bus to work so I have about an hour every day to read there, and I would be really bored if I didn’t have a book.

    • YES OMG THAT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES EVERRRRR in Gilmore Girls and made me love her even more! That’s sooo my rationale too how she was explaining why each one was in there!

  6. I always take my Kindle with me, and also my current read. Since I’m currently reading it, if a situation ever arose where I would get the chance to read for a while, I’m likely to finish it, right? Right. So the Kindle comes with me too. If I had a car then I would definitely keep a couple in there!

    I’ve never been laughed at or had anyone comment on me carrying books everywhere. But yesterday two of my coworkers were talking about dating sites, and the female one said that her friend had signed her up for one. After five minutes, she turned to me and asked if I had “found a man” through my bookish site, or “is it not that kind of thing?” I was trying so hard not to wet myself, it was a brilliant moment. Definitely not that kind of thing, and 90% of bloggers are women!

  7. Oh my god, couldn’t agree more! I always have at least one book with me where ever I go, even if it’s only a ten minutes trip in the bus. I just hate not to have anything to do on these kind of trips. Like last week when I was “trapped” in a holiday cottage with no wifi and loads people I didn’t know, oh I wished i have been clever enough to bring at least one book, but my bag wasn’t big enough πŸ™

  8. I ALWAYS carry at least two books in my purse, and my Ereader. A habit that my friends laugh at at as well, they make fun of it, but they were the ones who didn’t have anything to do when our train stranded and we had to wait 3 hours until we could get home. I sat my butt down in the Starbucks and read for the following 3 hours while sipping coffee ad they had their phones (that died after 1,5 hour of playing flappy bird).

    So, yeah, they can laugh all they want. But I happen to think this is one of my most awesome habits πŸ˜‰ and like you getting stuck in your car, what’s better company than a book?!

    • YES SEEEE. You are like WHATEVS..YAY I GET TO READ!!! (after grumbling about the delay) and they are the ones like WAHHHH THIS SUCKS SO BAD. KILL ME NOW.
      *high fives* WE ARE AWESOME AND SMART!

  9. YESSS THISSSS! I always carry my Kindle with me because without a book with me constantly I feel as if a piece of me is gone. I would bring a physical book with me as well but I’m quite paranoid about it getting damaged in my bag. I’m always so glad I have a book with me when I’m on the train or bus because those journeys can be long sometimes because you can’t always rely on your phone. Plus, it just lets me be more productive! The non-bookish folk are seriously missing out πŸ˜›

    • Ah that makes sense. It is easy to get damaged in a crammed bag. I’m a book manhandler sooo it doesn’t bother me so much πŸ˜‰

      And yes! Whenever I take the train I always make sure I have my phone because if not I will just use up allll my battery even before I get to the city. They really ARE missing out.

  10. I ALWAYS do this! Every time I’ve ever left the house without a book I’ve regretted it, so I take one with me EVERYWHERE!

    • YES I can’t imagine what I would have done if I hadn’t had books with me when I got stranded…I think I would have just sat there and cried.

  11. You are definitely preaching to the choir. Those who aren’t readers don’t necessarily understand this, but we readers do! And we understand it’s necessary to carry so many books with us at one time. I normally carry the current book I’m reading plus my kindle which has several titles ready to be read.

    And I’m soooo happy to hear that I am not the only one who buys a purse based on whether or not a book can fit inside.

    Great post!
    – Nicole

    • HECK YAH. That purse better be able to fit whatever book I want to bring! I haaaaate when I find a cute purse that’s smallish because I just fight with myself about it. I’m like OKAY can it at least fit a really SMALL book??

  12. When my sister in law was in labor, I took 3 books with me to the hospital. And it was a good thing too, because she was in labor for 30 hours! Second only to my mother-in-law, my husband and I were there the longest. As people would come in to visit, they would spot me in the corner reading and I can’t tell you how many comments I got like “How can you read at a time like this?” I was like, yeah I’ve been here for 20 hours, I would rather not be just staring at a wall! Or people would tell me how they just can’t stand reading. I just don’t get those comments, it’s not like I am asking people to read with me.

    I take a book or my kindle with me to work every day to read on my breaks. I’ve been teased for it, and been told I make weird faces at people who try to talk to me while reading, lol! The worst is trying to explain the premise of The Selection to a middle aged man when asked what I’m reading! Ha!

    • Oh yes! I was there for my sister’s labor and thank god for a book! So much waiting with this labor business haha. And UGH I don’t get those comments either UGH.

      Hahha yes so funny with some of the YA books when I try to talk about them when people ask!

  13. I do this too–well not the car, but my bag! I won’t buy a purse unless it can’t fit at least a paperback. I normally carry a (completely charged) kindle around with me. It’s especially handy because sometimes for my job I have to go to schools and do classroom visits. . . but only during certain periods. So in those periods where I’m not suppose to be anywhere, it’s too much of a hassle to check out and check back in, so they normally let me sit in the teacher’s lounge and I just read! If my current read is a paperback, I bring that a long too.

    • I always need to remember to charge my darn Kindle..that’s my prob!! A paperback and a Kindle are the perfect amount of “luggage” in ones purse I think. And that’s such a nice break to be able to take in the midst of your work day!

  14. I always carry a book with me, especially when I’m heading to the doctor’s office or somewhere I know I will have to wait. I can’t imagine packing around more than that, though, especially all the time in my purse, but, I think it’s very smart of you. I know people who keep a spare book in the car and I’ve always thought I should do that, too.

    • You really should! because there have been times when I have FORGOTTEN to pack a book or a Kindle and I don’t want my phone to die when I use my Kindle or Nook app so I’m like BINGO…I’ll just grab the book in my car! Typically when I take 2 or 3 books with me they are smaller/thin books bc omg can you imagine 3 hardcovers hahah

  15. Oh yes, I totally get it! I’m more likely to carry my Kindle than books, because I absolutely hate to carry ginormous purses. But I take books with me everywhere, yes! Although I haven’t tried the car stashing thing. Great idea!

    • The ginormous purses are such a pain sometimes. If I don’t want to take a HUGE purse with me and bring a smaller one, I make sure it can at least fit my charged Kindle or a thin paperback. But yeah, the car stashing is the best idea I ever had really. Came in handy SO often like if I forgot to pack a book or something.

  16. There is ALWAYS at least one book (usually my current read) in my purse at all times, too. You just never know where you might find a few minutes to read!!

  17. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I do always like to have a book with me. We got a flat tire in the middle of no where one night on our way home and had to wait 2 hours for help. Other than the screaming child in the back seat, I managed to finish the book I was working on πŸ˜‰ You just never know what will happen!

    • UGH a 2 hour wait :/ BLEH. But seriously when those unexpected and very irritating situations like yours and mine happen..it makes it WAY less miserable than focusing on the fact you are sitting there for hours.

  18. Love this blog post! Yes I always have books with me and I too buy bags on their ability to carry at least one book and my trusty A5 Filofax! Book Carriers Unite!

  19. You are so smart! I typically only carry one book in my purse (sometimes none because it’s a small purse!) it sucks because I often stand there doing nothing! Definitely going to follow your lead and start carrying books around!

    • YAY! It’s hard bc I DO have some super cute small purses or I don’t WANT to carry a big bag in certain situations so I try to at least be able to shove something small (mass market paperback) in there or at the VERY least make sure I don’t use my phone often so I could use my kindle app.

  20. Yes, I always have a book with me too. Most of the time it’s via the kindle app on my phone, but occasionally the kindle or a HC will come too. I’ve always been this way. Growing up, books went to restaurants, to church, all care rides no matter how short. It’s really forward thinking πŸ™‚

    • Yes I love the kindle app on my phone! such a lifesaver sometimes. My battery dies wayyy too fast though. BLEH. And omg YESSSS restaurants as a kid…I remember I used to read when there were long wait times and my sister would just complain the WHOLE time and whine. I’m like READ A DAMN BOOK. I’m sure I didn’t say damn back then but I’m sure that was the message.

  21. I do this too , the other day I had my Kindle and my Nook Color in my purse ! I remember when I was reading Pandemonium I pretty much just took the hardcover everywhere. But, I’ve recently gotten into reading my ebooks on my phone, so I’ve been okay with not carrying a book around

    • Hahah I love that you had both ereaders in your purse! They are so helpful. I think my problem is that I ALWAYS forget to charge it so I like to have a book just in case but DANG…with both ereaders you would be fine !:P

  22. I’m glad I am not the only one who does this. You never know when an opportunity to read a book will appear πŸ™‚

    • Exactly! I wish I would have kept track of every single situation in which I’ve been like WHEW glad I had a book. You just NEVER know!

  23. Yes! I’m the same way!! I always have 1) a published book (hardcover or paperback), 2) an ARC, and 3) my Nook! I haven’t carried books in my car, though, but I don’t find that strange at all. That’s like the ultimate back-up plan right there — forgot your other books for your backpack/purse? Never fear, one’s in the car!
    I haven’t been teased about it, not in years anyway. I remember in high school I was teased for it, but I was so blasΓ© in my reaction to the teasing that people stopped. Bet your friends aren’t laughing now, thanks to this strange Siberian weather we’re having!

    • We are kindred spirits!!
      SERIOUSLY. Carrying books in your car says..I AM ALWAYS PREPARED AND MEAN BUSINESS. Because there have been times that I have taken a book out of purse to read it in the house and forgotten to replace it and then I get ready to tantrum about it and then I am like OH WAIT. I HAVE MY CAR BOOK! Crisis averted.

      They are like lovingly teasing me I know but I’m like IT IS JUST SMART.

  24. I have never thought to stash a book in my car, but that is a genius idea. Of course, I always have my phone on me with hundreds of books on my Kindle app, but that won’t be much help if I’m stuck somewhere without a way to recharge. I don’t typically carry a physical book around (my bag tends to be overflowing as it is), but I do take one if I’ve got a doctor appointment, for example.

    • DO it. It will revolutionize your life! I’ve totally forgotten to replace a book in my purse and it’s come in handy. I either pick one that maybe I got a duplicate copy (or an ARC of a book I purchased) of or one I’ve read before and wouldn’t mind revisiting. Generally if I use my car book even for like 15 minutes it becomes my current read after that so the book always changes in the car. Right now I have Something Strange and Deadly in there bc a friend borrowed it and I was like HEY I would totally reread that one again haha

  25. I love this post! Totally with ya! My purse has to be able to fit at least one average sized book. And yes, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere without 1-2 books and what was my kindle but is now my iPad with the kindle, ibooks, and overdrive apps. The people around me never say anything since that’s how I’ve always been (plus they know if they DO say something, I’ll ask them what books they’ve read in the past year and that will lead to a speech from me that they don’t want to hear) but sometimes I will still catch a strange look from them from the corner of my eye when they ask if I have something they can use and I have to take out 2 books and the iPad before I can get to it.

    As far as my most recent moment goes, I was called to jury duty and the holding room they had us in had a TV covering the breaking news regarding the Christie Bridge Scandal and while everyone was complaining about every channel covering this news, I was in the corner nearing the halfway point of a book. Which was great since they ended up dismissing us a few hours later so I got to go home and keep reading!

    • YES it’s that side thing they do when I’m pulling out and juggling these books! haha

      JURY DUTY. Yes! I had it once and I was sooo not even bored like everyone else bc I read the whole time. I unfortunately got picked and had to sit on the most boring case EVER. So dumb.

  26. Lol! If I could I would have my books everywhere like you. I’m like that with my notebooks and pens. I have it all the time, my friends ask when they need it. And when I don’t have it they are even more surprised. So yeah, thanks for confession time (:

    • Haha I always have a notebook with me (a very small one!) and a pen. So many times inspiration comes to me that I have to write it down!

  27. I don’t carry a book with me everywhere I go, but I always have my phone with me with my Kindle App. That means that I always have a book at my fingertips – and I use it often!!

    • The kindle app is so awesome! It’s always my last resort/what I use if I can’t bring a large purse. My phone dies SO fast so I have to be stingy with what I’m using on it! It’s helped me SO many times! So easy to just hold in the palm of my hand too!

  28. Oh I ALWAYS have a book with me, not to mention my Kindle app on my phone. You never know what emergency might arise! (And yes, I too choose purses based on book-carrying ability). The other day I was getting ready to go out, and my friend watched me slip a book into my bag, and she was like, “We’re going to dinner. When are you going to read this?” And I was like, “YOU NEVER KNOW, OKAY?” It’s best to be prepared.

    • YES I love the Kindle app so much! totally forgot to mention that in my post. SO EVEN MORE BOOK PROTECTION. YES, GILLIAN, YES. I always take a book…even to like dinner or a social outing and Will is like WHY?! and I’m like okay…you just don’t get it but I DO so BLEHHHH. Although he is thankful for it when he’s driving and I’m getting panicky on busy highways (I can’t help it) so i just read and stop backseat driving him or making scared noises lol.

      Basically we are like the doomsday preppers but on a smaller scale. lol

  29. I always have a book with me, although carrying so many did some damage to a lot of my purse straps so I try to keep my Kindle with me at the very least + a book in the car (obviously lol). I don’t think it’s strange at all! Hopefully people aren’t too judgey about it because they should really just be embarrassed they don’t read more!

    • YES I’m starting to notice I really need to carry lighter books with me or one and my kindle bc of that! And I agree…they should be embarrassed because reading is the best!!

  30. Totally guilty of the buying a purse for it’s ability to hold multiple books thing – and the big ass bag brigade probably gained another member in me. Although I’ve found that I have to be careful of how many books I put in there – I’ve started to get really sore shoulders carrying all of them around! And if anyone asks me why I carry books around, I shall point them to this post and say, “What if I got stuck in 4 hours of snow??” Except snow doesn’t exist here in California. It’s just a myth, apparently. We get burning palm trees instead.

    • Welcome to the club! I’ll send you the secret handshake and your badge later πŸ˜›

      YES that is the only thing..sometimes it hurts too much so my kindle has been great or like if I have really small, lighter books! YES. You do NOT want to get stuck in 4 hours of snow traffic with NOTHING TO DO. Books = the best way to pass the time. Also, please let me come to Cali so I can get away from this snow!!

  31. I’ve never felt more naked than when I don’t have a book with me. I usually just carry around the one book I’m currently reading in my purse, plus my iPod that’s loaded with more books just in case. I totally agree with you, you just never know when extra reading time will present itself. And I have never been a “phone” person, I get bored after about 5 min on my phone Lol.

    And yes, my purse is the perfect shape and size for book carrying πŸ™‚

    • Hmmm I never thought about using my Ipod! I always use my Iphone but that is a great idea bc my phone is always dying! I know..besides my little stint with Candy Crush I just get bored on my phone after I check mail and stalk Twitter a bit.

  32. I carry a book with me as insurance that I won’t have car trouble. I feel like it’s a karma thing – if I don’t have a book to read in the event of a breakdown, that is just tempting the universe, but if I do have one then nothing will happen.
    I have noticed that I’m starting to get neck/shoulder pain from carrying 1-2 books in my purse. It was so much easier in college when they just went in the ol’ backpack. Oh grownup problems!

  33. I always have at least one paper book and/or my Kindle/Sony e-Reader with me. I don’t usually bring more than that because I’m a small person, and ginormous bags look silly on me (seriously, it’s a lifelong battle to find big totes for short girls), but my stipulation for a purse is definitely that it has to be able to fit one book or at least one ereader. If I don’t have a book, it’s usually because I’m going out on the town and I have a clutch – and that is the ONLY time that I will only carry my phone with my Kindle reader app on it, but I generally feel naked when I do.

    But yeah, my friends have laughed at me tons of times because I bring books to house parties…I’m like, ‘What if I get bored?” and they just stare at me like I’m being anti-social. It’s not like I’m actually going to pull it out in the middle of a conversation…but it makes me feel WAY better to have it with me.

    • I feel like as long as purse can pack a book and a Kindle it’s good to go!!And yes…that’s my fall back for when I have a clutch..at least I can read on my kindle app but I have to try SO hard to conserve battery power!

      Yes..it’s almost just a comfort thing in those situations!

  34. HECK YES! I always have a book with me, whether it’s on my iPad, my Kindle app on my phone or an actual book. It’s a habit I formed way back when as a little kid (seriously, I used to sneak so many into my backpack), and it hasn’t ended since. I just like having a book with me, or at least something to read or write in, because it’s a good way to pass the time! Another thing some people find strange — I carry multiple notebooks and pens in my bag. Can I help it if I like writing things down and color coordinating stuff in my planners? πŸ˜‰

    • Hahah yes same re: your comment about when you were a kid! i always brought a book in the car too! I definitely carry a notebook and pen, too! You never know when inspiration will strike!

  35. This is fantastic! Yes, I am definitely a book lover who does this. I am totally the same- I buy my bags based on if they can easily hold a hardcover book! I think right now I’ve got two paperbacks in there, and I also like to keep a notebook in there with a pen as well so I can write a review or an idea for a blog post if I want to as well. I’ve never kept a book in my car, though. I’ve definitely considered it, but I thought that if I left the book in the car I would not pick it up for a long time between reads, because I would only reach for it if I was stuck without my purse books. I think you have the right idea, though because sometimes I don’t bring my bag. So I think I’ll keep one that I’ve yet to start in my car and then I can always have it, start it if I get stuck on the road, and then bring it around with me afterwards and add it to my currently reading. I’ve definitely gotten some strange reactions, especially from anyone who’s ever gone bag shopping with me. I will take whatever books and notebooks I have out of my current purse to try them in the one I’m getting! This is definitely a bookish quirk, but if we’re ever at a stand still or stuck suddenly waiting for something, I think book lovers are prepared. This was an awesome post!

    • Yes a notebook is also a must have!! Esp for blog stuff. Second to that is the note on my phone. Yeah, that’s the thing about my car book is that it typically doesn’t get picked up so I try to put a reread in there. LIke especially if I have a cheap copy of it or it’s an ARC or something. BUT if I decide I want to read what was my car book then I just replace it with something else. I’d rather have one in there than be sorry! So I highly recommend doing it bc I have SOOO spaced on not replacing the book in my bag and needed it! I also end up making it my current read if I DO pick it up so it all works out!
      YES OMG I take all my books out and see how many I can fit in the bag when I’m shopping! You are my favorite now!!

      YES. sigh. I would rather be prepared. I don’t care if people think it’s excessive or strange. I won’t be the miserable one in my car like so many others I saw on the road. If I would have had some food it would have been a rather pleasant day! hahah

  36. I always try to have a book with me. You just never know when you’re going to have time to read! A few weeks ago, though, I was going from a job fair to the mall to renew my passport. I was so focused on the crap I needed for the job fair that I didn’t think about the fact that I should pack a book in my already overflowing purse for the waiting I’d have to do at the passport office. Sigh. Such a wasted opportunity. I’ve been wanting to buy a new purse for the last little while (no job has prevented me from doing so) as I want a crossbody one that’s big enough to fit everything I need…including a book. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this post! It was fun to read πŸ™‚

    • OH NO. That makes my heart sad that you had to do all that waiting. I HATE when I forget to put a book in my bag bc I was busy or something!

  37. You’re totally doing it right! I used to keep a book on me at all times and my family made fun of me for it. But now I don’t carry one anymore so I’m constantly just playing stupid games on my phone. I’d much rather be reading! Maybe I’ll go back to carrying a few around.

    • I got addicted to Candy Crush and that ended up being what I did in those situations! Sometimes it’s a nice break to play a game..especially if you are somewhere it’s hard to concentrate or you don’t want to get into a book!

  38. TOTALLY! I always bring a book with me, sometimes 2 if I am almost finished with book 1 and I bring 3-4 books with me, if I am traveling. There are so many times that by doing this I have gotten SO much farther in my books, than if I had left them at home and waited to read them at bedtime.

    • YES this..those moments add up so much and it always helps me to read more! And don’t even get me started on traveling…I overpack SO MUCH haha. NO REGRETS.

  39. I absolutely ALWAYS have to have a book on me, no matter what. It’s been a habit of mine since childhood. Whenever I went anywhere, I had at least one bag full of books leading most people in my family to call me a bag lady o.O. But at least I was never bored and I was always the most well-behaved kid anywhere because I was content sitting and reading quietly!

    Nowadays, I always have my Nook with me and at least one other book at all times. You never know when you’re gonna need it. Also, your post makes me want to go out and buy a new bag…which I might be doing right now!

    • YES that is so me as a child. We so would have been reading buddy pals! My mom used to have to make me leave my stack home and only choose one. Many a tantrum was had.

      I want to buy a new bag sooo bad after talking about this haha

  40. Wait. There are people who DON’T always carry a book with them?? Weirdos…

  41. Yep, I always have a book or two with me. And sometimes, late at night, when I’m walking in a dark parking lot by myself, I feel a bit safer that I’ve got a big hardback book in my purse–I could totally knock someone out with that!

    • I know I said this on Twitter but your comment made me LOL so much. They don’t even know how much heat we are packing when we wind up to hit them!

  42. Yes! My grandma and I had to take her dog to the vet on short notice because he was really sick, and we ended up waiting in the waiting room at the vet’s office for three hours! I was so glad I had a book in my backpack (this was after school) because I burned through my phone’s battery within 10 minutes. (I used to be one of those kids that always looked at their phone in class, so that’s why my phone had literally 20% once I was out of school.) But seriously, I was so glad that I was one of those kids that always had a book or two with them in their backpack.

  43. I always always always have to have a book with me whether it’s an actual book or my nook! No matter whee I’m going or how long I will be gone, I must have a book at all times. Yes, I will admit that I have been known to carry around more than one book at a time sometimes! One of my reading quirks that I get made fun of for the most is, sometimes when I’m reading it’s impossible not to laugh or stop smiling so I laugh or smile nonstop. But sometimes I’m in class (we aren’t doing anything or I’m done with my work so it’s okay) or I’m sitting by myself on the bus and I laugh. I’m pretty sure that I get some weird looks! Sometimes when my friends are around they ask me what was funny, and they don’t always get it because they haven’t read the book!

    • I am the saaaame way with the funny faces. I read on the treadmill at the gym and one time I was reading and Will said the whole time i was smirking. OOOPS.

  44. I do this a lot. I usually come home from work with at least 1 book (I work at a library), and often have an audiobook on my ipod also. I always have a book or my ereader if I have appointment days or have to wait in town (at my grandmas) between appointments or errands. No point in being bored in the waiting room.

  45. I always carry way too many books, but I’ve never regretted it. You never know when you’ll need half a dozen books.

  46. This post pretty much speaks to my soul because everything about it is so accurate. I always have at LEAST one book on me when I leave the house, just in case something happens and it calls for some reading to pass the time. I don’t really get people who DON’T bring multiple books with them! I get the same strange looks from people who see me bring a book to random places, but I don’t even care anymore. I’d so much rather be over-prepared than be like Will was, using up all of your data because he was so bored in the car! Way to be prepared, Jamie. Those unprepared people are the silly ones.

  47. My kindle LIVES in my purse. Like, when it’s time for bed I put it back in there just so I don’t lose it. I don’t have room in my purse for physical books (cuz I also carry my iPad in my purse), but I ALWAYS have my kindle with me. And omg the same thing happened to me last weekend… due to heavy rain and wind (no snow here D:) my 20 minute train ride turned into a 2.5 hour ‘stopped on the train tracks while we wait for the wind to stop to the train doesn’t blow over’ situation. So I spent the entire time reading. And my manager was on a train behind mine and her’s got stopped at a station and held there for 3 hours so she was on the train for a total of FIVE HOURS and when she finally got to work she was like ‘wtf did you DO?!? I got so bored’ and I just smiled and said ‘read :)’

    Thankfully my husband carries around science papers or sometimes books, so whenever we go out we both have reading material so he doesn’t really make fun of me for always toting around a book.

  48. Amen sista! I make sure I can fit at least one book in my bag. I have one in my desk at work, AND I subscribe to dailylit.org where I get an email a day with a snippet from a book (with the option to get the next part with the click of a button) that I can access on my cell via my email. πŸ™‚

  49. I always say, if i don’t have a book with me assume I’m very ill. I never go anywhere without at least my e-reader. Even if I am between books. But keeping a spare book in your car is smart I’m going to copy you Jamie!

  50. I used to do this all the time in elementary and middle school! I’d just whip out a book in class when it was slow (after I finished my work and was waiting for others to do so as well) and people would look at me strangely. I did it a little in high school too but most of the time I was incredibly busy so I whipped out my other homework instead.

    Nowadays though, I just read blog articles on my phone using Feedly or scroll through Twitter when I have small snippets of time (waiting in line etc). My attempt at being efficient at blogging while on the go, I guess. I should take up taking books with me places again though.

  51. I always have at least one book in my purse or backpack plus my kindle. I also buy purses big enough to hold at least two books.

  52. My friends ALWAYS tease me about this! I not only buy bags based on their book holding abilities but I will hunt for certain editions of books that I know will fit nicely into my bags. It’s pretty bad. I’m going to have to steal your “keeping a book in the car” idea though, just in case πŸ™‚

  53. Your friends don’t get it, but your fellow book lovers do!! With the exception of the grocery store, I don’t leave the house without a book. I carry two physical books in my purse and my Kindle which has at least 80 books on it. I also have what I call my “work” book, which I keep in my desk. I’m interning at a book publisher, and they are totally cool with me reading a book during downtime. I’ve been there since November, and I have finished two books at work in my downtime.

  54. I always have my iPad with me. Came in handy last week, too, when I stopped for what I thought would be a quick trip to get my oil changed and instead turned into an hour there and another hour and a half at another garage after the first one screwed something up with my car and was unable to fix it. The whole situation was horribly stressful and annoying and I would have been that much more pissed had I not had a fantastic book to distract me. πŸ™‚

  55. I had to laugh when I read your blog as I get the same comments from some of my friends. I carry the book I am reading with me plus my Ipad, and I have a couple magazines in my car (just incase). My ipad has my Kindle app and my Nook app and I will not reveal how many books I have on there but I could be on a deserted island forever and never read them all. If I’m meeting up with someone and they are running late, I pull out my book and read. When they show up, they are falling over backwards apologizing and I keep telling them it’s fine, I was reading. If they know me, it becomes a laughing matter and sometimes a great book discussion. If its someone I don’t know that well, I get mixed reviews but I try to lead into whether they read or not. Thanks for your post.

  56. I never thought of keeping a book in your car, that’s a good idea! I have had so many “I wish I had a book” moments that now I bring one by default, even when I don’t think I’m going to need/get a chance to read it. It’s usually when I tell myself, “I don’t need it.” that I DO end up wishing I had it. Even when I go to work I bring a book because, hello, little kids have naptimes.

  57. I used to carry a print book in my purse, but then my shoulders started giving me trouble and I had to stop that. Now I just rely on my phone for ebooks and audiobooks on the go, and I do bring my kindle if I know I’ll have a lot of down time. That does have the battery issue that you mentioned though. I might want to have a book or two in my car just for those getting stranded situations. Great post!

  58. I really think it’s something all book lovers do. There’s the ‘you never know; just in case’ argument, but for me, it’s also almost like a security blanket. If I’m really enjoying a book, I want to be near it. Unfortunately that means some extra wear and tear on my books, but oh well. My boyfriend accepts that my purse will always be a little heavy because of a book in it.

  59. As much as I love paper books, I have to say this is one area where ebooks have saved me! I always used to carry a book or two in my purse, but after I had kids that got a little unwieldy. Now I always have my iPhone with me, which has the Kindle app, so I can always whip out a book on the fly. Makes long lines and waiting rooms so much easier!! πŸ™‚

  60. I ALWAYS have to have at least one book and my Kindle with me. If not two books. I don’t drive to work but I do take the subway and you never know when it’s going to get delayed. Or if you’re going out to meet friends but they’re running late. Plus I have the Kindle app on my phone so worst case scenario I can pick up there. A lot of my friends are readers so they always have a book as well (which is great because neither of you thinks the other is rude if you want to read on the train) but my family thinks I’m a crazy for sure.

  61. I totally get you! I usually only have one book, though (unless I’m close to finishing one – then I definitely have a back-up!), and when I bought a “small purse” for backpacking around Europe, it still had to be big enough for my Kindle!

  62. I always have a book with me, even when I know I probably won’t get the chance to read it–“probably” being the operative word. Like you said, you never know when the opportunity for a little reading time will spring up. Even now that I have a Nook, I still find myself toting a physical book along with it. I need options! What if I get bored with the book I brought (which has happened)? And don’t even get me started on how I pack books when I’m going on a trip! Sometimes it seems like I’m trying to pack my entire book shelf.

  63. Yes! I always make sure any purse I am considering can hold a good-sized book, and definitely always travel with at least one choice for reading. My family has come to expect this behavior, but the first time I traveled with my husband’s family, I was given much grief over the number of books I brought with me. But better safe than stranded without a book! I always feel better knowing that come the apocalypse/disaster/hostage situation, I’ll always have at least one of my books.

  64. OMG Thank you. I am not alone.
    I have a kindle I keep in my purse, even when I am going to a movie theater or to dinner or a friend’s house. what if the car breaks down and I have to wait?
    I have a book in my car. For emergencies
    I have a physical book in my other bag and/or a graphic novel. Because you never know what you’ll be in the mood for
    My husband doesn’t really understand….

  65. This is genius. I always have a book in my backpack, but I rarely get time to read it between classes. I at first was worried when I saw this post that you were going to tell everybody you read while driving, but I’m glad you only do so when stopped.

  66. Jasmine Baggenstos says:

    I can’t say I carry that many backups, but I DO always make sure to have a book with me and if I think it’s at ALL possible that I’ll finish said book, I bring another. I’m not a huge purse person so I have a messenger bag that I picked out specifically for its capacity to hold things (books being the most important thing.) I feel weird if I don’t have a book with me even if I’m going to dinner with my husband or going to the store a few blocks away.

  67. I always bring a book with me, even when I know I won’t have the time to read. It just feels comforting to know that I have one with me πŸ™‚ And if I’m almost done, I always take a spare with me. You never know when you need it!

  68. Like I tweeted you about today… I clearly need a back up book in the car!!!! I honestly don’t think about it a lot of the time because sometimes I’ll have my kindle in my purse and if I don’t, I’m like eh, I’ll have my phone. Oh, yeah, well let’s just have the food I’m picking up NOT be ready on time and I’m just hanging out in my car for oh, 40 MINUTES. And my phone battery’s dead and I don’t have my kindle and I’m just in my car twiddling my thumbs and getting more and more upset. So yeah, I’m sticking a book in my glovebox ASAP!!

  69. I always carry a book with me (although only one)! I definitely felt smug over the weekend while sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. There were at least a dozen people sitting around looking extremely bored or fooling around on their phones, meanwhile I had a nice sturdy book in front of me (no dying batteries, hooray!) and was quite content during the hour and a half wait πŸ™‚

  70. I’m there with you! I always have a book with me! I keep one in my purse or at least my Kindle in my purse. You just NEVER KNOW when you’ll need one! πŸ™‚

  71. I definitely ALWAYS have my Kindle or a book in my purse (sometimes both). I usually don’t carry more than one physical book because my purse gets really heavy, but it’s been known to happen. Sometimes it feels pointless because I have a really hard time reading when other people are around, but I’ve been in more than one situation where I was super happy to have brought something. Like, it’s not weird at all to me to carry around books. ESPECIALLY in the car.

  72. Yes! I try to buy my purses so that they can hold at least one book. When I have time off, I’ll frequently take my iPad, which is my e-reader, as well. My grandmother lifted my purse up when I was visiting her last weekend and told me how heavy it was, but I told her I’m used to it, which is true!

  73. YES. You have read my mind. I’m so glad to see that I’m not alone in carrying at least 1 book (sometimes 2) with me everywhere I go – and trips – that’s a whole other story. I’ve had so many “I’m so glad I brought me book with me” moments that I couldn’t even begin to count them. I’ve gotten the sigh from the fiancΓ© when I forgot my book in the house and have to run back in, but I just can’t leave the house without a book (or two). I’m also a member of the big ass bag brigade for the same reason – I have to have enough room for at least one or two books. Great post and thanks for sharing. : )

  74. We can get tickets here for reading in the car — even if traffic is at a standstill — so reading is out of the question, BUT I remember my commute taking me about 2.5 hours when it normally took 40 and that was the day I decided to always have audiobooks loaded on my iPod. I do always try to have a book, or at least my Kindle in my purse at all times. You never know when you’ll have to wait!

  75. I always almost carry a book with me. I remember once I got stuck in traffic and I was reading Carrie… when the traffic started to move – I found out a car had caught on fire. Ironic isn’t it?

  76. Amanda D says:

    I always take a book with me if I think or know I’m going to have to wait somewhere. My husband hates to wait for appointments and I always πŸ™‚ point out that if he read the time would pass quickly and much more pleasantly for him. He tells me he doesn’t like to read. The horror! I truly can’t understand where people are coming from when they tell me they don’t like to read. I never thought about keeping a book in my car but I think that’s a good idea so I’m going to put one in there.

  77. Jaime Lester says:

    I ALWAYS carry books with me. Always! Paperback, Hardback and Kindle, there is and always will be books with me, wherever I happen to go. You never know! And if I am in the middle of a great book, if I can find even two minutes to read it, I want it with me! Not sitting at home where that two minutes will be wasted!

  78. I keep books on my phone so I can read at work. It’s kinda fun, I have to keep an iPad on me at work when I’m in the lobby to greet our members and I keep my phone on top of the iPad so I can read like all day. It’s great. I always have my Nook in my purse too. I make sure all of my purses are big enough to fit my Nook. I haven’t ever kept them in my car, but I might just have to, especially after this winter’s road horror stories.

  79. Oh just last year I had a delayed flight. When I got to the next airport for the connecting flight, that one had just left. So, confused and annoyed I entered an enormous line of people trying to get tickets for another flight to wherever they were going. The line took FOREVER and some people ended up leaving it. But I had my book and I buried myself in that until it was my turn at the counter. I was saved and I was so thankful.
    I always have books with me. I take the book I’m reading everywhere I go, so much so that I usually don’t even realize that I’m taking my book with me into the restaurant.

  80. YES!!!! Someone else who gets it!!! I ALWAYS have books everywhere. In my purse, in my car, even in bed with me. I got laughed at once for always having a book, but guess what? I ended up having to wait in a tax office for 7 HOURS. While everyone else was bored because they couldn’t have any electronics, I was reading The Count of Monte Cristo.

    • YES EXACTLY. You never know when you are going to be in need of a book! Why sit and do nothing when you can be prepared and read!!


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